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allures yachting occasion

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Allures 45.9

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Allures 45.9

  • Katy Stickland
  • December 3, 2018

The Allures 45 was already a good boat, so has the Allures 45.9 taken it to the next level? Graham Snook tests this unique boat to find out

Allures 45.9 on the water

Credit Graham Snook

Product Overview

  • Aluminium hull
  • Versatile layout
  • Centreboard
  • Mainsheet far 
from the helm
  • Two hands needed for galley lockers
  • Reduced galley stowage


With a glut of mid-40ft yachts 
being launched this year, there’s something for everyone – as 
long as you want and can afford a 40-something foot yacht of course. If you’re after a go-anywhere cruiser the Allures 45.9 firmly ticks that box, but just because she can sail across oceans it doesn’t mean she’s any less of a coastal cruiser.

The raw battleship-grey aluminium hull, might not be to everyone’s taste, but it’s insanely practical; it won’t crack or craze, it doesn’t fade or need polishing, and in ten years it will pretty much look the same, save for a few more scuffs and scrapes.

I don’t have anything against fixed deep keels, but there are times when I wish they weren’t so deep or so fixed. The centreboard makes 
a host of harbours more accessible to this boat than to many smaller yachts. She’s also a comfortable yacht to live on board. What’s not to love about her? Surprisingly little, actually…


In lighter conditions she won’t win many prizes 
for speed and agility without extra sails, but as comfortable cruisers go, she’s great. We set full mainsail and genoa and as the breeze increased 
she came into her own.

She has a long skeg, which protects the saildrive 
while also giving her good directional stability. 
Her centreboard can reduce her a draught from 
3.0m to just 1.0m, but with the board fully down she 
still wasn’t particularly high-winded, feeling most comfortable around 36-38° off the wind close hauled.

Allures 45.9

The technical space will have bluewater sailors drooling with envy. Credit: Graham Snook

On a fetch she makes good speed, and as the wind increased to 15-18 knots AWS she was soon charging along in excess of 7 knots.

Below deck, where one usually hears the water rushing past the hull, there was nothing – an almost deathly quiet, thanks to the insulation. I didn’t try, but I predict I’d be able to sleep with ease on passage.


The cockpit is made from body-friendly GRP with rounded corners and comfortable seating. The high coamings, forward, along with the sprayhood, make forward a well-protected space.

Sheet winches are inboard of the twin wheels – but not quite far enough to give a good clearance between winch handle and wheel; there is clearance but 
I’d have liked a bit more.

Aft of the helm is a large aluminium gantry that can be used as a davit as well as for housing all the cruising gadgetry a tech-savvy sailor requires.

Winches on the Allures 45.9 deck with red and yellow lines

Winches inboard of the wheels are a nice feature. Credit: Graham Snook

Either side of the bathing platform are large wet lockers that drain overboard; the locker to starboard houses the gas bottle but still has loads of room. Under the helm seats are lazarette lockers – the starboard one can easily hold an outboard 
motor vertically.

Handholds on deck are excellent and run outboard of the sprayhood along the coachroof. On this boat the owner has sensibly opted for granny bars, providing extra security when working at the mast.

The substantial bowsprit has a single built-in bow roller, but there is no provision for a second. This boat had two bow mooring cleats each side and the forward set could be used for taking a line from a mooring.

Storage space on the Allures 45.9

There’s plenty of storage for tools and spares in the technical space. Credit: Graham Snook

The chain locker has a windlass below the deck, abaft is vast sail locker. Substantial horizontal aluminium tubing partitions off one side of this watertight locker. They are the perfect place to tie lines and use like a ladder to get down into the 1.68 (5ft 6in) deep space.

In the cockpit there’s a sole-depth locker to starboard, while to port is a hatch 
to allow access into the technical space.


The sole of the helm is dished to make standing comfortable at all but extreme angles of heel.

feel in the helm isn’t as precise as some, but it’s smooth and has a reasonable weight to it.

A man in a red tshirt helming the new Allures 45.9

Sheet winches are led aft, within easy reach of the helm. Credit: Graham Snook

Both staysail and genoa sheets come back to the winches mounted at coaming height inboard – this makes winching more comfortable allowing the user to get their body over the winch without leaving the safety of the cockpit.

The mainsheet goes to the starboard coachroof winch, well out of reach of the helm.


