How to Get a Job on A Superyacht

Easily get access to the

Superyacht industry, stand a chance to unlock opportunities like never before with our revolutionary online e-learning programme., create for yourself a solid foundation for a professional career in the superyacht industry.

The E-learning programme is designed to give you in-depth knowledge of the entire operations of each department on a yacht. Knowing precisely what it takes to run a vessel will give you the foundation to become an industry leader and enjoy a successful long-term career.

Complete the online E-Learning courses and be awarded one of 3 guaranteed opportunities that will help you kickstart a successful career in the superyacht industry.

Our online learning community of theory-based classes are for career-orientated learners who are serious about a career in the superyacht industry. The programme covers Deck, Interior, Sailing, Safety, Engineering, Contracts, and many more subjects.

"Training without competence evaluation is just information and an exercise in futility; if the student has not learnt, the teacher has not taught. Only through vigilant skills and knowledge testing is true development of people taking place."

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These are ONLINE courses and tests viewable in your browser window.

Once-off Payment

All Courses Below Are Included In This Package

Get Instant Access To All Of These Online Courses And Tests And Earn The Opportunity To Be Selected For A Position In The Superyacht Training Academy Apprenticeship Program, WHICH IS A Fully FUNDED Marine Apprentice Scholarship.

Superyacht Sailing Online Course

Sailing Course

Superyacht Safety Online Course

Safety Course

Superyacht Deckhand Online Course

Deck Course

Superyacht Interior Online Course

Interior Course

Superyacht Service Online Course

Service Course

superyacht training academy reviews

Contractual Obligations

Superyacht Reference Material Online Course

Reference Material

  • 156+ lessons across 6 modules
  • 12 months unlimited access
  • Completion certificate
  • Bonus reference material
  • Direct enrolment in an Apprenticeship
  • Stream anytime, anywhere
  • Self-paced, online training
  • Test your knowledge across all departments
  • Get a step ahead of your peers
  • No Risk - Limitless access to each module before completing the final course exam

By putting effort into these courses, you can be awarded the possibility of being selected to partake in a 3-year fully funded apprenticeship with a salary or be chosen for a fully sponsored education programme through Super Yacht Training Academy and be promoted by crew agents globally!

Successfully complete the E-Learning programme with a high aptitude score and get:

Opportunity 1, fully paid 3-year superyacht apprenticeship valued at over $118,000 (approx. zar 2, 124, 000).

Fast track a career in the Superyacht Industry which will put your education and financial status decades ahead of your peers. Get the certificates and the required sea miles, open water sailing and guest services experience while being in a position of command and control; and all the while you are earning a salary.

The crew member will earn the following qualifications during the 3-year apprenticeship:

  • Food Safety & Hygiene Level 2 Course for Catering
  • IYT Superyacht Hospitality Certificate
  • PADI Open Water Diver Certificate
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Certificate
  • PADI Rescue Diver Certificate
  • Short Range Certificate VHF Radio Operator
  • IYT Power Boat Level 2
  • IYT Personal Water Craft (Jetski) Operator
  • Transport Malta Approved Engine Course 1
  • Transport Malta Approved Engine Course 2
  • IYT Master of Yacht Limited Certificate
  • IYT Master of Yacht Unlimited Certificate
  • Transport Malta Efficient Deckhand (EDH)
  • Certificate of Competency in Safety
  • Certificate of Competency in Service & Galley
  • Certificate of Competency in Sailing, Navigation, Spars & Rigging
  • Certificate of Competency in Deck & Interior
  • Certificate of Competency in Engineering
  • Certificate of Competency in Guest Service

Opportunity 2

Fully funded starter education programme up to the value of $3980 (approx. zar 71, 500).

4-Week Starter Education Programme at Superyacht Training Academy - South Africa.

A fully funded sponsorship to equip you with the practical knowledge and skills needed to start your successful career in the superyacht industry in one of 3 disciplines of your choice:

  • Superyacht Deckhand Course
  • RYA Day Skipper Theory
  • RYA Powerboat Level II
  • RYA Personal Watercraft
  • RYA Diesel Engine
  • Steward/Stewardess Course
  • Level II Food Safety
  • SYCA Intro Chef Course
  • SYCA Chef Course

Opportunity 3

Crew agent service.

A dedicated crew agent will contact and work with you to promote you in the industry, giving you access to career opportunities that new entrants could only dream of when entering the industry because of the results that you achieve on this e-learning system.

The More You Grow - The More You Earn

Start your journey to unlock the superyacht industry's financial benefits today.

Complete the online E-Learning courses and be awarded one of 3 guaranteed opportunities that can help you kickstart a successful career in the superyacht industry.

What to expect financially as you grow your career at sea:

Yacht Length

Feeling independent.

Not sure about starting a long-term career on superyachts, and a fully managed career in the industry through us is not what you are looking for.

Access the world’s most comprehensive and succinct career guidance tool, and find out what to do, when, and where to do it at your own pace

How to get started

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Online certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you do the online eLearning and achieve the Fully paid 3-year Superyacht Apprenticeship: all qualifications are internationally recognised.
  • If you do the online eLearning and achieve the Fully funded Starter Education Programme: all qualifications are internationally recognised.
  • If you do the online eLearning and achieve the Crew Agent Service: all the crew agents we promote you to are international and specialise in placing crew on yachts around the world.
  • You get selected for the 3-year apprenticeship program with guaranteed employment and a salary.
  • You get selected for the sponsorship programme. Once completed, the crew agent will assist you in finding a job.
  • STCW (Basic Safety Training)
  • ENG1 (Medical Fitness Certificate)

3-year Apprenticeship Programme

Sponsored learning programme.

  • The crew agent will assist you with getting your career started.
  • Provide you with information regarding further training at preferred training providers based on your preferred location.
  • Assist with your CV.
  • Guide you to ensure you have all the correct documents/certificates and training to start a successful career.
  • Online Courses
  • Useful Info

Australia's Leading Superyacht Training Provider

International qualifications.

superyacht training academy reviews

Our IYT & MCA recognised courses qualify you to work on amazing Superyachts in the best destinations around the world. Work, travel and imagine yourself in the most beautiful locations on the planet.

superyacht training academy reviews

Australian & NSW Government Subsidised Qualifications

superyacht training academy reviews

Our AMSA recognised courses allow you to work in Australia's beautiful waterways and oceans aboard Superyachts and other vessels. The training covers the required operational and safety competencies to see you into your next exciting chapter or a career move.

superyacht training academy reviews

Short Courses

superyacht training academy reviews

Our various short courses give extra skills to those who are wanting to add to their development and employment opportunities. It's easy to build your knowledge in a convenient and affordable way.

superyacht training academy reviews


The Superyacht Crew Academy is Australia’s leading training provider, we deliver both International and Australian qualifications for the Superyacht & Maritime industries.

superyacht training academy reviews

Superyacht Crew Academy is a registered training organisation and industry leader, offering fully accredited courses to enable your qualifications to take you anywhere you want to go. Both International and Australian recognised competencies will place you into your dream of working on a Superyacht or in the Maritime industry across a range of roles and skills. Our courses are packaged with the required mandatory safety standards and you can add on extra skills.  We are here to help you and guide your course selection, so don’t wait, connect with us.

