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  • Get A Job On A Yacht With No Experience

Are you looking for yacht jobs but have no experience? No problem!

We’re not saying it will be as easy for you as it would be for a more experienced person, but there are still loads of opportunities if you know where – and how – to look for them.

Entry-level roles on a yacht are typically the best place to start

It goes without saying that you won’t get a job as a yacht captain if you’ve never worked on a yacht! You’ll need to set your sights a little lower at first, even if a captaincy is your eventual goal.

But don’t despair; you can still get yacht jobs with no experience – if you know how to go about it! The best place to start for most people is with an entry-level position. This most often means going for a job as a Deckhand or Stewardess.

We’d love to tell you that opportunities are blind to gender – they are supposed to be, after all – but in reality, females are far more likely to be hired as Stewardesses, and males as Deckhands.

This isn’t universal though, so once you have a job on board and have proven your value and reliability, it is easier to shift to a different position that is more in line with the career path you want.

If more senior crew members see your skills and aptitude for a different position, you’re way more likely to get it than if you demand a certain position right from the start.

Read on to discover our top tips for securing yacht jobs with no experience…

13 top tips on how to get yacht jobs with no experience:

1. gain an edge through qualifications.

Qualifications show more than just the skills they certify.

By stacking up a bunch of qualifications on your CV, you show commitment to the industry and a willingness to learn all you can, that is very impressive to a potential employer. Among the qualifications, you should start with are the STCW & ENG1 Medical.

STCW stands for ‘Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping’ and STCW Basic Safety Training is a requirement for anyone who wants to work on a commercial ship – and that includes superyachts. You are required to refresh your fire fighting and Sea Survival qualifications every five years, if you are employed then the Superyacht will pay for any refresher courses.

ENG1 Medical is another mandatory certificate you’ll need to have before you can work on a commercial vessel. The ENG1 medical certifies that you are medically fit and free from any conditions that could prevent you from performing the regular duties that may be required of you.

It also reduces the chances that a medical emergency will happen when out at sea, far from hospitals and doctors. The ENG1 can usually be arranged through an MCA approved doctor, it can’t be completed by your GP. The medical can be arranged within two weeks or less, lasts for two years, and costs around £115.

2. Get all the qualifications in one place

Take our Deckhand or Steward/ess Courses ; both provide all the qualifications (minus the ENG1 medical). These types of courses are an invaluable part of how to get into yachting, and even more important to getting yacht jobs with no experience.

Having taken one or more of these not only shows that you are committed, but it assures the potential employer that you have a pretty good idea of what to expect, even if you’ve never worked aboard a yacht before.

Fewer unpleasant surprises for you means fewer unpleasant surprises for your employer – and that’s great!

3. Have the right attitude

Most employers are willing to train their crew members . In fact, many employers prefer this, as they can ensure that the people they are taking on board don’t have bad habits that have to be overcome.

What they demand, however, is the right kind of attitude. These vary, but you’ll recognise them.

4. Embrace the willingness to learn

Go into every situation with an eye for something you can learn.

If you take on a new piece of information even once each day, this will cumulate into a wide and deep knowledge of your duties, the industry, the yacht you’re on, and the people you’re there to look after.

By being willing to learn, you let a potential employer know that they can get your positive experience and attributes, and add knowledge and experience to them over time. If they get the impression that you think you know it all already, they won’t take the risk on you.

5. Follow directions

Train yourself to listen carefully, listen actively, and to remember the detail. Picture actions in your head as you are being given directions.

Imagine yourself doing the actions you’re being told to do. Once you are on your own to fulfill them, you’re more likely to remember and to do the job properly.

A potential employer won’t mind so much that you’re going for a job on a yacht with no experience if he or she is confident that you will put the experience you do get to good use.

6. Know your place

It sounds a bit outdated, but there is a strong hierarchy on most sea vessels , and yachts are seldom an exception.

You will be an employee there. You don’t have to put up with abuse, but you are not going to be treated the same as the owner, the client, guests – or even more senior crew members.

By accepting that your job is to make the clients feel special and valued, and to ensure the other crewmembers that you are there to be part of a team, you show that you understand the dynamic, and won’t make any serious gaffs.

Taking pride in the service provided is perhaps rare nowadays, but with the right attitude, it is very satisfying.

Show yourself to be a high-quality provider of confident service and respect, and you’ll be perceived as a valuable asset aboard the yacht.

Perhaps even more important than respect and reasonable humility is safety.

Having fun and being silly has its place, but that place is not at your interview, nor during your trial period, nor anytime that you are not 100% certain that it is within the bounds of expected behaviour.

Likewise, by displaying your knowledge of safe behaviour, you give your potential employer less to worry about. On the contrary, you’ll give off the air of being a dependable crewmember – and that’s worth a lot to a crew!

8. Be courteous

There are a lot of things that are not against the rules, but are also not the right thing to do.

There isn’t a list of them, and you won’t find a book on them, but you probably have a good idea of most of them anyway. As a rule of thumb, act toward the owner, the vessel and the crew the way you would want to be treated in each position:

  • How would you want your crew to dress and to act?
  • If you were the captain, what kind of response would you want to a request or an order?
  • If you were the owner, how would you want the crew to address you?

When you know expectations more specifically – like the owner wants to be referred to by a formal title such as ‘your excellency’ or something similar – then you act accordingly.

Until then, do your best. Take any mistakes as learning opportunities. When in doubt, lean toward the more formal, the more courteous, and the more conservative.

This is advisable for informal meetings, job interviews , trial periods and the job in general.

9. Be professional

This term is popular, but difficult to define.

The best way to think about it is as a combination of those things we mentioned above. Be quick to learn, attentive to instructions, aware of and compliant with safety regulations and practices, and always be courteous and respectful of those you work for and with.

A more difficult part of this is to take pride in what you do, and to respect your own position, however humble it may seem in the company of captains and owners and guests. You can expect to be treated with normal human respect, not to be abused, and to be given room to learn how to do your job better.

In most cases, professional behaviour will be met with a respectful response.

10. Have the right CV

If you’re still referring to your CV as if it is one, static thing, then this is one of those learning opportunities. In reality, your CV should be almost as varied as the positions you’re applying for.

It all has to be true of course, or you’re setting yourself up for grief and failure – but a properly crafted CV will put your name at the top of the ‘possible hires’ list… and that’s what will get you your interview or trial period.

Tailor your CV to suit the position on offer. Be truthful, but highlight the things that fit what they’re looking for. Is the yacht in a very hot climate?

Show experience working or living in very high temperatures. Are you likely to be offshore for weeks at a time? Express your desire for adventure and challenge.

Always include other languages spoken, international travel, hospitality or mechanical skills, and of course any experience you’ve had on boats or ships in the past.

Look for keywords in the job description and – tactfully – add them to your CV. For example, if the advert states that it’s looking for ‘responsible’ crew, then highlight positions of responsibility you’ve had in the past.

It can be anything from childcare to responsibility closing a shop in the evenings or opening it in the mornings.

Most of all, make sure each of the advert’s ‘must-haves’ are covered. If you are missing any of them, highlight the lack but explain why another attribute makes up for it and that you are quick to learn.

If there is also an ‘also beneficial’ section, cover those too. If you skilfully tailor your CV to each job, you will show yourself to be the one they’ve been looking for all along.

11. Go to the right marina

If you picture yourself in crisp whites, striding the polished deck of a superyacht, don’t look for work at a narrow boat marina. Go where the yachts are.

You probably won’t get a position on a superyacht for your first gig, but you’ll want something similar.

Look for ocean-going experience in the luxury sector. You may need to start on the small end of the spectrum, but make sure you’re on the right spectrum!

If you can, get out to the fancy marinas and make yourself known (in a good way). In other words: network.

12. Network and get your name out there

Any time you can become known to people in the industry – from deckhands and stewardesses to captains and billionaires – you should take the opportunity to do so.

Shake hands, smile, show yourself to be clean, tidy and in possession of the right air and attitude.

Join Facebook groups of people who work in the industry. Make sure your Social Media presence is positive and that you don’t get caught up in criticising or complaining about those you want to hire (and pay) you.

Your social media should reflect all the things a prospective employer might like. In this day and age, it is very likely they will look at your profile before offering you a job.

Look for related job fairs as well; contact yacht crew agencies such as YPI Crew and Insignia Crew, or through your training centre like Flying Fish who have contacts in the industry. We take students to Antibes to find work .

13. Be flexible and willing to start anytime

The key to getting a job on yacht with no experience is to be focused on the experience – not the pay or even the type of job.

If you have a chance to get someday work, you gain items to add to your custom CV. Add a few of these and suddenly you aren’t the one with no experience anymore. A few good showings as a temporary crew can mean you’re the first one an employer calls when there is a vacancy to fill.

This willingness shows a serious drive to be a part of the industry – not simply a drive to earn some cash doing any old job. That’s the kind of person prospective employers are looking for.

Ready to find your first Superyacht job?

All the above tips should give you a solid starting point from which to search for yacht jobs with no experience! You should also download our guide to finding and thriving in your first Superyacht job below.

The next step is to complete your Superyacht training! Simply get in touch to book your place on our Superyacht Deckhand course or Superyacht Stewardess course today.

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yacht sailing jobs no experience

How To Find a Yacht Job With ZERO Experience

Learn how to land a yacht job with no experience. From STCW certification to crafting the perfect resume, this guide covers essential steps for aspiring yacht crew.

yacht sailing jobs no experience

The thought of spending days and nights on a luxury yacht is enticing to anyone. Even more enticing is the idea that you could get paid to spend time on a yacht, even if it means you’ll have to work hard. With more online exposure than ever, countless people have become fascinated with the idea of working on a yacht. Even still, many people struggle with how to find a yacht job without experience.

You can find a yacht job without experience if you get a Seafarers Medical Certificate and STCW certificate. This requires you to take a basic examination and 5 courses that highlight fire safety, security awareness, survival techniques, and first aid. Create a comprehensive resume that includes basic skills like communication as well as your past work experience.

Make sure to express your willingness to take instruction and learn as much as possible about the trade. Nobody expects you to know everything if you haven’t worked on a yacht before, so they will be patient if you work hard. Follow along as we explore how to find a yacht job without experience.

How Do You Get a Job on a Yacht With No Experience?

yacht sailing jobs no experience

Getting a yacht job without experience may seem impossible, but it’s easier than you may think. Whether it be networking or signing up for basic training courses, there are several easy steps you can take to find a yacht job without experience.

1. Make Sure You Qualify

You can only get a job on a yacht without experience if you meet the qualifications. This includes an ENG1 medical exam and an STCW certificate. STCW certificates show that you have a basic understanding of fire safety and survival skills.

The ENG1 medical exam is important because everyone who works on a yacht must have a Seafarers Medical Certificate. You can only get your certificate if you visit an approved doctor for a basic medical examination.  Once you Seafarers Medical Certificate, you must go back to the doctor every two years for another examination to make sure you still qualify .

2. Create a Resume

yacht sailing jobs no experience

A resume is necessary to find a yacht job even if your past work experience has nothing to do with yachts. The personal paragraph is one of the most important parts of a resume for a yacht job. Make sure to keep it short and sweet while highlighting why you want to work on a yacht.