She has a rounded aluminium hull that is welded onto frames and stringers, making a strong monocoque structure.

The aluminium deck stops 
at a wide flange inboard of the gunwale and the GRP foam-cored deck goes to the toerail. It’s GRP for comfort as well as to reduce weight higher up.

Allures 45.9

The deck is GRP for lightness and comfort. Credit: Graham Snook

She is available with a ballasted lifting keel that can’t dry out or, as in the version tested, with a centreboard that can. She has twin rudders, but unlike many twin-ruddered yachts the saildrive is set well forward so there is some wash over the rudders.

The level of finish was generally good, although there were a couple of small finishing details where 
a bit more care could have been beneficial.


This yacht had a slutter/Solent rig, with a large genoa forward and a smaller inner staysail – useful when cross tacking or with winds over 18 knots TWS, though the mast requires extra support from running backstays while it’s in use.

The genoa can be tacked without furling, but to make the operation smooth it needed someone on the foredeck.

With fewer crew, furling most of it before tacking is the better option.

The fixed bowsprit can take a code zero or furling asymmetric to increase the off-wind sail area.


It might only be seven years on from her predecessor (the Allures 45), but styling and the look of modern materials has leapt forward in that time.

The lines 
are cleaner, the ‘Zen’ option of oak is lighter and the windows feel bigger. This all adds up to make her bright and contemporary, while still retaining traditional values like a practical living space with plenty of useful handholds.

Seating on the Allures 45.9

Angled ends make the bench seats into comfortable chaises longues. Credit: Graham Snook

The layout sees the saloon offset to starboard with L-shaped seating outboard and a long island unit over the centreboard housing.

At the aft end of both bench seats the backrest is angled aft, making a relaxing, reclined chaise longue. This aspect of the 1.47m (4ft 10in) central seat makes it ideal for conversing with the cook who’d otherwise have their back to the saloon.

The saloon table is long, perhaps a little 
too long, as it restricts entry to the seating (just 22cm/9in to squeeze through the aft gap). The table lowers and can be covered with cushions to make a day berth. There’s good stowage under the seats, but less outboard due to the hull’s foam insulation.

The saloon of the Allures 45.9

A raised saloon hides the centreboard casing and gives those seated a better view. Credit: Graham Snook

It’s a step down from the saloon to the galley and then forward into the forecabin. An ensuite heads is an option, as is a shower for the compartment too. On this boat, however, the aft area of the forecabin has space, large lockers and an aft facing vanity unit with more handy stowage in it.

The berth is wide at 1.6m (5ft 3in); it’s not quite an island berth, but it’s not full width either so lee cloths would be needed. It’s wide enough at its forward end to sleep with your head forward and there are reading lights and switches for the cabin lights forward.

There’s drawer stowage at the aft end of the berth, just above floor level, and more stowage above them. A glance at the hull windows gives some idea of the hull thickness between the hull sides inboard and the skin of the hull.

The aluminium frames are around 12cm (5in) deep and the windows are recessed 7cm (3in) inboard and 4cm (2in) from the hull – so they’re well protected from fenders scuffing them.

The master cabin on the Allures 45.9

The master cabin has a large double berth. Credit: Graham Snook

Around the boat many handholds are covered in dark grey leather. The only handles that aren’t is the full-height grab handle on the bulkhead aft of the galley and the nearby stainless-steel pole at the aft end of the saloon. Not only is this great for safety, 
it also conceals the lines to raise the centreboard.

The aft cabin to starboard offers plenty of space with hull windows and a long rectangular berth. There is an option for the technical space on the 
port side to be a double berth, too.
The heads is by the companionway to port, and 
the forward end is taken up by the separate shower compartment that has a decent-sized wet locker 
– to stop its contents getting even wetter there’s a 
roll-down curtain.


The chart table has both forward and aft facing seating and is raised up to take advantage of the large coachroof windows. It’s a nice area and gives the owner another usable space, whether it’s as a dinette, a games table or for navigation.

There are open trays both inboard and outboard. The handhold at the inboard end is good, but it also gives an escape route to items on the chart table – especially if using a paper chart; there are no fiddles to keep it in place.

Chart table on the Allures 45.9

Seats on both sides of the chart table make it a more flexible space. Credit: Graham Snook

There are, however, angled supports to help keep the occupants in place and give good handholds, but they are made from rectangular tube with angled corners that I wasn’t wholly in favour of.

