1. Windrider 17

    windrider sailboat

  2. 2007 Windrider 17 Trimaran sailboat for sale in Florida

    windrider sailboat


    windrider sailboat

  4. Windrider 17

    windrider sailboat

  5. Next generation of Windrider 17: RAVE V in the water… : sailing

    windrider sailboat


    windrider sailboat


  1. Windrider 16 on Lake George, Florida

  2. WindRider 16 Sailing @ 14.7 mph!

  3. How to make your Windrider 17 faster Make a Square Top Main Sail

  4. Hand catch H on sailboat Safari!

  5. Windy Downwind Sailboat Docking

  6. Windrider Rave Foiling Sailboat


  1. The Complete List of Trimarans

    The WindRider 17, an exhilarating ride perfect for families or camper sailors, has been known to reach speeds of up to 20mph. This easy day sailor goes from trailer to sailing in under 30 minutes and is sure to fit in perfectly with whatever adventures you have planned. At a glance: Models: WR 16, 17, Tango, Rave V.

  2. Windrider sailboats for sale by owner.

    Windrider preowned sailboats for sale by owner. Windrider used sailboats for sale by owner.

  3. The WindRider 17 Trimaran

    A nearly perfect sailboat The most versatile sailboat in the WindRider Trimaran clan, the WindRider 17 has features to please just about everybody. With the affordability of this boat we are bringing the joy and pleasure of sailing high-quality boats to as many people as possible. We bring outstanding quality for the.

  4. WindRider Official Site

    Highest Quality Fishing and Outdoor Gear For A Fraction Of The Cost. Trusted by Outdoors Enthusiasts WorldWide. Shop WindRider Online Today. USA company, FLOATING Ice Fishing Gear, Foul Weather Jackets, Bibs, Sun Protective Apparel, And More. Free Shipping and Free Returns On Every Order.

  5. Comparing the WindRider 17 to the Weta Trimaran

    The WindRider 17 was designed to be a pleasure sailor for anyone to use, whereas the Weta was designed to be a racing sailboat that that was more stable than a small catamaran. Positives: WindRider 17: 1. Rotomolded. This allows the WindRider 17 Trimaran to be used anywhere, anyhow without concern of damaging the hull. 2. Capacity.

  6. Merger of WindRider and Nickels Boat Works

    WindRider International has merged with Nickels Boat Works to provide a more comprehensive product and service lineup to the sailing community. Nickels Boat Works, with a 30-plus year history of quality boat building, is the manufacturing division for WindRider and will now build nine models of sailboats at the Flint, Michigan plant, plus ...

  7. Windrider Sailing Trimarans

    Through the years the company offered several versions of sailing kayaks. When Andy and John teamed up with Jim Brown, creator of the SeaRunner 31 and 37, the WindRider trimaran was created as a new product and WindRider Sailing Trimarans became a new division within the company.

  8. WindRider 16 Trimaran

    Opens in a new window. WindRider 16 Trimaran: The sleek little WindRider for sporty, simplistic sailing. It's so easy to rig up a WindRider 16 that anyone can do it in 20 minutes or less. The carbon fiber mast weighs 22 pounds and just like that, you can be on the water for a solo sail or treating friends to the thrill of armchair sailin.

  9. » Windrider Trimarans

    Windrider 16 . The Windrider 16 trimaran, designed by Jim Brown and built by Wilderness Systems in High Point, NC, is one of the most exciting new sailboats to enter the market in years.These multi-hull, user-friendly boats introduce the beginning sailor to the sport in a way never before possible. With the Windrider's extreme stablilty (almost untippable), security, and basic controls, even ...

  10. Windrider Trimarans

    Windrider 16. The Windrider 16 trimaran, designed by Jim Brown and built by Wilderness Systems in High Point, NC, is one of the most exciting new sailboats to enter the market in years. These multi-hull, user-friendly boats introduce the beginning sailor to the sport in a way never before possible. With the Windrider's extreme stablilty (almost untippable), security, and basic controls, even ...

  11. Boat Review: WindRider 17

    The development of the WindRider 17 has really been fun to watch. The dealers around the country basically demanded the boat based on their feedback from customers who owned the original WindRider 16 and would be buyers of the WindRider 16 who declined to buy either because they wanted a little more carrying capacity, a second cockpit or both.

