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The Power Catamaran Compilation

  • By Yachting Staff
  • Updated: December 21, 2018

Power Catamarans have been growing leaps and bounds in popularity, and, in lengths and widths. And for good reason. These cruise-centric yachts offer homelike livability for avid travelers, are fuel efficient and are fairly intuitive to run. Power cats are popular in the bareboat charter market too, for these very reasons.

Here, we take a look at 12 catamarans ranging from a cruising-couple-size 36-footer to a 78-footer for friends, family and some more friends. And there are myriad power options: outboards, diesel inboards, hybrid or even all-solar power.

Fountaine Pajot MY44

fountain pajot my44

The Fountaine Pajot MY44 , a creation of Italian architect Pierangelo Andreani and French designer Daniel Andrieu, has a main deck that’s open from the aft-deck seating all the way forward to the starboard helm station. The sense of spaciousness is significant, for several reasons. First, four glass panels aft can all slide to port, creating an indoor-outdoor space with the aft deck and salon. In the salon, 32-inch-high windows extend for 12 feet down the sides of the yacht, with three sections per side, bringing in natural light along with the three forward panes that comprise the windshield. Finally, 6-foot-6-inch headroom provides vertical clearance, with a 21-foot-7-inch beam that adds interior roominess while keeping the yacht stable.

Read more: Fountaine Pajot MY44

Silent-Yachts 55

silent 55 yacht

The ideas about which solar panels, electric motors, inverters and the like to use — and more importantly, Michael Köhler says, how to configure them — became the basis for the brand Silent-Yachts. The company offers 55-, 64- and 79-foot catamarans that run on solar-electric propulsion. The Silent 55 premiered this fall, and the 64 is sold out for the next two years, Köhler says.

Read more: Silent 55

Horizon PC74

Horizon PC74

As founder and director of The Powercat Company, a Horizon Power Catamarans distributor, Stuart Hegerstrom had long believed that catamaran builders needed to design their yachts to more stylish standards.

“The boats were very boxy,” he says, based on his years of experience with cats in the charter market. He and his partner, Richard Ford, asked Horizon to produce models that had high-end finishes and looked good inside and out.

The Horizon team brought in mega-yacht designer JC Espinosa to work with its own craftsmen. The result aboard the Horizon PC74 is a catamaran with exterior styling, layout and functionality that should appeal to private and charter owners alike.

Read more: Horizon PC74

aquila 36

The Aquila 36 is a departure from her sisterships in that she is an outboard-powered, express-cruiser-style catamaran, but she also adheres to MarineMax’s philosophies.

With a single main living level from bow to stern and a beam of 14 feet 7 inches, the Aquila 36 is like a bowrider on steroids. She has seating that can handle 20 adults for outings and barbecues, and there are two staterooms below, one in each hull, for family weekending. The staterooms have nearly queen-size berths, en suite heads, stowage and 6-foot-6-inch headroom.

Read more: Aquila 36

Lagoon Seventy 8 Powercat

Lagoon Seventy 8

Lagoon is a division of Groupe Beneteau, the world’s largest builder of sailing yachts, and the Lagoon Seventy 8 Powercat is a developmental sistership of its Seventy 7 super sailing cat. The Seventy series yachts are built at Construction Navale Bordeaux in France, which had to add a new yard to construct these catamarans because they require separate stern molds for the power and sail versions.

Read more: Lagoon Seventy 8 Powercat

Horizon PC60

horizon pc60

To understand the Horizon PC60 power catamaran , you need to put aside preconceived notions about midsize yacht amenities. For example, main-deck master suites are the province of yachts over 100 feet length overall. Incorrect. This 60-footer has an elegant and spacious owner’s stateroom on the same level as the salon. If you want a 14-foot center console tender on a 60-foot yacht, you have to tow it. Wrong again. On the PC60, you hoist it onto the upper deck, no problem.

Read more: Horizon PC60

40 Open Sunreef Power

40 Open Sunreef Power

Sunreef is known for pushing the boundaries of catamaran design, incorporating four adjustable hydrofoils into a twin-hulled speedboat.

The Polish builder is one of several European builders (including Evo, Fjord, Wider and Wally) transforming the open ­day-boat category with creative designs. ­Beyond its hydrofoils, the 40 Open Sunreef Power ‘s cockpit has side “wings” along the aft gunwales that fold out at anchor, widening the beam from 17 feet to 22 feet 9 inches.

Read more: 40 Open Sunreef Power

Sunreef 50 Amber Limited Edition

50 Amber Limited Edition

Sunreef Yachts introduced its 50 Amber Limited Edition , with plans to launch just 10 hulls of the exclusive design.

The Sunreef 50 Amber Limited Edition will have a carbon fiber mast and boom, four layout options and numerous amber-colored elements, including the hull.

Read more: Sunreef 50 Amber Limited Edition

Lagoon 630 Motor Yacht

Lagoon 630 motoryacht

Fitted with the optional twin 300-horsepower Volvo Penta D4 diesels, the Lagoon 630 MY burns only 1.64 gph total at 6 knots, giving a theoretical range of 2,952 nautical miles with standard tankage of 793 gallons. Hull No. 1 had an optional 502-gallon tank, giving it transatlantic range.

Luxury, stability and economy are all hallmarks of Lagoon’s return to luxury motor yachts. If you can take a ride, it will be worth your time.

Read more: Lagoon 630 Motor Yacht

Fountaine Pajot MY 37

Fountaine Pajot MY 37

The Fountaine Pajot MY 37 easily accommodates the seafaring family with three- and four-stateroom options. In the three-cabin version, called ­Maestro, you’ll find an owner’s suite in the portside hull with a queen-size berth and en suite head. Two double-berth cabins and one more head are available for the kids. If your brood is bigger, the Quator setup features four double cabins with two heads.

The 37 is a traveler and can be powered with twin 150 hp or 220 hp Volvo Penta diesels. Top speed with the smaller engines is 17 knots, while it’s 20 knots with the bigger power plants. Interestingly, at 7 knots, the fuel consumption is the same, with either set of motors offering voyagers a 1 ,000-nm range.

Read more: Fountaine Pajot MY 37

Solarwave 64

Solarwave 64

Many yachts boast eco chops because they have a handful of solar panels that power the microwave or navigation lights. The Solarwave 64 , launched last summer, has the potential to run on sunshine alone. The vessel’s 42 solar panels generate 15 kW that are stored in batteries weighing about 1,300 pounds. They connect to electric motors.

Read more: Solarwave 64

Glider SS18

SS18, Glider Yachts

This British builder says it strives for design innovation and the Glider SS18 displays that DNA, the result of 8 years of research and development. She has a head-turning, catamaran hull form constructed from aluminum and composite materials. She is 60 feet LOA with a 17-foot beam, and has a relatively shallow 1-foot draft. Powered by quad Yamaha 300 hp outboards, she can reportedly reach 50 knots, and with her Stability Control System (SCS), should give a smooth ride while doing it.