We also operate as Sydney Maritime Institute which is a division of the Superyacht Crew Academy to provide training courses for people wishing to work on Australian Commercial vessels.

Our Most Popular Courses

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STCW 95+10 Training and Certification All yacht crew are required to have the International STCW 95 as amended by Manila Ammendments 2010 certificate (STCW 95+1...

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Superyacht Deckhand Package

Superyacht Deckhand – Package Course MCA Internationally recognised training to become a superyacht deckhand. This IYT Deckhand Training Course is a quali...

Superyacht Interior Crew Package

Superyacht Interior Crew – Package Course Internationally recognised training to become a professional superyacht steward/ess. The Superyacht Crew Academy...

What Our Students Say

“I have been on a Superyacht for six months and I absolutely love it! The crew is great and the owners are wonderful. We left Florida two weeks ago and we are on a three month trip over to California! We made a stop in Cuba and the owners invited all of the crew to go on day trips with the guests to sight see! Now we are in the Cayman Islands. From here we head through the Panama Canal and then we go to Panama City, Papagallo Peninsula Costa Rica then Cabo San Lucas, before we end up to Southern California. This is such a great experience for me. I do stewardess work, cook for crew and guests, handle lines when docking and leaving as well as watch shifts while we’re underway. I just wanted to say thanks again for all the valuable training I received in my classes! Thank you!”

Jessica Benway – Stewardess

“I am so excited!!! I went for my first interview yesterday afternoon at an agency and got a call from them later on advising that they’d put me forward for a 2nd stewardess position and to expect a call from the captain. He rang this morning and we met at Starbucks and… they are flying me up on Friday! It’s happened so fast, but it felt right. The yacht is currently in Norfolk, Virginia and we will be heading out very soon to spend the season in New England. The captain was really laid back and very forthcoming. Apparently the yacht is privately owned by a wealthy guy (obviously) and isn’t chartered out very often. Mostly they do cocktail parties. He thinks we will be in the Mediterranean next year although he is waiting on confirmation from the owner. The pace on the yacht seems very relaxed. It will be a great place for me to learn as much as possible. I am so keen to get started. Thank you!”

Carlie – Stewardess

“Everything is going GREAT for me over here! We have travelled from Fort Lauderdale all the way along the East Coast up to Labrador, Canada over 4000 miles so far. My roster is split so I spend the first part of the day as a deckhand and the second part of the day as the second stewardess onboard a 154 foot SuperYacht. The owners are fantastic. I really enjoyed the interior crew course and feel so much more prepared for my stewardess role.”

Katie Ford – Stewardess and Deckhand

“I was totally impressed by the STCW training I received at the Superyacht Crew Academy. The instructors were excellent, the equipment top notch, and I truly feel confident that I would perform well in the case of an emergency aboard ship. Thank you Chris and Deb for being so helpful to me. As a foreign student coming to Australia for this training, your kindness was extra meaningful. I am now a Superyacht Agent in Noumea and spend a lot of time aboard superyachts. Even though I am not a member of the crews, my STCW training is right there in the back of my mind just in case there was an emergency; especially when refuelling, helping resupply the medical equipment or moving heavy equipment on and off the superyachts.”

Chloe Morin – Super yacht Agent Noumea Ocean Services

“You are by far the most professional and successful training facility that I have dealt with around the world. Keep up the amazing work!”

Nick Smith – Chief Officer M/Y Akula

“A big thank you for your professionalism to all people from the Superyacht Crew Academy. Your team really made this experience unforgettable.”

Laurent Dreyer – Fastrack Graduate

“My experience with Superyacht Crew Academy was amazing. I had a fantastic time on the deck crew course and learnt a lot more than I expected.”

Tom Armstrong – Deckhand

“In my first interview I got offered a job! I really liked the chief stewardess so I am on a 43m private Superyacht for the season. I have been on the boat for two weeks and so far all is going well. I am looking forward to a good season and I will be home for Christmas. Two other people who did the course with me, Emily and Adam also got jobs very easily! Thank you again for all of your support and giving us a great head start!”

Ashtyn Leary – Stewardess

“The instructors were excellent, very professional and thorough. My training at Superyacht Crew Academy made my job as stewardess aboard the Tango possible and enjoyable. It really helps to have the inside story from experts before you begin. I’m happy to recommend the Superyacht Crew Academy to anyone interested in working in this industry.”

Haley – Stewardess M/Y Tango

“I just wanted to say thank you to the staff at Superyacht Crew Academy. I am currently working on a 43m M/Y Eclipse which is situated in Israel during the winter and the Mediterranean in the summer. I am heading into my third week here, now crossing to Genoa, Italy for the boat show. I am a 3rd stewardess and loving it. We are now in Kotor in Montenegro near Croatia and it is absolutely stunning. I am loving my job and have been lucky enough to rotate with duties and will be doing service this week, in a few hours actually. Thank you for all your help!”

Lauren A – Stewardess

” I thought I would give you a quick update on my adventures. I’ve just finished a cruise on an expedition vessel and am back in Antibes looking for a new position as a stewardess. Thank you for the casual work experience I did while completing my interior course. It’s definitely a lot better now that I have the right qualifications and some experience. I’m finding that there is so much more available to me.”

Natasha Harris – Stewardess

“Thank you for all the help and support that you gave me when i was studying with you. it was amazing and I will no doubt be visiting again hopefully at the end of next year when I come to do my Yacht Master OffShore. The Boat has offered me an awesome opportunity to learn all there is to learn as well as an awesome salary, benefits, and program. Not to mention the crew are a happy bunch of people and we are like a large family…. I have learned that the crew makes the boat and that is the main thing, not the salary, benefits or program!”

Joshua McCouat – Deckhand

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superyacht training academy reviews

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Certified Superyacht Academy

4.9 Average rating: Read reviews

Established 10 years ago, Certified has trained over 5000 crew to date and are considered the leaders in professional RYA/MCA/STCW training in South Africa.

We provide a wide range of professional STCW, MCA & Superyacht-specific courses and cater for the Superyacht, Cruise Ship & Offshore Industry.

STCW Training Centres

Certified Superyacht Academy have their training centre located in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

Terms and Conditions

View the training school's Terms and Conditions .

Customer Reviews

Certified Superyacht Academy reviews as published on Google:

Keagan Bothma

Keagan Bothma

Average rating: in the last week

I had such an amazing experience with all the courses. They were structured very well and the staff were very accommodating to my needs. My expectations were definitely exceeded and I will definitely recommend everyone I know to come and do their courses here. Thank you so much!

Angelica Apostolopoulos

Angelica Apostolopoulos

This was an amazing experience! Showing us a taste of the yachtie life. We met such amazing instructors who pushed us to our limits and showed us what work we need to perform and how to execute them. Although it was challenging and difficult it was all worth it because we met amazing people along the way and created so many relationships.

