Void Lingerer — Okay, but imagine Danny 'eldritch horror' Fenton...

See, that’s what the app is perfect for..


Void Lingerer

Okay, but imagine Danny ‘eldritch horror’ Fenton being so tired he doesn’t register he’s in his ghost form, and his friends not thinking to mention it because who can think that early in the morning and everyone just staring at a tired Phantom casually walking around school like he goes there every day.

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I finally started reading Good Omens (NO SPOILERS! I’ve already spoiled myself enough.) and this is so far (59 pages) one of the best things I’ve read. It’s so clever and fun, and I must have left a dozen “hehe” notes on the sides of my book (in pencil. I only just started writing in books and I would die before I used any sort of ink that could seep into or smudge on the pages.).

What I can’t stop thinking about though, is that one woman who named her sons, I think twins?, Crowley and Aziraphale. Because, alright, my opinions may be a tad skewed bc I started being interested bc Tumblr and tiktok have bombarded me with details about these two from the show (Tumblr also some book stuff) that gave me some preconceptions but,,,,

Lady, how did you not notice that this could be interpreted as like, romantic? They have the most ‘married couple’ vibes on multiple occasions.

Spoilers under the cut! I go on a gush.

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danny phantom eldritch

i was reading comics and i came along this panel


if you look at his legs and his shadow bruce should be like this:


(its his helicopter parent mode)


Same vibes as this


Being in the dpxdc fandom is so weird. I’ve been reading multiple fics a week about the characters and feel like I only know their fanon versions through those.

But I also bought Pride and Prejudice because it’s Jason’s favorite is so many of these (idk if he canonically likes the book. Idek if he likes reading classics and romance as much as fanon makes it seem like.)

I won’t lie, I’ve only read the first two chapters for now (bc I got BusyTM) but it’s funny? I expected it to be so stuck up but it’s genuinely funny and a good read this far. Damn.

danny phantom eldritch

Spoopy Season Safety

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Stay away from anything with charcoal during this season if you are on ANY medication!!!

danny phantom eldritch

The site is '12ft Ladder' found here:

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danny phantom eldritch


Giving personality to a character is an essential part of character development in storytelling, whether you're writing a novel, screenplay, or creating a character for a role-playing game. Here are some steps and considerations to help you give personality to your character:

  • Understand Their Backstory:

Start by creating a detailed backstory for your character. Where were they born? What were their childhood experiences like? What significant events have shaped their life? Understanding their past can help you determine their motivations, fears, and desires.

2. Define Their Goals and Motivations:

Characters often become more interesting when they have clear goals and motivations. What does your character want? It could be something tangible like a job or a romantic relationship, or it could be an abstract desire like happiness or freedom.

3. Determine Their Strengths and Weaknesses:

No one is perfect, and characters should reflect this. Identify your character's strengths and weaknesses. This can include physical abilities, intellectual skills, and personality traits. Flaws can make characters relatable and three-dimensional.

4. Consider Their Personality Traits:

Think about your character's personality traits. Are they introverted or extroverted? Shy or outgoing? Kind or selfish? Create a list of traits that describe their character. You can use personality frameworks like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or the Big Five Personality Traits as a starting point.

5. Give Them Quirks and Habits:

Quirks and habits can make a character memorable. Do they have a specific way of speaking, a unique fashion style, or an unusual hobby? These details can help bring your character to life.

6. Explore Their Relationships:

Characters don't exist in isolation. Consider how your character interacts with others. What are their relationships like with family, friends, and enemies? These relationships can reveal a lot about their personality.

7. Show, Don't Tell:

Instead of explicitly telling the audience about your character's personality, show it through their actions, dialogue, and decisions. Let the reader or viewer infer their traits based on their behavior.

8. Create Internal Conflict:

Characters with internal conflicts are often more engaging. What inner struggles does your character face? These can be related to their goals, values, or past experiences.

9. Use Character Arcs:

Consider how your character will change or grow throughout the story. Character development is often about how a character evolves in response to the events and challenges they face.

10. Seek Inspiration:

Draw inspiration from real people, other fictional characters, or even historical figures. Study how people with similar traits and backgrounds behave to inform your character's actions and reactions.

11. Write Dialogue and Inner Monologues:

Writing dialogue and inner monologues from your character's perspective can help you get inside their head and understand their thought processes and emotions.

