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Harbor Island Yacht Club

Photo of Harbor Island Yacht Club - San Diego, CA, US. On the water with Captain Frank

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Review Highlights

Leo M.

“ Have rented the Catalina 22's a half-dozen times since then, and am ALWAYS happy with the experience. ” in 11 reviews

harbor-island-yacht-club-san-diego photo mht9qyoYmksY8Nrbn2FCWw

“ If you want to learn to sail and you want a excellent Instructor ask for Captain Frank Dixion. ” in 3 reviews

Brian J.

“ Been using their sailing ships for nearly two decades and have always found their facilities to be great. ” in 6 reviews

Location & Hours

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1880 Harbor Island Dr

San Diego, CA 92101








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About the business.

Business owner information

Photo of Cormac L.

Harbor Yacht Clubs offers sailboat rentals, US sailing instruction, learn to sail packages, private and group sailing lessons, skippered and bareboat sailing charters in San Diego. We carry over 60 of the most popular sailboat models from Hunter, Beneteau, Catalina, and Lagoon. …

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Photo of Leo M.

I took the basic keelboating class (ala Groupon), and was quite surprised that they offered a $400.00 membership for an additional $50.00 on top of my already competitively-priced class. Have rented the Catalina 22's a half-dozen times since then, and am ALWAYS happy with the experience. I like the low-key way they do things... You pay for your boat in the office, and then just go down to the dock and pick whichever boat suits you. MUCH better than a lot of places that are so rule-bound. I have always had a pleasant time renting their boats. This is also one of the few places that will let you single-hand (aka go out by yourself) a boat which is a GREAT experience on San Diego Bay. If you're thinking about taking a class, day sailing, or joining a club, this place is FABULOUS!

Photo of Gs P.

I've chartered (bareboat) a multiday drip from HYC a dozen times. No more. We were on the boat 3 nights, 2 days (we paid for "early boarding"). The boat was filthy. We found a used tampon in a cubby. I have a long list of things that were wrong with the boat. We sailed from San Diego Bay to Mission bay, anchored there, sailed back the next day. I held by breath waiting for something to break much of the time. We rented a Catalina 320. This was the first multi-day sail I did from HYC in about 10 years. As "SYC" they were great! But there is no indication that the boats get any of the TLC the desperately need. My guess is they are running them to the ground before getting out of the business.

Photo of Derek B.

Boat poorly maintained, lost engine at sea due to electrical faults.

Photo of Alexis L.

BEWARE!!!! We rented a sailboat in August 2021 to take a 5 day trip to Catalina island from Long Beach. When we arrived at the location address we found the marina to be in shambles. The docks were old and falling apart. It seemed very unsafe to even walk along the rickety wooden paths to the boat. There wasn't anyone around to greet us or even guide us to the slip of the boat we rented, but we managed to find someone from another company who told us where we would find the boat. We found the slip with a very old sailboat parked in it. This boat that we paid over $4000 to rent was disgusting, in need of repair, filthy, and smelled terribly of mold. The condition of the boat was uninhabitable to say the least. We couldn't bear the smells of the boat from dock let alone standing inside of the boat. I do not recommend renting from this company.

Photo of Maylin T.

definitely a memorable trip but not in the best of ways. we rented out a boat for our friend's bachelorette party for four hours to have a nice, relaxing time out in the ocean. Our captain (who, unfortunately, name we've forgotten) asked us if we wanted to learn more about Point Loma and the land surrounding the harbor. We thought he would sprinkle in a few facts about the land here and there, but that man talked for ALL FOUR HOURS of our trip. Don't get me wrong, we learned A LOT about Point Loma, Colonization, Navy Dolphins, and how the Mai Tais at the Baleen Restaurant are like breasts, " one is not enough and three is too many!" (his words, not ours) but we did not envision our friend's bachelorette excursion to be THAT educational. (we wanted to have drinks, take pictures, and relax lol) We tried shifting the conversation a couple times so that we would enjoy ourselves a little more, and attempted to turn on a speaker to play some music, however he seemed to be annoyed that we weren't paying him attention. I would also like to add that he seemed to have a preference for conversation with the only other white person on the boat, and seemed very dismissive to any follow up questions that the other women (majority women of color) had, which was kind of weird. Aside from that, it was a pretty cool trip and I would still recommend renting from this establishment. He did let us sail the boat a couple times (everyone got a chance which was pretty awesome) but it would have been nice if he let us hang out a little more.

Photo of Eric D.