Kaylee Thornton

Kaylee Thornton

I will choose Certified Superyatch over and over, best experience of my life and they took the absolute amazing care of me. If I had any questions or concerns it was answered or sorted in seconds, if you are looking at joining the yatchie life I would recommend going through Certified they are tops I really have no complaints best choice I made with helping me follow my dreams. They make your dreams a reality. Thank you so so much certified for everything best people I could have asked for to help me

Donaghue Woodman

Donaghue Woodman

Average rating: 2 weeks ago

What an incredible journey and even more incredible people at cerified training academy who made this experience memorable and exciting. Rebecca is a Super Star!!!!!

Jared Ayrton

Jared Ayrton

Average rating: 2 months ago

Best experience I could of had, It was my first time signing up and my representor was keen and willing go assist me with all my questions and concerns, they even helped me out in some of my query's.

Natalie Swart

Natalie Swart

Average rating: 13 November 2023

Recently worked through Certified to renew my STCW course and they were truly helpful. Response times was quick and on last minute they've manage to book me for my courses. I really appreciate that about them. Highly recommended.

Belinda Lombard

Belinda Lombard

Average rating: 26 October 2023

I was pleasantly surprised in the professionalism, in scheduling the courses, and their flexibility when I needed to change the course dates. Adam was very excited about the course and couldn't stop talking at night when he got home. He thoroughly enjoyed the courses and found the course content very valuable. The instructors was passionate and presented the course content extremely well. I'm very excited to see what the future will hold for my son. Thank you for giving him the tools to make his dreams come true.

Faith Madanyaika

Faith Madanyaika

Average rating: 5 October 2023

The teachers are so amazing ,friendly kind , Awesome they teach you with understanding and they make sure you understand everything, they are so helpful protective on your training they make sure you are okay at all time . I had so much fun and l learned a lot well done to the teachers they are so amazing really amazing l was really happy happy happy .

jessica ambrose

jessica ambrose

Average rating: 13 September 2023

This training center stands out as the most exceptional institution I have encountered during my ten-year tenure in the marine industry. The instructors unwavering dedication and genuine passion for imparting knowledge to their students are unparalleled. Without reservation, I wholeheartedly recommend this center to anyone seeking professional development in this field.

Christopher Groves

Christopher Groves

Average rating: 2 September 2023

I did stcw training in August 2023 and all I can say is thank you, from start to finish it was exceptional. Did my fire and first aid at Pulse training facility and wow is all I can say about that. It was crazily fantastic big thanks to Shaun and his team there. Captain Naidoo and Mr Shane where exceptional in there knowledge and training big upto them. Thank you and will recommend your facility to all that need it……

Cole Whines

Cole Whines

Average rating: 15 June 2023

Certified Superyacht Academy is a wonderful academy, Jessica is who I dealt with and she was extremely helpful, as well as quick to respond. The course availability was by far the best out of the companies I dealt with and the course was very well structured and fun. This course gave me a lot of insight into the yachting world and I feel gave me a head start in terms of mentality to the rest of the 'greenies'. Overall great impression!

Nuschke van Rhyn

Nuschke van Rhyn

Average rating: 14 June 2023

Joining Certified Super Yacht Academy was one of the best decisions I made in my life. The assistance they offered me throughout the duration of my courses is like non other! It was super easy and they certainly did the heavy lifting for me when it came to bookings and any related yachting enquiries. Friendly faces and warm welcomes were behind every door and encounter I have had with them. Forever grateful to these super star people for helping me take a brave step into the yachting industry.

Leighsa May Gillougley

Leighsa May Gillougley

Average rating: 5 June 2023

From the day I enquired about courses through certified training I was assisted in the most professional manner. I dealt with Jessica who was always able to assist me and provide me with all the information requested in a kind, promptly manner. I booked the wrong courses (twice) and she made the necessary changes without any hassle. I would highly recommend their services. Thank you certified training :)

Shaun Heath

Shaun Heath

Average rating: 3 May 2023

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the excellent service and professionalism that I experienced during my time with Certified Superyacht Academy. From start to finish, I felt completely supported and guided through the various courses. What impressed me most was the level of care and attention that was given to each and every student. I never felt like just another number in the class, but rather a valued member of the academy community. The instructors were knowledgeable and passionate about their subject matter, and they truly made learning both informative and fun. I highly recommend Certified Superyacht Academy! Big thanks to Daniel and the team! Keep up the great work!

Michael Venter

Michael Venter

Average rating: 28 February 2023

Awesome experience, so thankful for Jessica and everyone at Certified for setting all the courses up. Super friendly and helpful all the way through the process.

Nikita Du Preez

Nikita Du Preez

Average rating: 20 February 2023

Certified super yacht academy is one of the best out there. I thoroughly enjoyed my time doing my courses and working with Max on my stew course. Every course is well planned and booked and if you experience any issues within any of the courses, you can rely on certified to help you out. Highly recommend.

Saskia Eek

Average rating: 15 February 2023

Thank you for the awesome experience with Certified that arranged everything. I have experienced no issues during my course. It was super fun to be around new people and now called friend. (With whom I'm still in contact) Will definitely recommend them to other new comers to the industry.

Werner Van der walt

Werner Van der walt

Average rating: 13 February 2023

My courses were really well organised and easygoing thanks to certified. I didn’t struggle to find any information as certified provided me with all the info i needed and directions to get to all the places. Pre-course notes were included as well. Had an amazing time doing my yacht courses, they are also very helpful in supplying you with good crew agencies and crew houses for when you’re ready to takeoff overseas.

Aletta Williams

Aletta Williams

Average rating: 6 February 2023

I have enrolled for the STCW-2010 Course with Certified Superyacht Academy in January 2023, wow what an experience & very good training. Thank you to Jessica Sandell for her every time on time communication & feedback regarding the course details & any other relevant information during the course application. The Facilitators that conducted the training was well prepared & very good SME's they really have a passion & a lot of knowledge for what they teach us, I am a Facilitator (Health & Safety) myself & it was a very good experience to see different facilitation methods & the passion the people do it with. After the course I can apply for a job on the ships with a lot of confidence & I know who I can contact if I get stuck. Thank you also for the well prepared venue, also providing lunch facilities, it was very tasty & affordable with a lot of very friendly staff. Pulse Training where the First Aid & Fire Fighting Training was conducted was a very good & pleasant experience, the facilitators was very well prepared & also have a passion in what they do, but most of all they all made sure that we were kept safe during the course at all times. No pressure in any way, just a lot of support & help the whole time making sure that we understand 100% before putting us to the test. I will definitely recommend these training providers to family & friends. Keep up the good work & Friendliness always. Aletta Williams

Fouche Grobbelaar

Fouche Grobbelaar

Average rating: 2 February 2023

I can recommend this Academy to anyone! Really good service, and the courses were very informative and fun to do!

Antoinette Nel

Antoinette Nel

Great experience! All arrangements went smoothly. Was given additional information to make things easy as a foreigner. Inquires were handled swiftly. Would definitely recommend them.

