1. Alaskan 41 Passage Making Power Catamaran Review

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  2. Seacrest Flybridge Power Catamaran. Passage-Maker.

    passage making catamaran

  3. Tips For Ocean Passage Making

    passage making catamaran

  4. Performance vs Cruising Catamarans for Passage Making

    passage making catamaran

  5. building a passage making catamaran

    passage making catamaran

  6. Tips For Ocean Passage Making

    passage making catamaran


  1. Alaska Inside Passage: Catamaran Cruising

  2. Alaska Inside Passage: Catamaran

  3. Finally a trailerable catboat you can build at home!

  4. History of Bermuda Multihull Sailboat Races Part 2

  5. SAIL from Georgetown BAHAMAS to JAMAICA through the Windward Passage

  6. Navigation for #Wharram #catamaran


  1. Top Ten Tips for Ocean Passage Making

    Our key planning activities are outlined below. 1. Plan Your Passage. We study the prevailing weather patterns for the region for the time of year we plan to make the passage. Based on that information we pick an approximate date to set off. About two weeks out, we start watching the weather.

  2. Passagemaking in a Powercat

    Power catamaran passage-making has a few different concerns than passages under sail, including fuel management. For insight on planning a Powercat passage, we spoke with Captain Calvyn McEvoy, an experienced delivery skipper and instructor. There are two types of long passages - transiting stretches of coastline and crossing oceans.

  3. A Key Approach to Passagemaking

    Apr 13, 2021. Moderation and respect are a big part of successful and enjoyable passagemaking. How you approach offshore sailing is key to the success of each passage. In addition, some of the most valuable, even crucial attitudes and skills may not be either learned or valued in everyday life on shore and may even fly in the face of talents ...

  4. Performance vs Cruising Catamarans for Passage Making

    We're often asked what level of performance you give up when you buy a cruising catamaran. The simple answer is there isn't a large difference in performance...

  5. The Top Catamarans of 2020

    Leen 56. The Leen 56 power trimaran is a long-range cruising multihull, perfectly capable of transatlantic voyages or living aboard in high latitudes. Built in a highly efficient, new hybrid composite panel system, this power trimaran has a range of 5,000 miles and may only be fueled up once a year. 3. Gallery.

  6. Passage Making

    1. We check the weather: Weather is the single most important aspect of passage making. We learned this lesson the hard way. It can, literally, make or break your trip. If you plan on doing a passage that is 24 hours or longer - it becomes even more critical that you find an adequate "weather window", or a few days of decent seas and ...

  7. A Veteran Skipper's Guide to Catamaran Cruising

    Our 34-foot PDQ power catamaran Thing 1 Thing 2 has a 17-foot beam. And the Dismal Swamp is a two-way run with oncoming boats. This is, of course, the type of scenario that many longtime trawler owners fear when they think about power catamarans. Sure, the cats offer tons more onboard space for people and stowage that is a boon when you're on ...

  8. Learn 2 Sail a Big Catamaran

    She was in charter work until Stefano bought her in 2019 and started extensive remodelling and improvements to turn her into his new passage making Catamaran. Fiberglass work included replacing the canvas bimini with a hard-top, reshaping of bows and sterns to increase waterline length, thus reducing pitch, increasing speed, pointing ability ...

  9. Trawler Lifestyle

    Go Big or Stay Home. Cruising Destinations. Far-Flung Fascination. Cruising Destinations. Big Cats, Big Adventure. Cruising Destinations. By Way of Greenland. PassageMaker is a comprehensive trawler cruising publication and Trawler Fest Events offers educational trawler boat shows.

  10. Ocean Sailing Courses

    On specific dates, we offering special passage making courses between Key West and St. Petersburg, Florida. Call 888-454-7015 for more information. "My wife and I enjoyed the entire experience. It was challenging and exciting to acquire new sailing skills through hands-on experience in the classroom and on the passage.

  11. Passage Planning with Tom Cunliffe

    Whether you're making a short trip from one marina to another, crossing the channel or going further afield, it's always best practice to have a passage plan...

  12. Seawind 1600 Passagemaker

    Seawind 1600 Passagemaker - Crossing Oceans In Comfort. Watch on. 0:00 / 2:46. Seawind 1600 Passagemaker is the ultimate offshore cruiser - large catamaran with big galley and 3 cabins for extra guests. Won best large multihulls 2021.

