1. Raising the Mast, Painting, and Interior Stuff

    sailboat mast paint

  2. Mast, Paint, Kiwigrip

    sailboat mast paint

  3. mast and boom paint

    sailboat mast paint

  4. mast and boom paint

    sailboat mast paint

  5. How to paint a sailboat deck ~ Lapstrake boat diy

    sailboat mast paint

  6. mast and boom paint

    sailboat mast paint


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  1. Tips on Painting Your Peeling Mast

    Chips and scrapes in a carefully painted mast start out as a cosmetic issue. But as moisture intrudes and corrosion takes over the paint blisters and hard metal becomes powdery aluminum oxide. Left unattended, especially in damp, salty areas, such as in the bilge or underneath mast hardware, this corrosion process can destroy metal and impair ...

  2. Painting an Old Aluminum Mast

    Jay Tracy. Mar 17, 2004. #5. Painting an old alum. mast. We repainted our alum. mast but used a different approach as suggested by a rigger. He suggested we wet sand the mast, wash it off, treat it with alum. prepainting solution and paint it with Krylon clear enamel.

  3. Painting an aluminum mast

    After a rough surface prep you will want to use Alumiprep (acid etch/cleaner) follow directions for dilution, let dwell for 5 minutes or so and rinse with plenty of fresh water. Then you will want to make sure the surface is dry and the temperature is over 70 degrees at min., hotter is much better, and then coat with Alodine.

  4. Revive Your Mast Like a Pro

    A sailboat mast is like a long electrical fuse: one bad spot and the show is over. ... The good news is that although paint brand allegiance may vary, generic mast prep and painting techniques have a high degree of correlation. When it comes to the first step in the prep process, every expert sings the same refrain. Remove the hardware if ...

  5. Aluminium Mast re-painting or ?

    The paint looks nice, but is a pain. Our last boat (I made the rig) and didn't paint it. Had that boat ~15 yrs. and never regretted not painting it. It was easy to clean w/white vinegar (if needed). Current boat is painted and is needing attention. Repainted the mizzen boom years ago and still looks good, but if it didn't have paint already ...

  6. Mast painting

    I did the mast on my 26 footer thirty years ago. Used two-part epoxy paint (Awlgrip). Removed all the mast hardware, sanded it down to bare metal, used the proper etcher and primers, and applied a few coats of paint. Sold the boat a few years later, then saw it about 20 years later and the mast looked great. Anything less than properly applied ...

  7. How do I paint my anodized aluminum mast?

    To paint anodized first degrease using Fiberglass Solvent Wash 202. Then give it a heavy sanding using 60 or 80-grit sandpaper. Apply one coat of InterProtect 2000E (Thinned 15-20% with 2316N Reducing Solvent). Allow to dry overnight and apply a second coat of either Epoxy Primekote (thinned 25%) or Pre-Kote primer.

  8. Raising the Mast, Painting, and Interior Stuff

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  9. Painting the Mast with Awlcraft 2000

    Painting the mast on a Westsail 42 full keel blue water sailboat. If you enjoyed this video, then give it a thumbs up, make a comment, share it, or support t...

  10. Making an Anodized Mast Look Like New

    If your mast just needs a good cleaning and polish, then a non-abrasive cleaner/wax will work fine. Our most comprehensive report on cleaner-polishes was Metal Cleaners (PS June 2006 online), in which we tested 16 different products. Wed opt for one of the liquid cleaner-waxes like Collinite No. 850 Metal Wax, a non-abrasive cleaner-wax is in the same family as Collinite No. 885 Marine.

  11. can i paint my mast?

    If it was my 16' boat, I'd either do the mast right or not do it. I say that because it's aluminum, and painting aluminum is more difficult to paint properly as compared to wood, steel, or fiberglass. Paint doesn't like to stick to it unless the surface has been properly prepared. That means, as others have suggested, properly abrading it.

  12. Stepping a Sailboat Mast, Painting topsides & Rudder Repairs (Ep.17)

    There's a lot going on in this video as we try to get the boat ready for launch. We repaint the topsides after our our last coat of paint went terribly wrong...

  13. Regarding mast paint touch up

    A gray paint chosen to be a close match to the original mast anodizing will give you a like-new mast and no one will know you painted. Ideal pre-treatment of aluminum involves "acid etching" bare aluminum with dilute phosphoric acid to help paint adhere properly, followed by treatment with "alondine" which converts the bare metal to help with ...

  14. Sailboat Mast: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Maintaining

    == Short answer: Sailboat mast == A sailboat mast is a vertical pole or spar that supports the sails of a sailboat. It provides structural stability and allows for adjustment of the sail position to effectively harness wind power. ... Prior to painting, ensure that the mast is thoroughly cleaned and all rust or peeling paint is removed. Use a ...

  15. paint mast

    Use a 2-part paint and at the end of the day, I think brush-tip method will be fine. I actually sprayed mine with a 2-part but think brush-tip would have resulted the much the same. You don't need that much of a glimmer on a mast verses doing a hull for example. Paint the mast, boom and spreaders and it will make the boat look sharp. Good luck ...

  16. How to Paint a Sailboat Watercolor Painting Tutorial

    Free watercolor painting tutorials! Painting sailboats is almost as much fun as sailing them! YouTube video and step by step instructions on painting a beautiful sailboat on sparkling water! ... I dash quinacridone dry brush on the wooden mast. A bit of ultramarine blue and pthalo green gives shape to the boat. Painting Demonstration 6. After ...

  17. Repainting mast and boom

    They propose to chemically strip, etch, prime and paint the 40 foot mast, boom & spreaders with Awlgrip. The breakdown is $3,570 for 42 hours labor @$85/hour, $959.79 for supplies & materials, and $86.38 tax. At that price, it won't happen this year.

  18. Sailboat Bottom Paint: 10 Best Paints

    Rust-Oleum Marine Flat Boat Bottom Antifouling Paint. As one of the most respected brand names in the bottom paint industry, Rust-Oleum is known for producing some of the best sailboat bottom paint and the Marine Flat Boat Bottom Antifouling Paint is one of them. This bottom pain is designed to be suitable for various conditions (both ...

  19. Mast paint

    Has anyone attempted to paint the mast and does anyone know where I might obtain an acceptable gold paint? Alan. Jun 2, 2004 4,174 Hunter 35.5 ... Made it real easy to spot in a crowded anchorage when you are headed back to the boat and aren't sure exactly where you left her. I just cleaned the surface with acetone and used an epoxy based paint