Luke Hoekstra

Luke Hoekstra

The instructor was amazing, super motivational and always there if you have a question. The facility’s were excellent and it was an all round amazing course and experience

Keegan Cali

Keegan Cali

Average rating: 25 January 2023

This has been the most life changing experience I have ever experienced, to see the future I want for myself right in front of my eyes. The instructor's are educated in explaining the work and are able to go into depth to help you understand what is being asked of you, I had two separate instructor's for my Day Skipper with RYA & my MCA Yacht Rating with PYT, I struggled to grasp the concept of what I needed to do but with their patience & guidance I was able to overcome my difficulties & receive my certification they were patient & open to all questions.The program plan I chose also offers certifications that other academy's did not which gives you a extra tick or two on your CV which can make all the difference. The organizers are very helpful with regards to rescheduling or providing directions to the courses , as I'm not from Cape Town I had to send in a few emails to find where about I need to be & was helped everytime making it on time. One thing that also stuck with me was a quote which reads, " Early is on time , On time is late & Late is fired." You also have a chance to meet new people from all over the world creating bonds for life & could possibly open doors for you to travel through. Some people were experienced seafarers just refreshing an expired license mixed in with us greenies, giving the opportunity to be up-to-date with the industry. Most of the courses are a lot of theory which can be overwhelming regarding terminology but as long as you read through the pre-course study notes the work can be completed. Chart work is something I also thought I would love but I've learnt it's a love / hate relationship at first after a lot of man hours though I can say it is a very interesting subject, I would have liked to learn more line work but I did some self studying & learnt a few new knots. The most important part of the entire course though is not what you are learning or who is teaching it to you , your attitude towards the lessons & instructor's makes all the difference & quite simply so . A negative attitude helps no one including yourself as class mates can become frustrated & instructor's will not waste their or the other learners time on you , teamwork makes the crew work. The jetski course was very fun but the overall best experience was my tender ops being on the water at night , disappearing between the swells out on the open water was a feeling that can only be understood by experiencing the moment first hand. You also learn the importance of having good crew members or bad members, as you are a team if one is not doing their given tasks it can become a rather stressful ride . Our instructor that day was great to learn from, calling your mistakes out in order to instantly correct you & make sure you know the correct procedure to follow. I would like to thank everyone at Certified Superyacht Academy & the other Academy's that helped me overcome all challenges & taking a step towards my future career, I plan to bring my brother in a few years when he turns sixteen to get a head start on his certifications my only regret is that I never started sooner . Also to further develop my skills & work my way through the ranks. "When boats were made of Wood, men were made of Steel & soft seas never made for a good sailor."

Maya Talaska

Maya Talaska

Average rating: 21 December 2022

Superyacht Academy prepared me in any way possible to be a professional stewardess and I am so thankful for the experiences. Not only did Maxine include practical experiences but also gave us the best tips possible for being in this industry. The course is a bit short but nonetheless, it covered all the necessities one needed for this job. They also include extra qualifications in order to stand out a bit from the rest. Adding to this, all instructors are incredibly friendly and helpfull. Thank you Maxine for everthing!

Meditation Station - Discover Your Higher Self

Meditation Station - Discover Your Higher Self

Average rating: 29 November 2022

I have to commend Certified Superyacht Academy from the highest possible level for their extremely professional and thorough service throughout my entire journey with them! The level of communication, planning and pure quality of their courses was something that was a complete pleasure to experience! Thank you to Daniel and his entire team for assisting me in so many ways as I venture into this exciting new life of yachting! Highly recommend them!!

ashleigh connell

ashleigh connell

Average rating: 1 November 2022

Excellent service from beginning to end. Daniel answered every call and email promptly. I highly recommend using Certified Superyacht Academy for all your qualifications.

Nicola Prinsloo

Nicola Prinsloo

Average rating: 17 October 2022

I had completed my Stewardess course at Stewardess Co. with Maxine Oakley who was a wonderful instructor and taught me so much about the precision of how to get each and every job that comes with being a stewardess done. I have completed my STCW course at STC.SA where not only did I meet some of the best people, but learnt so much about the importance of the safety and dangers that can come with working on a vessel. The knowledge I gained from the courses will never be forgotten.

Erich Kankowski

Erich Kankowski

Average rating: 28 September 2022

Awesome services from Certified Superyacht Academy, I worked with Jessica during the duration of my courses and she was great. Thank you for everything, I’m very excited to start my new journey in the Yachting industry.

Kayla van den Bergh

Kayla van den Bergh

Average rating: 14 September 2022

I recently did my Deckhand course with Certified and couldn’t have gotten better assistance. Great communication and great bookings! Would highly recommend!

Dosso Nalla

Dosso Nalla

Average rating: 13 September 2022

I had a very good experience at Certified Superyacht Academy, my 9 days that I spent doing my courses were all amazing all the facilitators are so very good at what they do even after I was done I felt like 9 days was very short because I had a very good learning experience there :)

Wynand Kruger

Wynand Kruger

Average rating: 19 August 2022

All I can say is thank you for the quality training, I have learned a lot and hope to learn so much more. Appreciate the professional assistance by Jessica.

Jono England

Jono England

Average rating: 5 August 2022

Was an awesome experience with lots of well need knowledge

Michelle Day

Michelle Day

Well organized and friendly. Everything you need to know is included and makes it so much easier for travelers outside of Cape Town. They even go as far as to send you a list of accomodation in the area you will be, a CV template, guideline for when your course is complete, a list of agencies, transportation as well as a lot of help along the way ! Thank you for the amazing and fun experience ! Well worth it

Rodney Downey

Rodney Downey

Average rating: 3 August 2022

Absolutely wonderful to deal with, from enquiry, booking to end of training staff are always so helpful. Highly recommended and will definitely use them for my next courses.

James Juds

Average rating: 14 July 2022

I had a great time and learnt a lot. Very organized and helpful. Would highly recommend.

Joe Loots

Average rating: 5 July 2022

The best company by far. I recommend thier services

christian mortlock

christian mortlock

Average rating: 5 May 2022

The staff at Certified Academy are very helpful and informative. I really enjoyed doing all my courses through them and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to join the yachting industry. Keep up the great work!

Anjenette Kleynhans

Anjenette Kleynhans

Very very happy with the way Certified help me from start to finish. Daniel was such helpfull getting all my courses to the dates i needed it. I would recommend doing it through Certified. Very excellent service

Elani Kuhn

I did my Stewardess Course at the Stewardess Co. with Certified. It was a great course, very extensive and Maxine was great at presenting the course. She gave so much information and fully prepared us to go into the industry. Would definitely recommend.

Megan Ballantyne

Megan Ballantyne

Average rating: 14 April 2022

Had a great experience doing all of my training. Daniel at Certified Training was fantastic at arranging schedules and last minute changes. Highly recommend them!

Justin Claassens

Justin Claassens

Average rating: 12 April 2022

These guys have been so amazing, they make each and every student feel like they have a personal connection, most don’t really get to meet Jessica and Daniel but I had the opportunity to meet with them and even in person they make you feel so comfortable as if they have known you for ages. They reply to emails in amazingly speedy time, I honestly have no idea how they do it but they run an amazingly tight ship. Well done to the company and well done to Jessica and Daniel for they made this experience really awesome. I actually want to do the course again just to be treated so well. Hahaha

Shannon Goosen

Shannon Goosen

Average rating: 10 April 2022

Daniel made the whole process of booking courses super easy and stress free. I learnt so much and I would definitely recommend certified superyacht academy to anyone wanting to get into yachting. The staff are so friendly and helpful, made the whole process so enjoyable.