Read more: Glider SS18

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Global Navigation Satellite System Offers Waypoint Accuracy

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Power Catamarans: A Complete Guide

Dec 06, 2023

less than a min

Power Catamarans: A Complete Guide

Power Catamarans, often termed as the epitome of modern maritime engineering, are gaining popularity for all the right reasons. Their distinct design, enhanced stability, and cruising efficiency set them apart from traditional monohull boats and even their sail-driven counterparts. This guide dives into the world of Power Catamarans, shedding light on their advantages and how they compare to other vessels like monohulls and trimarans.

Historical Prelude:

The concept of catamarans traces its roots back to ancient maritime cultures. However, the power catamaran is a relatively modern innovation that marries the traditional twin-hull design with powerful engines, offering a unique blend of speed, stability, and space.

Distinguishing Design:

Power Catamarans are characterized by their twin hulls, which significantly reduce the drag, thus enhancing speed and fuel efficiency. Unlike monohulls, they have a broader beam, which contributes to increased stability and more living space. The absence of a ballast for stability further lightens the vessel, contributing to its speed and fuel economy

Speed and Handling:

One of the significant advantages of power catamarans is their speed and handling. The twin hulls allow for a smoother glide over the water, making them particularly favorable for watersports enthusiasts. Their handling in rough waters is superior to monohulls, thanks to the inherent stability provided by the dual-hull design.

The stability of power catamarans is unparalleled, especially when compared to monohulls. The wide beam and twin hulls provide a stable platform, reducing the rocking and rolling common in monohulls. This stability is not only comforting in rough seas but also crucial when docking or anchoring.

Comfort and Space:

The spacious design of power catamarans offers homelike livability, with ample room for cabins, lounges, and even onboard amenities like grills and bars. The wide beam also allows for large deck spaces, ideal for sunbathing or enjoying the scenic ocean vistas.

Economy and Redundancy:

Power catamarans are economical, with fuel efficiency being one of their selling points. The redundancy built into their design, with separate engines for each hull, provides an added layer of safety, ensuring that the vessel can return to shore even if one engine fails.

Regular Upkeep and Care:

Power catamarans, given their unique design and structure, come with their own set of maintenance requirements. Like all boats, routine checks and upkeep are essential to ensure smooth sailing. The twin hull design means double the underwater gear – from propellers to rudders, which necessitates regular inspections for any signs of wear, tear, or fouling.


Given that power catamarans have a larger surface area underwater due to their twin hulls, they may be more susceptible to marine growth. Regular antifouling treatments can help in keeping the hulls clean, ensuring optimal performance and fuel efficiency.

Engine Maintenance:

One distinct advantage of power catamarans is their dual-engine setup, but this also means double the engine maintenance. Regular oil changes, cooling system checks, and filter replacements are crucial. It's beneficial to synchronize maintenance schedules for both engines to ensure consistent performance.

The lifespan of a power catamaran largely depends on its build quality, materials used, and how well it's maintained. With proper care, a power catamaran can last for several decades. The engine's maintenance significantly impacts the catamaran's lifespan, with gasoline engines requiring maintenance at 1,200 to 1,800 hours and diesel engines at around 5,000 hours​​. The construction materials play a crucial role; for instance, fiberglass catamarans, when well-maintained, can last for many decades, while aluminum cats might change ownership after 10-15 years but can last a lifetime with proper care​.

World-Renowned Builders:

The power catamaran sector boasts several reputable manufacturers such as Lagoon, Leopard Catamarans, Fountaine Pajot, and other notable names like Seawind Catamarans​.

Lagoon, a revered name under the Beneteau Group umbrella, has carved its niche in crafting luxurious, spacious catamarans. A prime example is the Lagoon 630 Motor Yacht, embodying opulence with its nearly 250 sq. ft. aft deck and 900 sq. ft. interior, comfortably housing up to 12 guests. Known for its superyacht styling, it boasts superior fuel efficiency and a commendable average velocity-made-good of 9 knots.

Leopard Catamarans:

Emerging from the reputable Robertson and Caine shipyard in South Africa, Leopard Catamarans is synonymous with innovation and efficiency. The Leopard 53 Powercat is a testament to this legacy, showcasing excellent seakeeping abilities, offering 3 or 4 cabin configurations, and achieving a top speed of 25 knots.

Fountaine Pajot:

A trailblazer since 1976, Fountaine Pajot constantly redefines catamaran design. The Fountaine Pajot MY6 is a shining example, encapsulating the brand's visionary ethos. Stretching 15 meters, the MY6, equipped with dual engines of up to 2 x 353 Kw and 2 x 480 hp, promises dynamic sailing. Crafted meticulously by Pier Angelo Andreani, the interior mirrors a 20-meter monohull's spaciousness, reflecting modern aesthetics and comfort that stand as a benchmark in the Motor Yacht world.

These manufacturers continue to innovate, offering a blend of luxury, performance, and efficiency in their power catamaran models, making them a popular choice among maritime enthusiasts.

Comparing with Monohulls and Trimarans:

While monohulls are traditional and often cheaper, they lack the stability and space offered by power catamarans. On the other hand, trimarans, with three hulls, provide even more stability but at the cost of additional drag and less interior space.

TheBoatDB - Your Gateway to Maritime Exploration:

If you’re looking to delve deeper into the world of power catamarans and other vessels, TheBoatDB offers a comprehensive boat database. Explore various catamaran models, compare them with monohulls, trimarans, and other types of boats, and make an informed decision on your next maritime adventure.

In summary, power catamarans encapsulate a modern engineering marvel in the maritime domain. Their blend of speed, stability, comfort, and economy makes them an attractive option for a broad spectrum of boaters. Whether you are a long-distance cruiser, a water sport enthusiast, or someone who cherishes the tranquility of the sea, a power catamaran could be the vessel that transforms your maritime adventures into unforgettable experiences.

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Cruise, Play, Stay

With all the comforts of home, arrowcat brings back the 20' center console, a unique design, understand why.

Enjoy your boat year-round and stay warm and dry during cooler weather or overnight trips, while also having a comfortable and private space to retreat for whenever you need a break. Here are a few reasons why an ArrowCat power cat is an excellent boat to consider.

A Catamaran Boat

Catamarans have two hulls, which provide more stability in the water. They are less likely to roll or pitch, which means they offer a more comfortable ride, especially in rough conditions and for people who are prone to seasickness.

Power catamarans are typically more fuel-efficient than monohull boats of the same size. It requires less energy and yields more performance per HP. The two hulls create little to no drag or resistance to get on plane, resulting in greater fuel economy. Allowing for longer journeys with fewer refueling stops. 

Power catamarans have a shallow draft which means they can navigate in diverse cruising grounds – beaches, islands, rivers, channels, and coastal areas with limited water depth. 

An Express Cruiser

Cabin boats are designed with comfortable sleeping quarters and living spaces. They feature a sleeping space with a bed, a galley with a stove, sink, and refrigerator, and a head with a shower and toilet.

