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Contact: Ben’s Yacht Services

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Yacht Services & Facilities on St Lucia

St Lucia lies in the Leeward Islands of the Eastern Caribbean with St Vincent to the south and Martinique to the north.

St Lucia now has become the home of some of the best yacht service providers in the Eastern Caribbean, which may be why it is that the ARC ( Atlantic Rally for Cruisers ) finishes at Rodney Bay each year.

National Flag of St Lucia

Currency:   Eastern Caribbean Dollar ($EC)

Official Language:  English

International Dialing Code:  + 1758

Port of Entry:  Castries; Marigot; Rodney Bay; Soufrierre; Vieux Fort.

Click on any one of the following to find an on-island provider:~

Boatyards & marinas, chandleries & fishing gear suppliers, diesel mechanics, dinghy repair & liferaft services, dive centres, electrical & electronic services, gas bottle refills, hull painting and brightwork specialists, hull repair & gelcoat specialists, laundries for cruisers, outboard motor service & repair, refrigeration and air conditioning engineers, rigging services.

Sailmakers, Canvaswork & Upholstery

Shipwrights & Carpenters

Watermaker services, welding & stainless steel fabrication, yacht management & guardianage, yacht surveyors.

If the particular Yacht Service or Facility that you're looking for isn't shown here, it means that it probably isn't available on this island. If you know differently, then  please let us know...

IGY Rodney Bay Boatyard: ph (758) 572 7200;

Marina at Marigot: ph (758) 451 4275;

Rodney Bay Marina: ph (758) 452 0324;

Capella Marigot Bay Resort and Marina: ph (758) 451 4275;

The Landings: ph (758) 452-0422;

Island Water World: ph (758) 452 1222;

Johnson's Marine Hardware: ph (758) 452 0299;

NAPA: ph (758) 542 5034;

Location: Rodney Bay Lagoon , Saint Lucia;

Phone:  (758) 450 05 52, Mobile:  (758) 484 60 31, Fax:  (758) 450 07 17;

VHF: Channel 71;

Services & Facilities:  Diesel Engine & Generator installation and repair, electrical services and installations, refrigeration and air-conditioning services, fuel polishing, watermaker repair and installation;

email: [email protected]

MarinTek : ph (758) 484 6031; more details...

Quick & Reliable: ph (758) 520 5544;

A1 Island Marine Supplies: ph (758) 452-9404;

Liferaft & Inflatable Centre: ph (758) 452 8306;

Action Adventure Divers: ph (758) 459 5599;

Buddies Scuba: ph (758) 450 8406;

Island Divers: ph (758) 456 8110;

Scuba St Lucia: ph (758) 459 7000;

Regis Electronics

Location: Rodney Bay Marina, St Lucia;

Phone: (758) 452 0205, Fax: (758) 452 0206;

Services & Facilities:  Supply, service and installation of all major Marine Electronic equipment including Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Generators and Watermakers;

Website:   www.regiselectronics.com

email: [email protected]

Amtec Electronics: ph (758) 720 5253;

Regis Electronics: ph (758) 452 0205; more details...

MarinTek: ph (758) 484 6031; more details...

Henning Schneider Marine Engineering Services: ph (758) 285 3266;

Suds Laundry: ph (758) 285 4388;

BBC Yachting: ph (758) 716 7610;

Curtis 'Bashman' Edmond:  ph (758) 384 9643;

Elvis Helidore: ph (758) 284 3989;

Kennedy Joseph: ph (758) 716 0383;

Mermaid Marine: ph (758) 488 5291;

Maggies Laundry:  ph (758) 488 4305;

Marigothill Laundromat: ph (758) 458 3649;

Peak Laundry Services :  ph (758) 721 5182;

Sparkle Laundry: ph (758) 450 8189; 

Suds Laundry:  ph (758) 285 4388;

A.F.Valmont: ph 758-452-3817;

A1 Island Marine Supplies: ph 758-452-9404;

KP Marine:  ph 758-450-5564;

Marine Machine: ph 758-452-2662;

Max Marine:  ph 758-720-5938;

Prudent Repairs: ph (758) 459 4334;

Quick Fix Refrigeration: ph (758) 484 9016;

Rodney Bay Sails:  ph (758) 452 8648;  more details...

The Sail Loft: ph (758) 452 1222;

Sailmakers,  Canvaswork & Upholstery

Rodney bay sails.

Location:   Rodney Bay Marina, St Lucia;

Phone:  (758) 452 8648;

Services & Facilities:  Agent for Doyle Sails, canvas work, rigging services;

email: [email protected]

Brocco Sail Repairs: ph (758) 452 8350;

Caribbean Awning Production Co: ph (758) 457 7462;

Lubeco: ph (758) 454 6025;

Rodney Bay Sails: ph (758) 452 8648; more details... 

Miller Philip: ph (758) 450 8679;

Pride: ph (758) 284 7948;

Tyson: ph (758) 452 5794;

Ryte Weld Enterprises: ph (758) 450 80 19;

ARC Dynamic Workshop: ph (758) 518 1234;

Ben's Yacht Services: ph (758) 459 5457;

Destination St Lucia: ph (758) 452 8531;

Harmony Yacht Services: ph (758) 267 4261;

Kessel Marine: ph (758) 450 0651;

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Chandleries & Fishing Gear Suppliers;

Diesel Mechanics;

Dinghy Repair & Liferaft Services;

Dive Centres & Services;

Electrical & Electronic Services;

Gas Bottle Refills;

Hull Painting and Brightwork Specialists;

Hull Repair & Gelcoat Specialists;

Laundries for Cruisers;

Outboard Motor Service and Repair;

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers;

Rigging Services;

Sailmakers, Canvaswork & Upholstery;

Shipwrights & Carpenters;

Watermaker Services;

Welding & Stainless Steel Fabrication;

Yacht Management & Guardianage;

Yacht Surveyors;

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  • Yacht Charter St Lucia

Yacht Charter in St Lucia

Earlybird by Lagoon - Top rates for a Charter of a private Luxury Catamaran in St Lucia

St Lucia yacht charter

While the tried and tested islands of the Caribbean offer much to the adventurous and upscale traveler, there are still many islands in the region that offer something unique and new to the avid holidaymaker. St. Lucia, a sovereign island state that was once occupied by France, is one such island, offering two worlds in one tiny island. On the northside of St. Lucia is a bustling region, filled with shops, cafes, and even the daily traffic. To the south is packed with lush vegetation, fabulous beaches, and beautiful natural scenery that includes rainforests and waterfalls. With the Caribbean Sea to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to its east, it's no surprise that St. Lucia is a favorite among yacht enthusiasts who love the island's unique mix of African, Caribbean, Indian, Spanish, French, and British culture.

Why charter a yacht in St Lucia?

Take your pick from a wide range of water activities such as surfing, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and windsurfing; or jump from one island to another on the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean. Either way, a yacht charter in St. Lucia is truly the best way to experience what this Windward Island has to offer. To charter a yacht, whether for a one-day itinerary, or a one-week liveaboard, opens you up to a world of opportunity where rainforests meet high-end resorts on the beach, and local culture is a unique blend of European and Caribbean sensibilities.

What are yacht charter prices in St Lucia?