Guguletu Natasha

Guguletu Natasha

Average rating: 4 April 2022

I really had a good time during the training

Jenna Pike

Average rating: 17 March 2022

Thoroughly enjoyed it! The course was extremely informative, well presented, professional, yet so much fun. I have learnt so much and because of it, will be going into the yachting industry more confident and prepared for what lies ahead. Not only that, but you also learn so much that will help you in your ordinary day to day life. You get more than your moneys worth!

Lebo Sililo

Lebo Sililo

What a beautiful company!! The was great and very educational. Jessica was the star. She was always there to help me out and answer all my questions. I’ll be booking with you guys in 5 years for my refresher. Congrats.

Keenan Farley

Keenan Farley

Average rating: 14 March 2022

Amazing place to do your courses. Super energetic and super friendly. Loved the whole experience and package

Nadia Botha

Nadia Botha

Certified Superyacht are GOLD!!! Saved me from another yacht academy that was a headache. I had a blast with the training and excellent teachers. Daniel and Jessica really did an organised job by constant communication and updates on my courses. Quick to answer any questions and was a lot of help. Highly recommend them. Again thank you!

Megan Lang

Average rating: 3 February 2022

i thoroughly enjoyed doing my stewardess course and all the extras through certified superyacht academy. they were always there to help and assist. will definitely recommend them

Samson Smith

Samson Smith

Daniel has been my go to man and deals with me professionally and doesn't miss anything . Some of the courses are a little over priced but there are limited and are only run in CPT and Durban . So it's a bit of a monopoly. Daniel is great to work with and communication is key. Recommended for any greenies .

Charmaine Way

Charmaine Way

Average rating: 2 February 2022

Daniel at Certified Yacht Academy has been wonderful....always quick to respond to any e mails I have sent.....he is really on the ball....thoroughly enjoyed the last 3 weeks and soo chuffed I survived firefighting.....

Mia Karlhuber

Mia Karlhuber

The Certified Superyacht Academy went above and beyond in teaching me valuable life skills. I learnt so much and most importantly I had lots of fun. I met so many kind people in the industry and I am now proud to say that I am a Stewardess from the Certified Superyacht Academy. Everyone was very helpful and made me feel at ease entering the adult world. I want to thank all our lectures for going out of their way by helping us after our courses with job recruitment. You guys rock.

Rika Mostert

Rika Mostert

Average rating: 8 December 2021

The instructors were knowledgeable and presented the course efficiently, making sure we had the knowledge after we completed the course. I shall recommend this training facility, as I feel ready to work onboard a ship again.

Chantelle S

Chantelle S

I did the Stew and Deck course along with my STCWs and LOVED the experience. I'd highly recommend the team to anyone interested in joining the yachting industry. Special thank you to Maxine who's been helping me over the last year to keep improving my skills. You guys rock!!

Tiaan Van Greunen

Tiaan Van Greunen

Average rating: 12 October 2021

All lectures were of high quality and it was made fun and enjoyable, while still learning and understanding all the work and assignments.

Jonathan Rajdl

Jonathan Rajdl

Average rating: 7 October 2021

Brilliant quick and professional communication. Absolutely any info was ready and provided.

James Mostert

James Mostert

Met some of the coolest people and really learnt alot from them. everything was done quick and easy no problems.

Alex Nel

Average rating: 11 August 2021

Decided to do my courses on a Wednesday, called Certified on Thursday. Started my courses the next Monday. 4 weeks later I was fully certified with a ENG1 and an AEC1

Jp Louw

Average rating: 7 June 2021

Really great communication and always quick to respond. Was easy to make the bookings and daniel was very helpful.

Liam Burger

Liam Burger

Was a really brilliant experience going through the courses with certified. Communication was amazing and they let me know everything needed before hand for the specific course. Instructors for certified were extremely knowledgeable and knew what they were explaining and how to teach it in a sense of understanding. Thank you very much certified Liam

Audrey chirawu

Audrey chirawu

Average rating: 3 June 2021

Words cannot describe how grateful I am ....just a 5 minute talk with Daniel my life took a huge turn his honesty professional advise and help was jus a miracle and a blessing ....Iam forever grateful I can bodly and with pride recommend this school to individuals out there seeking to start a career at sea ....keep up the good work Daniel and team

Rebecca Suttie

Rebecca Suttie

Average rating: 28 May 2021

Each course was so inspirational and motivating. They prepare you for the boating life. You can find your passion in these courses and discover where you would work best on board. I am truly grateful for the experience.

Claudia Costa

Claudia Costa

Average rating: 6 May 2021

Would 100% recommend Certified Superyacht Academy to anyone who is wanting to go in the industry or even unsure about studying Yachting - They provide you with all information needed and more. Amazing, friendly & experienced people who help and guide you in making your decision for what’s best for you. Thank you for helping me and guiding me to be well prepared and ready for my new journey.

Ruhann Nieuwoudt

Ruhann Nieuwoudt

Average rating: 21 April 2021

What amazing experience. Knowledgeable and helpful real cool people. Keep up the good work guys.

Mehdi Tihoun

Mehdi Tihoun

Average rating: 2 March 2021

Proffesional and helping team with a good sense of humor. Was a pleasure to train through CSA.

Kyra Jacobs

Kyra Jacobs

What an amazing experience i have had. Ive recommended this academy basically to everyone who wants to get onto the yachts. So glad i found this academy to help and guide me through with all my courses

Tanja Kruger

Tanja Kruger

Average rating: 13 January 2021

Excellent service, fast feedback. Great lot of people.

paige rigby

paige rigby

Average rating: 6 July 2020

What an amazing experience through Certified Superyacht Academy! I went into the Yachting courses with little to no knowledge about the industry, and through the help of Daniel's amazing customer service from the outset, to Maxine's incredible stewardess course teaching us everything from the Dock-walking process to silver service, and Conrad's passion for lending his knowledge to students and helping them where ever possible. This team has made this experience so memorable and even through the Corona Virus, so enjoyable!

Dante Mitri

Dante Mitri

Average rating: 10 June 2020

What an amazing team! Conrad and Daniel were super helpful with helping me figure out the right path to take to break into the industry, They help you every step of the way which is super helpful especially if you new to the world of yachting like I am... I even hand multiple direct conversations with both of them during this difficult time which put my mind at ease. Professional, efficient and brilliant. I would 100% recommend Certified to anyone who is looking to complete yachting course's in CT. Thank for all your help Daniel and for being super patient with me and honestly being brilliant. You truely are a true asset to the Certified Team keep doing the amazing work you do.

Rada Lello

Average rating: 19 February 2020

These guys are truly amazing. Daniel was so helpful, patient and made everything so easy for me during the booking process. Even the owner Conrad helped explain certain courses I wasn't sure about. Just an all round great experience. I highly recommend this company and I will go out of my way in future to do courses through them. Thank you guys again for all the help.