Cabin boats provide protection from the elements, such as wind, sun, and rain. This allows for comfortable cruising in a variety of weather conditions, as well as providing a haven during storms

Express cruisers are designed for efficient and fast navigation, offering higher speeds compared to traditional cruising boats. They usually have powerful engines that enable them to cover long distances quickly, making them ideal for day trips or weekend getaways.

Powered By Outboard Motors

Outboard motors can provide excellent performance and speed. They can often reach higher speeds than inboard motors of the same horsepower.

Outboard motors have a simple and standard design and are relatively easy to install, they do not require additional components such as a transmission, propeller shaft, couplings, and struts, that inboard engines do. They are easily assessable and cost less to maintain than inboard motors because they are mounted outside at the rear of the boat.

Outboard motors are often designed with features that make them easy to maneuver. For example, they can be tilted or rotated to provide precise control and handling in tight spaces and shallower waters.

ArrowCat Power Catamarans displaying galley countertops and refrigerator

ArrowCat Power Catamarans

The outboard powered express cruising catamaran.

ArrowCat Express Cruisers are designed from the ground up to maximize comfort, performance, durability, and fuel efficiency, making them a better choice for both in-shore and off-shore family cruising. We build our powercats with your safety and enjoyment in mind, designing our signature interior cabin so that you’re not limited by the outside elements, but rather have the ability to enjoy your vessel at any given time, regardless of weather or location. Superior construction, optimized performance, economy, and safety can be found in every ArrowCat we make.

Explore Our 32' & 42' Signature Cabin Models

Perfect for offshore and inshore cruising, long distance and overnight trips, cold off seasons and hot boating seasons, and much more. The ArrowCat 32-foot and 42-foot models provide an exciting and versatile experience on the water. Explore to see which one could best suit your boating lifestyle.

32' power catamaran in rough water

ArrowCat 320 Coupe

Express Cruiser Catamaran Hull Planing Hull Design Twin Outboard Motors Standard Layout: 2 Cabins/ 1 Wet Head Trailerable Optional Tower Upgrade LOA: 31′ 2″/9.50 meters Beam: 10’/3.05 meters Draft: 20″/.508 meters

ArrowCat 420 Coupe

Express Cruiser Yacht Catamaran Hull Planing Hull Design Twin Outboard Motors Standard Layout: 2 Cabins/ 1 Full Head LOA: 41′ 9″/12.73 meters Beam: 14′ 9″/4.5 meters Draft: 18″/.46 meters

Boat exterior on the water

ArrowCat 420 Flybridge

Express Cruiser Yacht Catamaran Hull Planing Hull Design Twin Outboard Motors Standard Layout: 2 Cabins/ 1 Full Head LOA: 41′ 9″/12.78 meters Beam: 14′ 9″/4.5 meters Draft: 20″/.5 meters

Smooth, Fast, And Stable Ride

Talk To One Of Our Sales Experts To Schedule A Sea Trial & Experience The Feel For Yourself

Privacy Policy

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Boating Beast

A Guide to Power Catamaran Boats

John Sampson

If you’re into offshore fishing or water sports, the Power Catamaran or “multi-hull powerboat” offers you a great option for your first vessel. These powerboats provide you an excellent combination of performance, stability, and maneuverability.

These boats have a catamaran design, relying on two hulls to float the vessel instead of the typical deep-V hull found on other powerboat models. The multi-hull powerboat is ideal for cruising, and you can set it up for fishing or watersports as well.

With the multi-hull powerboat, you get options for multiple fishing stations over each hull without disrupting the boat’s balance on the water. They are ideal for use in lakes and estuaries, and they excel on the open ocean.

These boats come in lengths ranging from 16 to 30-feet, with plenty of customizable options and accessories. Typically, you get a stern-drive or outboard motor configuration, with center consoles for the driver and loads of storage space onboard.

These boats can carry from six to eight passengers easily, and most models will fit on trailers. This post gives you all the information you need on selecting the right multi-hull powerboat to suit your aquatic needs.

What Is a Multi-Hull Powerboat?

The multi-hull powerboat features a catamaran design, with two hulls running down the boat’s length, featuring a gap between the two. This configuration makes the boat exceptionally stable at higher speeds, allowing fast movement through choppy water inshore or offshore.

The catamaran might seem like a niche boat design. However, it offers you several advantages on the water, such as a smooth ride, stability, and economy. These boats come in a wide range of designs and lengths, with the smallest versions measuring around 12-feet, and the largest extending up to 70-feet or longer.

The longer vessels come with liveaboard facilities and all the amenities you need to spend days out on the water. We like to think of the multi-hull powerboat as the catamaran design of the cabin cruiser or cuddy cabin boat. You get all the same advantages as these models but with an added performance on the water.

Multi-Hull Powerboat

You get plenty of options for live wells, rod holders, gear storage, and integrated coolers for drinks and fish. Whether you’re planning a weekend trip or just going out for the day, the multi-hull powerboat is a great choice for your ocean-going excursion.

While the catamaran model is the most popular choice in this category, there are models featuring a tri-hull design. Typically, these vessels cater more towards fishing than performance or watersports, offering slightly less steering maneuverability than the dual hull setup. However, the addition of the third hull brings superior stability to the boat, making them ideal for fishing in choppy water or cruising from island to island on rougher seas.

The ripple hull models typically feature more liveaboard space, with some models having multiple separate living areas beneath the deck.

Benefits of Multi-Hull Powerboats

The Multi-hull powerboat offers you plenty of advantages for fishing, cruising, and watersports. Here are our top reasons for adding this boat to your shortlist of considerations.

Speed and Handling

The multi-hull boat relies on two separate hulls contacting the water. As a result, there is less drag from the hull when cutting through the water. You get faster speeds than you do with a mono-hull design and excellent handling with tight turning circles. These boats do well on open water, allowing for superior stability in rough waters when fishing offshore.

Dynamic Cruising

The multi-hull powerboat features dynamic cruising capability. These boats are most popular with recreational users that want to cruise down the coastline on the weekend or take a few days out on the water for a fishing trip. The built-in accommodations in many designs make it suitable for staying out on the water overnight.

Stability and Performance

Multi-hull powerboats can come with several engine configurations. The motors on these boats offer excellent performance, propelling the watercraft up to speeds of 50 to 80-mph, depending on the model. They also make suitable watersports boats, allowing for skiing and wakeboarding.

Plenty of Storage

The multi-hull boat offers you more storage capability than mono-hull models. You get loads of storage room above and below deck for your dive gear or fishing equipment. There is under-seat storage, and the v-berths in the bow of these models can include plenty of amenities.

Cabin of the Calcutta 480 Catamaran

Center Console Design

The center console driver configuration is common with the multi-hull performance boat. This driver position gives you more control over the vessel when turning. Some consoles may position closer to the bow or aft of the boat, depending on the length and design features of the boat.

