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yacht week august 2023


The Yacht Week Announces Dates for Summer 2023

The Yacht Week

Young, adventurous travelers can now book for summer 2023 on The Yacht Week and join a flotilla of like-minded people to enjoy a unique mix of sailing, parties, activities and exploration. With a choice of routes in Croatia, Greece, and a new route in Turkey, there is no better way to spend time with friends, and make new ones from around the world, as guests set sail and sleep under the stars, all set against a stunning scenic backdrop and a party soundtrack. Guests should book quickly to secure early bird access and pricing.

Summer 2022 saw another sold out season as The Yacht Week took over 900 yachts to the water, hosting 10,000 people from over 50 countries on a seven-day trip-of-a-lifetime. Once again in 2023, groups of friends or solo travelers can charter a yacht of their choice, together with a skipper and host, and enjoy the best week of their life. Based on previous years, the best value and biggest yachts across Croatia, Greece and new destination, Turkey, will sell out fast.

Nothing beats the feeling of joining friends on a luxury yacht adventure and The Yacht Week can be trusted to deliver the perfect experience. All routes offer guests a carefully curated 7-day itinerary full of unforgettable experiences as they wake up to a different view each morning; the chance to swim and snorkel in natural bays, take part in a regatta, explore local towns (hire ATVs or VW Beetle convertibles to go even further), go hiking, kick back at stylish beach bars and restaurants (the hosts are also trained to cook delicious meals on the yachts using local ingredients), party in unique locations every night with a roster of international DJs and much more.

yacht week august 2023

For those guests who want to explore all day and party all night the faster paced Croatia routes are the perfect choice. Sailing the islands and coastline around Split, every day in Croatia is an adventure and every night is a new party, from clubs to deserted islands, with world-class DJs dropping the best tunes. The Yacht Week even provides an exclusive party at the historic Fort George in Vis. Out at sea, the circle raft and tunnel raft parties see DJs perform on the ‘Buzz Boat’, a floating DJ booth fully loaded with VOID Acoustics sound-system alongside the world’s first floating dance floor. If recovery is required, guests can sleep in the sunshine on the yacht deck, try beachside yoga or a workout, or meander up the old-town streets of the iconic town of Hvar to enjoy sunset over the medieval castle of Fortica.

Guests can choose to make music central to their experience with Croatia routes including Ultra Festival, where, alongside The Yacht Week’s bespoke music programming, dance music fans can attend one of the biggest and best EDM, house and techno festivals in the world as VIP guests. And what better way to get there than by yacht? This is a festival experience like no other.

2022 also saw the launch of The Yacht Week Presents, and a week-long collaboration with cutting edge techno label Drumcode. This week returns in 2023 and continues to redefine what a music festival can be as an exclusive selection of techno and travel fans will enjoy intimate sets from renowned DJs, such as Drumcode founder Adam Beyer, in unique locations such as a lighthouse, a deserted island, a submarine shelter, a historic fortress and more.

For a more relaxed pace guests can sail the crystal-clear waters around the Saronic Islands in Greece. There are still plenty of DJs and themed parties, as well as raft parties where the yachts join together out at sea, but there is also more focus on chilling with cocktails at day parties, sunset sessions, staying overnight in deserted natural bays and exploring local shops, restaurants and bars in ancient backstreets.

In summer 2023, The Yacht Week returns to Turkey – the first time since 2015 – where a strictly limited number of yachts will sail the Turkish riviera around Fethiye on the most inviting, mirror-like seas reflecting stunning sunsets each evening. Guests will enjoy boujee beach bars on gorgeous soft yellow sand, Turkish baths, and a culture which embraces community, food and adventure. This route will include a carefully selected itinerary put on by The Yacht Week’s knowledgeable team as well as some unforgettable parties of course. This new route will be a talking point of the summer for those lucky enough to secure a place.

Last summer The Yacht Week continued to show guests that life is better at sea, with many enjoying life-changing experiences such as learning to swim, discovering a new love of sailing, learning about food and cooking on yachts and more – The Yacht Week is so much more than just a holiday. Established in 2006, the team are highly experienced and can be trusted to help create memories that will never fade. With bookings now open for 2023, those travelers ready to do something incredible should book now and prepare for the best week of their lives.



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yacht week august 2023

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Undiscovered Path Home

Revealing The True Cost of Yacht Week Croatia

  • August 11, 2023
  • 8 minute read

Dreaming of setting sail in the Mediterranean, swimming in sparkling blue waters, and dancing in outdoor clubs on private islands? The Yacht Week Croatia is an iconic, super fun event that draws thousands of people each year – but the Yacht Week cost can be overwhelming for some before they understand their options. 