  13. Seacrest Flybridge Power Catamaran. Passage-Maker

    immaculately presented passage-making power catamaran built for safe and fast ocean crossing. 1600l of fuel and 800l of water cruising speed 13/14 knots and 820nm range perfect for big passages ideal live-aboard, fast cruising boat custom built by australian boat builder specialising in top end power yachts and commercial vessels.

  14. Tips For Ocean Passage Making

    5. Navigation Gear. Test the VHF and have at least one hand held VHF for emergencies. Check that the autopilot functions well and if possible, carry a spare. Radar is good to have, specially if you plan to sail in areas with heavy fog or busy shipping channels and it is invaluable for tracking squalls.

  15. The Passage Maker Cruising Catamaran

    I am looking for opinions on which catamaran (for two people to handle) will work well for long stay in true blue water cruising. My The Passage Maker Cruising Catamaran - Cruisers & Sailing Forums

  16. The Aspen C100 Power Catamaran Is a Versatile Cruiser

    The C100 hull is special, designed with substantial buoyancy that adds travel to the boat's suspension system for large-sea passage-making. C100 owners are set to make weeklong adventure trips, island to island, or cruise vast open coastlines with speed, comfort, and efficiency. Sign Up for your private factory tour and demo ride.

  17. Long range power catamarans

    For example the Silent 55 is a solar-assisted, pure electric or hybrid diesel-electric power catamaran that can passage make at 100nm per day on solar alone - essentially forever (at only 4kn though). Or it can go at 6-8kn combining both solar and diesel (range is uncertain, but with 600L diesel for the genset combined with daylight solar, it ...

  18. Year of the Cat

    Bali Catamarans, a division of France's Catana Group, is offering a 43-foot power catamaran with a beam a little wider than 23 feet and a draft just under 3 feet. Loaded displacement is approximately 20 tons, with a standard 211-gallon fuel capacity or an optional 422 gallons. Propulsion ranges from a pair of 195-hp Yanmar diesels to an ...

  19. Passage Making

    Catamaran training: $2,995 per person. Rate includes: Night of arrival hotel stay or sleep aboard. 6 day/5 night Live Aboard Sailing. Provisioning: All breakfasts, 4 lunches, 2 dinners, snacks and starter kit. (all meals are provided for our delivery courses). Cruising Permit (if applicable) Boat water and fuel.

  20. Do Catamarans REALLY make faster passages???

    Lagoon 450 Total Time: 9 days, 3 hours, and required 2 days, 8 hours of motoring and traveled 1440 miles, for an average speed of 6.6 knots. With a full day faster passage, and an overall savings of 10% of total passage time, I can hear all the catamaran sailors out there cheering loudly for their horse in this race.

  21. Passage Making

    Please support our sponsors and let them know you heard about their products on Cruisers Forums. Advertise Here

  22. Us Sailing Opens Nominations for 2024 Rolex Yachtsman and Yachtswoman

    The brand is Title Sponsor of 15 major international events - from leading offshore races, such as the annual Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, Rolex Middle Sea Race and the biennial Rolex Fastnet Race, to grand prix competition at the Rolex TP52 World Championship and spectacular gatherings at the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup and the Rolex Swan Cup.

  23. Catamarans

    Catamarans use two hulls to reduce wetted surface underwater, creating reduced drag. The hulls are usually part of a single mold with a span between them that supports the main cabin. Accommodations, and occasionally the galley, are located down in the hulls, while the helm is usually forward in the main cabin. There may also be a helm on the flybridge.

  24. US House Passed Bill Automatically Registering Men 18-26 Years Old for

    On June 14, 2024, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 8070, the National Defense Authorization Act for 2025. A version of the bill gets passed every year, because every year, the U.S ...

  25. Lauren Sánchez and Jeff Bezos Make a Splash With Mykonos Yacht Trip: Report

    Billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his fiancée Lauren Sánchez have been spotted living it up on the Greek island of Mykonos, according to a report, arriving in seriously luxurious style.A ...

  26. The Passagemaker New Boats Preview 2020-21

    The yacht is capable of top speeds of 26 to 27 knots, and cruising speeds of 21 to 22 knots. Efficiently, she cruises at 9 to 10 knots. The 58E also has a semi-enclosed bridge with a fold-down radar mast and satellite domes, making her suitable for the Great Loop. Her lower helm is to starboard of the country kitchen-style galley.