Chart stowage is lacking, but this boat’s owner has employed the top of the forward cabin’s hanging locker for this purpose.

It’s a step down to the linear galley, increasing headroom to 2.10m (6ft 11in) and giving a feeling 
of security, helped by the high back of the island seat that has grab handles running along its length.

The space between this and the high-fiddled Corian-topped work surface is wide enough for two people to pass without feeling intimate or awkward.

Outboard are bottom-hinged lockers – these doors are wide and have two clips on each, meaning two hands are needed to open any of them. Again because of the insulated hull, the lockers aren’t as deep as you’d expect.

The chart table and saloon down below on the Allures 45.9

It is nice to have separate areas within the saloon. Credit: Graham Snook

Neither are the drawers under the saloon seat – the centreboard case is the culprit this time. A bit more stowage would have been nice but beneath the sole is tankage.

Forward is the sink and a handy removable lid 
to access the bin. Aft are the two Vitrifrigo drawer fridge/freezers. In the cupboards under the worksurface you’ll find storage for plastic crates that can be lifted up to slide out or be removed.


One of the stand-out areas of the Allures is the technical space, accessed via the heads. It will have bluewater sailors drooling with envy.

Technical space on the Allures 45.9

A generous technical space can also double up as an extra berth. Credit: Graham Snook

Here you’ll find a neatly fitted out area that can house an extra berth if required.

There’s access and light via a hatch that opens into the cockpit. Beneath the bench are more plastic crates held in place by removable restraining bars.

Aft of the engine is room for a generator and the space to service it.

Access to the switch panel and the wiring is from the aft cabin. Open what looks like a cupboard and it’s all neatly laid out in front of you.

Getting a close look at the engine poses no major problems either, as long as you don’t object to unscrewing panels to have access to less frequently used filters and fittings.


I’d love to own an Allures 45.9 – it gives me all I want 
in a cruising yacht and so much more. She feels indestructible on the water and, with some extra canvas to increase her sail area for light wind days, she’ll heel and go – whatever the weather.

She might not be the most responsive boat to helm, but when she’s going you feel like nothing is going to get in her way.

I don’t care that she’s got a bare aluminium hull. 
In fact, it requires just the amount of upkeep I have time for – absolutely none!

Just the sight of her approaching will scare most GRP boat owners into action looking for extra fenders.

Allures 45.9

She has layout options to satisfy a couple or a family. Credit: Graham Snook

The accommodation is spacious, comfortable and versatile; there is room to do maintenance and running repairs, relax, be social or hide away.

I covet the thought of making a morning coffee, sitting at the chart table and looking out across some remote drying anchorage.


If you’re looking for a serious cruiser, capable of coastal, offshore and bluewater sailing, the Allures 45.9 should 
be on your short list.

She has layout options to satisfy a couple or a family and can easily be sailed short-handed over long distances. Add to that the ability to dry out or navigate 
in just over a metre of water and you have a formidable package; even without all the advantages an aluminium hull brings to the table.

With the GRP deck, aluminium round-bilge and centreboard, she’s unique – no other manufacturer offers all of these features on one boat.

Like most yachts, she could benefit from a few small tweaks here and there (which any owner would have their own views on) but Allures can adapt to and incorporate your ideas.

As she is, she’s replaced the Allures 45 on my five-boat-list of yachts to dream of sailing round the world on, but having just worked out 
how many more years I’ll have to test boats for, sadly 
I won’t be casting off in her any time soon!


Price as tested: £476,870 LOA: 14.75m (48ft 5in) Hull Length: 
14.60m (47ft 11in) LWL: 13.70m 
(44ft 11in) Beam: 4.43m 
(14ft 6in) Draught: 
1.06m – 2.90m 
(3ft 6in – 9ft 6in) Displacement: 12,600kg (27,778 lb) Ballast: 
4,780kg (10,538 lb) Ballast ratio: 37.9% Displacement: 136.7 Sail area: 100m2 (1,076sq ft) SA/D ratio: 18.8 Diesel: 
625 litres (137 gal) Water: 
420 litres (92 gal) Engine: 60hp Transmission: Saildrive RCD category: A Designer: 
Berret- Racoupeau Yacht Design Builder: 
Allures Yachting UK Agent: Williams 
& Smithells Ltd Tel 01329 827053 Website:

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Allures 45.9

Please contact a dealer for price

Allures 45.9

  • Description

General information

Accommodation, allures 45.9 offers even more comfort, easy sailing with a small crew and better performance,all while ensuring the utmost safety..