The Yacht Week Croatia (the original Yacht Week route!) is on many, many people’s bucket lists. When I sailed with The Yacht Week Croatia, we had guests from as far away as the U.S. and Australia flying to Croatia to attend the event. If you’re dreaming about spending a week on the water, but aren’t sure how to start budgeting, I’m here to help you plan your Croatia Yacht Week adventure. 

We set sail with The Yacht Week in Croatia in July 2023 – and despite the amount of research I did in advance, very few articles or budget breakdowns mentioned the true extent of the Yacht Week Cost. The Yacht Week boat fee is JUST the start – there are lots of hidden fees ! So how much does The Yacht Week cost, really? Let’s get into it with my detailed budget breakdown. 

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When is Yacht Week Croatia? 

Tunnel Raft, one of the many reasons people want to sail Yacht Week Croatia

The Yacht Week happens every summer – it’s the most iconic (and the original) rent-a-yacht-and-party experience in the Mediterranean. The Yacht Week runs what they call several different “routes,” meaning they sail in a couple different locations (more on that below). However, Yacht Week Croatia is the “original route” – and the one many people pick for that very reason. Each year, Yacht Week runs seven day routes from May to August . 

There are other Yacht Week routes. Nowadays, Yacht Week runs routes in Greece, Turkey, and even Tahiti! You can find a full list of their destinations here . However, the original route? That’s Yacht Week Croatia.  

How much does Yacht Week cost?

Most people know The Yacht Week costs a pretty penny – but just how much does it cost? 

A girl hangs off a boat during Yacht Week Croatia

The Yacht Week cost depends on several factors:

  • Do you want a cabin on a boat, or will you rent out an entire boat with your group?
  • If you do plan to rent out your own boat, how many people will be in your group to help split the cost? 
  • Do you want a host, or will you handle your own food? 
  • Do you want a simple boat, or will you upgrade to a luxury option (a bigger boat with air conditioning)?

Our group attended The Yacht Week in mid-July 2023 and opted to rent a single monohull with no A/C – the simplest, most affordable option. However, we did add a host to our boat to help prepare meals and tidy the boat, which added a small extra cost. It ended up costing us 10,500 USD for the entire boat with a host. 

A girl smiling during Yacht Week Croatia

The great part about The Yacht Week is that you have multiple price tiers to fit a variety of budgets. Let’s dive into the breakdown. 

The Core Yacht Week Cost (the Yacht Fee)

First things first: you’ll need to pick your boat. The Yacht Week offers four boat options:

  • Classic Monohull
  • Premium Monohull 
  • Classic Catamaran 
  • Premium Catamaran 

Each option comes with a skipper, entrance to Yacht Week parties, towels and linen, and boat cleaning at the end of the week post check-out. 

Though the costs change each year, generally, the classic Monohull is the most affordable option. When we sailed in 2023, the boat was 10,500 Euros total for the week. That’s the starting price, though a premium catamaran will cost quite a bit more (though it also fits more people!). 

The classic monohull, the most affordable boats for Yacht Week Croatia

You can see how small the classic monohull looks above, but don’t be surprised — it fits more than you might expect!

The inside of the classic monohull, the most affordable boats for Yacht Week Croatia

If you’re unhappy with these options, Yacht Week has a luxury option that allows you to pick your own boat – many of which are often more expensive. We won’t talk about that option here, as it changes a little each year, both price-wise and option-wise. 

Adding a Host to Your Yacht Week Experience

Above, we talked about the “Host” option for Yacht Week. What exactly is a host?

Breakfast prepared by a host on the Yacht Week Croatia

A host is your chef for the week – and she also helps keep the boat tidy and assists on deck when needed. The host will cook:

  • All breakfast meals on board
  • All lunch meals on board
  • Two dinners on board

If you’re booking a single cabin on your Yacht Week boat, you may find the host is often, if not always, included in the price. 

However, if you’re booking your own boat to split with your friends, you’ll have the option to add your own host. The price of the host will depend on the amount of people you’re bringing on your boat. For six people, we ended up paying around 100 USD extra for the host each. 

Lunch prepared by a host on the Yacht Week Croatia

Keep in mind your host and skipper will need their own cabin, so you’ll have fewer options to split the cost. Normally, the host will split a cabin with the skipper – taking 2 people off the total number of people to fill the boat.