A yacht charter paradise, take your pick from small motor yachts, monohulls, huge catamarans, or the ultimate luxurious choice: a superyacht. A 3-cabin monohull that's 42 feet in length and accommodates a group of 8 adults can cost around $12,200 for 7 nights; while a 58-foot 6-cabin catamaran for 10 adults can cost around $25,700 for 7 nights. A 270-foot superyacht, on the other hand, equipped with everything you need for an unforgettable luxurious stay on the waters can cost around $840,000 for a week's charter in St Lucia.

When is the yachting season in St Lucia?

St. Lucia has a tropical climate and is governed by two seasons: the dry and wet seasons. Yachting season on the island, therefore, occurs during the dry season when the skies are clear and the waters are calm. The dry season is from December to May, making these months the best time for a yacht charter on the island.

St Lucia yacht charter for a day

St. Lucia is blessed with countless beaches and natural wonders, including waterfalls, mountains, rainforests, and plenty of nearby islands. A full day yacht charter can take you to many attractions and sites in St. Lucia, but if you must visit the top beaches, then a yacht charter for a day around the western coast is the best itinerary. The most popular is the Reduit, which is on Rodney Bay. Locals and tourists alike love this beach for its proximity to the shops and restaurants.

A quick trip to Reduit onboard your yacht charter can start your cruise followed by a stop at Jalousie Beach, which offers white sands, crystal blue waters, and a stunning setting between the twin Gros Piton and Petit Piton volcanic peaks. You can also head to the Pigeon Island National Park, which is quiet and uncrowded, perfect for swimming and snorkeling. If you want to venture inland, you can also climb to the vantage point to see the historic Fort Rodney ruins, as well as views of the island Martinique.

St Lucia yacht charter overnight

An overnight yacht charter in St. Lucia brings you to an island with a safe anchorage, where your yacht can stay on the bay and sleep under the stars or in the comforts of your luxury cabin. For an overnight yacht charter, a definite must is the coastal town of Soufriere. This historic town on the western coast features a wealth of hot springs and mineral baths, pretty beaches, bike trails, and sugar plantations that are a must to explore. It is also home to the Diamond Botanical Gardens, one of the top attractions to visit in St. Lucia.

Spend an entire day in this town, visiting the Botanical Gardens, the historical sites such as the town square, then spend a late afternoon on its beaches before heading back to your yacht. In the morning, visit the famed Marigot Bay, where old-Hollywood movies were filmed due to the bay being the epitome of an idyllic Caribbean beach with its palm trees, white sand beach, and perfectly clear crystal blue waters. Enjoy a few hours on this bay, before making your way back to Rodney Bay.

St Lucia yacht charter for a week

If you're heading to St. Lucia to have an exciting, adventure-packed, or for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, then a one-week liveaboard on board a luxury yacht charter is the best option on the island. Here is a sample itinerary for an unforgettable week-long yacht cheer in St. Lucia:

Day 1: Pigeon Island

The Pigeon Island National Park features beautiful beaches, military ruins, and fantastic views from the vantage point of signal Peak. Spend a day on this island on your first day and night on your week-long yacht charter.

Day 2: Pitons Bay

Gros Piton and Petit Piton are two volcanic plugs with emerald green peaks that rise from the blue sea. Hike your way along the Piton ridge and enjoy spectacular views from the vantage points. You can also enjoy the beautiful secluded beaches.

Day 3: Bequia

Head to Admiralty Bay in Bequia and dive at the famous Wall, a 130-feet deep dive spot and home to sea turtles, lobsters, rays, and eels. Visit Port Elizabeth town with its charming waterfront, filled with shops and boutiques.

Day 4: Union Island

Dubbed as the "Tahiti of the West Indies," the island is home to a mountain that's 900 feet above sea level, which is Mount Parnassus. The island is rich in vegetation, fruits, and seafood, making it the perfect midpoint stop for onboard supplies. Its beaches are also idyllic, with white sands and swaying palm trees.

Day 5: Tobago Cays Marine Park

This marine park features 5 uninhabited islands, fantastic scuba diving spots, and home to the Baradel Turtle Sanctuary, and Petit Tabac, famously known as a Pirates of the Caribbean film location.

Day 6: Mustique

This secluded island is only 1400-acres, but its beautiful scenery provides a perfect overnight anchorage for your last night in the waters. Britannia Bay is excellent for fishing and if you want to enjoy inland, hiking and horseback riding along the trails are a must.

Day 7: Rodney Bay

Before heading back to Rodney Bay, cruise along St. Vincent and the beautiful Young Island, which is home to a private resort. Only 35 acres, Young Island, offers crystalline waters and a serene wildlife reserve.

Wedding yacht charter in St Lucia

There are so many venues for a beautiful wedding in St. Lucia, such as a plantation wedding, a resort wedding, a private villa wedding, a private beach, or a yacht charter for a wedding. Whether you need a wedding yacht charter to take you and your guests to a private island, or a secluded beach, a yacht charter will definitely provide you with unforgettable memories in St. Lucia.

Luxury yacht holiday in St Lucia

Home to luxury resorts with private islands and beaches, it is no surprise that St. Lucia is also home to luxury yachts that act as floating resorts in their own rights. Complete with everything you need to have a luxurious yacht holiday, these superyachts feature fully-equipped gyms, Jacuzzis, spas, and spacious decks that allow you to party, lounge, and enjoy the time of your lives.

With luxury at its finest, you are treated like royalty from the minute you step into the marina, till you step off from a one-week liveaboard, or even for just an overnight itinerary. St. Lucia is that small island in the Caribbean that's a hidden gem. One of the crown jewels of the West Indies is the best way to truly enjoy what the island and its surrounding waters have to offer through a yacht charter.

Yacht Charter IN St Lucia

Find a yacht charter at the most popular yachting destinations

  • Yacht Charter in Gros Islet


  • Superyacht Rental in St Lucia
  • Motor Yacht Rental in St Lucia
  • Motor Sailer Rental in St Lucia
  • Luxury Catamaran Rental in St Lucia
  • Sailing Catamaran Rental in St Lucia
  • Power Catamaran Rental in St Lucia
  • Boat Charter in St Lucia


Blanchards Yacht Services

Blanchards Yacht Services

The World's ''Coolest Yacht Agent''

ben's yacht services st lucia

Chartering a Yacht In the Caribbean

Chartering a yacht in the Caribbean is a dream for many, and I understand why. There’s a certain allure to sailing in crystal-clear waters, hopping from island to island at your own pace, while capturing the most beautiful Memories . When you’re looking to turn this dream into reality, the first step is to select the Right Yacht .

The Caribbean offers a variety of yachts, from Sleek Monohulls for an intimate sailing experience to spacious Catamarans for larger parties. Size matters, as does the style of your yacht, both impacting your comfort and the cost. Ask yourself what you need — a romantic getaway or a family excursion?

Timing is another crucial factor. The Caribbean has its high and low seasons, and this affects availability and price. High season, running from December to April, welcomes the best Weather but also the highest demand. Planning outside these months might offer savings and quieter seas.

ben's yacht services st lucia

When it comes to the companies offering these charters, do your homework. A company with a solid track record , positive reviews, and proper accreditation ensures peace of mind. Ask about their history, fleet maintenance, and customer service quality.

Costs can be tricky, often varying from one charter company to another. Typically, these fees include the yacht rental, insurance, and possibly a crew. However, confirm what exactly is covered, such as fuel, docking fees, and food. It’s best to clarify these details upfront to avoid surprises later on.

How much is it to charter a superyacht in the Caribbean?