12. Consider the Setting:

The setting of your story can influence your character's personality. For example, a character who grows up in a war-torn environment may have a different personality than one raised in a peaceful, affluent society.

13. Revise and Refine:

Don't be afraid to revise and refine your character as you write and develop your story. Characters can evolve and change as the narrative unfolds.

Remember that well-developed characters are dynamic and multi-faceted. They should feel like real people with strengths, weaknesses, and complexities. As you write and develop your character, put yourself in their shoes and think about how they would react to various situations. This will help you create a compelling and believable personality for your character.

danny phantom eldritch

Mastering the Art of Plotting a Well-Paced Novel

In this post, I'll delve into the essential skill of pacing, and explore how pacing can make or break your novel. By understanding the impact of pacing on your story's flow and tension, you will be able to create a well-paced narrative that keeps readers engaged and turning the pages. I'll be unlocking the secrets of pacing and learn how to master the art of plotting a well-paced novel.

Pacing is a critical element in storytelling that determines the speed and rhythm at which events unfold in your novel. It encompasses the tempo, timing, and sequencing of scenes, dialogue, and action. Proper pacing ensures that your story moves along smoothly, building suspense and maintaining readers' interest.

Imagine reading a book where everything happens at a breakneck pace, with no time to pause and absorb the crucial moments. Alternatively, consider a book where the plot drags on, leaving readers disengaged and tempted to put the book down. Both scenarios highlight the importance of pacing.

For aspiring writers and authors, mastering the art of pacing is key to creating a captivating story that resonates with readers. It involves skillfully balancing action scenes with quieter moments, strategically revealing information, and strategically varying the pace to maintain tension and anticipation.

Throughout this blog post, I'll help you explore various techniques, tips, and strategies to help you unlock the secrets of pacing and plot a well-paced novel. Whether you're just starting your writing journey or looking to refine your storytelling skills, this guide will provide you with valuable insights and practical advice to help you develop a story that keeps readers hooked from beginning to end. So, let's dive in and uncover the mysteries of pacing.

Setting the Stage: The Power of Pacing

Pacing is the rhythm and tempo at which your story unfolds. It's like music for your reader's mind, setting the tone and guiding their emotions. It determines the speed at which events occur and plays a crucial role in maintaining reader interest. Think of pacing as the heartbeat of your novel, keeping your audience eagerly turning the pages.

But why is pacing so important in storytelling? Well, imagine reading a book where nothing exciting ever happens, or one where everything is rushed and there's no time to breathe. It's like having a roller coaster with no thrilling drops or a movie without any suspenseful moments. Pacing is what keeps your readers engaged and invested in your story.

One of the key aspects of pacing is its ability to increase tension. By carefully controlling the speed at which events unfold, you can build anticipation and leave your readers on the edge of their seats. Whether it's a nail-biting chase scene or a climactic confrontation, pacing can make these moments all the more exhilarating.

Pacing also allows for crucial moments to be savored. It gives your readers the chance to fully immerse themselves in the emotions and details that matter. By slowing down during these pivotal scenes, you can create a deeper connection between your characters and your audience, making the experience more impactful.

Additionally, pacing can be used to maintain tension throughout your story, even during quieter moments. By varying the speed of your narrative, you can keep your readers engaged and curious about what's to come. This ebb and flow of tension will keep them hooked from start to finish.

So, by understanding the power of pacing, you will be equipped to create a well-paced novel that captivates your readers. Stay tuned as we dive deeper into specific techniques for creating suspense and savoring crucial moments in the upcoming sections. Your journey to mastering the art of plotting a well-paced novel starts here!

Speeding Things Up: Techniques for Creating Suspense

Suspense is a powerful tool for keeping readers on the edge of their seats. As a writer, you have the ability to control the pace of your novel and create nail-biting suspense that will captivate your readers. In this section, we will explore techniques for speeding up the pace of your story and intensifying the suspense.

One effective technique is to use short, snappy sentences. By keeping your sentences concise and to the point, you can create a sense of urgency and make the action feel more immediate. This will keep your readers engaged and eager to find out what happens next.

Another technique to consider is the use of cliffhangers. Ending a chapter or section with a cliffhanger leaves your readers hanging and desperate to know what happens next. This can be achieved by introducing a sudden twist, revealing a shocking secret, or leaving a crucial question unanswered. The suspense created by these cliffhangers will keep your readers turning the pages.