Hardtop Designs

Most multi-hull powerboats come equipped for long ocean-going trips. As a result, they may have a covered driver cockpit leading to below deck accommodations or storage facilities. Some models have wraparound cockpits with doors sealing the cabin, allowing for air conditioning inside the boat on hot days. Other models come with an open plan design and a hard roof.


Most models of multi-hull power bats range from 16 to 24-feet, but there are plenty of longer models. The shorter lengths are easy to trailer, allowing for easy removal for the water and transportation. However, some models may be wider than 10-feet, requiring a special license to operate the loaded trailer. Check with your local authorities for trailer regulations and laws.

Fishing and Watersports Capability

These boats are excellent fishing vessels, offering you plenty of stability for casting on any side of the boat. The center console design means you have walkways on either side of the console, allowing the angler to chase the fish around the boat if it decides to drag the line. Most models also feature setups for watersports like wakeboarding, with T-tower bars or Bimini tops for higher tow points.

Outboard or Stern Motors

The multi-hull powerboat comes with a design for performance out on the water. As a result, these boats usually feature outboard motors with capacities ranging from 150-HP to 450-HP. Some models may use dual-motor setups or stern-mounted motors that hide out of sight.

Multiple Sizing Options

As mentioned, the multi-hull boat comes in a variety of lengths to suit your requirements. Whether you need a large boat for spending days out on the water or a simple day fishing vessel, there’s a multi-hull design to suit your requirements.

Disadvantages of Multi-Hull Powerboats

While the multi-hull powerboat is a flexible design suited for cruising, fishing, or water sports, it does come with a few drawbacks.

Large Engines and More Fuel

These boats feature design and construction for speed, with large outboard motors. As a result, they are somewhat heavy on fuel, especially with a large-capacity dual-motor setup.

Top Multi-Hull Powerboat Models

You have plenty of choices when selecting your multi-hull powerboat. Here are some of our top picks for the best models available.

Calcutta 480

This multi-hull powerboat has a 51-foot length, and it’s ideal for offshore use, providing exceptional stability thanks to the size and the 17-foot beam. It’s one of the largest models available, featuring world-class multi-hull design.

You get a spacious deck with a center console configuration and enough room to walk down either side of the boat when fishing. The dual hull provides exceptional stability combined with the long length, and you get options for diesel-powered or gasoline engines in outboard or in-stern setup to suit your requirements.

Calcutta 480

The Calcutta brand custom-builds boats for its clients. You get options for fully enclosed bow areas and fishing-style cabins with a roomy helm deck and a sleeping berth included in the bow. You also have an enclosed head for ablutions, but there is no option for a shower.

This model comes with an enclosed cockpit and air conditioning to keep you cool when cruising. The motors on this boat are monsters, featuring a twin setup of 550-HP Cummins diesel inboards available on the sports version for superior power and speed on the water while maintaining the boat’s maneuverability.

There’s a 600-gallon fuel capacity for the thirsty engines, allowing you to spend days out on the water without running out of fuel.

Insetta 35 IFC Hydrofoil

The Insetta 35 IFC hydrofoil offers you the smooth-sailing benefit of hydrofoils, with premium multi-hull designs. The hydrofoil system generates the lift under the hull, allowing for superior, stable sailing in rough water conditions.

The hydrofoil reduces friction and dragging on the hulls, reducing your fuel consumption by as much as 40% compared to other models with a similar dual hull design. The foil fits between the sponsons, featuring design and construction with stainless steel.

Another interesting design feature with this model is the way the inboard motors have positioning towards each other. This configuration allows for maximum thrust for the propellors on the asymmetrical multi-hull.

Insetta 35 IFC Hydrofoil

The foil and motor setup design also allow for much tighter turns than you get with other multi-hull models, giving you similar performance to what you expect in a mono-hull design.

The boat comes with a large coffin box with 156-gallons of space available and an insulated finish. You get eight rod-holders positioned in the bow and aft of the boat. You also get dual 30-gallon transom live wells and an option for a third below the mezzanine seat.

The Insetta 35 IFC hydrofoil comes with a three-pump sea chest, a folding bait station, and plenty of tackle storage. The boat gets its power and performance from dual Mercury 400 Verados, with the vessel topping out at speeds of 58-mph on open, calm waters.

Invincible 46 Cat

This model is the largest in the Invincible range, and it’s a great choice for offshore fishing. This flagship model comes with a 42-foot length and a center console design for easy driver operation. This multi-hull powerboat relies on a hybrid semi-asymmetrical multi-hull giving it great turning capability and maneuverability out on the open water.

Invincible 46 Cat

The Invincible 46 Cat features a stepped hull with fast acceleration and plenty of lift. You get a quad engine setup with Mercury 450 Racing outboard motors, and the craft can reach a top-end speed of 78-mph. Other notable features of this boat include a vacuum-infused hull and grid-stringer system for an “invincible” boat that’s virtually unsinkable.

Bali Catspace

If you’re looking for a luxury powercat model, the Bali Catspace Motoryacht is a fantastic – but expensive choice. This model features a design from legendary boat maker Olivier Poncin. This model is a natural cruiser and ideal for the longest ocean-going trips.

The dual hull and high ride height from the water provide exceptional stability for the boat, even in the roughest offshore and coastal waters. The boat comes with a lounge on the deck, and there’s plenty of room around the center console cabin to walk the length of the boat on either side of the vessel. The top level of the boat features the captain’s station and wheelhouse, with luxury living quarters underneath.

Bali Catspace

You get a huge lounge and a v-berth with sleeping quarters for spending the night out on the water. The cockpit presents the captain with a 360-degree view of the water, and the high riding position gives you a view of the ocean that extends for miles.

The boat comes with all the amenities you need, including tables, a full kitchenette, and luxury sleeping accommodations. There are plenty of entertainment options for TVs and stereo systems down below, with an optional hardtop Bimini.

The Bali Catspace Motoryacht receives its power from a single or dual engine setup featuring 150-HP or 250-HP Yamaha motors.

Wrapping Up

With so much variety available in multi-hull powerboats, you have options for any activity out on the water. These boats are more common in coastal waters, and they make excellent fishing vessels.

Decide on the model that suits your activity, as most have a purpose-built design for fishing, watersports, or cruising. There are plenty of customization options, so make sure you keep a budget in mind as the additions can cost more than 20% of the boat’s initial sticker price, increasing your costs.

Avatar photo

John is an experienced journalist and veteran boater. He heads up the content team at BoatingBeast and aims to share his many years experience of the marine world with our readers.

A Complete Guide to Micro Skiffs: All You Need to Know!

A complete guide to narrow boats: all you need to know, a guide to aluminum fishing boats.

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motor powered catamaran

9 Best Power Catamarans For Rough Seas and Coastal!

motor powered catamaran

As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. We may also earn commissions if you purchase products from other retailers after clicking on a link from our site.

Power catamarans are gaining popularity in the cruising world thanks to their enhanced stability and ease of operation. They’re ideal for coastal cruising but can also be used for ocean crossing thanks to their stability and speed.