Hidden Fees: Yacht Week Croatia 

yacht week august 2023

There’s a significant amount of hidden fees many Yacht Week attendees don’t fully understand until they book their trip. Paying for the boat is only a portion of your full cost! Let’s dive into the parts of The Yacht Week they don’t discuss. 

  • Refundable yacht deposit/ security deposit: One person will pay this amount upon check-in. This deposit covers damage to the vessel. Assuming there is no damage, you’ll get the deposit back at the end of the week. You’ll pay $2,500 Euros, and you will almost always pay by credit card. 
  • The Cash Kitty : The biggest fee no one talks about? The Cash Kitty. The Cash Kitty is a name assigned to a group of miscellaneous fees collected at the start of your trip. These include port fees, yacht fuel, shore power, water, ice, and water taxis – among other things. The cash kitty will vary for each boat , because shore fees and fuel needs will be different for each boat. You can use this nifty calculator on their website (hidden way down at the bottom) to learn about your estimated fees. For a monohull on the Croatia Original Route, fees run around 1950 Euros total – or 200 Euros per person. For a catamaran, those fees run around 2500 Euros total – or 245 Euros per person. The breakdown assumes, of course, you’re filling the boat. If you don’t plan to fill the boat, each person will need to pay more. At the end of the trip, if your skipper has leftover money, they will hand it back to you. On our boat, we had no leftover money. 
  • Tip : You’ll need to tip your crew at the end of the trip, too! Your tip should be around 10% to 20% of your total booking price . That means for a classic monohull, a 20% tip would be around 2,000 USD . You will need to tip your crew in cash. 
  • Food & drink : If you’re booking your own boat, you’ll need to worry about food and drinks, too – no matter if you have a host or not. Not every spot you dock will have easy access to restaurants or food (though most major ports will, of course). That’s why you should go grocery shopping in advance. For an entire week’s worth of food and drink for six guests, a host and a skipper, we paid around 850 Euros. However, we also opted out of one dinner and therefore had less food. A word of advice about the food situation: the best grocery store you’ll find? It’s near the dock, about a 10 minute walk away. None of the other ports had as large or well-stocked stores. So stock up early, if you can – because there aren’t always food options everywhere you go. That’s also why I recommend a host: she’s familiar with the boats and storage space. There isn’t a ton of room in the fridge, so it’s usually a tough fit.  
  • Host & Skipper Food Fees : During your charter, you’ll need to cover any costs for your host and skipper to have food. It’s tradition to invite them to dinner with you and cover their costs. If you don’t want to do that, you’ll need to give them cash to eat dinner. 
  • Transport to/from the marina : You’ll need to get to and from the marina, which will be assigned to you closer to the date of departure. Don’t fret – if you can’t afford a taxi, there’s an excellent bus that runs often between Trogir, the airport, and Split for two Euros. 
  • Additional speakers and/or cooler : I know the Yacht Week website says the boats come with speakers, but that’s normally not true. If you want to blast music, you’ll need to rent a speaker. The speaker will cost 250 Euros to 300 Euros, depending on size. The smaller cooler will cost 70 Euros, the bigger one, 90 euros. If you’re visiting in peak summer, opt for the bigger cooler for sure. Keep in mind these are provided by a third party and prices fluctuate year by year. Pro tip: You can’t actually play loud music at most ports past 8 p.m. or 10 p.m. And some days, you’ll be at port for the entire day.So keep that in mind! 
  • Misc. Costs : Be sure to bring some spending money for miscellaneous expenses. That means dinners on shore, for the most part, and drinks when you’re out and about. This should cost around 100 – 200 Euros at most, depending on how much you drink and how much you eat. 

When you take the security deposit out of the equation, we brought around 500 to 1,000 Euros extra per person to cover the above fees – and spent all of it, too. 

How many people do you need for Yacht Week?

yacht week august 2023

You can travel with as little people as you want – or as many (to an extent). 

If you want to go solo, you can book a bed in a cabin on a yacht. Alternatively, you can look on “Crew Finder” and other Facebook groups for groups looking to add people to their yachts. 

However, if you want to rent out your own boat, you can fill it up. The maximum depends on your boat and whether you opt for a host. Generally speaking, it’s a maximum of 6 to 12 people. You can bring less, of course, but everyone will have to pay more to cover the total cost. 

Do you need A/C?

The silhouette of a girl walking along a tide pool during Yacht Week Croatia

Ah yes, the golden question. Do you need air conditioning when you’re booking Yacht Week? Let’s be honest: Yacht Week costs can add up, and it may seem a little pricey. 

Before getting on the boat, I read as many blog posts and forums as I could – and everyone recommended air conditioning. I was really worried because we booked a boat without air conditioning. 