I will never use this business again. Terrible company. No maintenance of boats. Major failures underway. Not responsive. Deflect and avoid dealing with you when you have problems caused by them. Straight up lie to you saying boat is in full working order then you find out the truth. Reporting to BBB and authorities. Demanding my money back from my credit card company because HIYC manager won't help or return communication. I am warning you not to have to do the same. This was the 3rd time I have been on a boat with major failures from them, 2 of them I was the charterer, 1 other a friend chartered. Never again. Here is my most recent experience in chartering the Lagoon 380 catamaran 'In The Shelter' from HIYC's Long Beach location: The receptionist via phone assured me several times leading up to the trip including the day before that the boat had no issues and everything was in working order. When I arrive, the entire AC electrical system is in disorder and will not be able to be used. The staff on the dock made it seem like even having to talk to me about walking through the boat to check things over before setting off was an annoying inconvenience for him right off the bat. When I discovered the nav lights on the front of the boat weren't working he didn't want to fix it and I had to pressure him to. Little did I know the anchor light was also not working, as it is at the top of the mast and this was in the daylight. Starboard engine unreliable start, takes long time to start. Seems like faulty wiring. Not full fuel tank (3/4 full). Some Lights on switch panel not working. The following issues occurred on our trip. 1) Discovered 4 sharp wood screws sticking 1 inch down from ceiling in starboard hallway at head level. 1 crew member has gash on forehead from it. Complete Negligence and disregard for customer's safety. The screws are from the missing door that used to be there. At least have the sense to remove the sharp screws! Could seriously have penetrated someone's skull from rocking underway or anchored! 2) Waste tank leaks out of boat on port side even though valves fully closed. Checked constantly nothing I could do. Expensive fine risk. Especially at Avalon. 3) Main halyard block broke and detached from head of main sail while we were sailing in moderate winds. Had to use spinnaker halyard to hoist crew member up to top of mast with boat hook in hand to retrieve block. I brought my own harness for that. We had to cut the spinnaker halyard as the snap shackle was corroded shut making it unable to be disconnected from dolphin striker(?) pole even after using WD-40 and degreaser and pliers with spin halyard loosened. Had to replace main halyard block with shackle I had brought. 4) Jib started unzipping from fore-stay while underway. They had a small line holding it down on the tack to the roller furler which had cut right through it with its sharp edge. I replaced that line with a shackle I brought. 5) No anchor light. Dangerous for risk if other boat colliding w us at night when sleeping. 6) Broken motor bracket on dinghy on first and only use of dinghy just around Descanso in Avalon. Dinghy motor and fuel tank are now stored in port motor hatch. 7) Electrical junction box missing cover. Under salon couch in storage area. Fire/shock risk. 8) Only ~1/3 full dinghy propane tank 9) Bimini all loose moves around so much not good to grab it when moving about cockpit for safety 10) Patio table top disconnected from port side pole 11) Starboard Cabin door to salon missing half of door 12) 1 empty propane tank for kitchen 13) 3 empty small grill propane tanks for grill, so not possible to use grill 14) Oven such low heat that it takes 3X cooking time. They didn't get back to me until the boat was due back. As a result of these issues my 4 days had little sailing and a ton of fixing that is their job. I have entered a dispute with my bank and expect a refund. Also reporting to BBB and relevant authority. Potential customers need to know how little this company cares about them.

harbor island yacht club

See all photos from Eric D. for Harbor Island Yacht Club

They rented me a boat for catalina island (3 days) from long beach, Lagoon 380, that did not have working alternators and had a big leak. Even though I paid for the additional insurance for "zero liability", they did not help me. I had to get a jump start at $120 and now they will not answer nor return my calls or emails. They are actively avoiding me. There was another boat there that had to get towed back to HIYC as well and they complained about the same treatment. Its not only about the $120, its about not being able to enjoy our trip because they withheld information that was critical. And guess what, they rented this same boat to another person as soon as we were back. This business is run by people who will lie to you and then avoid dealing with the consequences. TERRIBLE

Photo of Carolina Oliveira N.

Horrible service, rude employee, they don't care about the boats, noting works. Very bad experience!

Photo of Steven S.

Chartered Lagoon 380 out of Long Beach. We were not allowed to inspect vessel prior to boarding even though we had visited the marina months in advance. Boat ridden hard and put away wet. After having chartered Cats through Moorings and San Diego Multihull, this boat was far below expectations in condition and cleanliness. Had to wash all dishes prior to use. Shower sump pump not working, one bilge pump would not shut off necessitating its disconnection from wiring harness. Dinghy motor missing a blade on the prop and was partially deflated with no pump on hand to revive it. After having owned boats for many years, I was embarassed to sit on this dinged, marred and scuffed vessel at the mooring.

