1. Super Yacht Captain: What it Takes to Become a Superyacht Captain

    how to be a super yacht captain

  2. How To Become A Superyacht Captain? (Step by Step Guide)

    how to be a super yacht captain


    how to be a super yacht captain

  4. Yacht Captain careers

    how to be a super yacht captain

  5. How To Become A Superyacht Captain? (Step by Step Guide)

    how to be a super yacht captain

  6. How To Become A Superyacht Captain? (Step by Step Guide)

    how to be a super yacht captain


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  1. How to Become a Captain on a Superyacht

    As a rule, the smaller the yacht, the more hands-on the Captain must be. The larger the yacht, the more administrative duties the Captain will hold. A superyacht Captain specialises in commanding and managing luxury yachts over 24 metres in length. Every crew member falls under the ultimate command of the Captain and will answer to him/her.

  2. Yacht Captain careers

    The skills of a successful yacht Captain include: Excellent leadership, management and diplomacy skills. Excellent yacht handling and navigation. Ability to stay calm in difficult situations. Good grasp of finance and legislation. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Organisation and administration skills.

  3. How to Become a Yacht Captain

    The captain must hold a license that is commensurate with the gross tonnage of the vessel and approved by the flag state. In addition, the yacht's insurance company needs to be comfortable with the candidate's experience and license and approve the hire. This is understandable when you consider that the underwriter is the biggest financial ...

  4. How to Become a Yacht Captain- An Expert's Handbook

    Yacht Captain Salary. The below super yacht Captain salary guideline is based on my personal research using an average of over 10 major yachting platforms: 20m-30m: $4000-$7500 p/m. 30m-40m: $5500-$9500 p/m. 40m-50m: $8000-$15000 p/m. 50m-70m: $13000-$19000 p/m. 70m+: $16500+ p/m.

  5. How to Become a Deckhand on a Superyacht: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Captains: Top Earnings: Captains, who have the ultimate responsibility for the yacht, its crew, and its passengers, can earn from $7,000 USD to well over $20,000 USD per month. The captain's salary is influenced by the size of the yacht, the complexity of the voyages undertaken, and their level of experience. Factors Influencing Salaries

  6. How to Work on a Yacht: Step by Step Job Guide for Crew

    The tips depend on the size of the Yacht and the guests, but a good estimate is 10 - 20% of the total weekly price of a Yacht. If you imagine a 50m (165 foot) Yacht with 9 crew, it typically charters for $150,000 - $250,000 per week. For simplicity, let's add a 15% tip for $200,000/wk.

  7. How To Become A Superyacht Captain With UKSA

    Building an effective culture and maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and safety whist complying to all regulatory requirements. Managing expectations of owners and other stakeholders such as management companies, is another key part of being a successful captain.". The smaller the yacht, the more hands-on the Captain must be.

  8. How to Become a Yacht Captain

    The salary of a yacht captain depends on several factors, including the years of experience, the size of the vessel, and the duration of the contract. Generally speaking, the low end of the salary is approximately $5000 per month and the high end exceeds $18.000 per month. For more information, check this resource.

  9. What qualifications are required to work on a Superyacht?

    The most popular and widely recognised of the available seafarer medical certificates is the ENG1. The ENG1 Medical is a basic medical certificate and is as essential as your STCW'10. It is a mandatory requirement to prove you are fit to work as a yacht crew member at sea. Only MCA-approved doctors can perform an ENG 1 medical exam.

  10. Yacht Captain Career Opportunities

    The Yacht Captain is the navigator, and as such is responsible for the safety of the crew and passengers, the supervision of the crew as well as ensuring the enjoyment of all guests onboard. As a yacht Captain you will be a natural born charismatic leader capable of creating a strong and cohesive team. Vessel safety and respect of property ...

  11. Yacht Captain Crew Position

    Speaks multiple languages fluently. New build experience. Project Management certification or Management degree. Limited experience in intended cruising area. Lack of experience on a similar size vessel. Yacht Captains have 5+ years experience and are responsible for the safety of passengers, crew & vessel. They earn $84K-180K based on yacht ...


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  13. Careers

    Salary Range. A junior Captain based on a smaller superyacht (<30 metres) could expect a salary of between £3,500 and £5,500 per month. More experienced Captains, working on medium-sized superyachts (30-50 metres) could expect between £4,500 and £7,000 per month. Very experienced senior Captains on large superyachts (>50 metres) could ...

  14. How to Become a Super Yacht Captain

    Safety. Superyacht captains must be well aware of the dangers of operating at sea, and they must be prepared to handle any accidents that occur onboard. They also need to ensure that all crew members follow safety procedures. Typically, yacht captains are paid $4,200 to $15,800 per month depending on the size and type of vessel they are sailing.