We traveled in mid-July, and it was really hot. We’re talking 38 degrees Celcius our first two days. Did we make it? Yeah, it ended up being totally fine . Many boats have lots of space to sleep outside. You can bring cushions and camp under the stars. 

Boats rafted together for Tunnel Raft during Yacht Week Croatia

Half our boat opted to sleep outside, the other half, inside. Either way, everyone was surprised – it ended up being much easier to sleep than we expected. Later in the week, when it cooled off, most people ended up sleeping inside with no problems. 

So do you need A/C? It’s up to you. 

Remember: The reality is different, and not everything you read online is true. People we met with A/C on their boats told us the A/C had been broken…and was broken the entire trip and the entire season.

These are boats, after all. Things break, and they don’t always get fixed. If you book a boat with A/C, remember, there’s a chance it may be broken. In addition, remember you can only use the A/C when plugged into shore power (which was only 4 days on our route). 

Final Musings 

yachts docked in Bol during the Yacht Week Croatia

Yacht Week Croatia can be affordable – if you’re willing to skip out on some of the luxuries. One mentality shift? Think of it like camping! To optimize your Yacht Week Croatia costs, make sure to think about alllll the hidden fees and costs in advance. There’s nothing worse than being surprised with costs. Happy Sailing!! 

Samantha Tatro in Czech Republic

Samantha Tatro is a Czech-American third culture kid who grew up living and traveling abroad. Many years later, after living in California and working as a journalist, she decided to take the leap and move abroad again…this time to Prague, Czech Republic. Samantha started Undiscovered Path Home to help couples and solo female travelers find the courage to visit countries – and locations – off the beaten path. Her work has appeared in Bon Appetit, NBC News , The Adecco Group , and more .

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Wow! This looks like an incredible adventure. My husband and I have been talking about spending a week on a catamaran around the Caribbean. This is definitely convincing me!

Thank you! Honestly, it’s so worth it (I even have sea sickness and loved it!)

Great tips and love the photos!

Thank you!!

Yacht Week sounds like so much fun! I love the idea of thinking of it a bit like camping if you can’t afford to splurge on all the luxuries. It’s good to know that it is an experience that most people can enjoy, even if you’re working with a smaller budget. Thanks for the comprehensive guide!

I had no idea about this. It looks very fun! 🙂

I would love to do this! Have not been to Croatia but have done flotilla sails in Greece, Caribbean and BVI. It is not cheap, but well worth it, I found. Thanks for the insights about this event.

That sounds amazing — it’s never cheap but it’s such a unique experience!

Have always wanted to do yacht week! Thanks for the info!

Oh this looks amazing! I’ve not sailed for years other than from a to b. I think I need to start considering more ways to travel around than the usual plane, train or car.

This looks like so much fun! I’ve always wanted to go on a yacht in Crotia. Looks like a great way to explore the area. Thanks for sharing your experience!

Thank you for reading!! 100% bucket list!

This sounds like so much fun! I will definitely have to try it with the hubby one day!

It’s such a unique experience!

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Yacht Week in Croatia - Spend This Summer Partying on a Yacht in Croatia

How about we tell you that there is a week-long party extravaganza organized annually at a serene, virgin, and underrated destination in Eastern Europe? What's more? There is a twist here -the parties take place on the yachts! Sounds exciting?  Croatia , as a few of us might be aware, is a small European country with an enviably long coastline along the Adriatic Sea. Owing to the long coast, there are islands, harbors, and quaint towns aplenty!

Yacht Week In Croatia

If you are a hardcore party animal, the Yacht Week in Croatia is the place to be! There are around 30-35 yachts anchored at the harbour where you are also housed. This seven day long floating parties are every party lover's paradise! Sip your drink, watch movies, dance to your heart's content, chill with others, the to-do list is quite endless!

What Is Yacht Week?

The Yacht Week is a famous seven-day festival hosted every year in six different locations, with Croatia being one. In brief, the festival is nothing less than a full-fledged water adventure. It includes a vast selection of activities organized by The Yacht Week. One of the rules of the Yacht Week is to have an equal number of participants, both male and female, who have earned their way into the yacht. The occurrences at Yacht Week remain a mystery as one would get on board having absolutely no idea as to how the next seven days would be beside the standard understanding of the festival. This limited knowledge regarding the itinerary and schedules is what makes the festival all the more exciting. 

Where to Book for Yacht Week in Croatia?

Start with trying to gather your like-minded friends around and book a boat, or if you intend to go solo, make sure to book a cabin for yourself on one of the yachts early on!