It’s important to highlight what you bring to the table and make it clear that you are willing to learn. The rest of your resume should consist of your education and past employment history.  Yacht jobs are often varied and require several skills, so it helps if your past work experience entails several different skills .

Include your Seafarers Medical Certificate and STCW certificate in your resume. If your resume is striking enough, you will hopefully get an in-person interview!

3. Join Luxury Yacht Group

yacht sailing jobs no experience

Luxury Yacht Group is a great resource for anyone trying to find a yacht job without experience. This agency helps thousands of people find crew work on yachts throughout the world each year.  Not only do they help crew members find jobs, but they also help people that own and charter yachts find crew members .

That makes  Luxury Yacht Group  invaluable for prospective crew members as the service has countless contacts. You simply set up an account, provide your availability, and search for job postings. Crew members with varying experience levels use Luxury Yacht Group, and it’s perfect for beginners and seasoned workers alike.

4. Complete STCW Training

You may not need past yacht experience to get a job, but you must have completed basic training. Standards of Training and Certification of Watchkeepers (STCW) training is necessary to find a yacht job. The  International Maritime Organisation  regulates boating and shipping throughout the world.

They strictly require shipping and yacht personnel to undergo STCW training.  The training includes fire prevention, fire fighting, first aid, security awareness, and survival techniques . Each of these categories is essential to keep everyone safe on a yacht in case the vessel takes on water or someone gets injured.

It only takes 5 days to complete STCW training, and it’s worth the time if you want a yacht job. You can take each course individually, but I recommend taking them all together so you can get your certificate in 5 days. You can register for  STCW training online . Once certified, you must redo your fire safety and sea survival courses every 5 years.

5. Book an Interview

Working on yachts has a lot to do with your charisma and communication skills. That’s why it’s important to make a great first impression when you book an interview for a yacht job. Yacht jobs are similar to many service industry jobs in that you must be polite, concise, and forward with people.

This should all come across in your interview so your potential employer sees how you would be perfect for the job.  Bring your resume and certifications so they know you’re prepared and responsible . Whether you get hired or not, make sure to leave a memorable impression because they may be able to hire you in the future.

6. Be Open to Training

Some training will be necessary if you find a yacht job without experience. This is true even if you have your STCW certificate. Luckily, many captains are understanding and realize there is a learning curve for working on a yacht.

Be open to training and try your best to learn on the job.  On-the-job training is more useful than taking courses, but only if you listen well and collaborate with the other crew members . The hands-on experience you get will help you learn much more quickly than any training course, even if it can be overwhelming at first.

7. Meet New People

The phrase “it’s who you know, not what you know” is accurate in the world of yacht jobs. Of course, you must have a practical and hands-on understanding of the job, but you’ll get more work if you network with others. You will likely work with several crews on different yachts throughout the season or year.

Connect with your coworkers to get tips about jobs and resources you can use to stay busy.  It also helps to spend time at local marinas to declare your availability and find new job leads . Sure, online resources are useful, but I find that mingling with other people and speaking in person makes it much easier to find work.

8. Keep Your Schedule Open

Keep your schedule open when you’re trying to find a yacht job.  Yacht jobs often come in without much notice, so it’s a good idea to keep as much space open in your schedule as possible . You will get the most yachting jobs in summer and winter, so avoid scheduling too many plans during that time.

Sure, you may miss out on some social events, but it’ll be worth it when you quickly build an impressive yacht job resume. You may get calls when other crew members cancel on a job or if someone charters a yacht last minute without any notice. People will continue to offer you jobs if you regularly say yes even at a moment’s notice.

9. Regularly Update Your Resume

Update your yachting resume after each job.  Make sure to include contact information for former employers and captains to give yourself more legitimacy . You will need to apply for new yachting jobs after each gig, so it’s important to constantly update your resume so it’s as impressive as possible.

It’s especially important to update your resume if you get new certifications. For example, some people may start as stewards and eventually study a trade, such as electrical work. Once you get a degree or certification in a specialty, you must add it to your resume.

This can open the door to new job openings that pay better.

10. Honor the Hierarchy

yacht sailing jobs no experience

Like any workplace, yachts have a hierarchy amongst the crew. Familiarize yourself with the hierarchy of a yacht crew before your first job.  The captain is the highest-ranking position, followed by the first mate, lead deckhand, deckhand, chief engineer, and second and third engineers .

Stewards and stewardesses are the basic entry-level yacht jobs. As a steward, it’s important to honor the hierarchy, make a great impression, and see how the other positions work. From there, you can decide if you’d like to pursue another position.

For example, you may work several jobs in the galley and on the deck as a steward and realize you want to pursue an electrician job . Find an appropriate time to speak with the onboard electricians and see what steps you need to take to pursue that position. The same can be said for any yachting job, and as long as you show respect, you can work your way into any job title.

What Skills Should I Put on My Yacht CV?

Your yacht CV (Curriculum vitae) should include everything from basic skills like communication to special skills like navigation. The resume should reflect your skill set.  For example, make sure to include any past electrical work and certification if you’re looking for an electrician or engineering job .

Conversely, stewards must include past service industry jobs and experience to appeal to employers. Yacht chefs must have past food service and chef experience. Write your resume to reflect your past work experience and the job title you are looking to get.

What Is The Easiest Job on a Yacht?

No yacht job is easy, but it’s easier to get steward jobs because they don’t typically require specialized skills. Stewards and stewardesses serve food and drinks to guests throughout the trip. This requires lots of attention and communication skills, and while it’s not easy, it’s easier than being a yacht engineer or electrician.

How Much Do Yacht Stewardesses Make a Month?

Yacht stewards and stewardesses can make up to  $5,000 per month . It ultimately depends on your daily or weekly rate. Yacht jobs typically carry daily rates, but you are sometimes paid by the hour.

One of the biggest appeals to yacht workers is that you can make a fortune with tips.  A yacht’s crew receives 5%-15% of the charter price in tips in many cases, and that makes up a big portion of a stewardess’ monthly pay . Once you become a chief stewardess, you can make up to $90,000-$100,000 each year.

So, How Do You Get a Yacht Job Without Experience?

The best way to get a yacht job without experience is to get an STCW certificate and take an ENG1 medical exam. Once you have these certificates, you can include them in your resume. Use online resources like Luxury Yacht Group to get yacht jobs, and network with people at local marinas. Make sure to get a medical exam every 2 years and retake your fire and sea survival courses every 5 years to keep getting yacht jobs.

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Superyacht Training

yacht crew

How to Work on a Superyacht, with no Experience

Working in the superyacht industry looks like the dream job, right? But, how do you get started with no work experience? With over 12 years in the industry, interviewing and hiring countless candidates across various positions, we know first hand what information you require to get your first real crew job on a superyacht. In this post we highlight some of the features of our “Beginners Guide to Yachting” Ebook which explains all you need to know from how to get your CV yacht perfect, typical daily stewardess or deckhand duties, how to find day wo rk, and more.

What kinds of entry level positions could I apply for? 

The two most common entry level positions on yachts are stewardess and deckhand jobs. These are both junior ranks whose primary concern is to keep the guests happy and ensure the interior and exterior are kept immaculately clean.

What previous experience is useful when looking for a job on a yacht?

While working on a yacht is certainly different to any land-based career, there are a few land-based jobs that would have equipped you with skills useful on a vessel.  Jobs that may be useful include: 

  • Hospitality-related jobs
  • Waiting tables in a high-end restaurant 
  • Child care or au pairing 
  • Carpentry 
  • Sports or diving instructor 

If you have already completed some form or degree or diploma in engineering or mechanics, this is also considered a huge plus. 

Are there specific qualifications I need? 

Yes. You will need an STCW 10 certificate to understand basic safety protocols, as well as an ENG1 Medical Certificate to prove that your health is in good enough shape to join a vessel. Get Onboard Superyacht Academy offers complete STCW and ENG1 training in Cape Town, South Africa. These are the only compulsory documents needed, but if you are interested in a specific role, we offer specialised courses to equip you for these. 

How do I get my first job on a yacht?

Once you are qualified, follow these steps: 

  • Construct a CV. Be sure to include all relevant information and documents, as well as a friendly, yet professional photo of yourself. Download our free template for a starting point. 
  • Pick a location to start. Antibes in France, Palma de Mallorca in Spain, and Fort Lauderdale in Florida are great places to start out as a newbie. 
  • Find some day work. This is work outside of a formal contract, which may involve helping out for a day to several weeks. Day work is an excellent opportunity to network, build contacts in the industry, and get a foot in on your journey to securing a more permanent job. 

How much money do you make working on a yacht?

The standard entry level salary for a junior stewardess or deckhand ranges between €2,000 – €2,500 or $2,300 – $2,800 per month. This amount is generally tax free, although the onus is on each crew member to check with their home county about tax obligations. Certain countries are tax exempt, provided you spend more than six months out of the county.

Check out our salary guidelines for more information. Still have questions? Get in touch with us , we’d love to help you navigate the seas of yachting!

Needing more?

Error: Contact form not found.

RYA/MCA Online

1. what are the basic requirements you need to be eligible to work in the yachting industry, 2. what is the stcw and why do i need it, 3. what is the eng1 medical certificate, 4. what land based experience will help me find a super yacht job, 5. what are the different departments onboard, 6. what crew training is required for me to work as a junior deckhand.

  • Yachtmaster/Coastal Skipper Theory
  • Yachtmaster/Coastal Practical
  • Specialist Super Yacht Training Course (Deck Hand Training Course)
  • RYA Power Boat Level II
  • RYA Personal Watercraft Course
  • RYA Competent Crew Certificate
  • RYA Day Skipper Theory and Practical Certificates
  • VHF Radio Operator’s License

7. What crew training is required for me to work as a junior stewardess?

  • Stewardess Course
  • Proficiency in Designated Security Duties (PDSD)
  • MCA Food Safety Level 2
  • RYA Powerboat Level 2

8. How do I book my training courses?

9. how do i get my first job on a yacht, 10. are these courses worth it, or am i just wasting my money, 11. will i get hired for my first job from south africa, 12. what is daywork, 13. what are the best locations to get a yacht job, 14. how much can a motor yacht stewardess or deckhand earn, 15. what are the negatives of working on a yacht, 16. what are the positives of working on a yacht, 17. is working on a super yacht for everyone, 18. what is the minimum age to work on a yacht, 19. is accommodation provided when i am completing my yacht training in cape town.

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yacht sailing jobs no experience

4 Entry Level Yacht Jobs For Beginners

In this post we're going to learn about the 4 entry level yacht jobs that are options for new yacht crew who have no prior experience working on a boat.  We will also go over the following topics:

  • The 15 crucial qualities that every yachtie must possess
  • Stew/Deck/Cook


2020 holiday flash sale .


The Yacht Job Handbook & Online Course

In The Yacht Job Handbook , I'll walk you through the entire process of getting a job on a yacht.  I’m going to break down this process into a step-by-step formula that will serve as a roadmap to help fast-track your career so that you can start getting paid to live, work, and travel the world on a luxurious yacht.