Average rating: 18 February 2020

I did The PWC Instructors course at Granger Bay, It was loads of fun and I learnt a lot of valuable teaching techniques. Thanks so much Jason for your time and effort!!!!!

Donovan van Vuuren

Donovan van Vuuren

Average rating: 13 December 2019

Daniel was very helpful and it is a good course for new comers trying to get into the industry.

Jamie Belcher

Jamie Belcher

Average rating: 18 November 2019

Certified Superyacht Academy has helped me book all the courses I need to help me pursue my career in working in the Superyacht industry, no complaints here, they were efficient and organized.

Tayla Leigh Scott

Tayla Leigh Scott

Average rating: 14 November 2019

Booking through Certified was the best decision I had made. Daniel was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and really understood what I wanted and needed to do to move forward given I had a season behind me already. The bookings were so easy and efficient, loved every single course and would highly recommend Certified Superyacht Academy.

Suelinke H

Average rating: 29 October 2019

What a great experience this was. Thanks Certified, you guys always sounded eager to help. It's so good to work with people that really know the business their in! I'm so happy I used this agency and would greatly recommend it to everyone. Suelinke

Cole Hodgson

Cole Hodgson

Average rating: 28 October 2019

The whole "Certified Training Academy" experience was incredible, all the staff are extremely helpful, and give you the best possible guidance. Would definitely recommend to anybody looking for basic or advanced certifications.

Daniel Burkuš

Daniel Burkuš

Average rating: 23 October 2019

The booking experience was really pleasant. Everything was organised quickly and any special requests were promptly sorted out and granted. Daniel is quick to respond and helpful. The training schedule was perfect and all training centres excellent. 100% recommended.

Mia Georges

Mia Georges

Average rating: 25 September 2019

Perfect great facilitates - awesome comminutions - love all the courses it was amazing

Fabiana Belfiore

Fabiana Belfiore

Average rating: 8 September 2019

If you want to kickstart your career in yachting then I would highly recommend going through Certified Superyacht Academy. They are knowledgeable, efficient, friendly and extremely helpful, they will meet your needs and surpass your expectations. Well done to the team at CSA and a big thank you for all your hard work! Keep it up

Louis Eitner

Louis Eitner

Average rating: 31 July 2019

Friendly and helpful staff and the courses are good. Looking forward to the next course! Thanks

Tristan Nel

Tristan Nel

Average rating: 5 July 2019

I had an awesome experience with Certified Academy !!! The instructors had a lot of patience and they are always willing to help no matter what. I would highly recommend Certified Training Academy for anyone who wants to start their Superyacht career.

Salomi Van Tonder

Salomi Van Tonder

Average rating: 27 June 2019

I REALLY enjoyed talking to Daniel! He's kind, caring and professional. His communication skills are fantastic as well! And well done to his employers for employing such a nice person! Kudos to all involved...

rgjohnson115 .

rgjohnson115 .

Average rating: 4 June 2019

Certified training were great! Bending over backwards to accommodate all my last minute changes to the course dates. Thanks Daniel, much appreciated.

Christo Van Wyk

Christo Van Wyk

Average rating: 3 June 2019

I can't praise the guy's at Certified Superyacht Academy enough, they listen and understand your needs instead of just selling you a bunch of unnecessary courses. Daniel did a great job of explaining everything realistically and Conrad really went above and beyond with helping me get my new career started and arming me with everything I could ever need. You can't go wrong with this company and best of luck to you in your future endeavors

Shaun Wampach

Shaun Wampach

Average rating: 17 April 2019

I have just completed my STCW through Super yacht and the entire experience was awesome. Daniel made sure I was doing the correct courses and recommended others to help enter the industry. The course providers that Certified Superyacht Academy use are fantastic and make the course highly enjoyable. Only good comments about this company. If you're interested in doing your STCW and a range of other courses, give these guys a go. Highly recommend.

Peter Rix

Average rating: 11 April 2019

Extremely helpful and prompt


Average rating: 29 March 2019

I did my STCW Training with C.T, which was the best choice. The course breakdown was excellent, very good administration, instructors and facilities. Especially first aid and fire fighting are spectacular and the scenarios couldn't be closer to reality... I couldn't be happier Thank you Certified Training for having me all the best!!

Monique Grobler

Monique Grobler

Average rating: 12 March 2019

Had the most amazing time.Met the most incredible people.Would definitely recommend Certified training

Daniel Pelman

Daniel Pelman

I just would like to thank Certified for the efficient help in allowing me to complete my yacht courses and after student care. The men at Certified were extremely prompt in supplying me with an itinerary and gladly adapted it to suit my availability. Everyone is super friendly in the office and i found your website easy to use and follow.I would give them more than a 5 star rating if this were an option and i highly recommend this company. Thanks for all the help Regards Daniel Pelman

Richard Rubenstein

Richard Rubenstein

Average rating: 1 September 2014

Up to date Superyacht industry knowledge and premium training.

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Ocean Star Sailing | Deckhand & Stewardess Courses Cape Town

Superyacht Stew / Masseuse Career Course

Ocean Star Sailing Academy’s Stew/Masseuse Career Course has been specially designed to meet the ever-growing demand for well-trained professional crew on luxury yachts. This course offers the simplest and most effective way to gain entry level employment as a Steward or Stewardess onboard yachts of all sizes, while giving you and extra skill to add to your CV when applying for a position onboard a Superyacht.

Both good Stewards, Stewardesses and Masseuses are polite, well-groomed, and lively. The knowledge and skills needed to perform the job are not difficult to learn, but the attitude and art of good service is something that takes training and practice. The position requires a blend of responsibility, maturity, and self-discipline along with a great sense of humour and he drive to provide exceptional service. You will need meticulous attention to details both in your duties and in your personal presentation. This is an exciting career, leading to travel and adventure opportunities worldwide.

AIMED FOR THOSE WHO: Have completed matric or tertiary education Are exploring career options in the yachting industry Want to travel and explore new horizons Want to get a well-paid entry level job in the luxury Superyacht Industry YOUR INVESTMENT: R44 985.00 | DURATION: 27 DAYS Pricing subject to change without notice


  • Description
  • Reviews (0)


Superyacht Steward / Stewardess Course Spa Therapy Course Food Safety Level II RYA Powerboat Level II RYA Personal Watercraft Certificate SAMSA SRC VHF Radio Introduction to Barista STCW10 including PDSD

The ULTIMATE Guide to Yachting (A comprehensive step by step guide on how to secure your first yachting job) SUPERYACHT TRAINING ACADEMY GOLF SHIRT (Additional shirts are available for purchase) Consultation and Industry Advice Visa Advice Course Manuals Professional Yachting CV Assistance

ADDITIONAL COSTS: Transport from Superyacht Training Academy to STCW courses: R395.00 (if needed) Accommodation during all shore-based courses: R375.00 per night (Accommodation is dormitory style and self-catering. Laundry and cooking facilities are available) Accommodation security tag deposit: R150.00

Learn more about our Stewardess Course in Cape Town

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Yachtmaster Career Course | Ocean Star Sailing Academy Cape Town

Yachtmaster Career Package

Yacht Stewardess Course | Ocean Star Sailing Academy Cape Town

Superyacht Stewardess Course

Superyacht Chef Career Course | Ocean Star Sailing Academy Cape Town

Superyacht Chef Career Course

Inventory & Organisation Module

Inventory & Organisation Module

My Crew Kit

Savvy Maritime Academy

Savvy Maritime Academy

Deckhand and Yacht Steward(ess) Training Courses in Fort Lauderdale

We offer extensive and specialist courses for deckhands and interior crew that would like to gain practical experience and knowledge to boost their employability and ability to build a successful career. These courses are suitable for both new and experienced crew who would like to excel on board a superyacht.