This new model is avalable in centerboard version for low draught, which enables beaching in total autonomy.

Besides the centerboard version- a shipyard speciality- Allures 45.9 is also available in a lift keel version, ideal for those who prefer the performance of a lighter sailboat.

Always so different

Although Allures 45.9 is a novelty, it is still first and foremost an Allures, with all its distinctives features. As our owners are demanding seafarers, we offer them the safest means to realise their dreams.

Composite deck

The aluminium hull and composite deck construction has long represented the perfect combination in the luxury yacht industry. Developing this technology for yatching provides Allures Yachting customers with the best of both worlds.

Attractive, ergonomic, pratical, lightweight, insulated... if we hadn't been building it since 2003, it would have to be invented!

Aluminium Hull

Allures hulls have always been aluminium, a material of unparalleled resistance for safe sailing. The Berret- Racoupeau Yacht Design combines elegant lines and performance. Finally, the unique know-how of the Groupe Grand Large Yachting offers world-class workmanship and unmatched finishing quality. The minimalist draught and the possibility of beaching enable you to access the most inaccessible anchorages, often the safest.

Spaciousness, ideal accessibility, high capacity tanks and host of details to make your daily life at sea a breeze. An Allures yacht takes you far, for a long time, in total autonomy... and back home!

Two versions for the same passion

Allures Yachting doubles its offering and widens the range of possibilities for its best-selling yacht. Performance and low draught have always been in the DNA of each model created by Allures.

The new lifting keel version available today along with the legendary centreboard version offers an additional variation on the same theme. As safety is paramount for our customers, the stability of both versions is rigorously identical. With identical sail surface and mast height, the lifting keel version features a 2280 kg lighter ballast, when centreboard allows it to beach in total autonomy.

Constantly aiming for excellence...

With its centred winches on the cokpit, positioned at ideal height, the ergonomic cockpit allows easier and safer manoeuvring, perfect for sailing with a small crew. The entirely composite deck ensures better weight distribution, thereby optimising performance and seafaring experience.

Key elemens of blue water yachts, favoured by our seafaring customers are the standard spacious forward sail locker forming the crash box and technical room at the back. Accessible from the interior and from the deck through a watertight hatch, the technical room comes equipped with a standard number of storage cupboards.

Constantly aiming for perfection, the smallest details receive just a much attention:

- Large capacity water and fuel tanks,

- Aluminium sea-cocks below and above the waterline

- Technical locker between the two cabins suitable to accomodate a power generator + a washing machine,

- Ample storage space in the skirt - 13 kg gas bottle compartment and fender compartment,

- Aft compartment for outbord motor,

- Large access hatch to sail locker.

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  19. Moscow Oblast

    Moscow Oblast ( Russian: Моско́вская о́бласть, Moskovskaya oblast) is a federal subject of Russia. It is located in western Russia, and it completely surrounds Moscow. The oblast has no capital, and oblast officials reside in Moscow or in other cities within the oblast. [1] As of 2015, the oblast has a population of 7,231,068 ...

  20. Geographic coordinates of Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast, Russia

    Geographic coordinates of Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast, Russia in WGS 84 coordinate system which is a standard in cartography, geodesy, and navigation, including Global Positioning System (GPS). Latitude of Elektrostal, longitude of Elektrostal, elevation above sea level of Elektrostal.

  21. Elektrostal

    Elektrostal. Elektrostal ( Russian: Электроста́ль) is a city in Moscow Oblast, Russia. It is 58 kilometers (36 mi) east of Moscow. As of 2010, 155,196 people lived there.

  22. You & Us

    Allures Yachting, a long tradition of exchange and listening we welcome you in a shipyard on a human scale.

  23. Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast, Russia

    Elektrostal Geography. Geographic Information regarding City of Elektrostal. Elektrostal Geographical coordinates. Latitude: 55.8, Longitude: 38.45. 55° 48′ 0″ North, 38° 27′ 0″ East. Elektrostal Area. 4,951 hectares. 49.51 km² (19.12 sq mi) Elektrostal Altitude.