There are all types of different tasks that need to be performed around the clock to maintain a yacht and keep it running smoothly.  While some of the job positions onboard are very technical and require a lot of skill and knowledge, there are 4 entry-level jobs that require little to no prior experience.  The most common entry-level jobs on a yacht are some variation of:

1.  Yacht Stewardess / Steward

2.  deckhand yacht jobs, 3.  cook / chef yacht jobs, 4.  stew / deck / cook yacht jobs.


While prior experience isn’t necessary to perform the duties of an entry-level crew member, there are a few abilities and qualities that every member of a yacht crew must be able to demonstrate if they want to succeed. Whether you’re a greenhorn or a seasoned vet (while you’re working) you must be:

  • Professional
  • Presentable
  • Resourceful
  • Composed Under Pressure
  • Able to Maintain Discretion
  • Able to Maintain Safety
  • Able to Aid in Emergencies
  • Able to Follow Orders
  • Able to Prioritize Tasks
  • Able to Learn and Act Quickly

Tips and Tricks

  • Always keep an open mind and try new things - you may think you are meant to be a stewardess and find that working on deck suits you more, or vice versa.
  • Don’t get too intimidated when looking at the skills and duties listed below.  While these are skills you will be expected to learn and cultivate eventually, (the quicker the better,) you don’t necessarily have to have prior experience when you’re just starting out.   
  • Teamwork makes the dream work.  As a member of the crew you’re part of a team, so you should expect to help out anyone and everyone on board if necessary, even if it’s not technically a normal part of your job or department.


yacht sailing jobs no experience

You may have a very impressive resume back on land, but college degrees and PHD’s will not go far on the 7 seas! If you’re serious about pursuing a job on a yacht- you will have to work your way up the ranks one step at a time.  Whether you want to start a new career, or just try it out for a year, you’re going to have to start….

yacht sailing jobs no experience


You’ve gotta get in where you fit in!

Let’s take a closer look at each of these positions so that you can decide for yourself: which crew are you!? Below we will go over the general overview of each position. If you would like to learn more about what type of personal skills are necessary to perform the typical day to day duties.


  • As a stewardess your domain is going to be the interior of the boat, meaning a majority of your time will be spent inside .
  • You will be responsible for the upkeep, appearance, and cleanliness of everything , and you will be expected to do so with an an extremely strong attention to detail.  A guest should never have to be burdened with the site of one single finger print or speck of dirt on any surface!
  • Guest Service
  • Hospitality
  • Housekeeping
  • This position is more commonly held by females, although not always.
  • Many boats are now combining the roles of a stewardess with those of a deckhand or even a cook.
  • This job is great for high energy, resourceful, and well-organized individuals. You will be expected to work around the clock , ensuring that the guests’ needs are met. The word “no” is no longer a part of your vocabulary. Their wish is your command!

Useful Skills for a Yacht Stewardess

The following are skills that are useful or necessary to perform the duties of a stewardess:

  • Silver Service
  • Guest Hospitality
  • Event Planning
  • Table Setting
  • Napkin Folding
  • Strong Attention to Detail
  • International Etiquette
  • Child Care / Nannying

yacht stewardess jobs

  • As a deckhand you are responsible for the exterior of the boat, and a majority of your time will be spent outside .  Keep this in mind if you can’t handle the sun beating down on you all day !
  • You basically have to make sure the exterior of the boat looks brand new at all times, which can be a LOT of work, and let’s just say- manual labor .
  • You also have a lot to do with preparations for leaving and arriving to port, as well as any of the watersports or other outside toys that come along with the boat such as jet skis, paddle boards, inflatable floats / slides, etc.
  • You must monitor and maintain the safety of the guests and crew at all times.
  • When guests are on board you will help prepare and execute any outdoor excursions such as snorkeling, fishing diving, surfing, beach picnics, etc. (and sometimes you may even get to participate.)
  • A majority of deckhands are male, but there is a fast growing number of female deckhands or deck/stews in the industry.  I was a deck/stew on my first boat and highly recommend it!
  • This is a great job for a strong, adventurous, outdoorsy person who is able to spend long hours outside in the sun, and doesn’t mind getting wet, sweaty, salty, and sandy on a regular basis. Physical strength and stamina are 100 % necessary.

Useful Skills for a Deckhand on a Yacht

The following are skills that are useful or necessary to perform the duties of a deckhand on a yacht:

  • Cleaning / Washing
  • Waxing / Polishing
  • Boat Driving
  • Line Handling
  • Tying Knots
  • Securing / Stowing / Covering Furniture
  • Woodwork / Varnishing
  • Construction
  • Watersports / Fishing
  • Mechanics / Engineering
  • Physical Strength / Stamina

deckhand jobs


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Yacht Chef / Cook

  • As a chef your domain is the galley (the kitchen of a boat) and nothing else. You may spend 16 + hours in the galley all day if that is what the job entails. Many people would agree that on many boats- this is the most tedious position of all.   
  • While most chefs are very experienced, some smaller boats will hire on less experienced “cooks” or even just people who claim they can cook, and often times that  role may be combined with a stewardess or deckhand position.  
  • As a chef aboard a superyacht you are expected to concoct culinary masterpieces for every single meal that the guests eat on board.  You must be knowledgeable, versatile , and creative and it is advised that you really have a passion for preparing food because you will be doing it around the clock!

Useful Skills for a Yacht Chef

The following are skills that are useful or necessary to perform the duties of a yacht chef:

  • Strong Culinary Background, Education, and Skills
  • Extensive Experience in a Professional Kitchen
  • Meal Planning / Preparation
  • Food / Wine Pairing
  • Gourmet  Food Presentation
  • Time and Space Management
  • Food Prep / Handling
  • Table Settings
  • Provisioning
  • Adaptability / Flexibility

yacht chef

Stew / Deck / Cook

  • As I mentioned above, many boats combine the roles of a deckhand, stewardess , or cook into a hybrid position in which you basically carry out a variety of tasks that depend upon what is the most urgent, or which of the work detail circumstances (listed below) the boat is in.  
  • In this case you just bounce around to where you are needed most and serve as an assistant to the rest of the crew.  It is a great opportunity to learn the foundations of all of the positions on board and eventually decide which position you truly enjoy the most if /when the day comes that you have to choose one.  
  • There is really no end to the different variations of tasks you  will have to perform in one of these combined / hybrid positions.  
  • My advice to you if you get a job offer for one of the “joint positions above” is to make sure that it is clear of what is expected of you before you accept the job.
  • Sometimes (not too often) new crew get taken advantage of by accepting a position (with low pay!) and ending up having to perform way more duties than what is fair or even humanly possible.  
  • On the other hand- I highly recommend a joint position as long as you know what you’re getting yourself into and everything seems fair.



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To Work on a Yacht Without Experience – Make a Plan

To Work on a Yacht Without Experience – Make a Plan

Yachts do hire people with no experience in yachting. The entry-level positions which offer new crew the best opportunity to learn the “ropes” in yachting are: junior deckhand, stewardess, steward, or cook. The key to finding your first position onboard is preparation.

There is a lot of competition for the rookie jobs on yachts. Begin your job search by identifying what skills you have that would be useful on a yacht. Assess your present skills and experience to focus on the characteristics that apply to the job you are targeting. Applicants with professional hospitality experience and training, at a hotel, resort, cruise ship, estate, or restaurant, are at an advantage in entering yachting. Holding specialty skills is also a means to enter the industry, such as masseuse, au pair, fishing guide, engineer, kite surfing instructor, pianist or helicopter pilot. You may just hold the skill that a captain needs to supplement his crew.

In all cases, stepping aboard will require a willingness to work hard and long as part of a team. An interest in learning and being flexible will increase your chances of finding a position that opens a new career path.

To get hired on a yacht with no experience you need to:

  • Be in the right place at the right time

Have a professional resume

Register with luxury yacht group.

  • Complete basic STCW classes
  • Build references with day work
  • Maintain contact 24/7

Be in the right place

There are seasons in the yachting industry. You will have the greatest opportunity without experience if you are in the location of highest demand and that changes throughout the season. The European season is May through September, centered in Antibes, France. The Americas/Caribbean generally place out of Fort Lauderdale early winter and early spring. In-person interviews are vital to success in finding a first opportunity. Arrange for flexible accommodations and have adequate living expenses to support yourself through a potential two month job search. Many first time yacht crew receive an immediate offer based on being in the right place at the right time, and could say “yes” on a moment’s notice.

Prepare a CV that portrays you as an energetic team player. Take care with the details. The resume is your best marketing tool. Typos and grammatical errors are red flags for a crew agency. Include a good photo as it is the industry standard. Smile and look the part. Use the Luxury Yacht Group web site for guidance on the basic skill sets for entry level positions. Be diligent in defining experience and highlighting transferable skills. Education, previous job experience, training or knowledge specific to the industry will get your CV a second look. List your most recent experience first. Hobbies and volunteer work can also illustrate character and work ethic. Diving, water sports, fishing, woodworking are hobbies which enhance your fit on a yacht. Provide professional references who have given you permission to use them as a contact. Captains look for an intersection of experience, certifications and personality in making hiring decisions. Give yourself an edge with a bit of personal detail – playing a musical instrument, proficiency in languages, flower arranging – to add dimension to your personality on paper.

Register with Luxury Yacht Group. A large agency with high placement volume offers the most opportunity to identify options for inexperienced crew. Be prepared to interview. Understand the requirements of entry level positions and how to explain the relevance of your experiences. Share stories which illustrate your work ethic, ability to solve problems and work in a team. Be on time and make a professional appearance. Some entry level positions have few specific requirements, but a captain will define specific preferences in a candidate. During an interview offer detail, enthusiasm and discretion when sharing experiences to display your ability to do routine tasks aboard, multi task, and be part of a team. Keep in touch with the agency regularly by logging into the website and confirming interest in any jobs that look good to you. Update your CV as you pick up day work experience, establish local references and complete any coursework you can locally while looking for work.

Complete basic licensing

Basic STCW is a minimum requirement to work on yachts that charter. The course has four parts and takes a week to complete. The modules which make up the Basic STCW certification are: 1) fire prevention and firefighting, 2) personal survival techniques, 3) personal safety and social responsibility, 4) first aid/CPR. Once the certificate is earned, it is valid for five years. Some modules do not expire. Check with your maritime school for details.

Establish references

During the search for a first job aboard, do day work. It is an excellent means to learn your way around a yacht. It is also a way to understand the physical demands and working style of yachts. Day work also provides you with local and yacht specific references. Be flexible on what you are willing to do – cleaning, polishing, detailing, laundry, wash-downs, painting. A seasonal or temporary job – even aboard a delivery without guests aboard – is a first step to a new career in yachting. Captains distinguish between applicants who want to enter a career and those who are looking to fill a summer. Educate yourself on the career path of the entry job so you can convey a commitment to yachting. (Immigration warning…many countries prohibit non-resident tourists from performing temporary “day work” when in their country. For example: a UK citizen admitted to the USA on a tourism ESTA cannot legally seek day work while in the USA.)

