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Patricia Puentes

“No Time to Die” Review: James Bond Gets the Opportune Redo in Daniel Craig’s Last Spy Portrayal

james bond spectre clinic location

Rating : 7/10

I promised myself not to mention how much of a soft spot I have for director Cary Joji Fukunaga — you need to see his version of Jane Eyre  — and writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge — Fleabag  should be mandatory watching. Yet I’m unable to fulfill my promise because I believe they’re what make the 25th film in the James Bond franchise, No Time to Die, such an up-to-date and quasi-feminist movie.

I’ve never been much of a 007 enthusiast. I like the action-adventure spy genre with international locations and lots of production value but can’t digest very well some of the franchise’s inherent sexism. Yet I’ve been wanting to watch No Time to Die  — the movie opens exclusively in theaters on Friday, October 8 — since it was first announced Fukunaga was directing it. He’s also co-writing from a screenplay by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade — they had a hand in penning the previous four Bond movies starring Daniel Craig in the titular role: Casino Royale (2006), Quantum of Solace (2008), Skyfall  (2012) and Spectre  (2015). But I knew I was completely committed to this new Bond installment once Waller-Bridge was hired to punch up the script .

She’s responsible not only for making sure the movie has well-balanced women representation, but she also contributed to the whole plot  and brought the essential Britishness to No Time to Die , according to longtime Bond producer Barbara Broccoli. I’ve also decided to believe she’s responsible for all the jokes in the movie that made me laugh.

Fukunaga on the other hand is quite the complete auteur himself. Even though this is a big-budget studio movie of an aging franchise, his filmmaking idiosyncrasy still shows. He can capture romance and longing on screen in a way not that many directors achieve. He’s talented at continuous takes to fully capitalize on the action elements of the movie — not for nothing, he’s the director behind True Detective ‘s infamous season one tracking shot . And he even employs some horror tropes — he’s also the screenwriter of It  (2017) — in very specific moments of the film to accentuate the thriller aspects of the plot. Every shot in No Time to Die  is meticulously framed, lit and dressed for maximum effect and beauty.

Romance, Action, Adventure and Many Chases

james bond spectre clinic location

The movie kicks off not long after Spectre  left things off, which is a problem because that film was released in 2015 and I didn’t deem it necessary to rewatch it. I don’t think you should either; the plot is easy enough to follow. We’re reunited with Bond and the psychologist Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux), who are very much enjoying their entanglement. After a session of sea bathing, he drives his Aston Martin DB5 through the winding roads of Southern Italy at sunset. She wants him to go faster; he doesn’t see the need. “We have all the time in the world,” he tells her. And right that instant you know their consuming romance is doomed.

No Time to Die  explores the idea of feeling obsolete and getting old while portraying a retired Bond who spends his time fishing and sailing in Jamaica — it’s better if I don’t tell you how he ends up there. “You’ve done your bit and we thank you for your service, again ,” M (Ralph Fiennes), the head of the British Secret Intelligence Service MI6, tells Bond when he hints at the possibility of getting back to work. But either for MI6 or because the CIA is calling, Jeffrey Wright returns as the American operative Felix Leiter, and you know Bond is going to go back to the running, jumping, chasing, fighting and killing business.

The movie takes the viewer from the hilltop city of Matera, in Italy, to the coasts of Jamaica, the Cuban nightlife, the streets of London and even a foggy forest in Norway. No Time to Die  was shot on location in most of those places — Jamaica stood in for Cuba — and practically manages to keep the viewer on the edge of their seat from one action sequence here followed by an adrenalin-fueled chase to the next paradisiacal setting there. But at two hours and 43 minutes the final hour of the film does suffer a bit from franchise bloating. And I got a little bit disinterested in a plot involving Rami Malek as the very villainous Safin. Although I understand over-the-top villains are one of the staples in any Bond film.

Fukunaga makes sure to also include all the other mandatory Bond ingredients: Vodka Martinis are shaken, not stirred; 007 introduces himself as “Bond, James Bond”; gadgets abound; there’s an homage to the iconic gun barrel sequence ; and even though Billie Eilish’s song for the movie — I’m betting she’ll add an Oscar to her long list of Grammy awards — is the most prominently featured throughout the movie, you’ll also hear some notes from the recognizable James Bond theme .