Photo of Jimcondon10 C.

I have been a member for years and have always had a very positive sailing experience. Most economical way to sail without the headaches of ownership. Young man working on the dock was very helpful and 22' was in great shape. Had a great sail last Friday. Jim Condon 8/5/20

San Diego Bay.

San Diego Bay.

Photo of Carlsbad F.

what an amazing experience! the club is great - the equipment and facilities are awesome. the dock hands were really helpful. special mention to Chris - he really knows these boats. the price is the best in probably the US. and of course- Captain Frank Dixon - is a very thorough instructor- and i could not have asked for a better teacher. all i can say about any negative reviews is this - people should use a checklist and checkout boats thoroughly before acceptance and departure and there would be no complaints because issues are immediately addressed when found. i look forward to many more adventures with the club here as well as in long beach! thank you Harbor Island Yacht Club!

harbor island yacht club

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harbor island yacht club

Harbor Island Yacht Club

+1 (615) 758-9909

[email protected]

Old Hickory, TN | N 36° 15.286' / W 086° 33.929'

300 Harbor Dr.

Old Hickory, TN 37138

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Harbor Island Yacht Club

Sailboat rental company with 50 yachts for use.

Harbor Island Yacht Club  is a 33 year old company with 50 sail yachts available for individual or group rental. These vessels are all late model, easy-to-sail Catalina or beneteau yachts from 22 ft for novices to 42 ft for the experienced individual. ALL vessels can be rented with a Coast Guard Licensed captain as your guide. We are located directly opposite San Diego airport with easy access to the city and many nearby hotels. Yachts can mostly carry 6 guests each, with ability to accommodate up to 12 guests by separate arrangement. All vessels have engines as well as sailing ability so why not consider renting a yacht or two for your family or small group, take along a lunch and some drinks (BYO or we can supply) and spend a wonderful afternoon sailing up close with the city on our large sheltered bay, or venture to the nearby ocean. 

Harbor Island Yacht Club

Neighborhood: Downtown

1880 Harbor Island Drive San Diego, CA 92101

Contact Info

(619) 630-6383 [email protected]

9:00 am to 5:00 pm 7 days a week

Corporate Sail Regattas / Yacht Rentals

  • 50 yachts to choose from 22 to 42 ft
  • BYO food & beverage or we can supply
  • Rent a nice yacht with or without a 'captain'
  • Great corporate activity for small groups up to 12
  • The bay has so much sheltered sailing area

Great on the water activities

  • NO seasickness guarantee when sailing on the bay
  • Unique sailing up close with the city
  • Small team-building activity
  • Group off-site events
  • Your own private Whale Watching excursions
  • Take 2 identical yachts for a fun race
  • Sunsets are best from a yacht on the water

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harbor island yacht club

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Harbor Island Yacht Club


1880 Harbor Island Drive San Diego, CA 92101 Local Phone: (619) 291-7245 Toll Free: (800) 553-7245


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harbor island yacht club

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Summer sail camp at the Harbor Island Yacht Club in Nashville

Children ages 7-17 get a chance to learn to sail every summer at Harbor Island Yacht Club in Nashville.

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Your One-Stop Resource for Restaupreneurs and Foodies in the Philippines and Southeast Asia

8 Yacht Clubs and Marinas in the Philippines to Moor Your Boat In

Yacht Clubs and Marinas | 8 Yacht Clubs and Marinas in the Philippines to Moor Your Boat In | Filipinos’ history as a maritime people date back to prehistoric times. In fact, the Philippines’ basic sociopolitical unit today, the barangay, traces its etymological origins to the balangay , the ancient outrigger boats that were used by precolonial Filipino communities to explore and conquer islands this side of the Pacific. As a people belonging to a seafaring culture, it’s no wonder that modern Filipinos are taking a retrospective look at their glorious past as Austronesian mariners and are developing a renewed love for the ocean and marinas as present-day yachtsmen.

Today, Philippine marinas look to accommodate more and more yachts and other pleasure watercrafts as the years go by. In 2017, an ASEAN Briefing op-ed piece named the Philippines as a country with high potential in yacht industry growth. The natural beauty of the Philippine islands and its fantastic bays, combined with a growing interest in leisurely sea travel, can explain the spike in yachting activities throughout the country.