Maintain contact

Once a position of interest has been identified you must be available! Answer your phone and respond to emails immediately. Many entry positions are offered to the candidate who is ready to travel. Plans to attend a wedding in a month’s time….drop them. Partying Saturday night with friends….forget it, if the job offer comes in, you jump and get onboard immediately! One of the main reasons yachts pay well is that they expect a very high level of commitment.

Marianne and Gerard are examples of crew hopefuls with no yachting experience. Putting yourself in the shoes of a crew agent or captain, would you consider either of them for a rookie position aboard?

Marianne developed a love of the water fishing with her gramps. He taught her how to trailer his small boat, to steer, anchor and cleat. She described how much fun they had washing down the boat after a day on the lake and spending the winter sanding and painting. While in college she became such a yoga enthusiast that she taught the entire family where she worked, as an au pair, a morning yoga routine.

Marianne has the basics of a junior deckhand. Maintenance is a significant part of the responsibility on deck. She also displays some experience to apply to tender driving. Since she has worked with children, there is an indication that she has the skills to interface with owner families and guests. Her enthusiasm for sharing yoga may be the extra she brings to share with guests. An interview will assess whether Marianne will adapt to the pace and demands of a large vessel and how she will adjust to a team effort.

Gerard was raised in a family who owned a small hotel in a mountain village which served two tourist seasons – winter ski buffs and summer hikers. He explained that he and his siblings pitched in at whatever needed to be done to keep the hotel guests happy and returning each year – serving meals, making beds, loading cars. When he left home to backpack the world, he earned cash along the way by bartending. He has created a favorite cocktail recipe and named it after his hometown.

Gerard lived within the hospitality industry. It appears that his parents instilled a client driven attitude from a young age. As a junior steward, he would be doing many of the same things he did at the hotel as a child. An interview can verify whether Gerard has the “white glove” service standard, understands the need for discretion, and that he would be interested in working within the ‘interior’. Captains will also want to clarify whether Gerard is interested in a yachting career or if he is just adding the experience to his backpacking adventure.

The yachting industry is not a career for everyone. Rookies will find that work on a yacht is demanding, but offers great rewards. Finding a position on a yacht with no experience requires being prepared, having a detailed plan, and maintaining a positive attitude. Follow the steps outlined to increase your chances of coming aboard!

Engineering License Changes

Engineering License Changes

The MCA has restructured the engineering certifications. The MEOL course has been done away with, and the AEC course made mandatory and more thorough. Luxury Yacht Group explains all these changes, what engineers progressing through the ranks can do now, and how Y ticket holders can convert their licenses over to the structure.

14 Mar 2018

A Day in the life Chief

A Day in the Life Series – Chief Stewardess

For a yacht to run smoothly, it requires many working parts, and the interior department is a large component of this. The chief stewardess oversees this department and makes sure all the stewardesses onboard know what their tasks and responsibilities are. The interior department is largely in charge of the guest services whilst they are onboard, and responsible for interior maintenance of the yacht when they are not.

18 Dec 2017

Entry deck

A Day in the Life Of Series - Entry Stewardess

Joining the yachting industry is an exciting and daunting undertaking. In this two part interview we speak with Melanie about why she decided to join the superyacht industry, what her hopes and goals are, and what she has learnt so far as an entry level stewardess.

29 Nov 2017

Yacht Crew Job Board

With Bluewater's expertise in crew training and yacht crew recruitment, finding your ideal yacht crew vacancy is simple. We offer yacht management services to a variety of exclusive superyachts. Our team excels in sourcing top-notch yacht crew positions, spanning from 25-meter private yachts in the Bahamas to 50-metre charter yachts in the Mediterranean to luxurious 100+ metre superyachts navigating the globe extensively.

135 yacht crew jobs available now.

Yacht Crew Training

Alongside sourcing the latest yacht crew jobs worldwide, Bluewater offers a range of specialised yacht crew training courses. Whether you're new to the superyacht industry seeking entry-level qualifications, an experienced deckhand or engineer aiming to advance your career, or a dedicated crew member looking to enhance your resume with certifications like HELM (Human Element Leadership and Management), Yachtmaster, or OOW (Officer of the Watch), explore our comprehensive yacht crew training options.

Working on a Luxury Yacht

Working as a crew member on a superyacht is undeniably one of the most rewarding yet demanding professions, calling for hard work, dedication, and professional training. The opportunities within the yachting industry are vast, and at Bluewater, we are committed to helping every crew member discover their ideal yacht crew position. Our recruitment division focuses on finding the perfect yacht for crew members and provides unparalleled professional support. Our recruitment experts guide crew members through every step of their yachting career journey, ensuring they receive the best possible assistance.

Manage Your Yacht Career

Whether you're seeking a yacht crew position as a deckhand, engineer, onboard masseuse, stewardess, chef, chief stewardess, purser, first officer, or captain, take control of your yacht career. Create a profile and join one of the world's largest yachting communities for free.


  • Qualifications: Yachtmaster Ocean
  • Experience: A good mecanical engineering knowledge
  • Salary: €4000+/- DOE
  • Qualifications: Master 200gt
  • Experience: 3+ years
  • Salary: 5000 EUR (doe)
  • Qualifications: Master 500
  • Experience: 10-15 years
  • Salary: €7000-7500 DOE


  • Temporary (Until July)
  • Qualifications: STCW, ENG1, PDSD, PBL2
  • Experience: 1 Year +
  • Salary: 4500 to 5500USD (DOE)
  • Until the end of the year
  • Qualifications: STCW, ENG1
  • Experience: 2 Years +
  • Salary: €5000+ DOE & tips
  • Qualifications: STCW, ENG1, Food & Hygiene Level 2
  • Experience: 3+ Years
  • Salary: 5000 EUR
  • Qualifications: OOW (<3000GT) or higher
  • Experience: 5 years+
  • Salary: Negotiable
  • Experience: 2 year + sunseeker
  • Salary: 6500-7000 euros
  • Qualifications: STCW, ENG1, Food & Hygiene Level 2, PDSD
  • Experience: 2 Seasons +
  • Salary: DOE
  • Experience: At least 1 season of chief stew
  • Salary: Industry standard

yacht sailing jobs no experience

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PS40 MX to Papua New Guinea by May '24

Boat type: Cutter Rig Bluewater Passage Maker

Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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Sailing up to one week around Denmark/ Sweden

Boat type: B31

Location: Copenhagen

Coastal yacht cruising

Professional sailing jobs, ocean sailing voyages, yacht delivery crew, worldwide opportunities, varied vessel types, all experience levels, mile building voyages, short notice sailing, environmental & wildlife vessels, we are recommended by.

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Crewseekers notices

yacht sailing jobs no experience

What makes an RYA Yachtmaster?

James Stevens, former Chief Examiner of the RYA tell us.

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The Atlantic Ocean - from the Caribbean to Antarctica and the Arctic

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Day Skipper & Yachtmaster theory courses - 20% off

Online RYA theory courses with a great discount courtesy of Crewseekers.

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Crewseekers is run by experienced, professional sailors offering a friendly and helpful service to yacht crew and owners. We are the original yacht crew introduction agency – established for over 25 years, offering amateur and professional sailing opportunities throughout the world.

How to Find A Yacht Job Without Experience

yacht sailing jobs no experience

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Thanks to my job as a yacht stewardess, I’ve been able to live in and explore some of the most beautiful and remote spots in the world. Some of those places can only be reached by water and only a small percentage of the population will ever get to see them. But, none of this comes easy. Working in the yacht industry takes hard work and dedication but comes with some massive payoffs.

If you're interested in other travel jobs in hospitality, look into becoming an overland tour guide . As a guide, you'll take groups of travelers across continents via land travel for months on end. Another option to travel by sea is to work on a cruise ship .

Drone shot of two yachts and two people snorkeling in beautiful, clear water

Requirements to Get Hired as a Yacht Stewardess

  • STCW10 (Basic Safety Training)
  • ENG1 Medical
  • Hospitality Experience (Good to have but not necessarily a deal breaker)

I worked on the private islands in the Whitsundays Queensland Australia for over 4 years. I started out as personal trainer on the fitness club then cross trained into front office reservations, housekeeping, and food and beverage. I’ve also done hostess work on luxury boat transfers.

All of this accumulates to 11 years in the industry and a keen insight to what boats are looking for in their crew.

The job possibilities on a superyacht are diverse. Since a boat is it’s own independent entity, they need everyone from laundry to engineers, deck crew to yacht stewardesses, personal trainers to chefs and just about anything in between. Depending on the size of the yacht, you could be expected to balance many roles or do one specific thing each day. Generally, a bigger yacht will have the budget to hire more specialized crew, where a small yacht will be searching for a few jack of all trades.

Rather work in a hotel, resort or restaurant abroad? Learn how to best utilize LinkedIn to find hospitality jobs abroad!

In addition to the requirements, when I hire, I look for some specific qualities in candidates:

  • You must be a hard worker
  • No bullshit attitude and no drama
  • Ready to take on tasks you may not want to be doing
  • Be a good listener
  • Have an incredible eye for detail
  • Be respectful of others. Remember you all work, eat and play together day in and day out
  • Be willing to be at sea and away from family and friends for weeks and maybe months at a time
  • Be committed. No one likes a crew member who doesn't contribute 100%
  • Bonus: Have experience in high-end hotel operations or hospitality

In interviews, you have every right to ask as many questions as you want. It doesn’t just have to be right for the employer but for you too! Don't be afraid.

We’re not a regular travel blog; we’re a collection of women living around the world, all with different backgrounds, jobs, desires, & nationalities. What do we have in common? A passion for life abroad. Each article is written from the 1st-hand perspective of a woman who has actually done or experienced what she writes about. Learn more about the author by clicking her bio pic at the start or end of each article.

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yacht sailing jobs no experience

Steps to get hired as a "Green Stew" on a mega yacht

To reduce the information overload, I’ll focus on yacht stewardess roles, specifically for newcomers to the industry.

Currently I’m a chief stewardess on a private mega yacht. Meaning I’m in charge of everything that happens in the realm of service and housekeeping. Working on a yacht also means living on a yacht so another part of my job is keeping my team energized and working well together throughout the season.

Everyone who is new in the industry is known as a “green stew.” Most of the people I hire are at least 20 years old but I’ve known people as young as 18 to get hired. So long as you have you STCW10 and ENG1 Medical, any other type of training is not mandatory.

If I’m looking for a green stew she just has to have the right attitude and a great work ethic and we will train her to fit her role.

Steps to get hired (details below):

  • Make sure you have the qualifications (STCW10 & ENG1 Medical)
  • Make a Yachting CV
  • Add any additional certificates you can
  • Be willing to interview in person

Step 1. Check Off the Qualifications

The most important pre-req to getting hired on a yacht is having all of the right qualifications. There's really no wiggle room here as it'd be illegal for us to employ a staff that isn't well-versed in safety measures at sea or have the physical health deemed necessary to work at times far away from any medical staff.

Keep in mind, there is a very small amount of doctors in the world that are able to provide the ENG1 Medical exam. This is the list of doctors worldwide who are capable of giving you this health check.