Chartering a superyacht in the Caribbean offers an unparalleled experience of luxury, adventure, and breathtaking scenery, but it comes with a substantial price tag. The cost to charter a superyacht varies significantly based on several factors.

Typically, prices for a week-long charter can range from $100,000 to over $1 million. For example, smaller superyachts around 80-100 feet might start at $100,000 per week, while larger, more luxurious yachts exceeding 200 feet can cost upwards of $500,000 to $1 million or more per week.

Additionally, these base rates often do not include extra expenses such as fuel, food and beverages, docking fees, and crew gratuities, which can add another 25-30% to the total cost.

So here are some Key Factors Influencing the Cost of Chartering a Superyacht in the Caribbean

  • Size of the Yacht : Larger yachts with more extensive facilities and accommodations command higher prices.
  • Duration : Longer charters offer more time to explore but increase the overall cost.
  • Season : Peak seasons, typically during winter holidays and the New Year, drive prices higher due to increased demand.
  • Amenities and Services : Yachts equipped with luxury features such as pools, gyms, spas, and water sports equipment, as well as highly personalized services, will have higher rates.
  • Destination and Itinerary : Certain Caribbean destinations might have higher docking and marina fees, impacting the overall cost.
  • Crew and Gratuities : The professionalism and experience of the crew significantly affect the experience and can add a notable amount to the charter cost through customary tips.

By understanding these factors, potential charterers can better plan their budget and ensure a seamless, unforgettable experience cruising through the pristine waters of the Caribbean.

ben's yacht services st lucia

Finally, don’t overlook the legal side of things. Licensing, insurance, and safety regulations are paramount. Reputable charter companies will guide you through this to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations. Most times it may be best to sort the expertise of a qualified yacht agent , which is an option that many captains visiting the Caribbean region usually employ. These agents carry a wealth of knowledge and expertise that add to the seamless experience of visitors to the region. If you are visiting Saint Lucia , you may want to seek the expertise of the island’s ”Coolest Yacht Agent” .

Navigating Your Journey: Planning Your Trip and Onboard Experience

Once you’ve chosen the ideal Yacht for your Caribbean adventure, it’s time to map out your dream journey. Options for personalizing your itinerary are plentiful. Strike a balance between secluded bays for relaxation and bustling ports for a touch of local culture.

A yacht charter isn’t complete without a Skilled Crew . Importance here can’t be understated. From a knowledgeable Captain steering you to hidden gems to a Chef crafting local delicacies, the crew’s expertise can transform your trip. Make certain that your Charter Manager is thoroughly briefed on your preferences and any concerns regarding an efficient crew.

Safety is paramount on any maritime venture. Your charter company should provide you with an overview of safety protocols and emergency procedures. Ensure you’re comfortable with the processes and equipment designed to keep you safe on the water.

The onboard amenities of your yacht might include everything from jet skis to onboard spas. Consider what’s available and request any special items you desire. Remember, this voyage is yours to tailor.

While you immerse yourself in the luxury of a Private Yacht , it’s vital to respect the Caribbean’s delicate marine ecosystem. Follow best practices for waste disposal and wildlife interactions.

At the end of your journey is as important as the beginning. Know the checkout procedure well in advance. This can include refueling, cleaning, and damage checks. Return the yacht in the condition you received it to ensure a smooth disembarkation.

The Allure: Why do Superyachts come to the Caribbean !

  • Temperature – on average >20°C warmer than Europe, or North America during winter months;
  • Weather – Sun; a corollary to temperature, is Sun, an antidote to gray skies of Europe and North America;
  • Natural Beauty – Beaches, rainforests, mountains, azure seas;
  • Safety/Security – Far from the perils of urban life, and far removed from geo-political stress areas (Middle East, Africa)
  • Aquatic Recreation – Wide range of water-based activities: scuba, snorkeling, swimming, fishing, kiteboarding, sailing;
  • Entertainment – From St. Barths, to St. Lucia and down to Mustique in the Grenadines, to the myriad bars and clubs of Road Town, (Tortola BVI) the Caribbean is winter party-central;
  • Adventure – For the intrepid adventurer, volcano climbs, mountain/hill hikes, zip-lining, competitive sailing regattas;
  • Proximity – Easy to get to, (within range of most private jets from Europe or North America), well services by many International Airlines.
  • Supplies and Services – Many Caribbean yacht harbors provide key places for last minute touch-ups, repairs, refits and provisioning;

As you strategizing your upcoming Caribbean Yacht Vacation, which destinations are on your list for consideration?

  • Anguilla: Experience the epitome of Caribbean luxury with a yacht charter to Anguilla. While direct flights to this quaint island may be elusive, chartering a yacht offers unparalleled access to its secluded beaches and azure waters. Get ready to indulge in sun-soaked days and balmy evenings on some of the region’s finest beaches.

Antigua luxury yacht charter

  • St. Vincent & The Grenadines: Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of St. Vincent & The Grenadines. From cascading waterfalls hidden within lush forests to pristine white-sand beaches, this destination is a haven for nature lovers. Dive into turquoise waters, explore historic landmarks, or simply relax in paradise.
  • Guadeloupe: Experience the allure of Guadeloupe, the Caribbean’s premier yacht charter destination. With its idyllic weather and endless stretches of white-sand beaches, Guadeloupe beckons travelers seeking tranquility and adventure. Explore the island’s eastern coast, adorned with palm trees and warm waves, or indulge in its vibrant culinary scene.

Martinique & St. Lucia Luxury Yacht Charters

  • St. Martin / St. Maarten: Discover the unique charm of St. Martin / St. Maarten, where French sophistication meets Dutch flair. Explore quaint towns, soak up the sun on pristine beaches, and indulge in delectable culinary delights providing diverse experiences for yachters, including upscale marinas, duty-free shopping, and a wide range of dining options. With its captivating blend of cultures, this island offers a truly immersive yachting experience.
  • St. Kitts and Nevis: Embark on a journey of discovery to St. Kitts and Nevis, the smallest country in North America. From stunning beaches to abundant wildlife, these islands are a paradise waiting to be explored. Set sail on a private yacht cruise and experience the beauty of St. Kitts and Nevis in style.
  • British Virgin Islands (BVI): Renowned for its calm, clear waters and numerous sheltered harbors, the BVI offers excellent sailing conditions and a plethora of stunning anchorages, including iconic spots like The Baths and the North Sound.
  • U.S. Virgin Islands (St. Thomas, St. John): With its close proximity to the BVI, the USVI offers convenient access to world-class sailing grounds. St. Thomas boasts bustling marinas and vibrant nightlife, while St. John offers pristine beaches and tranquil anchorages .

How to Spend New Year's Eve in St Barts | YachtCharterFleet

A yachting adventure to these top islands enriches your travels with unforgettable experiences. Plan with intention, sail with care, and immerse yourself in the splendor of these island gems.

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Tours in St. Lucia


Welcome to Kieran Yacht Services

Kieran yacht services, one night to experience, a thousand lifetimes lived, tours & services.

ben's yacht services st lucia

Toraille Waterfall

ben's yacht services st lucia

Marigot Bay

Sail through the coast and check out resorts, paddle boats, shops, restaurants and all the island has to offer.


ben's yacht services st lucia

Anse Cochon

ben's yacht services st lucia

Beach BBQ Day



Photo Gallery

Got cruise questions? Talk to us! We’d gladly answer any concern regarding Kieran Yacht Services.

ben's yacht services st lucia

Imagine gliding over the shimmering waters of St. Lucia, where each wave whispers tales of paradise. Embark on a yacht charter journey, where luxury meets the untouched beauty of the Caribbean’s hidden treasure.