Plot twists are also a great way to speed up the pace and create suspense. By introducing unexpected turns of events, you can keep your readers guessing and on the edge of their seats. These twists can be major revelations or small surprises that add intrigue to your story.

Lastly, foreshadowing is a technique that can heighten anticipation and create suspense. By dropping subtle hints or clues about future events, you can build tension and make your readers eager to uncover the truth. Foreshadowing can be done through dialogue, descriptions, or even symbolic elements in your story.

By mastering these techniques, you will be able to weave a thrilling narrative that keeps readers hooked from the first page to the last. So, grab your pen and get ready to speed up the pace of your novel, creating suspense that will leave your readers breathless.

Slowing Down: Savoring Crucial Moments

While it's important to maintain a fast pace in your novel, it's equally crucial to slow down and allow readers to savor crucial moments. These are the scenes that make your story come alive, the moments that leave a lasting impact on your readers. By creating breathing room in your narrative, you give readers the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in poignant scenes and important character development.

One effective way to slow down the pace is through the use of vivid descriptions. Paint a picture with your words, allowing readers to see, hear, smell, and feel the world you've created. By providing rich sensory details, you transport your readers into the heart of the scene, making it more memorable and engaging.

Internal monologues are another powerful tool for slowing down the pace. These moments of introspection allow readers to delve deeper into your characters' thoughts and emotions. By revealing their innermost desires, fears, and conflicts, you add depth and complexity to your story.

Reflective moments also play a crucial role in savoring crucial moments. These are the pauses in the action where characters contemplate their choices, reflect on their past, or ponder the future. These moments of introspection not only add depth and texture to your story but also give readers a chance to connect with your characters on a deeper level.

By finding the right balance between fast-paced action and slower, introspective scenes, you will create a well-rounded narrative that captivates readers on multiple levels. So, take the time to slow down and savor those crucial moments in your novel. Your readers will thank you for it.

The Art of Variation: Maintaining Tension Through Pacing

In this section, we will dive deeper into the art of variation in pacing and how it can maintain tension throughout your novel. As a writer, it's crucial to understand that pacing is not just about maintaining a consistent speed throughout your story. It's about strategically alternating between faster and slower-paced scenes to create a rollercoaster effect that keeps readers engaged and guessing.

By varying the pace of your narrative, you can effectively build and release tension, keeping readers on the edge of their seats. Faster-paced scenes filled with action, suspense, and conflict propel the story forward, while slower-paced scenes allow for character development, introspection, and reflection. This ebb and flow of pacing creates a dynamic reading experience that captivates your audience.

Strategic placement of high-intensity scenes is also key to maintaining tension. These scenes should be strategically scattered throughout your novel, serving as climactic moments that heighten the stakes and keep readers invested. However, it's equally important to provide moments of respite, where the pace slows down, allowing readers to catch their breath and process the events unfolding.

By mastering the art of variation in pacing, you can create a well-paced novel that holds readers' attention from start to finish. So, as you plot your story, remember to carefully consider the pacing of each scene, alternating between faster and slower moments, strategically placing high-intensity scenes, and providing moments of respite. This will ensure that your readers are taken on a thrilling and immersive journey through your narrative.

Beyond Words: Enhancing Mood and Atmosphere

Pacing is not just about the words on the page; it has the power to enhance the mood and atmosphere of your narrative. By understanding how the speed of pacing can influence the reader's emotional experience, you can take your storytelling to the next level.

One technique for using pacing to set the tone is to vary the speed of your narrative. By slowing down during introspective moments or important scenes, you can create a sense of depth and allow readers to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere you're trying to convey. On the other hand, speeding up the pacing during action-packed sequences can generate excitement and keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Pacing can also be used to create tension. By gradually increasing the speed of your narrative, you can build anticipation and make readers feel a sense of urgency. Conversely, slowing down the pacing can create a sense of unease or suspense, leaving readers hanging on every word.

Furthermore, pacing can evoke specific emotions. By carefully choosing the speed at which events unfold, you can elicit feelings of joy, sadness, fear, or even nostalgia. Experimenting with pacing as a tool to guide readers through important plot points and evoke desired emotional responses will add depth and richness to your storytelling.

Remember, pacing goes beyond words. By mastering the art of pacing, you can enhance the mood and atmosphere of your novel, captivating readers and keeping them engaged from beginning to end.