I recommend first taking care of this health check and then chasing your STCW10. You'll have a lot more options as to where you can complete this basic safety training, namely at popular port towns. It might be more expensive here but it will be helpful to start job hunting while you're taking this course.

Step 2. Perfect Your Yachting CV

A Yachting CV is like any normal CV however very professional and short and sweet. Your CV must be only 1 page so it’s important to use that space wisely.

This is the format you'll want to use:

  • Start with a personal paragraph, like a cover letter but much, much shorter.
  • Highlight your personal information, local contact information and even things like visible tattoos and piercings.
  • You must include a headshot. It’s best if the picture is high quality, you wear a collared shirt, your hair is out of your face and you have minimal makeup on. It’s best that the captain or chief stew can imagine what you’ll look like on their boat easily.

The yacht world is very professional and has a keen eye to detail, so your CV should represent that.

Step 3. Add Any Additional Certificates or Trainings

There are so many additional certificates you can add on your CV to make yourself extra competitive but again, these are more important for a management role or if you’re aiming to work in something specific, like the spa.

Once you arrive to the port town and start your job hunt, you'll realize there are a lot of special courses you can take to make yourself stand out, like a mixology course. I only recommend doing this if you're having a really tough time getting hired or you don't have much more hospitality experience to back you up.

Step 4. Interview In-Person

A majority of green stews will need to interview for jobs in person. It’s best to be able to visit your potential new workplace so you both can get a feel for everything. This will also help you to even get interviews as a common way to get hired to "walk the docks." This simply means printing out a handful of CVs and going yacht to yacht dropping them off.

I have been offered many jobs via Skype interviews and have been flown from the other side of the globe but this is mainly because I have years of experience backing me up.

Location Independence

The Yachting Seasons

Based on location, the season can change. A yachting season is when it's the most popular time to sail that area. This is based primarily on weather and the sea. There are of course exceptions to this rule but in general, if you follow the seasons, you'll have the best shot at getting hired.

In Europe & the Mediterranean

The yacht season is May-September but hiring can start in April. A big hub for job hunting is Antibes, France. It’s possible to even get your requirements done here while you start learning first hand about the industry, although it can be more costly than other places.

In the U.S.

The Northeast follows the same season as Europe & the Med. The season here will run May-Sept. This can be a great opportunity for U.S nationals and those with relevant visas. A hub for hiring here is Newport, Rhode Island.

In the Caribbean

If you’re looking to get started later in the year, you can head down to Florida to get a job for the Caribbean season. This season is around October-April. Most people head to Ft. Lauderdale or Miami for job opportunities.

If you don’t have a U.S visa or passport, it might be best to get hired in Europe and hop on a boat doing a crossing (Med to Atlantic Ocean) between seasons. If you’re a great member of the team, they’ll help get your visas sorted.

In the South Pacific

It’s also possible to get hired in the South Pacific also but it’s not as common. It’s best to look for crew positions in Fiji in August-October. But if you find yourself in a big harbor town, ask around. You could be pleasantly surprised!

Although there are opportunities across the globe, getting a job on a super yacht is very competitive. It’s a great lifestyle for the right person and a lot of people are looking to join the industry.

A beautiful Mediterranean port view from high vantage point

Perks to Working as a Yacht Stewardess

There are amazing perks to working on a yacht once you find a stewardess job. If this is your dream job , or even just something you want to try out, go for it!

All meals, accommodation, and toiletries are provided for you. Most of the time you will live and work within the confines of the yacht. Most crews are lovely so just be yourself and make some wonderful friends.

Plus, you’ll get to travel to some incredible places. All boats are different with their time off though, so how much time you’ll get off to enjoy the scenery depends.

Because everyone is together 24/7, people can get stir crazy.

Always speak up if you feel something isn't right but at the same time don’t bitch. It gets you nowhere and ruins a good team. If you have a problem speak up! Don't bottle it up and become miserable.

Your captain and chief stew should always be supportive of you. But at the same time, you should always be respectful and mindful of them and the rest of the crew at all times. Respect the entire boat and other peoples working environments. If you want to work your way up the ranks you need to put in the hard yards and trust me it will pay off.

The yacht life isn’t for everyone but for the right person, it’s amazing.

A lot of people in the industry work hard for half a year, save up and spend the other half resting and enjoying a nice, long vacation wherever in the world they prefer. It's a great job for someone looking to be able to afford 6 months of travel just from 6 months of work!

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yacht sailing jobs no experience

ASA / American Sailing

  • Find A School
  • Certifications
  • North U Sail Trim
  • Inside Sailing with Peter Isler
  • Docking Made Easy
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ASA Sailing Schools in California

Directory of American Sailing Association sailing schools located in the state of California where you can take beginning to advanced sailing lessons.

California has been divided into the following regions

Northern California

Southern california, afterguard sailing academy oakland, northern california, (510) 535-1954

yacht sailing jobs no experience

San Francisco Bay is the best place in the world to learn to sail. We do not have make up – it is all here. So the place is fantastic as a general learning location. Our school has two locations to sail from. Oakland Estuary has wind from each of two shores year round plus is protected from the higher winds of weather and seasons. Smooth flat waters of a Riviera zone to start for all intro courses up through ASA-101. Then our classes venture out to the Central SF Bay. By mid ASA level we leave from Treasure Island …

More Information

Delta Sailing School Isleton, Northern California

(916) 966-1855

yacht sailing jobs no experience

Delta Sailing School offers classes and club membership in the beautiful, laid back, natural environment of the spectacular California Delta. With over 1,000 miles of waterway, we have lots of space for sailing and enjoying this peaceful gem that not too many people have discovered yet. We are convenient to Sacramento, the Foothills, the Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area. Learn to sail in steady winds and warm temperatures. Our instructors are enthusiastic and supportive, professional, experienced and fun. They love to teach sailing, and it shows! Our Basic Keelboat Class is limited to four students giving each person …

Modern Sailing School & Club Sausalito, Northern California

(415) 331-8250

Modern Sailing - ASA Certified Sailing School

Since 1983, Modern Sailing School & Club has been introducing people to sailing from our headquarters in Sausalito, California. Even if you have never set foot on a boat, we can teach you everything you need to know to build a strong foundation in this rewarding and life long sport.

Modern Sailing School & Club Berkeley, Northern California

Our East Bay location at the Berkeley Marina is situated at the end of “The Slot,” the center of action in San Francisco Bay’s famous wind patterns. Unique to our Berkeley location, our fleet of nimble and sporty J/24s and J/80s provide you with the option of taking your first courses on either the Sportboat or the Cruising Boat learning path.

Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club Monterey, Northern California

(831) 372-9686

yacht sailing jobs no experience

Pacific Sail Santa Cruz, Northern California

(831) 423-7245

yacht sailing jobs no experience

Pacific Yachting & Sailing is a premiere Sailing School located in Santa Cruz, California. We are one of the only schools in Northern California located on the Monterey Bay and Pacific Ocean. We also offer a fleet of 14 sailing yachts from 28-46 feet for Bareboat Charter, Instruction, Skippered Charters and Team Building Regattas. Our knowledgeable and supportive Captains will provide you with the education needed to experience the ultimate pleasure and respect for sailing on the Pacific Ocean and other locations, worldwide. All of our instructors are US Coast Guard licensed American Sailing Association (ASA) certification. They all have …

Sail Monterey Monterey, Northern California

(831) 372-7245

Sail Monterey, California ~ An ASA Certified Sailing School

Sail Monterey is the only full service sailing charter, sailing school, and rental business in Monterey. Learn to sail in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary! Our 8-12 knot prevailing winds from the Northwest make the Monterey Bay an ideal place to start your sailing adventure!

SailTime – San Francisco Emeryville, Northern California

(415) 869-2861

Hi! I am Captain Lisa of SailTime San Francisco Bay. Sailing has been my passion ever since I can remember back to when I was 7 years old on a Sunfish with my father and the family dog! I spent many years sailing catamarans before I got serious and started sailing bigger boats. Along the way I took classes, read, studied and did a lot of sailing. The excellent training I have received both with an instructor and with on water experience has made me the confident sailor that I am today. Never stop learning or sailing! I was a …

Spinnaker Sailing Redwood City, Northern California


Spinnaker Sailing, Redwood City - An ASA Certified Sailing School

Spinnaker Sailing in Redwood City is the perfect sailing club providing, sailing instruction and sailing activities for those living on the San Francisco Peninsula, South Bay and East Bay locations. Students who graduate from Spinnaker Sailing School not only received the internationally recognized certification from ASA but the confidence to sail anywhere in the world.

Spinnaker Sailing – San Francisco San Francisco, Northern California

(415) 543-7333

yacht sailing jobs no experience

Spinnaker Sailing has been in business for 35 years. and is located in one of the Best Marinas on the West Coast, South Beach Harbor. This location is perfect as the breeze is fresh, the water is flat and it’s only 3 minutes from the boats berth to our teaching grounds…no long channels.

Stillwater Yacht Club Pebble Beach, Northern California

(559) 917-0559

yacht sailing jobs no experience

Stillwater Yacht Club currently owns two Santana 22s, three FJs, Laser Picos, stand-up paddle boards and five Kayaks for our adult members to enjoy free of cost. Lessons are available by appointment at a nominal fee. Members may take the boats out on Carmel Bay upon demonstrating competent sailing skills. One Santana 22 is berthed in Monterey Harbor and use involves additional fees to offset slip expenses. Stillwater Yacht Club is a certified American Sailing Association school, qualifying sailors for a certificate in basic keelboat operation.

Tradewinds Sailing School & Club Richmond, Northern California

(510) 232-7999

yacht sailing jobs no experience

Tradewinds Sailing School has a program for sailors at any level who are serious about gaining the foundation knowledge of sailing and continuing on to become a competent sailor.

Aventura Sailing Academy Dana Point, Southern California

(949) 493-9493

yacht sailing jobs no experience

Aventura Sailing Academy is Dana Point Harbor’s Premier Sailing Club and Academy. For over 44 years we have been successfully teaching students, from the beginner to the advanced. We are a West Coast leader in producing well trained Sailors.

USCG Master Class 100T Captain Ric Dahlin (Director of  Academy) is also a Collegiate level sailing instructor, and as a professional educator, Aventura’s classroom and lectures have been providing “best in class” sailing instruction with top results. All of our Certified ASA instructors are friendly and dedicated to your sailing instruction. Aventura Academy’s classes are challenging, fun and engaging but most importantly highly effective.

Blue Pacific Yachting Marina del Rey, Southern California

(310) 305-7245

yacht sailing jobs no experience

Let Blue Pacific Yachting help you realize the joys of sailing. Learn to sail in a safe and supportive environment under the expert guidance of our certified instructors. Students gain hands-on experience and acquire the knowledge and confidence to sail aboard a modern, mid-sized, fully-equipped yacht.

Bluewater Sailing Marina del Rey, Southern California

(310) 823-5545

yacht sailing jobs no experience

Sailing lessons in Marina del Rey, the Pacific Ocean and beyond. In addition to our ASA courses, we offer year-round innovative sailing possibilities that are tons of fun with many opportunities to get out on the water and meet others in our vast community of sailors with all levels of experience. 