From powdery white sand beaches and lush tropical gardens to relaxing spas and gourmet dining, a St. Lucia luxury yacht charter offers an unparalleled experience for yachting aficionados. Set sail on a luxury yacht along the west coast of St. Lucia, a gem among the Windward Islands, and discover a sanctuary for nature enthusiasts and seekers of opulent escapades.

Embark on a St. Lucia yacht charter and explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the iconic Pitons, from the comfort of your private yacht. Immerse yourself in a plethora of water activities, such as scuba diving in the vibrant Caribbean Sea, snorkelling over coral reefs, and fishing in the abundant waters. While St. Lucia may have a more understated allure compared to its more ostentatious Caribbean counterparts, its verdant rainforest-covered peaks and dramatic coastlines conceal boundless wonders for the discerning explorer.

Unveil St. Lucia’s Splendor: A Majestic Yacht Charter Escape

Whether you’re soaking in the breathtaking vistas of St. Lucia from the deck of your luxury yacht, traversing the island’s terrain, or diving into the crystal-clear azure waters, be prepared to be enthralled by the island’s mesmerizing landscapes. A yacht charter vacation in St. Lucia is not just a journey; it’s an unforgettable adventure that blends luxury yachts, tropical paradise, and the sailing experience into a tapestry of unforgettable memories amidst the serene beauty of the Windward Islands.

Step ashore to unveil the island’s towering volcanic peaks, a treasure trove of natural attractions from the steaming Sulphur Springs to mesmerizing waterfalls and the unique spectacle of a drive-in volcano. The lush mountainous rainforests of Saint Lucia are remarkably fertile, teeming with nature’s abundance; here, pineapples, sweet potatoes, and bananas thrive in the wild, painting a picture of the island’s bountiful landscape.

Dive into the heart of local life by exploring the bustling markets within Marigot Bay’s Marina Village, where a morning adventure unveils a rich tapestry of local culture. This vibrant marketplace is not only a hub for fresh, tropical produce but also a haven for luxury shopping, offering an array of high-end jewelry and designer clothing.

For a slice of paradise, make your way to Pigeon Island National Park, nestled off the west coast of Saint Lucia. This tranquil haven invites you to unwind on its immaculate white-sand beaches, set against a backdrop of historical ruins and lush greenery and animated by the vibrant hues of lizards, tropical birds, and mongoose that call this idyllic spot home.

Quick facts you should know before boarding a luxury yacht charter in St. Lucia

  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Pitons Management Area & historic Soufrière town
  • St. Lucia boasts the world’s only drive-in volcano near Soufrière
  • Visitors will find a blend of African, French, & British traditions across the island
  • St. Lucia is warm year-round and enjoys a tropical climate
  • Tourism & agriculture (bananas) are some of the biggest contributors to the St. Lucia economy
  • National Symbols of Saint Lucia is a parrot (Jacquot), rose (flower), and calabash (tree)
  • St. Lucia gained independence from Britain on February 22, 1979

What other cruising destinations are near St. Lucia?

The following yacht charter destinations are in close proximity to St. Lucia:

  • Yacht Charter Anguilla 
  • Yacht Charter Antigua
  • Yacht Charter Barbados
  • Yacht Charter BVI
  • Yacht Charter Caribbean
  • Yacht Charter Cuba
  • Yacht Charter Dominican Republic
  • Yacht Charter Guadeloupe
  • Yacht Charter Leeward Islands

Charter Highlights St. Lucia

  • Explore the scenic coastline by kayak or paddleboard, taking in breathtaking views of the Pitons and secluded beaches
  • Discover the hidden gem of Anse Mamin Beach, a tranquil spot for sunbathing, swimming, and beachcombing
  • Indulge in a rejuvenating spa treatment at one of St. Lucia's luxury resorts, set amidst lush tropical gardens overlooking the Caribbean Sea
  • Embark on a guided nature hike through the rainforest to discover exotic flora and fauna, including colorful birds and tropical plants
  • Join a sunset catamaran cruise along the coast, sipping cocktails and enjoying live music as you watch the sun dip below the horizon
  • Experience the thrill of deep-sea fishing, casting your line for marlin, sailfish, and other prized game fish in the crystal-clear waters off St. Lucia
  • Take a leisurely stroll through the charming streets of Soufrière, exploring historic landmarks such as the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and the Soufrière Estate Diamond Botanical Gardens
  • Immerse yourself in local culture at the Anse La Raye Fish Fry, held every Friday evening, where you can sample fresh seafood, listen to live music and mingle with friendly locals
  • Discover the island's rich history at the Morne Fortune Historic Area, home to Fort Charlotte and other colonial-era landmarks offering panoramic views of Castries and the surrounding coastline.

St. Lucia Yacht Charter Itinerary

For a full list of all available itineraries & excursions, or to chart your own course please inquire.

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Best Yachts for Charter in St. Lucia

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Saint Lucia, nestled in the eastern Caribbean Sea, stands as a jewel in the Windward Islands, celebrated for its dramatic volcanic landscapes, verdant lush mountainous rainforests, and a coastline that paints the perfect picture of a tropical paradise. Spanning an area of 617 square kilometres, this enchanting island is crowned by the majestic Pitons, a pair of soaring volcanic spires that have earned the esteemed title of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, symbolizing the natural wonders that Saint Lucia has to offer.

The capital, Castries, serves as a vibrant commercial and administrative hub, bustling with the rhythm of local culture and commerce. Meanwhile, towns such as Gros Islet and Soufrière provide a deeper dive into the island’s rich tapestry of history and heritage, offering a glimpse into the authentic Saint Lucian experience.

For those drawn to the call of adventure, Saint Lucia is a playground of possibilities. Hiking enthusiasts can venture inland through lush mountainous rainforests that offer some of the finest hiking trails, while the underwater world beckons with its scuba diving adventures in the Caribbean Sea, revealing vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life. Marigot Bay, with its tranquil lagoon, offers a haven for yacht charters and leisurely sails, while the simmering Sulphur Springs and the historical echoes of Pigeon Island National Park provide a journey through time.

Positioned strategically close to neighbouring islands such as Martinique and Saint Vincent, Saint Lucia not only invites exploration of its own diverse landscapes and cultural offerings but also serves as a gateway to the wider enchantments of the Caribbean. Whether seeking the serenity of hidden beaches, the thrill of a sailing vacation, or the allure of exploring historical sites, Saint Lucia promises an array of unforgettable experiences, making it a quintessential destination for

Why charter a yacht in St. Lucia?

Embarking on a St. Lucia yacht charter unveils a hidden gem within the Caribbean Sea, a pristine haven that whispers tales of a bygone era, untouched by time’s relentless march.

As your luxury yacht glides closer, the awe-inspiring landscape of Saint Lucia unfolds before your eyes, revealing a rugged terrain adorned with a dense canopy of tropical rainforests. This lush paradise beckons adventurers with its finest hiking paths and unparalleled opportunities for bird watching, encapsulating the essence of a true tropical paradise.

The southwest coast of Saint Lucia presents a sight to behold—the majestic Petit Piton and Gros Piton, their verdant slopes rising sharply from the turquoise Caribbean Sea. These UNESCO-protected peaks offer a sublime backdrop for enjoying alfresco dining aboard your private yacht, blending luxury with the raw beauty of nature.