Are you part of the demographic that’s become enamored of the yachting lifestyle? Do you want to know where in the country you can berth your watercraft? Leading sailboat and motorboat authority Europa Yachts is happy to enter the conversation, and recommends the following locations for discovering the Philippines through yachting. Here is a short list of clubs and marinas in the country, organized by island region.  

Manila Yacht Club and Marina, Manila, Metro Manila

Established in 1927, the Manila Yacht Club and Marina is one of the oldest yacht clubs in all of Asia, and is nestled in the scenic Manila Bay. It is also near other well-known landmarks in the city, such as the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), the headquarters of the Philippine Navy, and the US Embassy. Facilities in the marina include a launching ramp and a fueling center, and the club itself is host to a restaurant and gorgeous function rooms. The Manila Yacht Club only welcomes visitors who arrive by boat, and it charges an initial security deposit of USD 750 upon arrival. Club membership is mandatory for medium and long-term mooring of boats.

Subic Bay Yacht Club, Zambales

The Subic Bay Yacht Club, which was founded in 1998, upholds itself as the country’s premier yacht club. It operates in the deepest bay in the country, and can host vessels well beyond 50 meters in length. Already benefitting from the innate beauty of the Zambales mountains surrounding it, the club hosts a number of other attractions, including its luxury accommodations, swimming pools, and its own movie theater, bowling alley, and nightclub. Those who venture outside of the club’s premises can also shop for well-priced imported goods at the Subic Freeport Zone, engage in water sports , or sign up for diving excursions.

Punta Fuego Yacht Club, Batangas

Peaceful Punta Fuego is a mecca for those who love the sport of sailing. As per its official website, the Punta Fuego Yacht Club aims to serve “a dynamic and vibrant community of boat enthusiasts and yacht owners.” This it does by playing host to a diverse population of watercrafts, from large catamarans and mono-hull yachts to small boats. Non-members of the club may use the berths for up to 3 weeks, and can refuel at the marina’s fueling station. The yacht club offers other amenities such as locker rooms, shower rooms, Internet facilities, a chart room, and a restaurant called Barracuda Bar, which serves delicious fares. Outside of the yachting crowd, Punta Fuego Yacht Club also caters to those wishing to celebrate weddings, conferences, and corporate events in their opulent quarters.

Puerto Galera Yacht Club, Oriental Mindoro

Further south, yachtsmen may moor at the Puerto Galera Yacht Club in Oriental Mindoro, an island location that’s home to tourist attractions like the Sabang Wreck dive site, lively beachfront resorts, and the Malasimbo Music Festival. Puerto Galera Yacht Club has been in operation for almost thirty years and lends services such as refueling provisions and yacht repairs from its marina. Boat owners also enjoy optimal convenience if mooring here, as they can also shop for spare parts in the nearby Batangas port.

Busuanga Yacht Club, Puerta del Sol Bay Marina, Palawan

Beautiful Palawan is a bucket-list destination for many, especially those who dream of cruising its crystalline waters. Accommodating the yachting community in this island province is the Busuanga Yacht Club, which promises secure mooring amidst breathtaking white-sand beaches. Here, each vessel will benefit from a typhoon-safe harbor, easy refueling, and direct access to transportation hubs like the New Busuanga Airport. Adjoining this marina is the Puerta del Sol Bay Resort, which offers luxurious accommodations to visitors. When not atop the deck of a boat, travelers can also explore the lagoons and freshwater lakes of Coron, go shipwreck diving, or relax in the hot springs of Maquinit.

Iloilo Sailing Club, Arevelo, Iloilo City, Iloilo

Iloilo Province is home to some of the country’s most beautiful old-world architecture, a flourishing ecotourism industry, and delectably fresh seafood cuisine. What will round off an unforgettable visit to Iloilo, however, is an excursion to the Iloilo Sailing Club on a leisure watercraft. The club accepts visitors and encourages membership in the case of medium and long-stay mooring. It also hosts a number of amenities and activities, including a dinghy storage, a beach bar and restaurant, and classes for those who want to learn about sailing. In recent months, the Iloilo Sailing Club has also been a convenient meet-up point for big maritime events, such as the Iloilo-Guimaras Paraw Regatta and the Seafarers’ Job Fair.