No Time to Die’s Women

james bond spectre clinic location

But probably where No Time to Die  stands out the most — and where it caught my whole attention — is in its treatment of women. These are no Bond girls but women with agency. First, there’s Madeleine. The movie establishes her backstory and furthers the reason why she’s a good match for Bond.

I couldn’t help also being interested in where she buys her clothes, though. “We wanted for Madeleine something timeless, at the same time simple and feminine and sophisticated, but not too much,” the French Seydoux explains about her work with No Time to Die  costume designer, Suttirat Anne Larlarb, in the production notes of the film. “It had to be simple in the way that women can relate to and Suttirat really understood that.” They achieved it.

Then there’s the British-Jamaican Lashana Lynch. She plays Nomi, a 00 agent who irks Bond even if she’s all talent and brilliant execution. She’s his younger replacement and he can’t help but resent it a little. She has a sharp sense of humor too.

The Cuban-Spanish Ana de Armas plays one of the juiciest roles in the film. She’s Paloma, a Cuban CIA agent who helps Bond in the rescue mission of a scientist. In true spy flick fashion, it all happens during a black-tie party. Bond’s wearing a tuxedo, Paloma is wearing a navy slip dress. They both achieve lots of ass-kickings, stunt performances and hand-to-hand combat even in those unlikely garments. What’s best, even if there’s palpable chemistry between both agents, it’s clear they’re just colleagues on a mission. And Paloma is fully immune to Bond’s charms.

Naomie Harris rounds out the cast reprising her role as Eve Moneypenny. M’s secretary has come a long way since the early days of the franchise and flirting with Bond. Harris’ version of the character had previously appeared in Skyfall , where Moneypenny wasn’t desk-bound but working as a field officer, and Spectre . In No Time to Die  she plays a pivotal role in connecting Bond with the right intelligence, helped by Q (Ben Wishaw).

No Time to Die  marks the end of a Bond era and is Craig’s last movie as the titular character. For years now we’ve been inundated by stories about what British actor could take his place next. From all the men rumored to be the next Bond , my choice is Idris Elba. But I also see no reason why the franchise couldn’t simply make MI6 agent Nomi the next definitive 007.

That being said, what really intrigues me is not that much the identity of the new Bond — I’m still not an enthusiast of the franchise — but what Fukunaga and Waller-Bridge have in store and whether they could work together again — preferably on a non-franchise indie project, please.

No Time to Die  made it to our list of best and most talked-about movies of the year. Check out the other titles we included on the list .


james bond spectre clinic location

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james bond spectre clinic location

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Sölden and Spectre

Hotspot in the alps.

In 2015 the film crew for the 24th James Bond film, SPECTRE, arrived in Sölden. Locations in and around the resort were used in the film. The ice Q restaurant at the top of the Gaislachkogl Peak became the Hoffler Klinik where James Bond meets Madeleine Swann. This location is also where the snow chase began. Villain Hinx, and his henchman, kidnap Madeleine and drive off down the mountain whilst James Bond pursues them in a plane. Some of the action took place in the tunnel between the Rettenbach and Tiefenbach glaciers and adjacent glacier road.

The Gaislachkogl gondola station at the mid-station also featured in a tense sequence involving Q.

Glacier Road

Sölden James Bond Glacier Road

Tunnel between Rettenbach and Tiefenbach Glaciers and adjacent Glacier Road

Producer's request: "What we need is an extreme mountain road for action-packed chase scenes where Bond in an airplane hunts the villains right through the high Alpine mountain world. Amidst a scenic winter landscape. Can you do that?" Of course! You can even experience it firsthand when skiing down on Piste no. 30 leading from Rettenbach Glacier to the valley floor.

Gaislachkogl peak

ice Q Restaurant and summit (3048 m)

Glass-covered, spectacular, unique and one of the main reasons why Sölden was chosen as a filming location: fine dining in the ice Q gourmet restaurant at the highest levels – both culinary delights and breathtaking high-altitude location (3048 m) await our guests. But in the movie this futurist building has a different purpose. All we are allowed to tell you: not only snow is coming out of the cannons!