The journey around the island’s verdant landscapes and tranquil Caribbean waters promises a serene sailing vacation. Luxury yachts often favour the sheltered Leeward side of the island, where sophisticated marinas and hidden coves ensure a peaceful voyage. This site is a gateway to both the island’s lush interiors and the clear, inviting waters that beckon exploration.

Saint Lucia is an epicenter for thrilling underwater excursions, from scuba diving in its mysterious dive sites to snorkelling among vibrant coral reefs. The island’s waters are a sanctuary for a rich tapestry of marine life, including whales, dolphins, and leatherback turtles, amidst the backdrop of hidden beaches and colourful reefs. For the angling enthusiast, the waters around Saint Lucia are known as some of the world’s premier fishing spots, promising an unforgettable yacht charter vacation filled with discovery and adventure.

What are the must-visit destinations in St. Lucia when chartering a private yacht?

Saint Lucia, a jewel in the Windward Islands of the Caribbean, captivates with its dramatic coastline and a treasure trove of destinations that are quintessential for those on a luxury yacht charter. The island’s spellbinding natural beauty, the warmth of its people, and the richness of its cultural tapestry make it an unparalleled haven for globe-trotters.

Nestled as a crown jewel in the Caribbean Sea, Marigot Bay stands as a testament to tranquillity and scenic beauty and is reputed to be one of the most beautiful bays across the Caribbean. This idyllic locale is perfect for anchoring your luxury yacht amidst calm waters, embraced by lush greenery. With a storied past marked by the strategic maneuvers of the French and British navies during bygone battles, Marigot Bay is a sanctuary for both aficionados of natural splendour and connoisseurs of history.

Embarking on a crewed St. Lucia yacht charter unveils unique experiences, such as the Martinique Rum Experience. This venture is a pilgrimage for rum lovers, offering an expedition through the verdant sugarcane fields of Martinique to the hallowed grounds of its legacy distilleries. It’s an opportunity to immerse in the rich traditions and meticulous art of rum production, enhancing the maritime journey through the Windward Islands with a taste of the local heritage and craftsmanship.

In addition to the yacht charter vacation delights, Saint Lucia and its neighboring isles like Martinique invite explorers to engage with the local culture. From the Caribbean’s vibrant markets to the serene hidden beaches, each corner of these islands tells a story waiting to be discovered by those who set sail on their azure waters.

What are the best places to dine in St. Lucia on a yacht charter?

St. Lucia is a haven for gastronomy enthusiasts on a luxury yacht charter, offering an eclectic mix of dining venues that range from quaint waterfront eateries to sophisticated beachside restaurants. The island’s vibrant culinary scene is a testament to its rich culture and natural bounty, making it a must-visit destination for food lovers.

Rainforest Hideaway

Nestled in a serene, mangrove-surrounded cove, this unique dining spot is accessible solely by boat, adding an element of adventure to your meal. The journey includes a water taxi ride, immersing you in the tranquil beauty of St. Lucia’s natural landscapes.

Jade Mountain

This luxury resort, designed by architect Nick Troubetzkoy, offers fine dining with unparalleled views of the iconic Pitons. It is home to a chocolate laboratory where St. Lucian chocolate from Emerald Estate is artfully transformed, providing a distinctive culinary experience.

Jacques Waterfront Dining

Located in the bustling Rodney Bay Marina, Jacques Waterfront Dining marries traditional Caribbean flavours with a French flair. The restaurant’s excellent cuisine and views of the marina make it a compelling choice for yacht charter guests.

Dasheene at Ladera

Perched atop the Ladera Resort, Dasheene presents guests with mesmerizing views of the Pitons and the Caribbean Sea. Renowned for its genuine St. Lucian cuisine set in a romantic, open-air environment, it’s a spot where cuisine and scenery converge.

The Coal Pot

A favorite among locals, The Coal Pot offers a delightful mix of Caribbean and French dishes in a picturesque seaside setting. It’s the ideal place to savor fresh seafood and a wide array of culinary creations.

Orlando’s Restaurant and Bar

This relaxed waterfront restaurant in Soufrière provides a fantastic array of seafood, local Creole dishes, and international options. It’s an excellent spot for a laid-back lunch or dinner, surrounded by St. Lucia’s natural beauty.

The Naked Fisherman Beach Bar & Grill

Situated on the pristine Smugglers Cove Beach, this casual beachfront establishment is perfect for enjoying fresh seafood, BBQ, and cocktails with your feet in the sand, embodying the quintessential Caribbean laid-back lifestyle.

The Cliff at Cap Maison

For an upscale dining experience, The Cliff at Cap Maison offers elegant dining against the backdrop of sweeping sea vistas. The fusion of Caribbean and French cuisine, coupled with an extensive wine list, ensures a memorable gastronomic journey.

Each of these dining destinations on St. Lucia not only offers exquisite culinary delights but also provides a glimpse into the island’s rich local culture, set against the backdrop of its stunning natural landscapes, from the lush rainforests to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Should I charter a motor or sailing yacht in St. Lucia?

The choice between chartering a motor yacht or a sailing yacht in St. Lucia depends on your personal preferences, budget, and the type of experience you’re seeking. Both options have advantages, so consider the type of cruising experience you’re after. 

If you enjoy the serenity and experience of sailing, a sailing yacht can provide an authentic and peaceful journey through the Caribbean waters. Sailing yachts offer a quieter and more relaxed atmosphere, so you can enjoy the sound of the wind and waves while taking in the scenic beauty of St. Lucia. 

Motor yachts, however, offer greater speed and convenience, allowing you to cover more ground in less time. This can be advantageous if you have a tight itinerary or want to visit multiple locations in a shorter period. Many motor yachts also have luxurious amenities, spacious cabins, and a high comfort level. If you prefer a more lavish experience, a motor yacht might be the way to go.

Other types of boats can be rented for day trips in St. Lucia and surrounding areas. These could include a bareboat charter, a skippered yacht charter, and catamarans.

What is the best time for a luxury yacht charter in St. Lucia?

St. Lucia enjoys pleasant weather year-round, but the high season runs from December to April. This is the most popular time for luxury yacht charters in St. Lucia, as the weather is consistently beautiful, with warm temperatures, low humidity, and minimal rainfall. The calm sea conditions and gentle trade winds make it an ideal time for sailing. However, this popularity means that charter prices can be higher, and there might be limited availability, so booking well in advance is advisable. 

During the shoulder season (October and March to April), charterers can still enjoy beautiful conditions with fewer crowds. While there may be occasional showers, the overall weather is typically favorable.

The low season (May to October) falls within the hurricane season, so there’s a higher risk of tropical storms and hurricanes. While it’s the least crowded and least expensive time for charters, it is essential to monitor weather forecasts closely if you choose to charter during these months.

Where can I embark on my charter yacht in St. Lucia?

Rodney bay marina.

One of the most popular marinas for yacht charters in St. Lucia is well-equipped with amenities, including restaurants, bars, and provisioning services. It’s also conveniently located in the island’s northern part, with Hewanorra International Airport (UVF) and George F.L. Charles Airport (SLU) nearby.

Marigot Bay Marina Village

Marigot Bay is a beautiful and tranquil spot for yacht charters. The marina offers stunning views and a range of services, including restaurants and bars.

Castries Harbor

St. Lucia’s capital, Castries, offers a harbor where some charters may begin. It’s conveniently located for those arriving by air and wanting to embark in the capital.