Here are some of the best power catamarans on the market:

  • Fountaine Pajot MY6
  • Nautitech 47 Power
  • Horizon PC74
  • Lagoon Seventy 8
  • ArrowCat 420
  • Sunreef Supreme 68

In this article, I’ll review some of the best power catamarans out there. I’ll also go over the main features of different power cats and if they can handle rough weather. 

But before we dive in, let’s get a better understanding of what power cats are.

Table of Contents

What Is a Power Cat?

A power catamaran (power cat) is a motor-powered boat that, unlike traditional boats, has two hulls connected by a bridge deck. These vessels are more stable than monohulls because of their wide base.  

Power cats also don’t have a leaded keel to weigh them down, so they’re pretty lightweight and fast. The lack of a keel also means that power cats are more suitable for shallow waters.

motor powered catamaran

They feature large engines designed to handle their bigger bodies and weights, and serve different purposes, like fishing, cruising, or crossing rough seas. In addition, each hull has a separate engine which makes them more maneuverable, especially at turns and tight spaces.

Power catamarans don’t have sails or masts and get all of their power from the combustion engine (or electric motor), unlike their sailing cousins. In addition, these vehicles are much easier to steer because of their increased stability.

Power catamarans have more interior and exterior space thanks to their multihull design, making them perfect for cruising and liveaboard . They also have ample space for storing everything you need on a cruise without worrying about weighing it down. Catamarans offer increased privacy as well because each hull houses one sleeping area, separated by the living area between them.

Are Power Cats Good in Rough Water?

Power catamarans are good in rough waters particularly because of their multi-hull design. Their wide base makes them stable, and their high speed allows for outrunning bad weather.

Power cats that feature a high bridge clearance, will handle rough waters effortlessly. With the added height, you won’t experience pounding and slamming even in heavy waves, allowing the crew to easily control the vessel in challenging situations.

motor powered catamaran

These boats are also faster than their sailing counterparts, which means they can get you out of rough waters quickly.

In addition, since catamarans are large and tall, maneuvering is easier because you have a better view of the surroundings. Additionally, you can steer from the interior cockpit (on certain models), making it easier to control the vessel in bad weather.

Finally, although a power cat doesn’t have a keel to help it right itself in case of capsizing, it will still float easily because of its positive buoyancy.

Are Power Catamarans More Efficient?

Power catamarans are more fuel-efficient than monohulls because they don’t have leaded keels. While keels are designed to offer stability by weighing down the vessel, they increase the wetted surface and thereby add drag.

Due to the catamarans’ narrow bow entry, there’s lower resistance, leading to smoother acceleration and greater fuel economy in catamarans. In addition, power cats show fewer spikes in fuel consumption in a single power band, especially because of their smooth acceleration and fuel consumption.

The figures reported by cat owners or manufacturers show that power cats have the best power-consumption-to-speed ratios.

That being said, you can improve fuel efficiency by maintaining lower speeds; studies have shown that speed can be the most important factor in fuel efficiency, regardless of the number of engines or hull types. 

Now that you have a better understanding of power catamarans, let’s take a look at the ten best models on the market.

1. Leopard 53

This 53ft (16.19m) power cat is the fourth generation of the widely popular Leopard catamarans, and brings with it all the great features from her predecessor, the 51. 

Although the 51 was the company’s best-selling cat, they added these features to the 53 along with new ones to repeat its success. For example, they have built an enormous saloon, flybridge, and galley by removing the foredeck cockpit in the 51 PC, making it 30 percent larger than the previous model.

This model comes with three or four stateroom layouts, with the 3-stateroom version featuring an owner’s stateroom, two sinks, a loveseat, and lots of storage space.

With two Yanmar 370 hp engines, a maximum speed of 22 knots, and a cruising speed of 17.5, you can enjoy a magnificent ride, whether it’s long-distance cruising or a fun night out with friends.

2. Fountaine Pajot MY6

This luxury power cat is 44ft (13.40m) long, making it super spacious and suitable for families and big parties. With its spacious flybridge, sunbathing lounge, and enormous galley, it’s nothing short of a second home on the water. 

You can steer the cat from the saloon or the 21sqm (68 sq ft) flybridge which features a sunbathing lounge, a pool, and a galley.

This motor yacht continues to delight with its luxurious combination of privacy and pleasure, with views of the sea in almost every interior space. With three cabins, two bathrooms, six cabin beds, ample storage, and a kitchen that opens into the cockpit, you can enjoy practicality and luxury in one place.

The MY6 is exceptionally seaworthy and stable thanks to its wave-piercing hulls and Volvo IPS engines.

Like all power cats, it has straightforward steering, enabling you to control this beast even in the roughest circumstances.

3. Nautitech 47 Power

Powered by dual Volvo Penta D4 engines, this model can output 225-300hp, reaching a maximum of 22 knots and a cruising speed of 18-20 knots . This 46′ 8″ (14.23m) long power cat comes in three or four cabin versions, depending on the customer’s preference.

No matter which layout you choose, you’ll get a spacious, luxurious, and comfortable catamaran with panoramic views from the cabin. The sleek, streamlined exterior design ensures elegant sailing and seaworthiness.

It’s easy for passengers to navigate the deck thanks to its seamless design that connects the saloon to the cockpit and the rear deck. The stern features a big swimming platform that can also accommodate a tender. The cockpit is usable in different weather conditions thanks to the clear covers wrapping the whole area.

This efficient catamaran promises long cruising for big families and groups with two 300L water tanks and a pair of 645L fuel tanks.  

4. Horizon PC74

The Horizon PC 74 is another luxury power cat that can give you the comfort of your home on water. This 73′ 9” (22.48m) long power cat with a 2,000gal (7570L) fuel tank is an enormous vessel that can accommodate more than 14 people.

The enormous hardtop on the three-piece windshield, the teak dining table, the U-shaped bar, the sun pad, and the swing-out stools all guarantee that you’ll have the luxury cruising experience of a lifetime.

This vast and wide catamaran allows you to access the aft deck from the flybridge via a curving staircase. The vast aft deck has a ten-person dining table, a wet bar, and storage space. You can separate the interior and exterior spaces through sliding glass doors and make the space appear bigger by opening them.

Reaching a top speed of 23 knots and a cruising speed of 19 knots, this enormous catamaran was built for efficiency and practicality.

5. Lagoon Seventy 8

This 78’1″ (23.80m) power cat with two 494 HP engines and a 2246gal (8500L) fuel capacity is one of the largest power cats on the market, offering both comfort and reliability. The enormous flybridge can feature a jacuzzi, a sunbathing area, a large foldable dining table, and a hardtop with a moveable roof. However, you can customize the flybridge based on your preferences.

The designers have compromised nothing in terms of elegance and high-quality materials with top-of-the-line finishes and interior paneling to create the kind of luxury you want.

The saloon is huge, well-ventilated, and separated from the exterior by glass doors and panoramic windows.