Sölden James Bond ice Q

Gaislachkogl gondola

Sölden Gaislachkogl Gondola Spectre

middle station

Probably the most modern mountain gondola in the Alps makes the best backdrop for a wintry James Bond Movie. The state-of-the-art middle station of Gaislachkogl Mountain Gondola has become a part of the action movie as well. A couple of film scenes took place in the triple rope gondola on its way up to the peak. Simply enter the panoramic cabin and enjoy a breathtaking mountain gondola ride.

james bond spectre clinic location

james bond spectre clinic location


James bond movie locations around the world.

007 Elements Ice Q Sölden

A Song of Ice and Desire

james bond spectre clinic location

AUSTRIA – Ice Q Restaurant, Sölden // Spectre (2015)

The “Ice Q” in Sölden is one of the most exclusive movie locations from the Bond movieverse. That is not only thanks to the great Martinis served, but to the adjoining “007 Elements” exhibition.

We were kites dancing in a hurricane. Well, actually only visitors of one of the most exclusive movie locations of “Spectre” atop the Gaislachkogl in Austria – but surrounded by an upcoming snow storm. And the only thing that could safe us after our journey was a mountain escape, Bond-style! This is, how the story unfolds.

Why Bond was here James Bond (Daniel Craig) is up to unravel who’s behind the sinister organization SPECTRE in a hunt  from Mexico to Rome – and then Austria. In an alpine health center, the Hoffler Klinik, at the aforementioned Gaislachkogl, he meets Dr. Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux), who could help him put some pieces together. Unfortunately she gets kidnapped right away by evildoer Hinx (Dave Bautista). Bond gives pursuit in an aircraft, playing chicken with Hinx’ fleet in a snowy chase.

james bond spectre clinic location

How you gonna get there The Hoffler Klinik is not a real clinic – but the luxury restaurant “Ice Q” . It is situated 3,048 meters above sea level at Gaislachkogel mountain and has a futurist glass look, iconic Bond set designer Ken Adams would be proud of. It is just a few meters away from the summit station of the Gaislachkogelbahn, that connects the mountain with Sölden in the Ötztal valley. Sölden itself is an alpine hot spot in Austria and well connected. Come here by train from Innsbruck and Ötztal Bahnhof, fly in at Innsbruck or go by car directly to Sölden. Filming took place at both the summit and the middle station of the Gaislachkogelbahn – those were the scenes with Q and his pursuers. Then, the exteriors of the cubic “Ice Q” were used as the clinic. The cold glass structure should reflect Madeleine Swann’s character and feelings when meeting Bond. The nearby Rettenbach glacier road then was used for the chase.

Good to know Sölden is more than just a movie location from “Spectre” – the city really lives the Bond vibe. There is the fabulous design hotel “Bergland” , where Daniel Craig stayed during filming: His suite is now dubbed “James Bond Suite”, the hotel hosts occasional casino nights and offers the famous Vesper Martini. Then there is the exclusive “Ice Q” itself. Filming never took place inside the restaurant – a set four times bigger was built in Pinewood – but the place honors the heritage with menus worthy a SPECTRE feast.

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Julia Nikschick/Marc Röhlig (@huntingbond)

But first and foremost there is “007 Elements” , a cinematic installation atop Gaislachkogel, dedicated to the Bond movie universe. The cinematic installation was a deal made by the Sölden tourism kingpins: We let you film and use our ski slopes, but you leave something memorable behind. And so they did: “Spectre” director Sam Mendes himself conceived and supervised “007 Elements” – and guides through it along with Naomie Harris.

Click through the 007 Elements in Sölden – room by room:

007 Elements

The installation lets visitors wander through nine rooms in a downward spiral inside the mountain. Video scenes are cleverly shown in multiple mirrors, there is a gadget room and – as the grand finale – the original airplane wreck in a stunning art installation. Fans will surely adore “007 Elements” and passer-by skiers probably will want to see “Spectre” right away afterwards. The one black mark: “007 Elements” pays some respect to the former Bond actors, but focuses primarily on the ski action from “Spectre” and on Daniel Craig. With the long snowy history of 007 there could have been more intel on other chases and stunts, from the Swiss Alps all the way up to Canada.