Yacht Training Courses available:

10 Day Yacht Steward(ess) Academy 8 Week Yacht Deckhand Academy 12 Day Yacht Tender Handling Academy

10 Day Steward(ess) Academy

This is an opportunity to gain extensive practical experience in all important interior duties. Our 10 000 sq ft training facility allows us to simulate real onboard duties under supervision by a chief stewardess with over 15 years of superyachting experience.

The course is designed for students who would like to gain real proficiency in their duties as opposed to being introduced to them during more traditional 3-5 day introductory courses.

Basic deck work practicals will be covered as well so that you are able to help during docking procedures and other deck department activities. This is a great opportunity to broaden your skillset and become an asset to all departments.

By completing the 10 day steward(ess) academy, candidates will have real practical experience usually only attained “on the job”. You will have references from captains and heads of departments, stating your capabilities . We do provide job assistance through our network to candidates who show competence and a strong work ethic.

8-Week Deckhand Academy

Whether you are a new or experienced deckhand, completion of this course will allow you to take on more responsibility, impress your captain and increase the speed at which your career will progress.

It will allow you to build a significant advantage over other deck crew through decades of knowledge and experience, passed down by our captains, experienced deck crew, and specialist industry professionals. This is a unique opportunity to gain extensive knowledge and practical experience in tasks that can take years to become competent at, without a training program such as this.

Included in the academy are extensive line handling practicals, 10 days of practical tender handling, professional product training, polishing, paint & varnish application, theory, splicing, knots, and much much more.

12-Day Tender Handling Academy

When you obtain your driver’s license to drive a car, you are not ready to become a chauffeur for high-profile clients. The same applies to your Powerboat II or Rib Master license. A great deal of time behind the helm is required before driving with guests on board (especially on larger tenders).

The opportunities to gain the experience required can result in a long & drawn-out learning curve that can take years, especially on larger yachts, due to the increased number of deck crew.

We have designed our Tender Handling Academy to directly meet the standard required by the luxury yachting industry. It is a unique opportunity to gain confidence and competence so that you can take on more responsibility, open up additional job opportunities and ultimately progress at a much faster rate.

With 2 days of theory and 10 days of practical training behind the helm, you will be ready to take charge of this highly competitive position.

Gain an advantage over other crew and enroll today.

**View our website link and contact details at the top of the listing and contact us with any queries**

superyacht training academy reviews

This school was the best investment for my yachting career. Irma is extremely thorough, and am so thankful for her. When I got my first job, my Chief stewardess was impressed that I already knew everything she was showing me. It was thanks to Irma. She did such an amazing job of helping me feel prepared. Not only was she my teacher, but she also is still a friend even after I’ve finished the course. She always texts to see how I’m doing. Anyway, thank you so much Savy!!!!!

Honestly amazing

I did the 8week deckhand course and the time they put into this makes a world of difference! The skills and everything I learned there I am confident to join a yacht, drive a tender, and help out with some repairs!! I joined the industry a year ago and wish I did this academy first. Everyone cares so much and more then willing to go the extra mile for you. I had Nick and Doug as my teachers and they were amazing and found all kinds of different ways to explain anything asked to make sure you would understand it. I had a great experience and would 100% recommended!!!!!

Wow! So impressed!

I am beyond impressed with Savvy Maritime Academy! I left this academy with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to begin my yachting career. Irma is an exceptional instructor full of enthusiasm and motivation to help others be successful. With many years of yachting under her belt, she is extremely knowledgeable and resourceful. Brian takes the time to get to know every student who comes to train and his passion and effort to make every person succeed is very apparent and refreshing. I’m just blown away with the amount of support and knowledge they provided me during my training. The hands-on approach, in-depth practical training helped me jump in to my first job with confidence. My first day of working, I was asked to do some skills I learned in the academy that I was so excited to come in and practice right away!

I highly recommend Savvy Maritime Academy a thousand times over! I really enjoyed my experience and getting to know the instructors in my training. I can’t imagine not having done this course prior to working in the yachting industry! A MASSIVE THANK YOU!

10 day stewards course

I love this Academy. Irma the class instructor is very knowledgeable about the LUXURY yachting industry. Their hands on approach to theory and practically training makes it easy to transition into yachting. They help boost your confidence, which helps you execute your skills at a high level. I have learnt so much in those 10 days about yachting, life lessons and the industry. Brian is also an amazing individual with his dream of bring kindness and courtesy to yachting. Teaching us that showing politeness in one’s attitude and behavior toward yachting is most important. Overall the entire staff at Savvy Maritime Academy are warm professional, knowledgeable and ready to serve you. I will definitely recommend this institute for anyone want to learn the correct way of yachting!

Thank you Savvy!

I’d done the 2 weeks course with Irma, Nick & Brian. My experience was awesome. I’ve learned so much from all of them. Irma is an exceptional High end service teacher. After over 20 years working in the industry she has a lot of knowledge and shares it with love. I’ve even had fun learning how to proper make a bed! Haha

I highly recommend this courses. Not only for the industry. You can use it for many other things. You would learn a lot, even people skills. I promise.

Thank you Savvy! With love, Sol (Argentina)

10 stewardess courses

Long time I was looking for a interior courses that can teach me what Savvy this. Normally must of the school are 5,3 or 1 interior courses in Savvy you will have 10 days of classes where you gonna learn everything that you need know to where in a yachts From housekeeping,flowers arrangement to deck knowledge.This is a complete courses that any of the academy in FL have it.I really enjoy the classes with our teacher Irma Malabanan.She is very friendly, enthusiast and have a lot of knowledge with her that she is willing to share with us.The classes are fun and at the same time you can get all the knowledge that you need to start this career.I really recommend SAVVY as a academy for your beginning of your long career on yachting.


Best Maritime Academy Around!

I completed the 10 Day Interior course in April at The Savvy Marine Academy. This course is extremley thorough and takes you through every practical detail that you need to know, to confidently get started in the yachting industry.

Working closely with Brian, Irma and Nick, with combined years of experience, is what makes the difference to just understanding the basics, but rather becoming an excellent asset, and confident asset to this industry. Everything taught was done with immense passion and high standards.

I truly feel blessed to have shared this experience and wealth of knowledge from such a driven team.

Couldn’t recommend this Academy enough…

Thank you Savvy! Much Love, Shannon


Best Yacht Training Ever!