Cebu Yacht Club, Mactan Island, Cebu

The historic Mactan Island in Cebu was the site of Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan’s arrival in the Philippines. Now known as a commercial hub that hosts a prolific furniture and musical instruments industries, Mactan is also the location of the Cebu Yacht Club, an institution that is beloved by the locals. Aside from being an ideal spot to restock on much-needed fuel and supplies, the Cebu Yacht Club is also a trusted club to commission for boat repairs. There’s a good vibe in this club for everybody, as it sports both luxury accommodations and a waterfront strip of restaurants that laid-back diners can frequent. MINDANAO

Holiday Oceanview Marina, Samal Island, Davao del Norte

The Holiday Oceanview Marina is a major attraction of Samal Island in Davao del Norte Province, one that welcomes Filipino and foreign yachtsmen alike to moor within its premises. The space is quite roomy, in fact, with 56 berths that can fit vessels up to 15 meters in length. The club also has a boat ramp that can accommodate boats up to 18 meters in length. The well-guarded and weather-safe marina is a gateway to some of Mindanao’s finest attractions, such as the Pearl Farm, Hagimit Falls, and Giant Clam Sanctuary.  

There’s no better way to discover the Philippines from end to end than getting onboard a seaworthy vessel and going on a long cruise, with stops in some of the most beautiful places in the country. Find a safe harbor in any of these major clubs and marinas, and participate in the renaissance of sailing in the Philippines.

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Poisoned trees gave a wealthy couple in Maine a killer ocean view. Residents wonder, at what cost?

There was one thing missing when a wealthy Missouri couple purchased their oceanfront home overlooking Camden Harbor in Maine: The million-dollar view was blocked by a neighbor's trees

CAMDEN, Maine -- Suspicious deaths in an idyllic seaside community and detective work that points to poison sound like themes from a classic murder mystery. But the victims in this Maine whodunnit were trees that stood in the way of a wealthy family’s oceanfront view, allegedly felled by well-heeled killers who, while ostracized and publicly shamed, remain free.

Wealth and hubris fuel the tale of a politically connected Missouri couple who allegedly poisoned their neighbor’s trees to secure their million-dollar view of Camden Harbor. The incident that was unearthed by the victim herself — the philanthropic wife of L.L. Bean’s late president — has united local residents in outrage.

To make matters worse, the herbicide used to poison the trees leached into a neighboring park and the town’s only public seaside beach. The state attorney general is now investigating.

“Anybody dumb enough to poison trees right next to the ocean should be prosecuted, as far as I’m concerned,” said Paul Hodgson, echoing the view of many exasperated residents in Camden, a community of 5,000 nestled at the foot of mountains that sweep upward from the Atlantic Ocean and overlook a harbor filled with lobster boats, yachts and schooners.

If this were a made-for-TV drama, the story set against the backdrop of this quaint village would have it all: Wealthy out-of-state villains, a sleuthing member of the venerable L.L. Bean family, and the same powerful chemical used to avenge Alabama’s loss on the football field to archrival Auburn.

Amelia Bond, former CEO of the St. Louis Foundation, which oversees charitable funds with more than $500 million in assets, brought the herbicide from Missouri in 2021 and applied it near oak trees on the waterfront property of Lisa Gorman, wife of the late Leon Gorman, L.L. Bean’s president and grandson of L.L. himself, according to a pair of consent agreements with the town and the state pesticide board.

Bond’s husband, Arthur Bond III, is an architect and the nephew of former U.S. Sen. Kit Bond. Their summer home, owned by a trust, is situated directly behind Gorman's home, farther up the hill.

When the trees and other vegetation began dying, Amelia Bond told Gorman in June 2022 that the tree didn’t look good and offered to share the cost of removing them, Gorman's lawyer wrote in a document.

Instead, Gorman had the trees tested. Soon, lawyers were involved.

More than $1.7 million in fines and settlements later, the trees are now gone and the harbor view from the Bond’s home is improved. But the chemical has leached into a neighboring park and beach, leaving the Bonds potentially on the hook for further monitoring and remediation, and Maine's attorney general has agreed to further investigate the incident.

The herbicide — Tebuthiuron — was the same one used in 2010 by an angry Alabama football fan to kill the Toomer’s Corner oak trees at Auburn University, following a Crimson Tide loss to their archrival. The incident earned jail time for Harvey Updyke, who acknowledged poisoning the trees.

Tebuthiuron contaminates soil and doesn’t break down, so it continues to kill plants. At Auburn University, it took the removal of about 1,780 tons (1,615 metric tons) of contaminated material to achieve negligible levels of the chemical in the soil.