California Sailing Cooperative Marina del Rey, Southern California

(909) 861-5673

yacht sailing jobs no experience

California Sailing Cooperative (CSC), founded in 1994, is a non-profit club and school offering comprehensive sailing instruction, including ASA certifications, at an affordable cost on a well maintained Catalina 36. The teaching team, headed by Training Director Capt. Charlie Hentges, consisting of CSC’s ASA certified instructor/skippers and club mates, all of whom have completed at least 3 ASA courses. CSC earned the 2012 ASA “School of the Year” award.. CSC’s training philosophy permits members to work on their ASA certifications at their own comfort level, setting their own time table, thus combining expert instruction with at-sea experience. Every sail is …

Freeman Marine Institute Newport Beach, California

(916) 792-8478.

Freeman Marine Institute is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and helping students gain access to the amazing world of Sailing.

Harbor Sailboats San Diego, Southern California

(619) 291-9568

Harbor Sailboats, San Diego, CA ~ ASA Certified Sailing School

Harbor Sailboats is San Diego’s Premier Sailing Club, offering award winning instruction aboard Southern California’s most modern fleet of sailboats. Founded in 1969, Harbor Sailboats offers ASA sailing courses from Basic Keelboat to Advanced Coastal Cruising. In addition to offering the International Proficiency Certificate for European/Mediterranean chartering, Harbor Sailboats also offers learn to sail vacations. Spend the week aboard a luxurious sailing yacht while a certified instructor prepares you for a lifetime of confident sailing.

Learn to Sail San Diego San Diego, Southern California

(619) 316-6430

yacht sailing jobs no experience

We offer live aboard and learn to sail courses in beautiful San Diego. All of our classes are private, so only you and your friends or family will be on board our Beneteau 36s7.

Leo Robbins Community Sailing Center Ventura, Southern California

(805) 658-4746

yacht sailing jobs no experience

Quality instruction, award winning instructors, affordable pricing and scheduling.

Los Angeles Yacht Club San Pedro, Southern California

(310) 831-1203

Los Angeles Yacht Club (LAYC) - Certified ASA Sailing School

Offering beginning and advanced ASA certification courses, Los Angeles Yacht Club’s mission is to bring its sailing heritage and tradition to everyone. Our ASA certified instructors will teach you to sail our 22’ Capris safely and confidently over five, 4-hour lessons. Classes are offered Tuesday through Sunday in a group setting, with no more than three students per boat. Private and family lessons are also available.

Marina Sailing – Channel Islands Oxnard, Southern California

(805) 985-5219

yacht sailing jobs no experience

Marina Sailing is Southern California’s oldest and largest sailing charter and instruction company. Started in 1962, our six locations along the coast offer a wide range of boats from 22 to 50 feet, including monohulls, catamarans, and powerboats.

Marina Sailing – Long Beach Long Beach, Southern California

(562) 432-4672, marina sailing – marina del rey marina del rey, southern california, (310) 822-6617

yacht sailing jobs no experience

Marina Sailing – Newport Beach Newport Beach, Southern California

(949) 548-8900

yacht sailing jobs no experience

Marina Sailing – Redondo Beach Redondo Beach, Southern California

(310) 318-2772, marina sailing – san diego san diego, southern california, (619) 221-8286, naos yachts marina del rey, southern california, (310) 821-8446

Naos Yachts, CA

The Naos Yachts team consists of offshore, coastal and dinghy racers, as well as long distance cruisers. Our instructors are all ASA certified and we provide instruction on brand new Beneteau yachts and Lagoon catamarans.

Newport Beach Sailing School Newport Beach, Southern California

(949) 209-9931

yacht sailing jobs no experience

The Newport Beach Sailing School is unique in that we specialize in private and semi-private sailing instruction off the coast of Southern California. Our motto is ‘The best value in private sailing lessons.’ We are dedicated to providing highly personalized instruction, and the classes are scheduled according to your availability.

Redondo Beach Recreation Redondo Beach, Southern California

(310) 318-0610 ext. 3399, sail channel islands oxnard, southern california, (805) 750-7828

Sail Channel Islands

COASTAL CRUISING AND BAREBOAT TRAINING in Channel Islands NationalPark. That’s what I do. That and cruises for up to four people just for the fun of it. In terms of ASA qualifications, I only do private lessons – just you and your crew. And if your crew is a spouse who just needs a vacation, that’s fine, too.

San Luis Yacht Club Avila Beach, California

(805) 546-3132.

yacht sailing jobs no experience

Learn to sail in the San Luis Yacht Club flagship, the 30 ft. Bermuda sloop “Second Wind”, on beautiful Avila Bay, California. These classes bring participants, ages 16 and up, to ASA 101 (beginner level) standard. Classes cover basic sailing theory, parts of the boat, crew communications, tacking, jibing, sail trim, crew overboard recovery, safety and more. Fee includes a textbook and tests. Upon successful completion of class and passing the ASA 101 Exam, an additional $39 will be collected by the instructor for students wishing to get certified. The certificate is internationally recognized and can be used to help …

Santa Barbara Sailing Center Santa Barbara, Southern California

(805) 962-2826

The Santa Barbara Sailing Center offers award winning instruction in one of the finest training locations in the world. We average 10-15 knots of wind right outside The Santa Barbara Harbor for our ASA 101 & 103 courses. During our 104 & 106 courses, we average 20-25 knots of wind at The Channel Islands National Park and Marine Sanctuary. Training Vessels include Catalina 22’s, 28’s, 32’s, 36’s, 42’s & 50’s. All instructors all USCG licensed & ASA certified. We offer world renowned Corporate Regattas which emphasizes Team Building.

Seaforth Boat Rentals San Diego, Southern California

(888) 834-2628

At Seaforth Boater Education we offer sailing classes and lessons for every level of sailor, from beginner to advanced. If you are just starting out, we offer the Amercian Sailing Association’s Basic Keelboat Sailing course designed to teach the beginner the fundamentals of sailing. If you have been sailing for a while in the bays and are interested in getting more out of your sailing, take a look at our 3-Day or 4-Day ASA 103/104 Combo Class where you can learn more advanced coastal sailing techniques. All of our classes are designed to allow you to get the most out …

South Bay Sailing Redondo Beach, Southern California

(310) 937-3180

South Bay Sailing has been offering a wide range American Sailing Association Certification Courses, Charters, Rentals, Youth Lessons/Camps, Social Events and much more since 2005. Learn basic through advanced sailing skills or just enjoy the day on the water with a twist of performance aboard one of our J/80s or our Farr 40. And why not hold your next team building regatta on actual race boats! No matter what sailing option you choose, our ASA certified sailing instructors will have you on the open ocean minutes after your departure. South Bay Sailing has always prided itself in making sailing accessible …

West Coast Multihulls San Diego, Southern California

(619) 365-4326

yacht sailing jobs no experience

Catamarans and trimarans are not just another income stream for West Coast Multihulls, they are our passion. If your sailing goal is to become a proficient confident multihull sailor, we are the school for you. Our staff and Instructors have decades of multihull, training, sailing and live-aboard experience to draw from and share with you. We sail out of beautiful San Diego, CA with sailing classes offered year-round from the Sunroad Resort Marina. San Diego enjoys a comfortable, moderate climate with light to moderate winds throughout the year. We are the only catamaran and trimaran specialists in California. West Coast …


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Ship/Yacht Captain, Master, Skipper 100GT inland w/ assistance towing & auxiliary sailing endrsmnts.

Full time(seasonal/year round) in the maritime transportation industry. Working on board private yacht, small cruise ship, launch or water taxi/bus. Yacht deliveries and management.

Maritime experience: Ship Captain (volunteer) Alpengroup, Tahoe Divers Conservancy, Lake Tahoe,Ca. 2009 to present Carry out and complete tasks within legal requirements of USCG “T” boat outfitting. Ship handling, navigation, and operation of vessel under my command. Assist in crew training and management of passengers. Work closely with dive-master, divers and scientists on invasive species abatement. Engine and shipboard systems management & repairs. Responsible for making go or no-go decisions, getting underway, mooring, docking, anchoring and line handling and management of shore-side facilities under all weather conditions. Perform lookout duties making operational decisions based on vessel traffic, obstacles and obstructions, and weather regarding rules of the road and the safe operation and care for vessel crew and passengers. Carrying out vessel maintenance, improvements, modification and repairs.

Delivery skipper & 1st Mate. Ken Murray Yacht Services, San Francisco, Ca. 2004 to present Near coastal yacht deliveries along the North Pacific coast of both sail and power vessels. Coordination with new & previous owners, brokers & marine surveyors determining seaworthiness as well as transportation logistics. Developing trip plans, route development, and weather determination involved with vessel operational limits during operation. Working with the delivery captain during vessel operation. Line handling, watch keeping and ship handling in the safe operation of vessel under all weather conditions. Performing engine and/or sail evaluations before and during vessel operation. Assisting captain in all aspects of vessel operation.

Maritime experience continued; Assistant Captain & Delivery Skipper. Sea Scout ship Sea Eagle, Kevin Murray, skipper San Francisco, Ca. 2004 to present Training and education of Sea Scouts involved with sailing and power boats. Supervising Sea Scouts during docking, maneuvering, and underway operation of sail and power vessels Delivery of donated boats to scout dock or new owner under various ship & weather conditions. Instruction of sailing knowledge and ship handling skills both in the classroom and underway. Assisting chief captain in maintenance, supervisory and underway operations of scouts & vessel.

Search and rescue crew USCG Alameda. Ca., Chesapeake Bay, Va., San Francisco Bay, Ca. Search and rescue coxswain various stations along the west coast. 1980 to 1989 (both active and reserve status) Responding to people and vessels in distress monitoring vessel activity, protecting the marine environment under all weather conditions. Towing and assistance salvage of vessels in distress. Response and situational management of search and rescue missions under all conditions. Exceptional boat handling skills and abilities under very adverse situations and circumstances. Excellent people skills under very stressful conditions and situations.

Education and Certification: 2010 USCG Captains(master) License 100GT inland w/ towing and sailing endorsements Issued: 27-Jan-2010, National Maritime Center, Martinsburg, WV. 2008 USCG Captains license course & testing (near top of class) Maritime Institute, (South Lake Tahoe location), Ca. 100GT Near coastal W/towing & sailing Endrs. 1999 Union certified Journeyman Carpenter( Strong framing and general construction/handyman.) 1995 National registered Paramedic, M.E.T.S., Stockton, Ca (Testing in Battle Mountain, Nv.) 1994 California State and Sacramento Cnty. Paramedic, M.E.T.S., Stockton, Ca. ( Class Lodi, Ca.) 1991 California State and Sacramento Cnty. EMT-A, N.C.T.I., Sacramento, Ca.(Class Sacramento,Ca.) 1985 USCG Coxswains Certificate & Pin, USCG Tracen., Alameda, Ca. 1983 AS Degree Electro-mechanical Design/Drafting Engineering design Bay Valley Technical Institute, Santa Clara, Ca. 1981 USCG Boatswains Mate ”A” school completion (top of class)USCG Res. Tracen., Yorktown, Va. 1981 USCG Presidential Honor Guard, Presidential inauguration( President R. Reagan) USCG Res. Tracen., Yorktown, Va. 1981 Individual Sea Scout Honor Award, Ship 40 Palo Alto, Ca. 1980 USCG Assistant Battalion Commander, Battalion Athletic Dir., USCG Tracen., Alameda, Ca. 1979 Sea Scout Quartermaster medal, Ship 40 Palo Alto, Ca. 1979 Sea Scout Honor Unit Award, Ship 40 Palo Alto, Ca. 1981 Individual Sea Scout honor award, Ship 40 Palo Alto, Ca. 1979 High school diploma, Palo Alto Senior High School, Palo Alto, Ca.


please see education listing as certifications are listed there. Listed below are vessels operated.