What sets a St. Lucia yacht charter apart from other Caribbean destinations?

The natural beauty of St. Lucia truly knows no bounds. St. Lucia’s west coast is where you will find the island’s most beautiful beaches, including the lengthy panorama of Reduit and the southerly Anse Chastanet. The Ti Kaye Resort & Spa is not far from there, a resort you can visit by superyacht and step ashore for a luxurious spa treatment. Wellness is a top priority on the island of St. Lucia. Other spa options include the Rainforest Spa at Sugar Beach, located right between the Pitons and the Marigot Bay Spa Village. The latter is located in a beautiful bay, where the deep water turns from jade to gold as the sun sets, and the sound of tree frogs and music ricochets across the water from Hurricane Hole – Marigot Bay’s best bar.

St. Lucia is famous for its iconic twin peaks, the Pitons, which rise dramatically from the sea. These UNESCO World Heritage-listed landmarks provide a stunning backdrop for your yacht charter and offer excellent hiking and diving opportunities. The islands’ volcanic past has created unique attractions, such as the Sulphur Springs mud baths and the drive-in volcano. These experiences are distinctive to the island and make it a bucket-list destination for seasoned travelers.

What is the official language of St. Lucia?

The official language of Saint Lucia is English. English serves as the primary language for government, education, business, and everyday communication on the island. While there may be various local dialects spoken informally among the population, English is the language of instruction in schools and is widely understood and spoken by the majority of residents.  

What can I expect from the weather on a St. Lucia yacht charter vacation?

On a yacht charter vacation in St. Lucia, you can expect warm and tropical weather for much of the year, providing ideal conditions for sailing and exploring the island’s stunning coastline. Here’s what you can generally expect from the weather:

  • Temperature : St. Lucia enjoys warm temperatures year-round, with average highs ranging from the mid-80s to low 90s Fahrenheit (around 29-32 degrees Celsius). Evenings are usually pleasantly mild, with temperatures dropping to the mid-70s Fahrenheit (around 24 degrees Celsius).
  • Rainfall : St. Lucia has a distinct wet season and dry season. The wet season typically runs from June to November, with increased rainfall and occasional tropical showers. The dry season, from December to May, offers minimal rainfall and plenty of sunshine, making it an ideal time for yacht charters.
  • Humidity : St. Lucia can be quite humid, especially during the wet season. Humidity levels are typically higher in the summer months, but the constant trade winds help to keep conditions comfortable, particularly along the coastline.
  • Trade Winds : The island benefits from consistent trade winds, particularly along the eastern coast, providing ideal conditions for sailing. These refreshing breezes help to moderate temperatures and make for enjoyable sailing experiences.
  • Hurricanes : St. Lucia is located in the hurricane belt, but it is less prone to direct hits from hurricanes compared to some other Caribbean islands. The island has well-developed infrastructure and effective disaster preparedness measures in place to mitigate the impact of hurricanes.

How much is a yacht charter in St. Lucia?

The cost of a yacht charter in St. Lucia will depend on several factors, including your choice of charter vessel, whether you are cruising in peak season or low season, and the length of your charter vacation. Generally speaking, the larger the yacht, the higher the cost. The entry point for a St. Lucia yacht rental with Northrop & Johnson is around US$50,000, with the world’s finest superyachts costing in excess of US$1 million per week. Northrop & Johnson has access to a superb selection of yachts for charter in St. Lucia, from 30 to 100 meters plus, including motor yachts, sailing boats, and catamarans. Contact our team for more information and to find your ideal St. Lucia charter yacht.

What other yacht charter destinations are near St. Lucia?

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Get in touch with a St. Lucia yacht broker

If you want to enjoy an incredible vacation on the water in St. Lucia, contact the St. Lucia charter brokers at Northrop & Johnson. With access to the best yachts for charter in the Caribbean and tailored itineraries, we guarantee a once-in-a-liftetime vacation.

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Location: Palma & Puerto Portals, Port Adriano & Santa Ponca, Barcelona, South Coast of England & London, South West of England, Mallorca, United Kingdom, Spain, Northern Europe, The Baltic & Northern Latitudes Categories: Rigging & Deck Hardware / Winches

Marine Results International is an independent company that specialises in the service and supply of yacht rigging and associated sailing systems.

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Medical Support Offshore - MSOS

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Palma & Puerto Portals, The French Riviera/ Antibes/ Cannes/ Nice, South Coast of England & London, South West of England, Florida, France, United Kingdom, Spain, United States of America (USA), North America, Northern Europe, The Baltic & Northern Latitudes Categories: Crew Training & Courses, Medical Services / Pharmacies / Complimentary Therapies

MSOS provides comprehensive, worldwide medical support in the form of Offshore MCA Medical Kits, Telemedical Support and Specialist Training for clients across the world’s oceans.

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Location: Fort Lauderdale, Palma & Puerto Portals, Port Adriano & Santa Ponca, Florida, Spain, United States of America (USA), Mediterranean, North America Categories: Electric / Electronics & Audio / Visual Systems, Cell Phones / Communications/ Data Roaming, Global Service Providers, Computer & IT Services / Data Recovery

For over 20 years, e3 Systems have been providing the very latest marine electronics to the most advanced yachts in the world. Today, due to the huge growth in demand for communications, their main focus and mission is to provide the best technology to connect people globally. They are experienced, independent, innovative and technology agnostic.

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About Saint Lucia

Location: Saint Lucia / St. Lucia, Caribbean & Central America Categories: About/General Information

Saint Lucia's reputation as a serious yachting destination continues to be enhanced by its dedicated Maritime Consultant contacts and 'Yachting Desk’.

ben's yacht services st lucia

Ben's Yacht Services

Location: Saint Lucia / St. Lucia, Caribbean & Central America Categories: Yacht Agent / Concierge Services, Taxis / Island Tours / Chauffeurs & Limousines, Provisioning, Property Sales / Real Estate

Ben Saltibus & his professional team are totally focused on catering to the needs of the professionally crewed yachts in Saint Lucia.

ben's yacht services st lucia

Location: Saint Lucia / St. Lucia, Caribbean & Central America Categories: Hotels & Resorts / Eco-Resorts, Hair Salons / Beauty / Massage / Spa, Restaurants, Bars & Cafés

Largely accepted as being one of the leading luxury hotels in St.Lucia, Cap Maison is located above the beautiful Smugglers Cove beach in Cap Estate (on the northern tip of the island).