Plotting with Purpose: Pacing and Story Structure

Pacing is not just about speed; it's also about structuring your story in a way that keeps readers hooked. In this section, we will delve into how pacing works hand in hand with story structure. We will explore how to strategically escalate and release tension, ramping up the pace during pivotal moments and allowing for quieter moments of reflection. By aligning your story structure with the pacing of your novel, you will create a cohesive and engaging reading experience that leaves a lasting impact on your audience.

To plot with purpose, it's important to understand the relationship between pacing and story structure. Your story structure provides the framework for your plot, while pacing determines the rhythm and tempo of your narrative. By carefully crafting your story structure, you can strategically place high-tension moments and slower-paced scenes to create a dynamic reading experience.

Consider the rising action, climax, and resolution of your story. These key plot points should align with the pacing of your novel. As you approach the climax, the pace should quicken, building tension and excitement. This is the moment where readers are on the edge of their seats, eagerly turning pages to find out what happens next. After the climax, the pace can gradually slow down, allowing for reflection and resolution.

By understanding the relationship between pacing and story structure, you can create a well-paced novel that keeps readers engaged from beginning to end. So, as you plot your own story, remember to consider the purpose behind each scene and how it contributes to the overall pacing of your narrative.

Mastering the art of pacing is a journey that requires practice and experimentation. As a writer, you have the power to control the ebb and flow of your story, guiding readers through a rollercoaster of emotions and keeping them engaged until the very end.

By understanding the impact of pacing on your story's flow, tension, and emotional resonance, you will be able to create a well-paced novel that keeps readers hooked from start to finish. Whether you choose to speed things up to create suspense or slow down to savor crucial moments, pacing is a tool that can enhance the overall reading experience.

Remember, pacing is not just about the speed of your story. It's about finding the right balance, the perfect rhythm that suits your narrative. Experiment with different techniques, play with the pacing of your scenes, and pay attention to how it affects the overall structure and tension of your novel.

So go ahead and unlock the secrets of pacing, and embark on the exhilarating adventure of plotting a well-paced novel that captivates readers and leaves a lasting impression. Happy writing!


My Tumblr glitched for a good while there. That was a lovely way to find out I can “curraw my own experience! Yay!” by choosing which tabs I see.

danny phantom eldritch

Jay — Ghost King Danny in his large eldritch form,...

See, that’s what the app is perfect for..


Ghost King Danny in his large eldritch form, staring down at the human before him: So. You are the human that has been deem ed worthy as a sacrifice~.

Wayne child who is also an extreme exophiliac: * heavy breathing * U-uh, yeah! That’s me! Ready to be under-I mean! In your care! *nervous chuckles*….how sharp are your teeth?

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Ghost King! Danny grinning down at the trembling human: I can break you in every way possible~.

Dick “original Monster Fucker™️” Grayson shaking with excitement as he has several weddings already planned: P-please do. And how do you feel about a fall wedding?

danny phantom eldritch

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it’s like a perfectly preserved body at Pompei

Dc x Dp #35

Gotham has a Waffle House that has been almost untouched for a few months now. Sure there have been a few fights inside, but that’s no big deal. The big deal is that their cook has stopped plenty of attacks from robbers and even well known rogues.

Many of the staff and regulars also believed that the same cook was also a cryptid of some kid with how quiet he is, how cold his presence is, and how he seemed to just appear out of nowhere with no sound being made. But who cares? His waffles are the bomb.

Danny is thankful for the steady night job, but would very much appreciate it if the Bats stopped watching him through the windows.

Dc x DP #34

Ice Core Danny getting injured badly and reverting into his core form where either Captain Cold or Mr. Freeze find and use for their inventions.

The mystery source is strong. And makes ice stronger than they could’ve imagined. So of course they use it to cause havoc wherever they go.

Fast forward to where the villain is defeated by their assigned hero and the hero takes the weapon apart. Starting with the core source.

Imagine their growing horror as the core their enemy used to wreak havoc transforms into a small teen that looks as if he’s been through the wringer.

Dc x Dp #37

Daniel Fenton is an intern at the Daily Planet. And so far, he’s been doing a very good job at gaining stories.

He’s quiet, so it’s easy for him to sneak away or up on a person. Clark didn’t hear him the first time they met and he feared that the kid was trained in someway.