References available upon request. Vessels Operated: **Please Note that all near costal time are 24 hr days.

Vessel type Vessel name Lngth./ Mdl. Tonnage Propulsion No. days oprtn.&area

M/V Captain Wrucke 63' AVR 35GT Twn.671 Cummins Dsl. 248/inland M/V Devilfish 43' Trwlr. 12.9GT Sngl.671 Detroit Dsl. 114/inland M/V USCG hrbr. Ptrl. 31' HPB 5.8GT Sngl.407 Detroit/Allison Dsl. 44/inland M/V USCG Surf Rescue 30' SRB 6.6GT Sngl.6U92I Cummins Dsl. 1/inland M/V USCG Motor Life Boat 44' MLB 13GT Twn. 6-V-53 GM Cummins Dsl. 6/ inland&Near coastal M/V USCG Utility tow Boat $1' UTB 15.6GT Twn. VT 903 Cummins Dsl. 215/Inland&Near coastal M/V Last Resort 41' Symbol 15GT Twn.28.2 Detroit/Allison Dsl. 9/Near coastal M/V Hunter 30' Hunter 8GT Sngl.English eng. Gas 1/inland M/V Why Knot 44' Symbol 20GT Twn.THM60C Volvo/Penta Dsl. 3/near coastal S/V Spirit of Ebb Tide 38' Hunter 13.5GT Aux Sail/Sngl. 40 hp Yanmar Dsl. 7/near coastal M/V Sea - Esta 42' Lien Hwa 15.9GT Twn.6BTA5.9M Cummins Dsl. 3/near coastal M/V Dadios Patio 48' Tiara 13.8GT Twn.6CTA8.5M2 Cummins Dsl. 1/near coastal S/V Santana 42' Baltic 22.1GT Aux.Sail/Sngl. 4.108 Perkins Dsl. 2/near coastal S/V Sinbad 30'Rawson 17.8GT Aux.Sail/Sngl.MD11D Volvo/Penta Dsl. 5/near coastal M/V Mistic blue 38' Marin Cheerman 19GT Twn.6D380 Ford/Lehman Dsl. 11/near coastal M/V Moorefun 42' Hi-star 25GT Twn.370HP Cummins 11/near coastal M/V Past Deadline 48' Comargue 34GT Twn.420HP Caterpillar Dsl. 4/near coastal M/V Pegasus 77' Viking 85GT Twn.1271BT Detroit Dsl. 2/near coastal M/V Festina-Lente 42' Grand Banks 26GT Twn.3208 Caterpillar Dsl. 2/near coastal M/V Victorious 42' Blue Water 22GT Twn.454 Ford Gas 1/near coastal S/V “unnamed” 49' Jenneau 25GT Aux.Sail/Sngl. Yanmar Dsl. 4/near coastal S/V Chance 39' Cal 18GT Aux.Sail/Sngl.4-108 Perkins Dsl. 2/near coastal M/V Papa Joe 42' Riviera 29GT Twn.484Hp Cummins CD Dsl. 8/near coastal M/V Hot Tomato II 48' Carver 42GT Twn.6-71-TC Detroit/Allison Dsl. 4/near coastal M/V Kateri Marie 63' Hatteras 30GT Twn.8V92TIG Detroit Dsl. 7/near coastal M/V Cape Romain 87'USCG coastal cutter 99GT (4) VT29M2 Cummins Dsl. 3/inland S/V Captain Wrucke 32' Pearson 9.2GT AuxSail/Sngl. 5Hp Yamaha Gas 139/Inland S/V Commadore Murray 45'Columbia 16GT Aux.Sail/Sngl.55hp Westerbeak Dsl. 44/inland S/V Huluia 27' Cal 5.9GT Aux.Sail/ 20hp Inbrd. Gas 5/inland M/V Blue Warrior 36' Uniflite 9.8GT Twn.440 Chrysler Gas 20/inland

Career achievements: 8+ yr. USCG veteran(W/ honorable discharge & medals) Search and rescue crew and coxswain in many operational areas and all weather conditions. 5 yr. Near coastal yacht delivery experience as 1st mate & captain. 5+ yr. Working with and educating sea scouts in maritime knowledge and ship handling skills 10+ yr. Demonstrated vessel handling skills & abilities, both sail and power vessels,in rough weather conditions. Recognized marine qualifications and skills, on board sail & power vessels, spanning 30 yrs. 1 yr. Charter and Research vessel captain on Lake Tahoe, Ca. Experienced and demonstrated knowledge of all ship board systems, mechanical, electrical, electronic. Superior mechanical and engineering background in all maritime systems. Excellent people skills & crew coordination abilities and passenger management aptitude. Exemplary demonstration of all navigational and cruise planning both delivery and charter. Supervisory experience of crew and passengers and ship board operations. Superior written and verbal communication skills in English. Good computer skills regarding ship records, navigation equipment, vessel correspondence (Mac & PC) Knowledge of medical situation management and emergency medical care at sea.

Honors and Recognition: Honorable Mention and Recognition, Alpengroup and Tahoe Divers Conservancy, Lake Tahoe, Ca. For volunteer captain involvement in the defense of Lake Tahoe against invasive marine species. Honorable recognition UC Davis Medical Center, Sacramento, Ca. For exceptional patient care and situation management in severe conditions and multiple victims. Honorable mention USCG, Station Yerba Buena Island, Ca. For response, above and beyond the call of duty involved with multiple search and rescue calls against all odds and under great adversity, in the rescue of all life and salvage of property. Recognized for education & involvement, USCG Res. Tracen., Yorktown, Va. Organizing and training of personnel involved in the presidential and base honor guard representing the USCG. Recognized for performance as Assistant Battallion Commander, Tracen., Alameda, Ca. During Basic training and as acting battalion athletic Director.

marine link image

My Crew Kit

Yacht Steward / Stewardess Jobs

The latest yacht stewardess and steward jobs on super yachts around the world:.

Refine your search to find junior stew , housekeeping stew , service stew , laundry stew & chief steward/stewardess specific vacancies or view all superyacht steward(ess) jobs below.

The latest yacht stewardess & steward jobs on superyachts around the world:

Refine your search to find junior stew , housekeeping , service , laundry & chief   steward/stewardess specific vacancies or view all superyacht steward(ess) jobs below.


We are searching for a 3rd stewardess to join a very prestigious program. This large sail yacht is one of a kind and it is run to impeccable standards. For the right fit this vessel will be a wonderful experience and a good challenge. With an exciting worldwide itinerary Med - Pacific 24/25, a fa...

Job Details:

Job ID: #7081 Job Type: Full Time Start Location: Spain Start Date: 13 May 2024 Qualifications (Essential): STCW Basic Safety Training 95 (2010), ENG1 (or equivalent Seafarer's Medical Certificate) Qualifications (Preferred): Stewardess Training, Silver Service, Wine Knowledge Training Languages: English Min Yachting Experience: 1-2 Years Gender Required: Female Smokers: No

Chief Steward/ess

Experienced Chief Stewardess role for a 35m MY, currently based in New Zealand.

This is a temporary role to cover a Fiji trip, May - September.

With an exciting upcoming itinerary of the Cook Islands, this is an ideal position for anyone wanting to be able to take full contr...

Job ID: #7080 Job Type: Temporary Start Location: New Zealand Start Date: 30 Apr 2024 Qualifications (Essential): STCW Basic Safety Training 95 (2010) Qualifications (Preferred): Wine Knowledge Training, Cocktail Training, Stewardess Training, WSET LEVEL 1 Languages: English Min Yachting Experience: 3-4 Years Gender Required: Female Smokers: No

Chef / Stewardess

34m new build high performance sailing yacht is looking for a stew/chef to join their team in the Caribbean.

Vessel has avid sailing owners and spends majority of her time under sail. The ideal candidate will have sailing yacht experience and a keen eye for detail to keep the boat in i...

Job ID: #7079 Job Type: Full Time Start Location: British Virgin Islands Start Date: Immediate Start Couples Job: Deckhand/Mate Qualifications (Essential): STCW Basic Safety Training 95 (2010) Essential Visas: B1B2 Languages: English Min Yachting Experience: 2-3 Years Gender Required: Female

2nd Stewardess 30m+ Private Motor Yacht

WIlsonhalligan are looking for an2nd Stewardesson a 30m+ busy private/charter We are looking for someone with at least 1 years experience and exposure to the 2nd Stewardess role. This is a seasonal position starting ASAP until the end of October. The ideal candidate will have great high end hospitality experience as the owner is in this line of work. Requirements: STCW ENG 1 Level 2 food and hygiene Package: Salary: DOE Start date: ASAP

Spa Therapist / Service Stewardess 90m+ Private Motor Yacht

Wilsonhalligan arelooking for a Spa Therapist/Service Stewardess to join an 90m+ Private Charter Motor Yacht. The ideal candidate will be confident in Spa beauty treatments and haveland based experiencein a professional Spa/beauty therapy environment. Due to the busy seasonahead, a minimum of 1 years experience is required.As well as this, they will have manicure and pedicure experience - Nail art and Acrylic is a plus. This is an opportunity to join a busy vessel with an interior team of 12. The vessel has a very busy summer season planned aheadjoining the crew in Barcelona,then heading to Cannes, St Tropez, Ibiza and Sardinia. Requirements:

STCW ENG1 B1/B2 Visa Beauty Qualification Level 3 Food & Hygiene Level II Spa Machine knowledge- Hydra Facials

Salary: 4750 - 5250 DOE Rotation: 3:1 Start: 1st of May Competitive Bonus and longevity incentive

Sole Stewardess 20m+ Private Charter Motor Yacht

WIlsonhalligan are looking for anSole Stewardesson a 27m new build private vessel. We are looking for someone with at least 2 seasons experience as a Sole Stewardess on a similar sized vessel. This is a seasonal position starting ASAP until the end of September, the yacht will cruising the Med this summer. Requirements: STCW ENG 1 Level 2 food and hygiene Package: Leave: 60 days pro rata. Salary: 3000-3500 euros DOE Start date: ASAP

Chief Stewardess 40m+ Private Motor Yacht

WIlsonhalligan are looking for anChief Stewardesson a 40m+ busy private/charter We are looking for a great Chief Stewardess who has experience on similar sized vessels and in the Chief Stewardess role. The vessel is going to be a busy single season charter yacht so charter experience is a must. You must be confident and comfortable implementing systems and procedures within the interior and be happy to conduct training for the interior team.