Short of removing the soil, the only other solution is dilution — waiting for nature to thin out the concentration of the herbicide to safe levels for plants. It could take six months to two years for it to be diluted enough to no longer endanger to plants, said Scott McElroy, an Auburn professor specializing in weed science and herbicide chemistry.

Back in Maine, Tom Hedstrom, chair of the Select Board, said his job typically requires finding consensus on how to proceed with delicate political matters. But this time there is no need because residents are united in their anger.

Hedstrom said he, too, is appalled by the behavior.

“Wealth and power don’t always go hand in hand with intelligence, education and morals,” he said. “This was atrocious and gross and any other word you want to use to describe abhorrent behavior.”

The Bonds have paid a price for their actions, which they acknowledged in the consent agreements.

They paid $4,500 to resolve Maine Board of Pesticides Control Board violations for unauthorized use of an herbicide that was applied inappropriately and not allowed for residential use, $180,000 to resolve violations with the town and another $30,000 for additional environmental testing, according to documents. They also paid more than $1.5 million to Gorman in a legal settlement, according to a memo from Jeremy Martin, the town's planning and development director.

A lawyer for the Bonds said they have no comment, but they “continue to take the allegations against them seriously. They continue to cooperate with the town of Camden, state of Maine and the Gormans, as they have done over the last two years.”

A lawyer for Gorman declined comment.

Rep. Vicki Doudera, D-Camden, said she intends to address the $4,500 maximum fine that the Maine Board of Pesticide Control Board was allowed to assess. One of her ideas is a sliding scale that accounts for scope of damage and intent.

“It makes me so livid," Doudera said. "This situation, the minute I heard about it, I thought, ’Wow! These people are going to get a slap on the wrist. That’s just not right."

On a recent afternoon, no one was home at the Bond's residence while people walked their dogs less than 500 feet (150 meters) away on Laite Memorial Beach, where the herbicide that's lethal to aquatic plants has been detected.

Camden resident Dwight Johnson described as “underhanded” the way Amelia Bond feigned being a good neighbor by offering to share the costs of removing trees that she'd poisoned. Lynn Harrington, another town resident, questioned whether the Bonds could show their faces around town, where they are members of the Camden Yacht Club.

Some residents say the episode fits with the well-worn stereotype of wealthy summer residents “from away” — the Maine term for outsiders — running roughshod over full-time residents.

But some residents pushed back against casting summer residents as trouble makers.

Hodgson said Camden is not without its own rule-bending characters in a community where there are plenty of year-round residents who are both wealthy and entitled. He said some residents in the community where the median income is just under $93,000 — high for Maine, the poorest state in New England -- have been known to cut down trees, knowing it’s illegal.

“They just pay the fine because they have plenty of money,” Hodgson said. “That’s the town we live in.”

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Hotel Glass Resort in Lapland, Finland by VOID Architecture

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Hotel FERENC Hotel & Restaurant in Lviv, Ukraine

harbor island yacht club

Country villa COSMOS BlackRock with a terrace in Western Ukraine from COSMOS Prefab

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HACHI Apart Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand by Octane Architect & Design

The best yacht clubs in moscow and premium new buildings next to them.

harbor island yacht club

The moorings within the Moscow Ring Road allow regular sailing even for those who, due to high employment, cannot often travel out of town

harbor island yacht club

Passenger river transportation is being actively revived in Moscow. Already in June, for the first time in 17 years, the authorities promise to launch river buses. Maybe that's why the idea of ​​owning a yacht is increasingly coming up among wealthy Muscovites, and there are more and more yachtsmen who would like to live close to the place of attraction of like-minded people. Next to the yacht clubs there are 21 projects in the primary market of Moscow. More than half of these projects are premium. The experts of the portal, using the data of the Metrium company, decided to talk about the leading metropolitan centers of yachting and tourism, as well as about the premium-class complexes adjacent to them.

Dream Island Marina on the Nagatinsky Peninsula

Dream Island Marina is located on the Nagatinsky Peninsula, in the harbor of the Northern Landscape Park of the Dream Island entertainment center. This is the only modern yacht club (opened in 2021) in the central part of the capital's water area. Moreover, its port stands at the source of a large-scale deep-sea system of the European part of Russia, which unites the whole country. The club has two berths with a capacity of up to 40 seats. The water area is designed for boats and yachts of any size. There is a school of navigators, which teaches how to operate a small vessel. You can rent catamarans, boats and yachts. A restaurant with a grill area is open. Nearby is Dream Island Wake Park, where you can go water skiing and wake surfing.

