1. Advice on installing pad eyes.

    Location: Cape Cod USA. Boat: Cartwright 36 Cutter. Posts: 375. Re: Advice on installing pad eyes. Low and near the centerline at the companionway is a great start on a boat that size. Ensure that you have a strong backing plate of suitable size (area) to distribute shock loads on the boat end.

  2. Ultra Fairleads and Soft Padeyes

    Harken Bolt-down Fairlead. You can also glue a conventional padeye to the deck by first bolting it up to a fiberglass pad. Drill the holes and countersink on the backside of the pad, screw the machine screws up through the fiberglass pad and into the padeye. Put the nuts on the top (acorn nuts give it a clean finish).

  3. What are these pad eyes for?

    Sep 30, 2009. 98. Catalina Capri 22 (loved my old C-22) NorCal. Sep 6, 2013. #14. The 22 in the marina next to me had lifelines that were attached to the deck about 18 inches aft of the rear stanchion. The attached photo shows a similar setup with lifelines attached to the deck rather than a stern pulpit.

  4. Sailboat Pad Eyes

    Buy on line Sailboat Pad Eyes and Anchor Plates. Technical support at Vela Sailing Store. A committed team of sailors offering the best customer service and the best sailing gear and parts at Vela Sailing Store. Free shipping.

  5. Pad eyes for jacklines and tethers

    The deck jack lines can attach to the toe rail. The padeyes will be useful in the cockpit. If you want to use a padeye on the toe rail these are nice. A simple non-folding bail works just as well for less $$. I also like to put a few twists in the jacklines so they are easy to grab from the wet deck and clip into.

  6. Sailboat Padeyes

    Padeyes for blocks and padeyes for other sailboat hardware are typically made from stainless steel. Folding Padeyes are useful for keeping a deck clean and keeping toes safe. Folding padeyes are great for tying dock lines, jack lines and other attachments that are temporary. Folding Padeyes can also be used to attach fenders and use as lifting ...

  7. Mounting a folding pad eye

    Join Date: Jul 2011. Location: Boat: Greece Winter: Höllviken, Skåne, Sweden. Boat: Malö 116 39'. Posts: 161. Mounting a folding pad eye. When I looked in Wichards catalogue, I find a folding pad eye that I think should be good both for fastening the jackstay on deck and for fastening the lifeline in the cockpit.

  8. What would these pad eyes be for?

    On my yacht there are 2 pad eyes on the starboard side towards the bow. I don't know if they were put on originally by the manufacturer (Hunter) or put on by past owner. Any idea what they would be

  9. Padeye

    Padeye. An Aviation Machinist's Mate connecting tiedown chains to padeyes on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) A padeye is a device often found on boats or ships that a line runs through or provides an attachment point. It is a kind of fairlead and often is bolted or welded to the deck or hull.

  10. Adding pad eyes to the deck.

    We have a 94 Vision 36 and I want to add a boom brake. I need to install a port and starboard attachment points for the rigging on the deck, about in line with the mast. The headliner is fiberglass. There is a space between the headliner and the deck with minimum access points to the space...

  11. Fixed Padeyes

    22 mm Small Boat. 27 mm Midrange. 32 mm Big Boat. Windward Sheeting. CRX Roller. 42 mm Mini-Maxi. 64 mm Maxi. T-Track Genoa Lead. Access Rail System. Show All. 13 mm AA Battcar System. 22 mm A Battcar System. 27 mm B Battcar System. 32 mm C Battcar System. 18 mm Switch Battcar System. 26 mm Switch Battcar System. 26 mm Trysail Switch. 32 mm ...

  12. Pad eyes for tethers and jacklines

    I think I've stumbled on an answer; 1 regular pad eye (non-folding) at the back of the cockpit floor, centerline- and one folding pad eye on the cockpit floor right below the companionway, then two eye straps on either side of the cabin top hatch. I'll tie one jackline for everybody sitting in the cockpit to the hardware in the floor, and two ...

  13. What would these pad eyes be for

    Mar 23, 2013 132 Hunter 44DS Lake Macquarie Apr 1, 2014. #1

  14. SWL vs. WLL in Padeye Search

    The SWL vs. WLL confusion is part semantics and part litigious. Safe working load is still used in the marine hardware realm, and most often, it is set at 50 percent of the breaking strength of a piece of gear. After several litigation fiascos over SWL ratings-and some pretty dramatic failures-working load limit became the nuanced replacement ...

  15. Pad Eyes, U-Bolts & Eyebolts

    Pad eyes, U-Bolts and Eyebolts are often used as points on your boat with which to secure or attach a variety of things such as Jackstays, blocks even docklines. Deck Pad Eyes come in two main types: Fixed Pad Eye: Features a welded attachment hoop on a base plate, with a permanently raised profile. Available in round or rectangular shapes.

  16. Boat Bow Eyes, Pad Eyes & Eye Straps

    206-632-4462. Email. Secure your boat with strong bow eyes & pad eyes! Find marine grade boat eye hooks for towing, mooring & anchoring. Free shipping on orders over $99.

  17. Advice on installing pad eyes.

    Posts: 161. Re: Advice on installing pad eyes. If you mount the pad eye with regular stainless A4 screws, the screws will break before the pad eye. You new screws with a strength classification of at least 50 but better with 70. At the top of a flat-headed screw there is stamped the material, for example A4.

  18. Hobie Forums • View topic

    I guess the sail mast has a shock cord to attach to these anchor points and to change it to a pad eye may not be a good idea (not to mention the hole spacing on the one on the revo is only 3/4" and I can't seem to find any pad eye small enough). My V2 MD spine has a forward spot with an opening/hole to attach a tether, but my V1 spine doesn't.

  19. Sailboat pad eye

    fixed pad eye 015-02LX. U-shaped for sailboats for boats. Size (M/A-B-L) 10-39-55mm Workload 2048Kg Breaking Load 6144Kg AISI 316 stainless steel U-bolts obtained by casting in a single piece. Great stability even with transverse stresses.

  20. How to install pad eye on v-berth ceiling for infant lee cloth

    Try thinking of options that ruled out attachment to the ceiling . On my boat I used a length of 3/8" line in the lee cloth's seam for support. The line had hooks on each end that I clipped to a couple of small folding pad eyes attached to the forward bulk head and a dinette backrest aft.

  21. Installing a Pad-eye ring on the mast

    It looks like finally after a couple months, my whisker pole will arrive shortly. I need to install a mast pad-eye ring for the whisker pole. ( I didn't want to go through the expense of installing a track and I only have 1 headsail). Most of the fittings on the boom and mast are rivets. Should I continue in that vein and use pop rivets or is ...

  22. Highway 99 hit-and-run claims 27-year-old's life, suspect vehicle parts

    Boat found in connection with hit-and-run that killed Florida teen. Watch Live. ON NOW. ... Eye on the Gulf: New zone to watch for tropical development. Summertime heat returns, mainly dry with a ...

  23. ID this pop up pad eye?

    Join Date: Jun 2006. Posts: 726. Re: ID this pop up pad eye? They were also used in the 40s thru the 80s for lifting inboard runabouts. we hard one in the for deck and rear deck on our 1949 and 1963 Chris Crafts. they were attached to tie rods that were then bolted to the keel.

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  25. E33 folding pad eye in cockpit

    1,388. Hunter e33 Maple Bay, BC. Sep 26, 2012. #3. Umm. I agree it would be a very strange place to put a fastening point for a tether. Also I would not depend on the two small screws holding that pad eye to the load of a person in motion. There are many other far more secure spots in the cockpit area to attach a tether.

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