Requirements: STCW ENG 1 Level 2 food and hygiene Package: Salary: DOE Leave: 50 days per year Start date: ASAP

Spa Stewardess 85m+ Private Motor Yacht

Wilsonhalligan arelooking for a Spa Stewardess to join an 85m+ Private Motor Yacht. The ideal candidate will be confident in Facials, Nails and Massages and have at least 1 yearsyachting experience. This is an opportunity to join a lovely vessel which incredible crew longevity. The vessel has a very relaxed program and values taking care of the crew and giving them a good work - life balance. Requirements:

STCW ENG1 Food & Hygiene Level II B1/B2 Visa

Salary: DOE Position: Seasonal Start: ASAP

Senior Housekeeping Stewardess 140m+ Private Motor Yacht

WIlsonhalligan are looking for an Senior Housekeeping Stewardess to join a 100m+ private New Build. We are looking for someone with at least 2 years or more yachting experience and some good longevity on similar sized vessels. You will be supporting the HOH with a large housekeeping team so must have solid experience and knowledge within the housekeeping department. This vessel is a well established, prestigious new build preparing for a busy first summer season. Requirements: STCW ENG 1 Level 2 food and hygiene

Package: Salary: DOE Rotation 3:1 Start date: ASAP

2nd Stewardess

45 meter private/light charter yacht is looking for an experienced 2nd Stewardess. Candidates local to South Florida will have first preference. 3 in total on the interior. Truly lovely owners and a close knit crew, with team members from previous programs. The program is run to a very high standard, and there is a lot of crew training. Mostly private with the occasional charter. The owner does not want the yacht over worked, and he will also not be able to be onboard all that frequently. Once out of the yard, and after completing a shakedown cruise in the Bahamas, we are headed to the Pacific. Itinerary includes San Blas, Panama, Costa Rica, Cocos, and Galapagos before heading to French Polynesia by April of 2025. We are primarily a big game fishing operation with diving and surfing not far behind. Plans include working with Salary budget is a maximum of $5,500.00/mth and depends on experience. 6-weeks leave per year. Full medical. Discretionary 13th month bonus in December. Discretionary additional training leave and maritime courses fees paid back one year after completion. Full disclosure, all three stews share a large crew cabin with its own head and shower. The Chef, 2nd Mate, and Deck/Engineer share the next-door cabin. Point of contact is [email protected]

2:2 Rotational Chief Stewardess_66m Active Dual Season Private/Charter M/Y

Seeking an active and charter savvy Rotational Chief Stewardess for a dynamic dual season 66m program.

April 1st deadline to hire; ideally ASAP start for handover.

2:2 Rotation 6000 Euros/paid monthly All flights paid to and from the vessel on rotation

Active Med Season of owner usage and charters Short yard period in South FL Holiday owner usage and Caribbean charter season

B1/B2 in hand and join in South FL

Phenomenal crew dynamic on board and a wonderfully close knit interior team! Chief Stewardess is a mentor and supportive leader who brings out the best in her team and encourages advancement.

Longevity on board is exemplary for this reason and owners are extremely appreciative of the crew.

Point of contact: Sarah Parr Potential candidates will be registered onlinewith profile and supporting documents up to date, to be considered for this position. Additional inquiries and confirmations of interest may be emailed directly to [email protected]

Chief Stewardess 58m

58m/191ft Trinity-Cayman Flagged, Heavy Charter / Private --Med / Caribbean / Bahamas cruising

The vessel is currently in the shipyard in Florida but due to depart end of May for the Med 11 crew (Captain / Chef / 1st Officer / Chief Stew (purser) / Chief Engineer / 2nd Engineer / Bosun / Deckhand / 2nd , 3rd & 4th Stews)

Fantastic Owner and majority of the crew have of longevity Chef and Chief stew worked with boss 2013 for 8yrs / Chief Engineer 6yrs / 2nd Engineer 4yrs / Previous Captain 20+yrs Start Date: As soon as possible as current chief stew and chef need to handover before 1st May.

Chief Stew / Purser Salary: DOE $10,000 - $12,000 Leave: 38 days a year (but this can be negotiated to possible 60 days a year) One annual return repatriated flight Full Medical coverage All required certificates must be current Must have longevity / great references and charter experience as a chief stew (Definitely NOT a position for a second stew stepping up) Position is also a purser position which entails all Accounting including Charter Accounting Candidate must be great with: Time management (This is very important as interior only run with 4 total and breaks / rest are important) Extremely organized as this program is busy and chaotic at times Able to teach and train younger crew Strong on service and extensive wine and cocktail knowledge Strong computer and accounting skills but will be getting trained up on our accounting system. Good with guest communications

Chief Stewardess

45 meter private yacht is looking for a top-notch Chief Stew to join our world cruising program. Truly lovely owners and a close-knit crew, with team members from previous programs. The program is run to a very high standard, and there is a lot of crew training. Mostly private with the occasional charter. The owner does not want the yacht over worked, and he will also not be able to be onboard all that frequently. Once out of the yard, and after completing a shakedown cruise in the Bahamas, we are headed to the Pacific middle of next year. Itinerary includes San Blas, Panama, Costa Rica, Cocos, and Galapagos before heading to French Polynesia by April of 2025. We are primarily a big game fishing operation with diving and surfing not far behind. Plans include working with conservation, research, and aid groups. Salary budget is a maximum of $7,000/mth and depends on experience. 6-weeks leave per year. Full medica. Discretionary 13th month bonus in December Discretionary additional training leave and maritime courses fees paid back one year after completion. Point of contact is [email protected]

Stew/Deck – 28m Mangusta

Stew/Deck required 28M MY Privately owned yacht based out of Monaco Busy summers, lots of cruising Generally just the owner and his friends. Start date - Mid April Seasonal position I season experienceessential.

Please only apply if you are going to be in the SOF by mid April.

The point of contact for this position is [email protected]

Chief Stewardess- 41m- private/charter

We are looking for a personable, well presented Chief Stewardess for a private/charter 41, FF M/Y. Vessel is looking for someone with a fun, upbeat personality that can wow the guests and make them feel special.

Charter experience is preferred however, it could be someone that has worked on a very busy private vessel that can keep up the face pace.

Minimum of 5 years in the industry.

Vessel is new to the charter market and hopes to get rolling with charters as soon as possible. They have had several inquires for the summer and fall months.

Crew of 8 with 3 girls on the interior. Active, adventurous crew that are into watersports, diving, fishing and a beachy vibe. AMAZING US owners and family.

Vessel will base in the Bahamas and run back and forth to Fort Lauderdale as needed.

Start date~ Mid to late May. However, the vessel would like to lock someone in prior to this. Could be for someone that may be looking for a bit of a break in-between jobs and happy to wait a couple of months.

Salary~ $7000-8000, standard MLC contract, full medical, 1 R/T flight per year.

Point of contact is [email protected]

MUST BE AMERICAN OR GREEN CARD HOLDER Lighthouse Point 85' private yacht is looking for an experienced Stew/Deck. Must be familiar with lines and fenders and well as interior upkeep. this is a live-a-shore position except for trips which will be in the Bahamas, New England and surrounding areas. Starting salary is based on experience. Point of contact is [email protected]

Chief Stew position 60m Private and Charter Dual season 7000Eur 60 days leave 5 in interior

Point of contact [email protected]

TEAM Deckhand & Stewardess – 52m Private

TEAM ONLY- DECKHAND AND STEWARDESS/Galley assistant Looking to fill the below team positions for a beautiful, private 52 m, FF vessel.

Great crew and owners. Caribbean/MED for the summer 2024

Face to face interviews happening in South Florida now.

Deckhand - (To start May 1st or thereabouts) 1 - 2 seasons experience preferred, but also willing to train green crew who have some daywork experience and a great attitude. Strongly prefer someone who has boating experience, even if it is not in the yachting industry. Experience commercial fishing or sailing dinghies or really anything boating related. Fishing / diving / tender driving skills would be a HUGE plus.

Stewardess / Galley Assistant It is a split role with about 70% of the time in the interior and 30% in the galley. Could be a great fit for a stewardess who has an interest in cooking and would like to get some experience in the galley and learn from two amazing rotational head chefs. When on Interior the role includes almost exclusively housekeeping, laundry and crew mess duties and we would like someone experienced in theses areas and happy with this rotation.

B1/B2 in hand (Schengen if applicable) , ENG1, STCW

Salary~ At the higher end of industry standards- DOE Start ~ Immediate for the Stewardess, Early May for the Deckhand Full medical, Standard MLC contract with 38 days leave

Experienced Charter Chief Stewardess position available for a Busy Private/Charter 50meter M/Y

Seeking an energetic and experienced Chief Stewardess to join a busy and established program with excellent longevity and healthy crew environment. ONLY CONSIDERING CANDIDATES WITH A US PASSPORT OR GREEN CARD

Start: Immediately Location: South Florida-Chartering in New England, Bahamas, Caribbean with possible Med Season Package: $8,000-$8,500, 90 Day probation with re-assessment after probational period

Skills: Minimum 2 years' experience as a Chief Stewardess on 45m + M/Y or S/Y Excellent leadership and communication skills APA experience preferred Charter experience Essential Professional appearance

Qualifications: STCW(Fully Updated)with PDSD Seafarer's Medical Certificate Food Safety and Hygiene L2 US Passport or Green Carders may only apply

Females only due to cabin arrangements

Point of contact: Sharryn Matte [email protected]

Second Stewardess- busy 50m charter program

Seeking a fit, well-presented, experienced 2nd Stewardess for a fast-paced 50m charter vessel. The ideal candidate will have 2+ years solid experience in the industry with additional time in the service industry. Must be confident leading lunch service with 3rd Stewardess.

Charter experience would be preferred. Prior experience working in a fast-paced program is also preferred.

Interior team of 4. Active, healthy, sporty crew international of 11.

AMAZING owners that look after their crew very well.

Multiple charters booked for the summer season.

B1/B2 visa, STCW, ENG1, Food & Hygiene

Start~ May 5th South Florida Salary~ $ 4500pm. 1 R/T flight per year, 38-40 days leave per year, full medical benefits.

Yacht Stewardess Pouring Wine

How to obtain a superyacht steward/stewardess job:

Are you new to the superyachting industry? Find out all you need to know about how to find a steward(ess) job on a yacht or superyacht.

Become a superyacht steward/stewardess

Image of person pouring wine during stewardess training

What does a steward/stewardess job entail?

The role of a steward/stewardess varies depending on the size of the yacht as well as the structure of the interior department.

Find out more about the structure of the steward/stewardess department

Super yacht stewardess serving guests at training school

Complete the correct training to acquire a job as a yacht steward/stewardess

Certain yacht steward(ess) training courses are essential for you to qualify for a yacht steward(ess). Obtaining the correct certification can help you stand out in a competitive job market.

Find out more about yacht steward & stewardess training

Fi nd a Steward(ess) job with no experience:

If you are looking for your first job as a yacht steward or stewardess, we advise you to search for junior stew jobs and ensure that you have created a professional yacht cv , to help you stand out from other yacht crew.

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