The closest new building to Dream Island Marina is the Dream Towers residential complex (pictured). Apartments in the project cost 484.2 thousand rubles on average per sq. m. meter. The houses are planned to be put into operation in the next month.

harbor island yacht club

Moscow Imperial River Yacht Club on Balchug Island

The Moscow Imperial River Yacht Club is located in the center, next to the monument to Peter the Great on Balchug Island. The founders of the yacht club restored an old building on the banks of the Moscow River. Today it hosts social events. The development of the club mainly depends on the implementation of the new quarter “Red October”, adjacent to the water. The developer of the project – Guta Development – is going to restore the berths for ships and river taxis.

Not far from the yacht club, sales are carried out in four projects: Residences Zamoskvorechye, Sky House, Golutvinsky, 10 and Vernissage. In “Residences Zamoskvorechye” “square” will cost an average of 517.1 thousand rubles, in Sky House – 401.5 thousand rubles. Both complexes have already been put into operation. In “Golutvinsky, 10” the average price per square meter. meters is 1.3 million rubles. Keys have to wait until the end of the year. In Vernissage, a “square” costs 634.2 thousand rubles. The house will be completed in the second quarter of 2024.

harbor island yacht club

Berth of the Moscow City business center

The pier is located on the territory of the Moscow City business center, which and gave it a name. Charter and pleasure flights depart from the Moscow-City pier. Here you can rent cruise and pleasure yachts even for a few days.

The Oko and Neva Towers skyscrapers are being built in the business center itself. Both are ready. In the first quarter a meter will cost an average of 679.3 thousand rubles, in the second – 660.3 thousand. Also, the Onest quarter is being built nearby, where prices are higher: an average of 724.9 rubles. However, delivery is scheduled only for the second quarter of 2025.

harbor island yacht club

Estate Park on Serebryany Bor Island

Manor Park is the largest yacht club on Serebryany Bor Island. The yacht port has a berth designed for 36 vessels up to 15 meters long. Rowing boat rental, boating and jet skiing, on the “banana” are available. The pier is combined with the Manor restaurant.

The nearest complexes are Capital Coast and Wellton Spa Residence. In the already finished project “Coast of the Capital” sq. meter is estimated by the developer at an average of 767.6 thousand rubles. In Wellton Spa Residence, the average “square” costs 481 thousand rubles. The project is going to go live in about a month.

harbor island yacht club

Radisson Royal Moscow flotilla near Ukraine Hotel

The Radisson Royal Moscow flotilla is a transport company, and its largest berth is located on the embankment near the Ukraine Hotel. River trams, yachts and motor ships constantly start from here. You can rent the ships of the flotilla, but you won’t be able to rent a place for your own yacht on this pier.

Less than a kilometer from the base of the Radisson Royal Moscow flotilla, the Badaevsky complex is being built. You can buy an apartment here for an average of 1 million rubles per sq. meter. The project will be commissioned at the end of 2025.

harbor island yacht club


harbor island yacht club

Five new buildings in the center of Moscow with the largest selection of apartments

harbor island yacht club

How to use matkapital when buying an apartment or house

harbor island yacht club

How buyers of country real estate have changed

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    Harbor Yacht Clubs offers sailboat rentals, sailing lessons, bareboat charters, and catamaran instruction at Harbor Island Yacht Club in San Diego and Long Beach. Due to the closure of the Long Beach marina, the club is moving back to San Diego.

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    Specialties: Harbor Yacht Clubs offers sailboat rentals, US sailing instruction, learn to sail packages, private and group sailing lessons, skippered and bareboat sailing charters in San Diego. We carry over 60 of the most popular sailboat models from Hunter, Beneteau, Catalina, and Lagoon. Established in 1987. Harbor Yacht Clubs offers sailboat rentals, US SAILING lessons, skippered charters ...

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    Harbor Island Yacht Club is located on scenic Old Hickory Lake (a part of the Cumberland River waterway), just to the northeast of Nashville in Wilson County, Tennessee. HIYC was formed in 1961 by a group of sailing enthusiasts. The club has steadily grown and now has a membership of over 125 families including active, junior, and associate ...