Make sure to book from their official website (www.theyachtweek.com). The boats per route are limited, so book in advance!

Yacht Week in Croatia

Yacht Week Routes 

Every destination is unique in its way and has different offerings regarding party levels, local exploration and culture. All sorts of travellers are welcome here, so there are slabs to choose from-Fast paced, mid-paced and easy/slow-paced! Both the routes of Croatia - the original & ultra-festival come under the fast-paced category. The festivities go on throughout the day, and you can enjoy non-stop activities and have the time of your lives!

Dates Of Yacht Week in Croatia

We know we've got your full attention! So what about the dates?

What is a Typical Day at the Yacht Week in Croatia like?

Yacht Week in Croatia

A perfect way to unwind, relax and let your hair down, you need not have a hardcore schedule, and the itinerary is just what you need to have fun and chill at the same time, ensuring that you have a memorable experience at the party! But to give you a rough idea, a typical day would be something like:

Yacht Week in Croatia Prices and Categories

Yacht Week Yachts

As they say, good things don't come easy and if you're wondering what would the cost of the trip be like, let us give you a brief idea.

The overall cost of the Yacht week in Croatia depends on aspects of your destination, itinerary, the group size and the kind of yacht you would like to charter! You either have an option to book a full yacht (can accommodate a group size of 6-12 people) or a cabin (for two people) on one of the yachts.

The former has three categories to choose from; the rates are per person - Standard (starts at $ 550), Premium (starting $ 752) and Premium Plus ($ 777 onwards). The prices for renting a cabin would range from $ 650 to $ 995 per person, depending on the package inclusions.

However, be prepared to shell out additional money on the airfare, airport transfers, and other exclusions. Do read everything clearly before booking!

Good experiences don't come cheap, right?

Hiring a skipper

Skippers are yacht professionals certified in the sport. They maintain the safety and security of the audience and ensure their excitement meets the perfect experience. These licensed sailors who would be onboard with the crew, also teach those who are willing to learn the art of yachting.

Skipper hiring is an easy process; it would require a couple of online methods. But what is difficult is pinning down the right skipper for you, regarding experience, certification and hospitality. Here are some of the websites through which you could get in touch with your personal skipper:

This post was published by Holidify.com

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The luxè week, join the crew.

yacht week august 2023

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Vacation of a lifetime

Vacation of a lifetime. All of the hype you see in videos and marketing material don't even compare to how much actual fun this week is. You get everything you could want in a vacation; seeing new places, relaxing in the sun, insane partying, great food, and meeting new people from around the world. All the while, you're on a yacht. While the trip may seem expensive, I would say that it's worth the investment. Don't pass up on a host either, it will make or break your trip without getting one.

Date of experience : June 24, 2023

Absolutely Incredible

Absolutely Incredible. A once in a lifetime experience. Especially with the help of Ella. Will definitely be booking again. Didn't think it was possible to have this much fun in one week. The only problem is now every other holiday is going to feel very boring in comparison

Date of experience : July 15, 2023

Yacht Week what a blast!

Yacht Week what a blast! It was hands down the best holiday! The views were breathtaking, the vibes were top-notch, and the boat was beyond amazing – so much space! Huge shoutout to the skippers who really made a difference to our experience. I'm already counting down the days til next year! 100% recommend!

Date of experience : August 01, 2023

Chloe & Ella

Chloe and Ella took the best care of us during my first yacht week so much so that I had to go again a few weeks later to experience it all again. Everything was pre planned so all I had to do was turn up and well… TURN UP. I couldn’t recommend it and them anymore than I am right now because I never expected to meet so many amazing people on the other boats as well as the yacht week crew and skippers. The parties were insane, the food was just as good if not better because of the never ending hangovers 😭 honestly 100/10 experience !!!

Hands down the best trip of our lives…

Hands down the best trip of our lives and worth every penny! Our hostess Daryl Surtees and skipper Ashton Hyde are the best in the game and made our week absolutely exceptional! Highly suggest adding a host, booking a catamaran, and bottle service everywhere. Also be prepared for the extra fees that they clearly lay out on the website for you. It’s so nice to just pay them to do all the planning and you just show up to party. Everyone should experience yacht week at least once in their lifetime, I promise you won’t regret it!

Date of experience : August 05, 2023

What an amazing experience!

What an amazing experience, travelled on my own and met some great people! Easy to book and everything organised very well! Visited some great spots and created some amazing memories! Our captains were fantastic and even taught us a few things on the boat and let us sail it!