But what sets Lagoon Seventy 8 apart from other power cats, in addition to its enormous size, is the wide choice of layouts. You can choose between five different versions, all offering the same amount of storage space, living and sleeping area, and privacy.

Additionally, some versions are fully customizable, allowing you to pick every detail to your liking.

6. ArrowCat 420

This 41′ (12.73m) long express cruiser is a semi-custom catamaran with two-stateroom and three-stateroom layouts. The ArrowCat 420 is designed and built with comfort and strength in mind, and capable of handling rough waters safely.

The two Suzuki 350 hp engines give this model a maximum speed of 40 knots and a cruising speed of 20 knots.

The streamlined design and the angled hulls ensure the vessel cuts through the waves effortlessly, making it easy to maneuver.

The fully-equipped head features an electric toilet, a shower, sink, and mirrors, coupled with a dining table, floor storage locker, and teak-finished floors. This cat is built to combine luxury and comfort for both onshore and offshore cruising.

7. Bali 4.3

This 43′ (13.1m) power cat is made for ocean crossing in mind. With five different layouts featuring different combinations of cabins and heads, the company ensures you’ll get the kind of setup you want. Regardless of the layout, this cat offers a spacious master suite with a large double bed and other private sleeping quarters.

You can quickly add to the overall space by removing the adjustable glass doors to merge the cockpit with the saloon.

A feature that sets the 4.1 apart from its predecessor is the fixed aft deck between the hulls, which provides a passageway and eliminates the need to go from one hull to the other without entering the cockpit.

8. Sunreef Supreme 68

According to its designers, this model was built with a radical concept in mind while staying true to the company’s promise of building the most comfortable and spacious power cats in the world.

One of the greatest features of the Supreme 68 is its aft garage that houses a 5m (16 ft) tender and two jet skis in addition to other water toys.

You can also transform the aft to a large platform for water sports by lowering the garage door.

The four-stateroom layout features ample storage, ensuite guest cabins, queen-sized beds, and TVs to create a memorable stay. The white and beige furniture with chrome details and floor-to-ceiling glazing create a soothing atmosphere that blends with the practicality of the well-equipped galley. 

However, if you’re looking for something different, you can opt for a customized model from three different layouts.

9. Hudson 48

The sleek, diamond-cut design of this 46.46’ (14.16m) long power cat is usually the first thing to catch your eye.

It’s a light displacement cat that ensures fast cruising with a top speed of 24 knots and cruising speed of 8 knots thanks to the two 370hp Yanmar V8 engines.

The three-cabin layout features a master stateroom with a spacious and well-ventilated design made possible via the three overhead windows and opening deck hatches.

The saloon’s enormous helm station allows for comfortable and safe accommodation, making it great for rough waters and bad weather conditions.

This model also offers a few entertainment options with its large TV systems and mood lighting. The storage areas and the full-sized walk-in wardrobe give this model a comfortable, homely setting.

Here are Some of My Favorite Catamaran Cruising Resources

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you found it helpful as you hopefully start your sailing adventures. Here are some resources that I use as a sailor that I hope you’ll also find helpful. These are affiliate links, so if you do decide to use any of them, I’ll earn a commission. But in all honesty, these are the exact things that I use and recommend to everyone, even my own family. Sailboats: If you’re looking for the best boat to suit your needs, I would recommend a catamaran. If you’re interested, I can show you the differences between catamarans and other types of sailboats .

Books:  For getting started, I really like  Cruising catamarans made easy . It is actually a textbook from the American sailing association; it is used to get a cruising catamaran certification. There are some other great books, and I have compiled a list of books about cruising catamarans that you will find useful.

Communication:  Being out on adventures, whether it be sailing or climbing mountains, good communications are essential to being safe. I recommend two things Google fi (incredibly simple cellular data all over the world) and Garmin inreach mini (for text and voice in remote areas without cell coverage)

Sailing courses: Online sailing courses are great for beginners starting out their sailing career; it’s an efficient way of learning the basics of navigation, throttle controls, and maritime safety. I suggest starting with two free courses from NauticEd .

To see all my most up-to-date recommendations,  check out this resource  that I made for you!

Owner of CatamaranFreedom.com. A minimalist that has lived in a caravan in Sweden, 35ft Monohull in the Bahamas, and right now in his self-built Van. He just started the next adventure, to circumnavigate the world on a Catamaran!

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motor powered catamaran

motor powered catamaran

Power Catamarans

fountaine pajot 67 power catamaran in a luxurious gold finish

Luxury Motor Yachts

Luxury power catamarans offer the same innovative features, incredible deck space, ample living quarters, and creature comforts of their sail-powered sisters.

Talk with one of our knowledgeable yacht brokers about your motor yacht dreams.

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Featured Power Cat Models

  • Bali 4.3 MY
  • Bali Catspace MY
  • Fountaine Pajot MY 40
  • Fountaine Pajot MY 44
  • Fountaine Pajot Power 67
  • Lagoon 630 Motor Yacht
  • Lagoon SIXTY 7 Motor Yacht
  • Lagoon 78 Power Catamaran
  • Leopard 43 Power Catamaran
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mcconaghy mc59p luxury motor yacht

For more than 30 years, we have been a part of the catamaran community and created Catamaran Guru™ to encourage and educate all the aspiring sailing out there. We understand the dream of traveling the world by catamaran and created a one-stop-shop to make that dream a reality for you.

motor powered catamaran

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Motor Yacht


Explore our models in a different way thanks to the virtual marina

The concept

The concept

The Motor Yacht experience

The Motor Yacht experience

Enjoyment at sea

Enjoyment at sea

Living Onboard

Living Onboard


  • Virtual marina


  • Motor catamarans range

Motor Yacht MY.5

A power catamaran with flybridge

Length overall

Beam overall

Standard Power

Option Power


The modular sunbathing areas on the foredeck are the ideal space for unwinding. Just the ticket for an unforgettable holiday on the water.

The MY.5 catamaran motor yacht invites you to take to the open seas

Steering from the flybridge means you enjoy an exhilarating experience with excellent visibility.

Her specially designed hulls deliver confidence at sea, and her Volve IPS engines and onboard technology ensure she can be comfortably handled in all sailing conditions. Sophisticated systems reduce fuel consumption delivering long cruising range . The flybridge provides additional space where you can spend time together both at sea and at anchor.

Motor Yacht MY.5 in video

Discover the MY.5


Volume for total comfort

The interior of the MY.5, designed by Andreani Design, offers all the luxury you would expect from this motor yacht . The layout, divided into three cabins, provides an abundance of living and storage space. The central galley serves the aft cockpit or saloon, so you can always enjoy your dining experience, whatever the weather.


Features Motor Yacht MY.5


Version Maestro

1 owner’s suite + 1 bathroom / 2 double cabins + 1 bathroom

Displacement unloaded

Full load displacement

23.0 T(Approx.)

Fresh water tank

119 Gallons

Diesel tank

2 x 186 Gallons

Up to 231 NM

Daniel Andrieu

Andreani Design


It’s easy to enjoy the sea with a swim platform that lowers to water level. With three luxurious double cabins , available in a range of layouts, all the attributes of a Motor Yacht are combined in less than thirteen metres.