EGS Freight Services - Alaric George

Location: Saint Lucia / St. Lucia, Caribbean & Central America Categories: Customs Brokers / Customs & Immigration

Alaric George came well recommended as an excellent Customs Brokerage contact to have for clearing in parts and shipments.

ben's yacht services st lucia

Flower Shack

Location: Saint Lucia / St. Lucia, Caribbean & Central America Categories: Florists

The Flower Shack is run by Deirdre Palmer and is recognized for providing freshly cut flowers and plants that last well on-board yachts on charter in the Caribbean - delivered anywhere on island.

ben's yacht services st lucia

Harmony Yacht Services

Location: Saint Lucia / St. Lucia, Caribbean & Central America Categories: Marinas & Moorings, Yacht Agent / Concierge Services, Shoreside Activities & Events, Provisioning, House / Villa Rentals / Crew Accommodation

Recommended for his reliable & experienced yacht agency services to Superyachts in Saint Lucia, from yacht assistance to island wide shoreside support.

ben's yacht services st lucia

IGY Rodney Bay Marina

Location: Saint Lucia / St. Lucia, Caribbean & Central America Categories: Marinas & Moorings, Fuel Bunkering / Oils & Lubricants, Boatyards / Shipyards / Haul Out

Dockage for yachts up to 285ft LOA with max draft 13ft on their superyacht dock. Full amenities, Customs & Immigration, 24 hr security. Boatyard & fuel dock

ben's yacht services st lucia

Location: Saint Lucia / St. Lucia, Caribbean & Central America Categories: Restaurants, Bars & Cafés

Latin American restaurant & bar.

ben's yacht services st lucia

Location: Saint Lucia / St. Lucia, Caribbean & Central America Categories: Mechanical Engineering, Spare Parts & Equipment, Electric / Electronics & Audio / Visual Systems, Fuel / Tank Cleaning / Waste Oil Disposal, Watermakers / Drinking Water Purification, Fuel Bunkering / Oils & Lubricants, Refrigeration / Air Conditioning

This well-respected engineering company in Saint Lucia offers engineering, electrical & watermaker maintenance & repair services.

ben's yacht services st lucia

Massy Stores

Location: Saint Lucia / St. Lucia, Caribbean & Central America Categories: Provisioning, Supermarket

Massy Stores Gourmet in Rodney Bay Village offers a wide variety of wines, cheeses, fresh produce, meats and gourmet/specialty items and everyday groceries. The supermarket stocks several English brands and also has a vast range of Asian ingredients and supplies. In short, Massy Stores Gourmet is an excellent provisioning asset for the busy charter yacht.

ben's yacht services st lucia

Shell Lubricants Saint Lucia

Location: Saint Lucia / St. Lucia, Caribbean & Central America Categories: Fuel Bunkering / Oils & Lubricants

For the best in service and immediate delivery, pre-order your oils and lubricants directly through the Shell Lubricants sales team for delivery to either Rodney Bay Marina, Marigot Bay Marina or Soufriere and Vieux Fort Docks.

ben's yacht services st lucia

The Marketplace

The Marketplace is an excellent small supermarket and provisioning outlet in Saint Lucia, conveniently located inside the Rodney Bay Marina compound.

ben's yacht services st lucia

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Planning services, yachting events.

For sea-faring visitors and yachting enthusiasts alike, there are plenty of opportunities to experience a heart-thumping good time out on Saint Lucia’s waters. Head out into the open waters and experience the thrills that Saint Lucia offers her visitors. Let her inspire you.

ben's yacht services st lucia

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St. Lucia


27 boats available for bareboat or crewed charter

Yachts from professional fleet operators in St. Lucia

Free cancellation of reservation without obligations within 4 days

Most popular boats For rent in ST. LUCIA

Main image -

Sunsail 424 catamaran charter (2023)

Main image -

Rent a boat Sunsail 424 (2022) in St Lucia

Main image -

Catamaran Leopard 45 (2023) for rent in St Lucia

Venus -

Bavaria sailboat charter (2013)

Main image -

Rent a boat Leopard 45 (2022) in St Lucia

Main image -

Catamaran Privilege 585 (2004) for rent in St Lucia

Main image -

Leopard 45 catamaran charter (2021)

Main image -

Rent a boat Sun Odyssey 410 (2022) in St Lucia

Martine -

Sailboat Bavaria 46 (2017) for rent in St Lucia

Main image -

Leopard 50 catamaran charter (2020)

Top destinations in st. lucia for boat rental.

Rodney Bay Marina


27 boats for charter

from €1,698 per week

Types of boats available for rent in St. Lucia

Catamaran charter

17 catamarans available for rent in St. Lucia, form €2,940 for 1 week charter. Ideal option for group of friends or family vacation.

Catamaran charter

Sailboat charter

There are 10 sailboats available for charter in St. Lucia, prices start from €2,044 per week. Most budget friendly option for a vacation.

Sailboat charter

Trimaran charter

Currently not available for charter in this country. Check other boat types.

Trimaran charter

Power boat charter

Power boat charter

Gulets charter

Gulets charter

Houseboat charter

Houseboat charter

Yacht charter types available in St. Lucia

Bareboat charter, crewed yachts, by the cabin charter, skippered boats, cost of boat rental in st. lucia.

Average yacht charter cost in St. Lucia starts from €2,044 per week. Graphic below represents fluctuation of charter prices in St. Lucia during the year, based on a sample of 50 boats ranging from 40 to 50-foot. This graphic shows months with lowest prices during the year as well high season when prices are above average. Before booking the boat at lowest rate, please check sailing conditions as usually best prices are during off season.

Sailing conditions in St. Lucia

Air temperature, precipitation and wind force may vary significantly during the year. Below you may find graphics with min and max temperature and average precipitation days in St. Lucia during the year. Book your charter vacation in St. Lucia wisely! Considering sailing conditions along with the best price offers

Temperature by month

Average air High and Low temperature during the year

Rainy days by month

Average number of days with precipitation during the year.

St. Lucia Yacht Charters

St. Lucia Yacht Charters

For the adventurous travelers, the ones who find lazing in  standard yacht charter destinations or sightseeing in a tourist town too  boring to call a vacation, a St. Lucia yacht charter is absolutely  perfect. This small gem in the Windward islands rests between Martinique  and St. Vincent, on the outer edge of the curve of training islands  towards South America. Sitting close to the equator and influenced by  the trade winds year round, St. Lucia is a perfect place to go sailing  or to charter a motor yacht. 12 Knots offers the highest quality  charters with luxury amenities, crew assistance, and other services to  ensure your vacation is smooth sailing.

From trekking the wild jungles to tackling waves on the open ocean,  St. Lucia brings sailors and outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity of a  lifetime. With so much to do and see, you’ll probably come back to the  island more than once if you get the chance. St. Lucia is a hidden  wonder of the Caribbean. Its rich history, ideal climate, exotic  landscapes and wildlife offer a treat for anyone who has a love for the  island lifestyle. A sailing vacation is just one way to experience the  island, but many say that a private yacht charter provides the most  freedom and authenticity when visiting the Caribbean for the first, or  the hundredth time. You won’t be disappointed choosing St. Lucia for  your next sailing vacation.

History of St. Lucia

St. Lucia was first inhabited by the Caribs, an indigenous  tribal people who controlled much of the Caribbean islands. However,  French and English settlers arrived in the 1660s, and fought over  ownership of the land for several decades. France and England fought  over most of the Caribbean until the Treaty of Paris. St. Lucia switched  rulers over fourteen times before 1814, and is sometimes called the  "Helen of the West Indies" after the famous Helen of Troy. While Britain  gained final control of St. Lucia, the French were the ones to name it.  Saint Lucia was chosen to honor Saint Lucy of Syracuse, and is the only  country in the world to be named after a woman.

The island was solely British territory until the late 1950s, when it  became a part of the Federation of the West Indies. This Federation  allowed European countries to maintain control of their territories, yet  gave some freedom over internal affairs to the states. However, St.  Lucia fought for sovereignty and in 1979 received it. Saint Lucia is now  an independent state, and a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.  Though it gained independence from the European countries, St. Lucia  still carries much of the history and culture from its ancestors. From  the first Caribs to the settling French and English, St. Lucia is a  wonderful blend of European sophistication with the island carefree  lifestyle.