Date of experience : August 21, 2023

Everything about the Yacht Week…

Everything about the Yacht Week (Original Croatia Route) was great from start to finish. All the staff were so helpful in terms of answering the many questions we had and the organisation of the water taxis and parties was so well done! The music exceeded my expectations and the Yacht Week was the most fun and beautiful way to experience the islands of Croatia. Costly, but worth it as it was hands down one of the best weeks of my life. I would certainly recommend it to anyone that loves the sea, meeting new people and partying :D

We had the best time at Yacht Week…

We had the best time at Yacht Week Croatia! Our skipper Aoife and our host Casey were phenomenal! Extremely attentive, caring and nice! They were always making sure we had everything we need and ensured everything was running smooth. The itinerary for the week was so eventful and packed! We got to do a bit of everything. It was definitely worth it! I’d recommend it to anyone, whether you’re travelling alone, as a pair or as a group. You get to meet so many amazing people and create memories for a lifetime!

Date of experience : August 12, 2023

The most epic adventure of my life

I’ve dreamed of going to yacht week for years, this year I was finally able to go and it went beyond my expectations. This vacation is more than just time on a boat - it is an adventure of a lifetime. The company did an impressive job organizing all the events for a large group of 70 boats in w27. Each day felt like a new chapter in a new location, I was either partying, exploring, or making friends the entire time. Hard to complain when you are having such a good time. The yacht week family will always hold a place in my heart.

Date of experience : July 07, 2023


Had an amazing week! Did the Croatia route and everyday I was in complete awe of how incredibly well thought out and put together everything is organised and how stunning the places that they take you are! They tailor the week based on the weather which is great and the parties are absolutely insane, you can't have one bad night! Our host and skipper made sure everything ran smoothly and that we knew what the plan was each day and how to get to and from the events - And the food the host cooks are fantastic (Don't skimp out, just get one!)

Date of experience : June 10, 2023


AWFUL BUSINESS PRACTICES. As many others have stated I was caught in the COVID postponements. We had a large boat booked and now 3 years later we have lost most of the people on our boat due to either scheduling or money issues due to covid. They would not even entertain any of the following: letting us downgrade to a smaller boat, changing the week we went, or postponing to next year. They are about to rob us of 6 grand. Zero refund. Absolute cash grab. On top of that they were extremely rude. Save yourself the time and energy and just rent a private yacht.

Date of experience : May 13, 2022

Amazing week away !

Unbelievable week spent island hopping Croatia with a group of friends! The staff made this such a memorable week. Amazing parties pre-planned they really think of everything. Would recommend this to anyone. I will be returning next year!

Date of experience : July 01, 2023

Best Birthday Week Ever

I had an amazing time on yacht week. Our skipper Colin and our host Vere were the BEST. Even though it rained, the yacht week crew was very quick to finding alternative activities for everyone. We were able to take a traditional cooking class and learned Greek recipes that I still use to this day. I wouldn’t have traded this experience for anything.

Date of experience : September 01, 2023

I am very disappointed with their customer service & booking process

I am very disappointed with their customer service & website. My flight was cancelled due to covid, and they have no way for you to cancel on their website and you're unable to control your own booking. They will not give you any type of reimbursement and you're left out of control.

Date of experience : June 09, 2022

Reply from Yacht Week

We are sorry to hear you feel this way. Thank you for your correspondence with our Customer Service team where you made them aware of your flight cancellation 3 months before your trip is to take place. There are many options in line for you to still make the trip or how to sell your spot to receive your money back. If you have any changes and are able to make your trip still please reach back out to our Customer Service team at [email protected].

I had the best time of my life during…

I had the best time of my life during the yachtweek in Croatia last week of August 2023. We went into the trip with a group of friends and had a lot of fun, great weather, lots of good vibes good music and the people from the yacht week were just amazing ! Big shout out to our host Lizzie, our captain Jessie and Charlotte from the event staff ! I would recommend this week to any people looking to have fun, party and enjoy the beautiful weather and Ocean in Croatia. So sad the week ended, I just want to go back there and keep partying and living my best life !