Indoor & outdoor areas

Unique design and incomparable spaces.

The dedicated companionway to the Owner’s cabin enhances the feeling of privacy. Her transverse queen-size bed enjoys sea views and the large portholes bathe this suite in natural light from morning to night. One of the double cabins is fitted with bunk beds that configures to adapt to any situation.


Virtual visit

As if you were there….

Welcome aboard this exceptional yacht for a 100% immersive visit. Explore her interior and exterior living spaces in minute detail!

  • Technology & Navigation
  • Construction & Design

Waiting times for a Fountaine Pajot motor yacht may vary according to the stage of your project, the model you want or your navigation area. Some Fountaine Pajot dealers have new motor catamarans ready to sail ! Contact your nearest dealer HERE to ask about the availability of the boat of your dreams!

Visit your nearest Fountaine Pajot boat dealer to buy a new motor yacht from our range. You will benefit from personalised advice through the Fountaine Pajot dealer network. Discover our network HERE

The price of a Fountaine Pajot power catamaran varies according to the size of the model chosen and your cruising project. Our dealers are at your disposal to guide you in your choice of fittings, packages and options to best suit your boat purchase project. You can find out the starting price of the boat your choice on this page HERE .

IPS engines, fitted on some Fountaine Pajot motor catamarans are designed to offer greater energy efficiency, which translates into better fuel economy compared to other systems of propulsion. The overall design of IPS engines aims to optimise a boat’s performance in terms of speed , manoeuvrability and fuel economy. And of course, IPS engines offer excellent manoeuvrability thanks to steerable propellors, thus facilitating manœuvres in tight spaces like harbours.

Spacious and comfortable when sailing, Fountaine Pajot motor yachts also offer fine cruising speed. Depending on the model and the engine installed on board, they can reach a max speed of 24 knots and 18 knots in fast cruising mode.

Power catamarans are naturally more efficient than monohull power boats . Depending on the model and the engine installed on board, at a high cruising speed, i.e. around 18 knots, motor yachts in the Fountaine Pajot range can reach between 260 and 425 nautical miles. At an “economical” cruising speed, they can reach up to 1000 nautical miles. The Power 67, the Flagship model in the range, can reach up to 4000 nautical miles at economy cruise speed. Take a look at the boat comparator here

Thanks to its architecture with two floats and a central suspended platform, its mass is divided by two and better spread. Thinner hulls decrease the Archimedes thrust and require much less energy to move the keel through the water. Half the consumption of a monocoque is the result, increasing the range of motor catamarans for long crossings and long stays at anchor. For the same length, a catamaran gives much more living surface . The great width permits much more spacious cockpit space as well as a huge interior-exterior living space on one level,

Innovative, high-tech composite materials constitute most of the structure of our motor catamarans : hulls, flybridge, decks, bulkheads and more. Fountaine Pajot has perfected a resin injection and infusion technique, an advanced technology that gives our boats all their robustness. Thanks to this expertise, we can make our motor yachts considerably lighter while maintaining consistent quality . Injection also makes it possible to meet the most stringent environmental requirements, in line with the commitments of the Fountaine Pajot Group.

13-meter motorboat

Interested in this model?

Your local dealer will be happy to advise you and give you more details about this model!

A voyage into the Motor Yacht world of Fountaine Pajot

Dive deep into the Fountaine Pajot experience through testimonials, news, webcasts, podcasts, press reviews, photo and video reports... Together, let’s redefine the parameters of Motor Yacht cruising!


10 Jun 2024

A private Motor Yachts boat show in La Rochelle


MY4.S, a motor yacht at the top of navigation and comfort?

All about the new Fountaine Pajot Motor Yachts with Stéphanie de Loustal.


18 Mar 2024

A Motor Yacht in harmony with the sea

Fountaine Pajot Owners Rendez-vous 2016

For its 40th anniversary, Fountaine Pajot met up with owners of Sailing Catamarans and Motor Yachts to mark this special occasion.


20 Feb 2024

A new way to experience Motor Yachts


2023 magazine


25 Jan 2024

Welcome to the new Fountaine Pajot sites! A brand-new experience…


Yacht Style – MY5


15 Jan 2024

Exclusive Events | Which Motor Yachts to visit in 2024 ?


Long distance cruising aboard a catamaran motor yacht MY 44


Patrick and Janet


25 Sep 2023

Fountaine Pajot reveals a new 80-foot power catamaran yacht


Discover the full test of the MY4.s by BoatTEST.com

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This New 115-Foot Electric Sailing Catamaran Can Cruise the Seas Sans Emissions

Sunreef's new 35m eco is outfitted with custom batteries, electric engines, and solar panels., rachel cormack.

Digital Editor

Rachel Cormack's Most Recent Stories

Lürssen’s newest superyacht is a 269-foot tri-deck behemoth.

  • Brad Pitt’s New Formula 1 Flick Will Hit Movie Theaters Next Summer
  • King Charles Has 5 Horses Competing in Royal Ascot This Week
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Sunreef 35M Eco

Sunreef ’s lineup just got even bigger and greener.

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Sunreef 35M Eco

Spanning 115 feet, the newest composite multihull is fitted with Sunreef’s custom-engineered batteries and state-of-the-art electric engines. Solar panels will also be embedded into the hull sides, superstructure, and bimini, allowing the cat to generate power from the sun. The yard has previously added this patented “ solar skin ” to several models, such as the newly unveiled Explorer Eco 40 , the Eco 100 , the Zero Cat , and the 80 Power Eco .

Sunreef didn’t share any details regarding speed or range for the new 35M Eco, but the aforementioned 80-foot cat is powered by 360 kW electric motors that can push it to 10 knots. The newcomer theoretically has an “infinite range,” given it can continuously get power from the sun so long as it’s shining. The clean, emissions-free energy would also power the hotel load at anchor.

Sunreef 35M Eco

The 35M Eco is not only sustainable but also spacious and stylish. With a beam of 48 feet, the yacht offers expansive living areas onboard. Positioned in the bow of the main deck, the owner’s stateroom provides stunning panoramic views and private access to an outdoor terrace. The luxurious guest accommodation, meanwhile, is located in the hulls and is fully customizable.

The 35M Eco offers an abundance of alfresco lounging areas, too. The vast walkaround aft deck, which Sunreef calls the “ocean lounge,” gives seafarers easy access to the sea and a hidden garage stocked with water toys. In addition, the sprawling flybridge features a plunge pool and bar.