  12. Windrider 16

    Windrider 16 is a 16′ 0″ / 4.9 m monohull sailboat designed by Jim Brown/Windrider and built by Windrider Sailing Trimarans starting in 1995. Great choice! Your favorites are temporarily saved for this session.

  13. Windrider Sailing Trimarans

    In 1996 the first roto-molded, wave-piercing trimaran left the factory, followed by hundreds more. WindRider merged with Nickels Boatworks in 2015. Phone 612-338-2170 Toll Free 1-888-609-2827 Fax 612-333-3760 Manufacturing: 2457 E. Judd Rd. Burton, MI 48529 Mailing Address: 6136 Sherman Circle Minneapolis, MN 55436.

  14. About Us

    About WindRider Welcome to the WindRider family. WindRider was founded on a passion for the water and making it accessible to more people. Starting with safe, fun and easy to use sailboats WindRider has grown to offer parts and apparel for all sorts of water related fun. The mission of WindRider is to help people enjoy

  15. WINDRIDER 16

    Windrider (USA) Designer: Jim Brown/Windrider: KLSC Leaderboard. Sailboat Calculations Definitions S.A. / Displ.: 37.53: calculation mobile. ... A Ballast/Displacement ratio of 40 or more translates into a stiffer, more powerful boat that will be better able to stand up to the wind. Bal./Disp = ballast (lbs)/ displacement (lbs)*100

  16. 17' Windrider Windrider 17 Trimaran

    2015 17' Windrider Windrider 17 Trimaran sailboat for sale in High Point North Carolina. Home. Register & Post. View All Sailboats. Search. Avoid Fraud. ... Beam. Draft. Location. Price. 2015. 17' ' ' North Carolina. $6,575. Description: Windrider 17 trimaran in excellent shape. 2015 WR17 trailer, WR motor mount, 2020 Minnkota electric motor ...

  17. 17' Windrider Rave hydrofoiling trimaran $5900

    17′ Windrider Rave hydrofoiling trimaran. Boat is complete, in good condition and has all the factory options. Includes: Custom galvanized trailer with new waterproof LED lights Beach Dolly Roller furled screacher sail mounted on a long bowsprit Adjustable trim tab on the rudder foil Garmin GPS chartplotter on a RAM mount (less than a year old) Neil Pryde laminated sails in good shape There ...

  18. WindRider 16 Trimaran

    WindRider 16 Trimaran. Easy to transport. Easy to rig. Simple, fast and fun for anyone who wants to sail. Introduced in 1995, the original WindRider 16 is the boat that started the buzz. The roomy cockpit accommodates a sailor and a child, and for bigger groups the optional trampolines offer room for a couple more friends.

  19. WindRider 10

    The WindRider 10 (also WindRider Tango) is a trimaran sailboat manufactured by WindRider LLC, designed by Mark Balogh and WindRider LLC [2] and introduced in 2002. Production had ended by 2020. [1] The design features an adjustable seat and a kick-up aluminium rudder. [2] It described as "basically a ten foot sit-on-top kayak with alot [ sic ...

  20. Windrider 17 Main Sail by Super Sailmakers

    Windrider 17 - Main. Made from a specially-made 6 oz. Colored Dacron, 3 partial battens, with a wire luff, and other features. Sales price $1,259.25. Discount. Tax amount. Price / g: Description We make our Main to fit the Windrider 17 with a specially-made 6 oz. Colored Dacron It is designed to utilize your existing 3 partial battens.

  21. WR17 Trimaran Sailboat

    WR17 Trimaran Sailboat The premier WindRider Trimaran is the most fun you'll have on the water. Down by the bay or out on the ocean, a WindRider 17 is your first-class ticket to fast and easy sailing. Enthusiasts of all ages and capabilities can rig and launch it. The mast weighs just 35 lbs for easy lifting, or can be.


    A boat with a BN of 1.6 or greater is a boat that will be reefed often in offshore cruising. Derek Harvey, "Multihulls for Cruising and Racing", International Marine, Camden, Maine, 1991, states that a BN of 1 is generally accepted as the dividing line between so-called slow and fast multihulls.