After our visit at “007 Elements” we were invited for lunch and Martinis at the “Ice Q”. While we enjoyed the food, a storm was brewing above Gaislachkogl. With winds up to 90 miles per hour, the gondola back down had to stop. While that was no problem for people on ski or snowboard – we with our little daughter were entrapped at the summit. Our mountain escape came in Bond-style: The mountain rescue service organized snowmobiles for all people still at the summit. In freezing winds we rushed back down into the Ötztal – and our cozy hotel.

james bond spectre clinic location

We stayed at the “Bergland”, like Daniel Craig back in 2015. As we travel with our daughter, we were delighted, how unbent the hotel manages children. Baby phones and child menus makes the “Bergland” family-friendly, without giving up its exclusivity. So we guess Daniel Craig could come back as well, now being a father for the second time. And still enjoy the rich cheese buffet after the chef’s menu.

© 2020 Huntingbond (3,4 and gallery), © Rudi Wyhlidal / Bergbahnen Sölden (1), © 2015 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc., Danjaq, LLC, Eon Productions, and Columbia Pictures, Inc. (2)

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Hoffler Klinik in 007 film "Spectre"

The structure is a restaurant called the "ice-Q" that opened in 2013 at a cost of € 4.5 million. The restaurant is located at the summit of the 10,000 foot (3,048m) Gaislachkogl and was used as a upscale clinic in the Bond movie, "Spectre". Direct link below.

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Skiing in Sölden, Austria

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...so Bond was in England after all (Palazzo Cadenza scene) ;-)

james bond spectre clinic location

Theese are amazing places f my fIrst bond film and i loved it so much!!

I loved seeing this movie it was amazing

Was the Spectre headquarters inside the crater a set or does it exist?

It was my backyard.

Other London locations included Spring Gardens near Trafalgar Square (MI6 Safe House) and Rules Restaurant

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Ice-Q restaurant, Austria: Stunning location from James Bond Spectre

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The Ice-Q sits on three pylons that have been driven deep into the mountain.

The Ice-Q sits on three pylons that have been driven deep into the mountain.

"Martini, please. Shaken, not stirred."

The waitress doesn't even blink. She doesn't write down the order either, having probably committed this particular request to memory a long, long time ago. Everyone here is ordering martinis, shaken, not stirred.

It's fitting to be drinking the cocktail made famous by one James Bond in this location, because it has some history. Now it's filled with skiers and sightseers enjoying a lunchtime aperitif, but a few years ago it was playing host to 600 film crew, 4000 tonnes of cinematic equipment, and the nattily dressed Daniel Craig.

Jaw-dropping views.

Jaw-dropping views.

Ice-Q: it sounds like it could be the villain in a Bond film, but, in fact, it was an important location in Spectre , the latest instalment of the British spy franchise. Fans would instantly recognise this mountaintop restaurant high in the Austrian Alps, a glass cube atop the summit of the 3056-metre Gaislachkogl mountain in the Soelden Valley ski area, from its starring role in the movie. Bond arrived here, decked out in mountain boots and ridiculous sunglasses, looking for Lea Seydoux's character Madeleine Swann, before engaging in a fairly destructive chase across snow and ice that involved guns, four-wheel-drives and a plane that ended up with no wings.

"People here thought they must have a new airport," says Nicole Jaeger, a Soelden Valley local, referring to the constant activity in the skies during the two weeks of filming for the chase sequence. Soelden is usually peaceful and quiet – a more affordable and laid-back alternative to the fur-coat crowds of St Anton and Lech in the more famous Arlberg ski region – but for those two weeks there was a stunt plane frequently roaring across a nearby glacier chasing a few vehicles.

The Ice-Q, however, was built for stardom. Its looks are Hollywood sexy, and the very existence of this $10-million structure is a feat worthy of filming. The building rests on three pylons that have been driven deep into the mountain, and can be moved up and down to allow for the varying levels of permafrost that cover the top of the mountain throughout the year.

However, it's what is inside that counts. While the Ice-Q was a psychiatric clinic in Spectre – a psychiatric clinic with a criminal lack of martinis – in real life it's a fine-dining restaurant with one of the best alpine views you're ever likely to see. You can gaze out across rugged, snowy peaks as far as the Dolomites in Italy and the Alps in Switzerland as you take your seat in this glass-encased cube. Skiers schuss down the slope below. The Gaislachkoglbahn gondola rolls along silently nearby. Even in a country of amazing views around every corner, this is a jaw-dropper.

The menu here is equally impressive. This is no ski-country canteen. Ice-Q was designed to rival any restaurant in Austria, and, to achieve that, head chef Patrick Schnedl had to tackle an interesting set of challenges.