Rachel Cormack is a digital editor at Robb Report. She cut her teeth writing for HuffPost, Concrete Playground, and several other online publications in Australia, before moving to New York at the…

Read More On:

  • Electric Yacht
  • Sailing Yacht

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50 Yacht Power Catamaran

Arriving Fall 2024

Prepare for an elevated yachting experience with the Aquila 50 Yacht Power Catamaran, arriving this fall. Say hello to the future of exploration as we introduce an all-new "Explorer" aesthetic, with a commanding high freeboard that sets it apart from the rest. Featuring sophisticated yet uniquely functional accommodations in a 3-cabin, 3-head layout with a single-level, full-beam master cabin, refined finishes, and panoramic windows, the Aquila 50 Yacht provides unparalleled comfort and convenience on each voyage. Enjoy al fresco entertainment under the open sky on the expansive, new flybridge design, enhanced by an optional retractable sunshade. Embark on a new era of sophistication and style and explore limitless possibilities with the Aquila 50 Yacht Power Catamaran.

Request Information

outline of the 50 yacht


Specs Category Specs Dimensions
Length Overall 15.9 M / 52'2"
Beam Overall 7.76 M / 25'6"
Fuel (standard tanks) 1,600 L / 422 gallons
Engine (standard) 2 x Volvo Penta D6 480HP
Cabin Configuration (standard) 3 cabin / 3 head + utility room
Cabin Configuration (optional)  4 cabin / 4 head + Cpt. Quarters (optional)
Estimated Performance (estimated speeds non-contactual) WOT @ 22knots / Cruise Speed @ 18-19 knots
  • Download Specs & Layouts

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the Aquila 50 Yacht fit into the lineup?

The Aquila 50 Yacht steps in as the successor to the now-retired Aquila 48, positioned between the Aquila 44 Yacht and the Aquila 54 Yacht. Built on insights gathered from extensive research and owner feedback, this model maintains the distinctive innovative yacht styling of the Aquila brand, as exemplified by the most recent Aquila 42 Yacht, while uniquely incorporating elements of a more exploratory-type aesthetic.

When and where can I see this model in person?

The Aquila 50 Yacht will make its first public appearance at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in Fall 2024.

When will pricing and standard specifications be available?

While pricing information and standard specifications won't be released until late summer or early fall of 2024, you can secure build slots and place deposits now. Preliminary specifications are available for reference here .

Does this model incorporate eco-friendly or solar capabilities?

Certainly. The Aquila 50 Yacht's hardtop design is optimized for seamless solar panel integration. Furthermore, the engine rooms are configured to support either standard combustion engines or an environmentally friendly hybrid engine package.

Is the Aquila Hydro Glide Foil System™ (AHG) an option for this model?

Indeed, the Aquila 50 Yacht offers the Aquila Hydro Glide Foil System™ (AHG) as an optional feature, compatible with the Yanmar 550HP engine package.

Aquila Models

Image of 70 Luxury

Aquila 70 Luxury

Image of 54 Yacht

Aquila 54 Yacht

Image of 50 Yacht

Aquila 50 Yacht

Image of 47 Molokai

Aquila 47 Molokai

Image of 44 Yacht

Aquila 44 Yacht

Image of 42 Yacht

Aquila 42 Yacht

Image of 36 Sport

Aquila 36 Sport

Image of 32 Sport

Aquila 32 Sport

Image of 28 Molokai

Aquila 28 Molokai

Image of 28 Cuddy

Aquila 28 Molokai Cuddy

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Rossinavi's new 34-metre explorer yacht with hybrid electric propulsion

On board the 43m hybrid-electric catamaran with solar panels and AI

If there’s one shipyard cementing itself even further as a leading superyacht builder, it’s Rossinavi, with the recent launches of 59-metre explorer yacht Akula , 49.9-metre No Stress Two and 65.7-metre Alchemy , which took home the prestigious Motor Yacht of the Year at the World Superyacht Awards 2024.

Just when it seemed Rossinavi had reached its pinnacle, the shipyard stunned the global yachting industry by venturing into the catamaran market with the launch of what it calls its “most innovative project” to date. The 42.8-metre hybrid-electric catamaran named Seawolf X , previously known as Sea Cat, features cutting-edge innovations, such as solar panels and AI, a testament to Rossinavi's commitment to the environment through its BluE initiative, which launched in 2022.

BOAT sits down with Rossinavi’s COO, Federico Rossi, to unpack some of the superyacht’s standout features…

“This kind of propulsion philosophy works very well on multihull vessels,” Rossi explains. “Catamarans are very efficient when it comes to navigation as they can reach good speeds with little power. They are also very stable boats, so they rely less on stabilisation systems that use lots of battery power. The wider beam also allows more surface area for the solar panels.”

Nature-inspired design

The exterior of this "futuristic" catamaran is the work of Fulvio De Simoni Yacht Design , boasting a streamlined, low-profile silhouette reminiscent of a sports car. The design includes three distinct exterior living areas: a sociable cockpit centred around a pool, a spacious sundeck with areas for sunbathing and relaxation, and a bow area featuring a hidden pool that transforms into a home theatre.

The designer also incorporated solar panels, optimising surface area for energy recovery as part of the shipyard’s commitment to environmentally friendly features. The hull's efficiency was enhanced through lightweight solutions, including an anchor installation that met weight standards and improved the vessel's aesthetics.

Inside, the design draws inspiration from nature, evoking the sun, sea and sand. "We used natural materials and, when possible, natural colours, to achieve this," says Rossi.

Energy-efficient features

The model operates with three distinct “performance scenarios”. For one-day trips, the catamaran can cruise entirely in full electric mode. On multi-day voyages, she maintains electric mode for 90 per cent of the time. Even on transatlantic journeys, she manages to cruise in electric mode for 80 per cent of the time.

“When the owner is not on board, the vessel goes into ‘hibernation’ mode when only the fundamental systems on board are in use," Rossi notes. The hibernation mode activates when the catamaran is moored, minimising consumption and allowing the excess energy generated to be supplied back to the quay or a private property. Seawolf X produces enough energy to power an entire villa.

Additionally, the catamaran is equipped with two diesel generators capable of quickly recharging the batteries. She also features fast charging, meaning she can fully recharge at shore power within just five hours.

Embracing the power of artificial intelligence

The catamaran features an onboard artificial intelligence system known as Rossinavi AI, designed to enhance comfort and maximise the yacht’s environmental efficiency. The AI constantly monitors the vessel’s operations, acting like a brain that learns from observation and anticipates the needs of guests.

Rossinavi AI maintains continuous communication with the crew, advising them on how to adopt lower-impact behaviours and promoting conscious cruising. “For example, if the chef is cooking in the galley and there is laundry in the washing machine and dryer at the same time, the system picks up a peak in consumption and informs the crew,” Rossi says.

The AI software also monitors the battery pack, ensuring it remains within the optimal range of 20-80 per cent to prolong its lifespan. Additionally, it supervises and interacts with the crew to maintain efficient operations.

Looking ahead, Rossi envisions advancing AI capabilities in future Rossinavi models, with the potential for the system to alert guests when dolphins or other wildlife are nearby, ensuring they don't miss the chance to enjoy such sightings.

To find out more information on Seawolf X or other innovative Rossinavi models currently under construction, contact the shipyard today.

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