Best Trip Ever

Great experience with Dope people. The Staff was Amazing . Skipper Peter & Host Emma gives 5 star experience that any one will remember for life. Hands down best trip ever just overall incredible. Built friendships and Bonds that are priceless

Date of experience : June 25, 2022

W28 Ultra route

The yacht week is a organised and created a week of seem less fun. From incredible food and activity recommendations from our Skipper, Caydon, to the beautiful swim spots we visited, meanwhile ensuring we were safe at every turn, while also hyping us up for all TYW special events on each day!! The events crew, especially Charlotte, Roni and Kiara, lit up the vibe every time we saw them, they have contagious energy and can answer any question, we were so grateful (and don’t miss yoga)!! The way all the skippers and crew work together to build the tunnel raft, or to solve any little problem made us feel relaxed and confident. Our little crew on Agrippa had an unforgettable week and already planning the next one 🥳

Date of experience : July 10, 2023

Best Sailing Organization

I've done two trips with Yacht Week and am already looking forward to my next one! I was a lead booker for this trip, which was honestly a lot of work. There's a lot of coordinating and planning that needs to be done beforehand, but once we are on the boat, the host, skipper and event staff have everything covered. It was the perfect break from reality and such a carefree vacation. The boat, meals, events, music, EVERYTHING was incredible! I can not wait for my next trip!

Date of experience : December 28, 2023

A week to remember!!! *****

Absolutely loved this experience ! It was my bday gift from me to me :) and loved it. Staff was amazing ! Very respectful towards women ! I cannot stress how safe and comfortable they made us feel :) parties were great, transfers were great. Looked into doing something similar on my own and it would cost around the same or even more and you don’t have the access and infrastructure they have into Croatia . Loved our skipper Martin ! And absolutely loved the host Olof ( it’s a must to get a host) .

Matilda and Georgia were the real MVP's

Matilda and Georgia were real gems! Truly felt as though they were part of our group the entire time. From making us laugh, feeling safe, and giving us great recommendations I couldn't recommend them and yacht week enough!

Date of experience : August 11, 2023

Yachting World

  • Digital Edition

Yachting World cover

August 2023 issue – on sale 13 July

yacht week august 2023

In Yachting World August 2023 we bring you a vision of the future as we discover the science behind yachts coming to market in the coming years and give you real world experience from one couple who are living their dream as ‘career-break’ cruisers.

For anyone with an interest in taking on the Rolex Fastnet Race in the future, we provide a guide to the course and let you know how to set yourself up for a good result. Pip Hare offers the latest in her doublehanded sailing series, with a guide to gybing symetric spinnakers, and we get a look around IMOCA 60 Malizia-Seaexplorer.

Plus out usual boat tests, gear reviews, expert sailing advice and much more.

All-female challenge for the Jules Verne Trophy

The 50th Rolex Fastnet Race attracts its biggest ever fleet

IMOCA 60 s smash the 24-hour distance record

Shaking up the industry

A boatbuilding revolution is underway: we discover the science behind the yachts of the future, available now

Making a break for it

Want to sail around the world before you retire? This couple achieved their dream as ‘career break’ cruisers

City of water

How to enjoy a memorable cruise to Venice, exploring the maritime city’s lagoon and canals in your own boat

Calling the shots

Terry Hutchinson is one of the world’s best tacticians. Sean McNeill finds out what it takes to call the shots at the top

New gear and yachts

Boat test: Swan 55 – Can a modern fast cruiser be all things to all people? Toby Hodges sailed the new Swan 55 off Tuscany to find out

New yachts: Daysailers on steroids and turbo café-racers

Gear test: Foul weather gear made for a sustainable future

Practical features

Special report

Cruising Türkiye’s Turquoise Coast

Navigation briefing

How to win on the new Fastnet course

Extraordinary boats

IMOCA 60 Malizia-Seaexplorer

5 expert tips

Robert Stanjek on how to make tacking gains

Shorthanded sailing

Gybing symmetrical spinnakers

How to book Yacht Week

By Ella Thorogood

Posted on 24th August 2023

Want to join the floating festi-fun; get in on the adventures, the craziness, the revelry at sea? But not quite sure how… Here’s a quick guide to how to book Yacht Week. Go on, you deserve it.

This year we have introduced brand new categories for both yachts and cabins to make booking your week at sea that much easier. Feel like you know nothing about yachts? Fear not. Just choose between our Classic and Premium categories and we’ll do the rest. Embrace spontaneity and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Or if you know exactly what you want then that’s alright too as you can book a Custom Yacht and make your week exactly what you want. Keep on scrollin’ to find out what you get for each package.

Classic Monohull

For the crews wanting a hassle free sail on a budget. The classic category is a great option for first-timers on Yacht Week. You’ll get a great value experience with everything that you’ll need for your week at sea. With a fully equipped kitchen, you’ll be able to cook up a storm for you and your sea buddies. Plus a sound system for pumping out your fave summer tunes.

  • A yacht from 2013 or newer
  • 44ft or longer
  • 4 cabins (10 capacity)
  • 2+ bathrooms
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Towels & bed linen
  • On board Speakers

Full yacht - option to add a host, but a full cabin must be reserved which reduces the capacity by 2.