Food tastes different at 3000 metres above sea level. It's also more difficult to make. Water boils at 85 degrees up here. It's almost impossible to cook a decent risotto. Eggs are hard to get right. Wine tastes different, and had to be selected by the Ice-Q's sommelier to match the altitude. Food tastes overly salty, so everything has to be deliberately under-seasoned.

Still, the kitchen staff manage to churn out dishes like truffle linguine, sole with truffled potato mousseline, dry-aged rib-eye steak with bearnaise sauce, and venison saddle with brussels sprouts and chestnuts, so these problems are clearly surmountable. The wine list, too, is impressive, with a suite of European wines that just happen to taste their finest when popped at this altitude. You can understand the restaurant's popularity.

To get back down the mountain after lunch, there are two options. The first is to strap on your skis, and tackle the descent the old-fashioned way. The second is to wander over to the gondola and ride down in gentle, heated comfort.

With an option like that, it would be a shame not to order another martini. Shaken, not stirred.





Emirates flies daily from the east coast of Australia to Zurich, via Dubai. See emirates.com/au. Transfers from Zurich to Soelden Valley take 3½ hours, and can be arranged through the Soelden lift company (see website above).


The Ice-Q is open seven days a week, year-round, from 9am until 4pm, with night-time openings during winter. See website above for details, or email [email protected] for reservations.


The four-star Liebe Sonne Hotel has spacious rooms in the heart of Soelden. See leibesonne.at

Ben Groundwater travelled as a guest of the Austrian National Tourist Office.

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James Bond Wiki

Hoffler Klinik (organization)

  • View history

The Hoffler Klinik is a fictional private medical centre in the Austrian Alps. The company appears in the 2015 James Bond film Spectre . Dr. Madeleine Swann , the daughter of the enigmatic Mr. White , is employed as a psychologist there.

Appearances [ ]

See also [ ].

  • Hoffler Klinik (location)

References [ ]

  • 1 Blofeld (Christoph Waltz)
  • 2 James Bond (Daniel Craig)
  • 3 Mr. White

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Where to see the 5 most glamorous locations in Spectre

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Phillip Bingham

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One Comment

Always fascinating to me how they can pull off filming complicated scenes in places like Piazza Navona and il Vaticano. Wild. But I gather the production expenditures are well worth it to the Italians and something they willingly accommodate.

Might have to go see this this weekend!

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james bond spectre clinic location

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Europe Chevron

Austria Chevron

New James Bond Museum '007 Elements' Is on Top of a Mountain in Austria

By Bridget Hallinan

007 Elements Museum

Calling all James Bond fans: There's a permanent 007 museum opening on July 12 and it's cool, very cool. Appropriately named 007 Elements , the building is inside the summit of Gaislachkogl mountain in Sölden, Austria —10,007 feet above sea level. If you've seen Spectre , you'll recognize the location as the home of the Hoffler Klinik, where Bond first meets Dr. Madeleine Swann. The real life "Klinik" is actually a restaurant called ice Q —yes, that unbelievable mountain-top structure exists—and 007 Elements has been built right next door. Although the museum mainly focuses on Spectre , due to the location, other Bond films will also be featured.

The idea for the museum came about while Spectre was being filmed in 2015, but it took all of the following three years to bring it to fruition, says Neal Callow, the art director for the last four James Bond films ( Casino Royale , Quantum of Solace , Skyfall and Spectre ) and upcoming Bond 25 , as well as the museum's Creative Director. There were content development meetings, and they needed to get financial backing—oh, and there's the minor detail that the museum is built into a mountain . Callow says that the team had to complete multiple environmental surveys to ensure no damage was being caused to the surrounding area, as well as find hardware to make the building permafrost—33.8 degrees Fahrenheit—and compatible with Gaislachkogl.

Briefing room at museum

The "Briefing Room" at 007 Elements.

"It being Bond, of course, building something inside the top of a mountain feels very kind of correct, for the history of the legacy," says Callow. "And also, we always wanted to do a different type of experience than a traditional museum, where we wanted to teach people about how all of our films are made, and inspire people to get in the industry."