He’s also very intimidating. While he seems like a regular teen with his relaxed and joking personality, there’s something eerie about him. Having those piercing blue eyes on you could make anyone nervous.

He’s also really fast with getting information. Clark knew that one of his first stories was on a man who died in the latest rogue attack for having some sort of ties with a new ring arising. The very next day, he had several pages filled with information that not even Clark could find out.

Daniel Fenton was quickly making his way up in the world of reporting. And many shivered at what kind of problem he could become if teamed up with Lois Lane.

Dc x Dp Prompt #31

This is inspired by the various fics & prompts about twins Damian and Danny being separated one way or another, and Damian finding out that Danny was alive this entire time. But think about it this way: what if Damian knew where Danny was this entire time and vice versa?

Because let’s think about it:

  • Danyal and Damian were raised together by the League ever since they were born. Damian was raised to be the future head of the League while Danyal was raised to be his shadow: ever following and watching out for what could possibly be out to attack the future head of the LEague of Assassins.
  • Truly Danyal didn’t have much to call his own. His thought and actions were all surrounding his brother and ensuring that he was old enough to take the mantle of their grandfather. The only thing he could proudly say that he knew about himself was how often he liked to gaze at the stars whenever he had the chance.
  • Cut to when Talia removes the twins from their grandfathers hold and is telling them about their father. Bruce Wayne: A multi-billionaire and was supposedly unaware of their existence. Because of course he was.
  • While Damian argued with their mother of leaving them to an unknown man that didn’t know about them, Danyal spoke up with own thoughts.
  • “Damian should go on his own.”
  • The statement shocked both his brother and mother as they stared at him with evident shock at the thought.
  • Damian called him crazy for suggesting such a thing. That as brothers they would surely show their father how superior they were as their blood sons. But Danyal didn’t budge.
  • Danyal was determined for his brother to go on his own, because from the sound of their father, that life didn’t sound like one he could deal with. Being in a large mansion, surrounded by all the needless things. And with their fathers fame, they were bound to be in the limelight one way or another. No. That didn’t sound like the life he wanted. But he knew that Damian would fit in such a position.
  • He tried to convince him that it would be for the best. That he would be better fitting for being Bruce’s son while Danyal should go somewhere else. Someplace that wasn’t in the limelight of their father. Damian argued that the attention was their birthright while Danyal said that the both of them being there would put an obvious target on their backs, despite their training.
  • The argument went on for what seemed like hours before it was stopped by Talia. And she agreed that Danyal needed to leave. The decision surprised both brothers. Danyal because she was sure she would have agreed with Damian, and Damian because he was betrayed that their own mother thought that the two was separated.
  • While relieved that his mother believed that the two separating was a good idea, Danyal noticed that Damian looked truly broken over the idea. And while he did feel a tiny amount of guilt that he was the one separating them, he knew that he needed to do this. To find out his own person.
  • The twins said their goodbyes to one another. Damian turning to leave before Danyal stepped forward and briefly hugged his brother. With a brief promise that he’ll see him again, Danyal pulled away and quickly disappeared into the night, leaving Damian to be guided away by their mother.

That was the last time the two saw each other. In person that is. Damian on his way to meet his birth father. And Danny was going off to find some place to call home. He didn’t know how far he traveled but he remembered falling asleep in what he thought was a secluded place to be woken up by a child. A small redhead with blue eyes that seemed to gleam in the light, behind her was a taller male with black hair and a woman who looked like an older version of the child. They were the Fentons. And they were Danyal’s new adoptive family. Time Skip for a bit to see how the boys adapted to their families.