  15. What is the salary of a Captain on a superyacht?

    Only 8% work on yachts which are purely commercial / charter programs. Monthly salary averages for Captains on a superyacht. Average monthly salary for Captains with full rotation: Under 39m n/a. 40m to 49m €12.4k approx. 50m to 59m €11.4k approx. 60m to 69m €13.3k approx. 70m to 79m €14.5k approx.

  16. 9 Things You Can Do Now To Become A Yacht Captain

    Get qualified. Make your CV stand out. Nurture contacts in the industry. Look for relevant jobs. Assess your finances. Stay on top of changes in the industry. Persevere. Whilst these are the most basic steps, there is a range of extra details related to each that you need to know about.

  17. Super Yacht Captain

    Follow Captain Tristan Mortlock on his life and duties in the SuperYacht world. The vlog includes all aspects of running a Super Yacht, Shipyards, crew, multiple destinations, charters, sales ...

  18. Super Yacht Captain Salary

    Calculating the salary of a yacht captain. Many might think that the income of a captain is very rewarding, especially when comparing the salary with other, high-level niche professions. However, when calculating a (super) yacht captain salary, you need to take the following into consideration: 24/7 onboard.

  19. How to Get Your Captain's License and Pilot Your Own Yacht

    Day Skipper. This skipper's license will qualify you to captain a sailboat at sea in local waters from sunrise to sunset. Local waters are defined as 15 nautical miles, or 25 miles, from your home port, given that they are no more than 15 nautical miles from an approved safe haven. Local Waters Skipper.

  20. A day in the life of a superyacht captain

    The simple answer, says Gordon, is no - and in fact the role of a modern yacht captain is highly complex and multifaceted. Take Gordon's current command, for example - a 33-metre private yacht that cruises extensively with the owning family on board. "My responsibilities of course encompass safely operating and navigating the boat ...

  21. Superyacht Captain salary survey 2023

    Almost 300 Captains responded across a range of yacht sizes from sub-30m to 100m+. In addition to average pay and leave, pay rise and bonus activity, the 20+ page report also compares Captain and Chief Officer experience, ticket level, longevity onboard and comparisons to our 2020 and 2022 survey findings. Some top-level statistics are:

  22. How Much Does a Yacht Captain Make?

    Captain. 100 ft - 170 ft. $84,000 - $180,000. Junior Captain. 60 ft - 100 ft. $48,000 - $98,000. Additional parts of the salary package include bonuses, health insurance, flight expenses, paid vacation, training and certification cost reimbursement, and uniforms.

  23. Captain's VLOG 1. Life onboard a luxury SuperYacht

    Video Log of a Super Yacht captain both on and off the ship. Following the life of luxury yacht crew.Captain Tristan Mortlock is an award winning Super Yacht...

  24. Understanding the Make-Up of a True Captain: 10 Key Qualities

    When it comes to leadership, the role of a captain is one that requires a unique set of qualities. A true captain possesses a combination of skills and traits that set them apart from the rest. In this blog post, we will delve into the 10 key qualities that make up a true captain, from unwavering commitment to integrity. Unwavering Commitment

  25. To Boost Ocean Research, Some Scientists Are Turning to Superyachts

    He describes yacht owners donating boat time to scientists as "better than nothing," and says it can help get regular people interested in science and exploration. Christopher Walsh, captain of the Archimedes, says he and his crew love taking part in science initiatives, especially when there's an educational component.

  26. Yacht captain jailed ahead of arson trial over Greek island fire

    A THENS (Reuters) -Greek judicial authorities have jailed the captain and first officer of a yacht ahead of a trial on charges of arson over a forest fire on the island of Hydra believed to have ...

  27. Superyachts aren't just for the super-rich: Hundreds of scientists use

    The Archimedes, a 222-foot (68-meter) "adventure" yacht then owned by the late hedge funder James Simons, boasts a gym, a jacuzzi and an elevator.But between 2018 and 2020, Brewin was ...

  28. Celebrity Weddings of 2024: All the Famous Marriages

    Below Deck Mediterranean Captain Sandy Yawn married her girlfriend of five years, Leah Shafer, on—you guessed it—a yacht. "On May 11th, 2024 I married the love of my life," Yawn wrote on ...

  29. Yacht captain, officer jailed ahead of arson trial over island fire

    Yacht captain, officer jailed ahead of arson trial over island fire. Intime News] Newsroom. June 27, 2024 27.06.2024 • 12:00. Greek judicial authorities have jailed the captain and first officer of a yacht ahead of a trial on charges of arson over a forest fire on the island of Hydra believed to have been sparked by fireworks, legal sources ...

  30. Yacht captain jailed ahead of arson trial over Greek island fire

    A view of the yacht (right) whose crew members allegedly caused a huge fire with fireworks on the island of Hydra, pictured on June 23. The blaze tore through nearly 300,000 square metres of ...