In line with that mission, each of the nine galleries in 007 Elements—floating cubes within the permafrost of the mountain—is dedicated to an aspect of filmmaking. There's a room for title sequences and music, characters, dialogue, and directing, and others for sets, locations, and storyscapes. And no spy museum would be complete without a space dedicated to gadgets, technology, and cars (whatever you do, don't press the eject button). All of the rooms are cinematically designed, shrouded in dark lighting and outfitted with mirrors, touch screens, and video installations—you might even see images of your favorite characters lurking in the shadows, according to Callow. In fact, two undisclosed members of the Bond universe will be introducing the installation when it opens (we're keeping our fingers crossed for Daniel Craig ).

Tech lab

The "Tech Lab" at 007 Elements.

The 37 Best Things to Do in New York City

Melissa Liebling-Goldberg

21 Best Places for Shopping in Paris

Lindsey Tramuta

The 32 Best Places to Spend Christmas Around the World

Caitlin Morton

US Passport Processing Times Are Finally Getting Shorter

Jessica Puckett

The special effects and stunts gallery also sounds like a hell of a lot of fun. Not only does it have miniature sets where you can see how those death-defying, nail-biting stunt sequences were put together—we're still wondering about that faked death on the train in Skyfall —but the original airplane from the Spectre chase sequence in Austria, when Bond is trying to rescue Swann, also makes an appearance. It's displayed as a hanging art installation, mid-explosion: Callow says pieces of wood are suspended to look like they're splintering off the plane.

Getting to 007 Elements requires something of a spy's coordination and MI6-level planning. The easiest way to reach Sölden is driving from nearby Innsbruck (you can also fly in from Munich , Salzburg, or Vienna), which takes about 45 minutes, according to Callow. From there, a shuttle service will take you to Sölden resort, where you can take a cable car up the mountain and get off right by the installation. Tickets to 007 Elements are €22 (~$26) for adults and €12 (~$14) for children, and grant you access for a certain time slot. The first three "cubes" are part of a programmed show, with lighting and video cues to keep you moving from one room to the next. Afterwards, 007 Elements is yours to explore—shaken martini not included.


The Original FX Mayr

The Original FX Mayr

Park Hyatt Vienna

Park Hyatt Vienna

Europe Travel Guide

Europe Travel Guide

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james bond spectre clinic location

Bond meets his girl in Sölden

In his latest adventure, James Bond visits Ötztal, where he spends time at the Ice Q restaurant on Sölden's 3,048m Gaislachkogl peak, and engages in a high action mountain chase along the glacier road.

james bond spectre clinic location

Directed by Sam Mendes, the new Bond film Spectre was shot in spectacular locations including Rome, Mexico, London and Sölden. Sölden was chosen for the exceptional glass architecture of the Ice Q Restaurant, and the Alps’ highest paved road.

Spectre Bond-Girl Léa Seydoux (Madeleine Swann)

We are in Austria, at a wonderful place called Sölden.

The 24 th Edition of the Bond Saga 

In Sölden James Bond (Daniel Craig) meets psychologist Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux), who later gets abducted by bad guy Mr. Hinx (David Bautista). Bond then engages in a dramatic high-speed car chase on the road to Rettenbach Glacier. For Spectre, the futuristic Ice Q Restaurant doubles as a private clinic. Bad news for 007: instead of Martinis, he is only served healthy shakes.

Haubenrestaurant ICE Q auf über 3.000m

Behind the Scenes in Sölden

Are you James Bond- oder Daniel Craig-Fan? May we give you an advice? Visit andaction.soelden.com !

You'll find behind-the-scene photos, videos and interesting information on the shooting locations of the latest Bond movie.

Verfolgungsjagd mit Flugzeug in Spectre

Auch interessant

james bond spectre clinic location

Tie the Knot in the Alps

james bond spectre clinic location

Unlimited Winter Fun in Ötztal

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james bond spectre clinic location

007 Elements JAMES BOND & SÖLDEN


007 ELEMENTS - cinematic installation in Sölden, Tyrol

The new James Bond highlight in Sölden

At more than 3,000 m above sea level, right next to our gourmet restaurant ice Q , James Bond fans can immerse themselves into the world of 007 . Go on a tour through the various galleries dedicated to British secret agent ‘James Bond’. The new cinematic installation 007 ELEMENTS puts the focus primarily on SPECTRE and the scenes shot in Sölden, but also touches upon other chapters of the 24 James Bond movies.