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    The Harbor Island Yacht Club page on - the first place to stop for reports, results, fixtures & photographs from racing sailing

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    Harbor Island Yacht Club is a marina located in Old Hickory, TN | N 36° 15.286', W 086° 33.929'

  11. San Diego Sailboat Rentals & Charters

    Harbor Island Yacht Club | San Diego sailboat rentals & skippered sailing charters. Sailboats 22-40 ft in length from Capri, Catalina, Hunter, Beneteau

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    Harbor Island Yacht Club, Old Hickory, TN, United States Marina. Find marina reviews, phone number, boat and yacht docks, slips, and moorings for rent at Harbor Island Yacht Club.

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    ⛵️Founded in 1961, Harbor Island Yacht Club in Nashville, TN is Middle Tennessee's premier sailing club. We race, we cruise, and we socialize on beautiful Old Hickory Lake on the Cumberland ...

  14. Harbor Island Yacht Club

    1880 Harbor Island Drive San Diego, CA 92101 Phone: (800) 553-7245 Website: ... Body of Water: San Diego Bay County: San Diego Type of Facility: Yacht Club Open To: Private Region: San Diego. Mailing Address: 1880 Harbor Island Drive San Diego, CA 92101 Minimum Boat Length: 22 Maximum Boat Length: 42. Services Boat Rentals. Environmental Services.

  15. Harbor Island Yacht Club

    Harbor Island Yacht Club is a 33 year old company with 50 sail yachts available for individual or group rental. Our emphasis is on Corporate Sailing Regattas for team-building or just quality off-site fun & reward. We have conducted 974 regatta events for over 65,000 local & visiting business guests. In 2020 we will reach 1,000 events!

  16. Harbor Island Yacht Club

    Enjoy a sailing adventure on the bay or the ocean with Harbor Island Yacht Club, a 33 year old company with 50 yachts to choose from. You can rent a yacht with or without a captain, BYO food and beverage, and experience the city from a different perspective.

  17. Contact

    Harbor Island Yacht Club. 1880 Harbor Island Drive. San Diego, CA 92101. Local Phone: (619) 291-7245. Toll Free: (800) 553-7245.

  18. Summer sail camp at the Harbor Island Yacht Club in Nashville

    Children ages 7-17 get a chance to learn to sail every summer at Harbor Island Yacht Club in Nashville.

  19. Harbor Island Yacht Club

    1880 Harbor Island Drive, San Diego. Up to 55% Off on Sailing - Training at Harbor Island Yacht Club. 4.7 145 Groupon Ratings. Two-Day Beginner US Sailing Basic Keelboat Course for One. 720+ bought. Extra $24.75 off, today only. $495. $247.50. $222.75.

  20. 8 Yacht Clubs and Marinas in the Philippines to Moor Your Boat In

    The Holiday Oceanview Marina is a major attraction of Samal Island in Davao del Norte Province, one that welcomes Filipino and foreign yachtsmen alike to moor within its premises. The space is quite roomy, in fact, with 56 berths that can fit vessels up to 15 meters in length. The club also has a boat ramp that can accommodate boats up to 18 ...

  21. The Top 50 Most Exclusive Yacht Clubs In The World Honored ...

    Naples Yacht Club. Founded in 1947 and situated on Naples Bay, the Club has the proud distinction of being the city's first and oldest private club and its marina has 75 concrete floating docks ...

  22. Poisoned trees gave a wealthy couple in Maine a killer ocean view

    Paul Hodgson talks about the anger in the community over one homeowner's poisoning of a neighbor's trees to gain a waterfront view, Tuesday, June 4, 2024, in Camden, Maine.

  23. Harbor Island Yacht Club

    About Harbor Island Yacht Club With a fleet of more than 50 sailboats and two locations, Harbor Island Yacht Club helps its members get out on the water. Their 22- to 42-foot sailboats are available for members who want to take lessons or explore the water on their own. Its US Sailing-certified school is manned by instructors who teach learn-to ...

  24. Yacht club "Royal Yacht Club": address, description, photos

    Royal Yacht Club is the center of yachting life in Moscow, imbued with European spirit and combines a modern yacht port, a unique coastal restaurant, spacious spectator stands, a cozy business center and the DoubleTree by Hilton Moscow - Marina. Luxury recreation on the water within the city limits, berth for vessels from 6 to 40 meters, one of the best restaurants of Arkady Novikov ...

  25. The best yacht clubs in Moscow and premium new buildings next to them

    Next to the yacht clubs there are 21 projects in the primary market of Moscow. More than half of these projects are premium. The experts of the portal, using the data of the Metrium company, decided to talk about the leading metropolitan centers of yachting and tourism, as well as about the premium-class complexes adjacent to them ...