8 guests max without a host.  

Cabin yacht - doesn't include host or food, 8 guests max.

Available in: Croatia Original, Croatia Ultra and Greece .

yacht week august 2023

Premium Monohull

For the savvy sailors who want to level up with one of these seriously stylish yachts. Perfect for those who want to truly experience what sailing is all about, enjoying the rush that #yachtlife can bring. Sit back and relax as you’ll also have your very own host to cook you some top-notch meals aboard your yacht so all you have to do is enjoy your holiday… hard life, ay.

  • 2015 or newer
  • 51ft or longer
  • 5 guest cabins - 4 doubles, one bunk (12 capacity), one skipper cabin.
  • 3+ bathrooms
  • Air conditioning

Full yacht - option to add a host, but a full cabin must be reserved which reduces the capacity by 2. 10 guests max without a host.  

Cabin yacht - includes host and food, 8 guests max.

Availability: Croatia Original, Croatia, Ultra and Greece.

yacht week august 2023

Classic Catamaran

If you and your crew are fortunate enough to have a big holiday budget then it goes without saying that you should book a completely outrageous yacht fit for royalty. Make your friends at home pea green with envy as you fill your Instagram with endless shots of you lazing on a yacht in the sunshine. Perks include a stunning catamaran and multiple sunbathing spots.

  • 2017 or newer
  • 39ft or longer
  • 4 cabins (12 capacity)

Full yacht - option to add host, 10 guests max.

Cabin - Include host and food, 8 guests max.

Availability: Croatia Original, Croatia Ultra and Greece.

Premium Catamaran

If you and your crew are fortunate enough to have a big holiday budget then it goes without saying that you should book a completely outrageous yacht fit for royalty. Make your friends at home pea green with envy as you fill your Instagram with endless shots of you lazing on a yacht in the sunshine. Perks include a stunning catamaran, guaranteed air-conditioning and multiple sunbathing spots.

  • 2018 or newer
  • 42ft or longer
  • 4+ bathrooms

Cabin - includes host and food, 8 guests max.

yacht week august 2023

Custom Yacht

If you’re a yacht enthusiast or have done a Yacht Week before then you probably know the exact yacht you want. No stress, the Custom Yacht is what you need. You can pick the specific yacht, add any of the optional extras and really make your experience exactly what you want it to be. Pick your dream floating home for the week and sail in style.

  • Monohulls and Catamarans
  • Full yacht bookings only
  • 38 to 62 ft
  • 2012 or newer
  • Air conditioning on some yachts
  • Optional Host
  • 4 to 6 guest cabins
  • sleeps 8 to 12 guests

Price: Price varies depending on selection

Availability: All destinations .

yacht week august 2023

Join us for the week of your life and find out why life is better at sea. Book now!

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    I had the best time of my life during the yachtweek in Croatia last week of August 2023. We went into the trip with a group of friends and had a lot of fun, great weather, lots of good vibes good music and the people from the yacht week were just amazing !

  3. How To Book The Yacht Week

    You can pick the specific yacht, add any of the optional extras and really make your experience exactly what you want it to be. Pick your dream floating home for the week and sail in style. Includes: Monohulls and Catamarans. Full yacht bookings only. 38 to 62 ft. 2012 or newer. Air conditioning on some yachts.

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    Yacht Type. 42ft - 47ft catamaran. Capacity. 10 (4 cabins) Air Conditioning. Skipper. Sign up for early access to book for Yacht Week 2023. And be entered into our giveaway to win the trip of a lifetime to Croatia.

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    Had an amazing time at Yacht Week in Greece! We booked 2 cabins and quickly made friends with the other people on our boat! Our skipper (Finn) and host (Arthur) were amazing and very welcoming. We got to drive the boat and Arthur made the most amazing meals for us! I recommend buying alcohol at the stores and drinking more before the parties to ...

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    Honestly best week ever. Regatta definitely was my favourite part of the week, it was one of the only times were all the boats where together and the vibes were immaculate. Everyone was so lovely and the Yacht Week Team did an amazing job at looking after us. 10/10 would recommend!! Date of experience: August 26, 2023

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    A yacht from 2013 or newer; 44ft or longer; 4 cabins (10 capacity) 2+ bathrooms; Fully equipped kitchen; Towels & bed linen; On board Speakers; Full yacht - option to add a host, but a full cabin must be reserved which reduces the capacity by 2. 8 guests max without a host. Cabin yacht - doesn't include host or food, 8 guests max.

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