James Bond discovered ice Q on the Gaislachkogl mountain peak as an exclusive filming location in Tyrol. In January and February 2015 Daniel Craig alias James Bond and five hundred of his colleagues and film crew came to Sölden – the hotspot of the Alps. And it is little wonder – barely anywhere else is there a more spectacular venue.

The abundant snow and the glacier tunnel provided a noteworthy setting for the action-packed pursuits . This is something director Sam Mendes was aware of – and the valley of the three-thousand metre mountains, as Ötztal is often called, without further ado, became the backdrop for key and speedy action scenes in the blockbuster. The gourmet restaurant ice Q at 3,048 metres altitude was not only significant as a luxurious dining area for the actor. The futuristic architecture also had a key role to play in the film – but not as a gourmet restaurant, but as a futuristic clinic, where Bond’s opposite Christoph Waltz got up to evil doings.

Secret star in the new James Bond - ice Q THE MOST STAND-OUT FILMING LOCATION IN SPECTRE

James Bond SPECTRE shooting location ice Q on the Gaislachkogl in Sölden

007 on the summit of the Gaislachkogl

A building such as ice Q, which sparkles so uniquely in the midst of the Ötztal Alps, is an eye-catcher per se. There is no longer any doubt that director Sam Mendes would find the right scene – you couldn’t find a more breathtaking 007 backdrop in the entire alpine area. “It is surreal; it’s like something from a painting”, said actor Dave Bautista , who could barely believe his eyes. It’s no wonder then that ice Q played such a key role in the Bond blockbuster. The sophisticated 900 square metre gourmet castle became a futuristic hospital – a place where Bond’s opponent Christoph Waltz forged sinister plans.

At the same time the exclusive James Bond shooting location at 3,048 metres altitude, with its superb range of gourmet delights, became a stylish base camp of fine taste for James Bond and his colleagues. On offer, Martini – of course. And how do you like yours? Enjoy yourself like he agent of all agents. In ice Q. The number one address for unforgettable moments.

Official James Bond trailer VIDEO OF SPECTRE

james bond spectre clinic location

Sölden & SPECTRE. A successful duo.

Sölden as the venue for bitter struggle. One agent who knows no mercy. Turbulent, action-packed, no compromises – the idyllic mountains of Sölden become the venue of a spectacular showdown with wild pursuits and bags of adrenaline. Happily only in the film. But what does this international media attention mean for tourism and for the adventure-packed area of Sölden?

“A huge amount of global media mentions from and about Sölden in the context of James Bond and SPECTRE has been great for enhancing its image. The PR value for Sölden is huge in any event” , revels Jakob Falkner, head of Bergbahnen Sölden. The area will in future gain a great deal of interest from the film sector, since such fantastic winter settings as there are in the valley of the three-thousand metre mountains are not something you come upon often. Even Sam Mendes, director of the new Bond film was impressed: “We are taking Bond back to the Alps, to the snow again, to Sölden in Austria.”

You can barely imagine how invaluable this is for the region as a whole. In the first public ‘Behind the scenes’ video from Sony Pictures the filming location of Sölden was shown to its full advantage. As an opener Bond girl Léa Seydoux had this to say about the scene: “We are in Austria in a beautiful place called Sölden.” Within just a few weeks the video has many million hits and became a viral hit.

Behind the scenes in Sölden in ice Q THE VIDEO

Behind the scenes in Sölden in ice Q


  • Gaislachkogl intermediate station: 3S-Bahn station
  • Gaislachkogl: ice Q restaurant and on the summit
  • Glacier: road tunnel between the Rettenbach and Tiefenbach glaciers as well as the adjoining glacier road
  • Duration of the work by the first and second unit: 15 days


At peak times a 600-strong filming crew were at work. The production was very big, even for Sölden which is accustomed to big events.


  • 80 lorries with technical equipment & general equipment
  • 80 mini-vans, 50 pick-ups, 45 Range Rovers
  • Two Britten-Norman Islander aircraft
  • Close to the Gaislachkogl valley station an area spanning many thousands of square metres was set up for trucks, trailers and equipment.


James Bond shooting at ice Q


A place too good to be bad the video.

Video - Too good to be bad - ice Q in Sölden

  • James Bond SPECTRE


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