So where do I begin? I can’t thank SAVVY Maritime Academy enough for this unforgettable experience. I learned so much from the team. They are so interactive and fun. They will fill you with their own practical learning and stories and they look forward to sharing their passion with you all. I’ve learned the standards of interior skills that usually take years of experience to master. SAVVY made me realize that I am not alone and that anyone has the potential to be a Yachty and fulfill their dream job. With the right training, you will have confidence in whatever the yachting industry throws at you. I have honestly had the best time learning with them. I have made friends and the whole experience has had a huge impact on me, and I am so inspired to start my own adventure in the yachting industry.

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  1. SYTA

    14 W Quay Rd, Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa. The Superyacht Training Academy is a bespoke training facility that provides every aspect of training for you to obtain an illustrious career aboard a Superyacht. The Academy boasts state-of-the-art equipment, lecture rooms, electronic training equipment, and on-board training.

  2. Superyacht Training Academy

    Superyacht Training Academy. 1,737 likes · 17 talking about this · 112 were here. An elite maritime Institute providing Internationally recognised training for professional yacht crew. We pride...

  3. Courses

    Situated in the heart of the stunning city of Cape Town, we are exclusively the only Sailing Academy in Cape Town that offers theory courses, practical courses, culinary courses plus student accommodation from within the V & A Waterfront. We provide world-class training programmes that equip superyacht and sailing personnel to perform at their ...

  4. Superyacht Training Academy

    4-Week Starter Education Programme at Superyacht Training Academy - South Africa. A fully funded sponsorship to equip you with the practical knowledge and skills needed to start your successful career in the superyacht industry in one of 3 disciplines of your choice: Deckhand. STCW 10.

  5. Home

    About Us. Superyacht Crew Academy is a registered training organisation and industry leader, offering fully accredited courses to enable your qualifications to take you anywhere you want to go. Both International and Australian recognised competencies will place you into your dream of working on a Superyacht or in the Maritime industry across a ...

  6. Superyacht Training Academy

    Superyacht Training Academy | Cape Town. Our comprehensive programmes for Superyacht Deckhand, Stewardess and Chef are world-class training programmes that equip Superyacht crew to performing at their optimum. Our career packages focus on the primary qualifications needed to assure success in obtaining the best jobs and maintaining them as a ...

  7. The Superyacht Training Academy

    The Superyacht Training Academy is synonymous with excellence in the realm of superyacht education. With a commitment to delivering courses of the highest caliber, the Academy ensures that its students are equipped with the skills and knowledge required to succeed in the industry from the word go. From deckhand training to stewardess courses ...

  8. Superyacht Training Academy

    The Superyacht Training Academy houses a fully functional, state-of-the-art Cooking Theatre and bespoke Training Facility. We are dedicated and committed to the development and skills training of anyone progressing toward employment in hospitality or seeking a chef career on super yachts. Superyacht Training Academy's career platforms:

  9. Superyacht Training Academy

    An elite maritime Institute providing Internationally recognised training for professional yacht... 14 W Quay Road, V&A Waterfront, 8002

  10. Deckhand Course

    Superyacht Training Academy. ENQUIRE NOW. INTRODUCTORY CREW COURSE. For anyone interested in working in the yachting industry or on superyachts then this is a great way to learn the ropes. ... All RYA courses proudly powered by Ocean Star Sailing Academy. Contact Us. Click for email Phone +27 21 418 4074 Mobile +27 61 107 0533. Academy.

  11. Superyacht Training

    The Superyacht Training Academy, Cape Town, is an elite maritime Institute providing Internationally recognised training for professional yacht crew. We pride ourselves in releasing crew into the Superyacht industry who are confident, competent, and responsible. Our comprehensive programmes for Superyacht Deckhand, Stewardess and Chef are world ...

  12. Certified Superyacht Academy

    Certified Superyacht Academy. 4.9 Average rating: Read reviews. Established 10 years ago, Certified has trained over 5000 crew to date and are considered the leaders in professional RYA/MCA/STCW training in South Africa. We provide a wide range of professional STCW, MCA & Superyacht-specific courses and cater for the Superyacht, Cruise Ship ...

  13. Superyacht Stew / Masseuse Career Course

    Transport from Superyacht Training Academy to STCW courses: R395.00 (if needed) Accommodation during all shore-based courses: R375.00 per night (Accommodation is dormitory style and self-catering. Laundry and cooking facilities are available) ... Be the first to review "Superyacht Stew / Masseuse Career Course" Cancel reply.

  14. Savvy Maritime Academy

    These courses are suitable for both new and experienced crew who would like to excel on board a superyacht. Yacht Training Courses available: 10 Day Yacht Steward(ess) Academy 8 Week Yacht Deckhand Academy 12 Day Yacht Tender Handling Academy. 10 Day Steward(ess) Academy

  15. Superyacht Crew Academy

    Superyacht Crew Academy, Warriewood. 22,148 likes · 10 talking about this · 202 were here. Australia's Leading Maritime & Superyacht Training Provider....

  16. Deck / Stew Career Course

    Superyacht Training Academy's Deck/Stew Career Course has been specially designed to meet the ever-growing demand for well-trained professional crew on yachts and luxury Superyachts. This course offers the simplest and most effective way to gain entry level employment as a Deck/Stew onboard yachts of all sizes. A good steward or stewardess is ...


    Superyacht Interior Crew Course - Feb 19 - 23 2024. $2,459.00. Our Superyacht Interior Crew Course is a five day internationally recognised course designed to give students the basic knowledge and tools they need to feel confident in starting their career as a superyacht steward/ess. This highly interactive course provides a balance between ...

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    BM Hostel Krasnaya Presnya, Moscow: See traveler reviews, candid photos, and great deals for BM Hostel Krasnaya Presnya, ranked #590 of 2,852 specialty lodging in Moscow and rated 5 of 5 at Tripadvisor.

  20. STCW 10

    If you are planning to work on any type of marine vessel, craft or installation, it is required that you complete the 11 Day STCW 10 course. The STCW 10 course TICKET is valid for a period of 5 years. For pricing on the cost of our STCW Courses, contact us. For offshore work such as working on oil rigs, you will need to complete the 11 Day STCW ...

  21. PEKIN, Elektrostal

    Pekin. Unclaimed. Review. Save. Share. 17 reviews #12 of 28 Restaurants in Elektrostal $$ - $$$ Asian. Lenina Ave., 40/8, Elektrostal 144005 Russia +7 495 120-35-45 Website + Add hours Improve this listing. See all (5) Enhance this page - Upload photos!

  22. The Space Review: Burevestnik: a Russian air-launched anti-satellite system

    The index for the Burevestnik space complex is 14K168. The idea that "293" is a satellite launch vehicle is corroborated by the fact that the index for one of its stages (14S47) is similar to that of some upper stages of space launch vehicles. Moreover, plans to use the MiG-31 as a satellite launch platform are not new.

  23. Deckhand

    Superyacht Training Academy's Deckhand Career Course has been specially designed to meet the ever growing demand for well-trained professional crew on luxury yachts and Superyachts. This course is the ideal entry route into this exciting industry and the minimum qualifications any new candidate needs. The Deckhand Career Course offers the ...