Geography and Wildlife

St. Lucia was not always a luscious rainforest island with  wildlife and beautiful seascapes. Its origins come from volcanic  eruptions and continental shifts to form the craggy peaks and mountains  that shape the island’s inland. St. Lucia is significantly more rugged  than most of the islands, with its highest peak, Mount Gimie, reaching  over 950 metres (3,120 feet) above sea level. This provides a beautiful  backdrop for sailors as they cruise along the shoreline looking for  adventure.

Two towering mountains, the Pitons, make a statement on the island’s  coastline. They sit between Soufrière and Choiseul on the western side,  and act as a landmark for sailors  to know they’ve arrived at St. Lucia.  However, these two peaks are not even the greatest sight in St. Lucia.  You’ll have to travel to the Sulphur Springs in Soufrière to see the  world’s only drive-in volcano. The Sulphur Springs is one of the only  places where you can take a trip into a volcano’s hot springs and see  the natural ecosystem up close.

In addition to the beautiful landscapes, you’ll be surrounded by  exotic wildlife on your St. Lucia yacht charter. All sorts of tropical  animals, from dangerous reptiles including boa constrictors and  fer-de-lance snakes, to the more tame ones like the iguana, and the  hundreds of tropical birds that decorate the skies, can be found here.  St Lucia is home to a very rare species of lizard, the St. Lucia  Whiptail. This creature wasn’t discovered until 1958, and it only  inhabits the southern portion of the island around Vieux Fort. This  lizard is both rare and beautiful, characterized by white spots and a  vibrant tail and underbelly. Rodents like manicao and mongoose also  graze along the forest floor and are a common sight along the hiking  trails on St. Lucia.

Culture and Local Attractions

Culture and Local Attractions

St. Lucia is a wonderful melting pot of African, East Indian,  French, and English culture. Because of its long-lasting British rule,  the official language of St. Lucia is English. However, most of the  population also speak a Saint Lucian-specific French Creole, known  locally as Patois, or"Patwa." Much of the music and literature from St.  Lucia natives is written in the Antillean Creole language. You may be  able to pick up some of the dialect during your sailing vacation, or  appreciate the beauty of the native language in the traditional song and  dance of St. Lucia, exhibited in their many festivals and street  markets.

Music and dance are an integral part of the St. Lucian culture. The  island hosts several different festivals throughout the year to honor  the history, culture, and indigenous customs of the people who lived  there. The La Rose and La Marguerite celebrate different secret  societies and fraternal organizations on the island. St. Lucia also  holds an annual carnival to celebrate before Lent, as many other  Caribbean islands do. However, the biggest festival on the island is the  Saint Lucia Jazz Festival. This festival brings musicians from all  across the Caribbean. In addition to jazz, St. Lucia is a fertile  creative ground for music genres such as Calypso, Soca, Dancehall,  Reggae, Zouk, Salsa, and indigenous folk music.

If you’re looking for more outdoor attractions during your yacht  charter in St. Lucia, visit Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens. These  gardens are in bloom year round because of the perfect growing  conditions on the island. You can see a variety of tropical flowers,  trees, and bushes while visiting. Then if you have time, take a nature  hike to the Diamond Waterfall or visit the spa on site for a relaxed  afternoon treat.

The other main outdoor attraction you should visit on your St. Lucia  sailing vacation is Pigeon Island National Park. This park features  walking trails, military ruins dating back to the 1600s, stunning  beaches and a local restaurant where you can try the local food and  drink. Of course, as a famed sailing destination, St. Lucia has plenty  of places where you can reserve boat trips, go ziplining, rent a kayak,  or do just about anything else your islander heart desires.

Nearby Islands

St. Lucia is right in the middle of the Windward Islands. This  part of the Caribbean is very close to South America, and rests just  above the equator, making a perfect place for sailing all throughout the  year. It is warm and winds are strong, and the islands here are close  enough to visit each one during your private yacht charter vacation. St.  Lucia is surrounded by three other main islands, all within a day or  two’s sailing trip from the 12 Knots port at the Rodney Bay Marina.

Sailing south of St. Lucia you will eventually meet Saint Vincent.  This island is surrounded by several underwater volcanoes, and the  inland is covered in tropical rainforest. The beaches here are unique,  because the sand is unlike most other islands in the Caribbean. It is  95% black, because the sand originates from the volcanic rock basalt.  St. Vincent is a wonderful place to explore the jungles or take a nap on  the hot sand.

To the north is Martinique, an island of heavy French influence. When  walking down the streets of Martinique, you’ll likely see the latest  fashions from the Paris runways, and smell pastries and fine French  cuisine from the local bistros. However, this island hasn’t lost its  true flavor, as you can find delicious seafood almost anywhere on the  island. Like many of the Caribbean islands, St. Lucia specializes in  spiced seafood and unique dishes with parallels to African and Indian  cuisine. Many sailors’ favorite part of visiting St. Lucia during a  yacht charter is savoring the local food and meeting with the islanders  to learn about their unique lifestyle.

If you sail southwest, you will find Barbados. This beautiful island  of the Lesser Antilles is home to a variety of foods, flora, and fun  activities that your whole crew will enjoy. The island has many  different festivals throughout the year, and several outdoor excursions  including beach horseback riding, swimming with sea turtles, and  explorations through the island’s jungles and beach gardens.

Motor Yacht Charters in St. Lucia

12 Knots Yachting Club offers sailing boats, catamarans, and  crewed yachts for those who want to explore and enjoy St. Lucia. Whether  you’re looking for a short, hassle-free sailing vacation or are looking  for a challenge to test your skill, 12 Knots has a charter perfect for  you. 12 Knots offers several different sailing and motor yachts, each  with optional amenities including crew assistance and watersport  equipment rentals.

St. Lucia is a great place for beginner and advanced sailors alike.  The weather is governed by the northeast trade winds. The best time for  sailing is in the beginning of the year, from December to May, because  the rain showers and thunderstorms are less prevalent. The rainy season  lasts typically from June until November. Because of its proximity to  the equator, temperatures in St. Lucia hover around 29 °C (84.2 °F) year  round. In the wintertime the northeast trade winds travel at a steady  10 knots to a livelier 25 knots in the summer. Wind speed and strength  increases as you reach the northern ends of the islands.

We recommend beginners plan their trip during the winter or spring,  as summer and fall may be too windy or rainy for a novice to want to  venture. However, temperatures are perfect year round and no matter when  you choose to visit, St. Lucia will have a unique adventure waiting for  you. 12 Knots helps you plan your trip, making it an easy sailing  experience filled with luxury and laughter. We offer luxury as well as  bareboat yachts, and motorboats and yachts for those less experienced in  sailing. However, if learning to sail interests you (especially after  taking your first Caribbean sailing vacation), 12 Knots Yachting Club  has a sailing school, where you can learn the ropes of exploring the  open ocean.

12 Knots invites you to book a yacht charter and explore St. Lucia  with us. Our charter fleet of sailing yachts are perfect for families,  friends, or solo travelers. We offer affordable weeklong trips, where  you can be guided to the best destinations in and around St. Lucia, or  venture off on your own into the Caribbean Sea. From small bareboat  vessels to grand luxury yachts, 12 Knots has everything you’re looking  for. Meet us at the Rodney Bay Marina for the St. Lucia vacation of a  lifetime.

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    Average yacht charter cost in St. Lucia starts from $2,221 per week. Graphic below represents fluctuation of charter prices in St. Lucia during the year, based on a sample of 50 boats ranging from 40 to 50-foot. This graphic shows months with lowest prices during the year as well high season when prices are above average.