  • Danyal, now named Danny, had taken the Fentons like a duck to water. Thankfully they weren’t a normal family, so it wasn’t hard to act dumb when they caught him doing strange things.
  • He lied to the Fentons and said that he was a foster child that escaped a bad family, whose names and faces he seemed to forget after his long time of being on his own.
  • Jack and Maddie, or mom and dad they insisted he call them, took them in without a second doubt. It was hardly a week before he was adopted and named Danny Fenton: the youngest child of the Fenton family.
  • His adoptive parents were something called ecto-biologists. They believed in ghosts and were working tirelessly in order to prove that they exist with their inventions.
  • He would admit that they were a bit negligent with the needs of their children, but that was fine with him. He had plenty of time to explore the small town that they called home and even make some friends on his own. And having a sister like Jazz was a total plus as well.
  • Of course, his sister made up for the attention their parents didn’t give. It was annoying at first, but Danny found that he….liked the attention his sister gave him. The sudden closeness that he had with his new sister was something he wished he had with Damian back when they were in the league.
  • A bit of time passed and he managed to make a two friends with the kids of Amity Park. A Samantha Manson and Tucker Foley. The three of them becoming a thick as thieves in record time.
  • Time passed and Danny became accustomed with his new life. Though, there were times where he would sneak off and do a small bit of training back when he was in the league. But the more he got comfortable with his new life, the less that happened.
  • He also looked up the Wayne family for any news about Damian when no one was around. When his twin made his first debut to the public, Danny almost laughed himself to death at the sour expression he wore in the photo.
  • But then, the accident happened .
  • Danny had gotten so comfortable living with the Fentons that he partially forgot how dangerous their inventions could be, even when they didn’t work how they supposed to. So when he went to go turn on the portal in the basement, he wasn’t prepared for what came after.
  • Pain . Pure pain that coursed through his body like nothing he’s felt before. Worse than any injuries he’s earned. Worse than any punishments he’s been dealt by his grandfather. It felt like he was truly dying .
  • And upon opening his eyes, he found out he did . Because standing over him with horrified expressions were Sam and tucker. Looking at him as if he shouldn’t be alive.
  • Glowing green eyes and hair as white as snow greeted Danny when he found a mirror, and he knew just how badly his decision was.
  • That was when Danny officially became Phantom, and that lead to him slowly losing his mind.
  • Sam and Tucker helped out with ghosts whenever they could. And when Jazz found out, she helped him out with hiding it from their parents and patching up any wounds he had. But that wasn’t enough to keep the stress of making sure both this world and the Ghost Zone from collapsing. From either the wrongdoings of his parents or the GIW.
  • He hadn’t really thought of it before, but what if he had stayed with his brother and went to stay with their birth father?
  • Would he be alright with twins instead of the one? If he left now, as a halfa, would he still be accepting? Would Damian be accepting of what he become?
  • No. Probably not. So for now, he kept the deep thoughts that told him to run and find his brother in the back of his head

Damian on the other hand, was slowly coming to terms with everything.

  • Upon arrival to Wayne manor, he introduced himself to both his father and the family butler when he answered the door. During the obvious shock between the two, wondering how they would’ve reacted if he had arrived with Danyal at his side.
  • When on his way to his fathers’ home, Damian came up with the decision of keeping Danyal’s existence a secret for the time being, or whenever his brother decided to come to their real home. While he was upset that his father had already adopted several children prior to his arrival, he knew that he would soon win over his father in showing him just how much better a son he was in comparison to the others. Whatever it takes.
  • Of course, he’s thrown off with how friendly the others seem, especially the oldest. He wants Damian to call him Dick but he would never stoop so low to say such a name.
  • But all of that kindness didn’t matter to him because no matter how kind they acted, they weren’t his real brother. And Damian made sure to treat them as such.
  • And in return, they treated him the same. Well, most of them anyway. Richard was always energetic and trying to bring the family together. His jokes often reminded him of Danyal and Damian would upset himself thinking how well the two would get along together. Making puns and laughing the night away.
  • When he became Robin, he was monitored for a while, but that didn’t bother him. No, what bothered him was the lack of a familiar person on his right side as he stood at his spot on the left. He and Danyal made an excellent team in terms of combat, both in training and off the field. But now, it felt odd doing this without him.
  • Some nights, he would look at the night sky and try to find the constellations Danyal told him about, wondering if his brother were looking at the exact constellation.

Over the years, the brothers grow and adapt in their own way. With secrets hidden from both of their families of who they were. And secrets hidden from each other.

  • Danny knew where Damian lived, and he took advantage of it. The League taught them ways of how to send messages and how to make sure they weren’t caught. And once he settled in, he began to send his messages. They were short and to the point. Giving small details about the family that adopted him and word to his brother about what he’s been doing. About learning new hobbies, the friends he made, and anything else he could think of. He would even give messages of when he saw certain things about the Wayne family on the news, constantly teasing him about having to deal with more than one brother now, especially with some of the headlines talking about some of the mischief they got into.
  • Damian enjoyed each and every letter. Even though he knew he could not send a proper reply, it still felt that he was with his brother in some aspect. And from the sounds of it, he was adjusting better to a civilian life than he was. Especially with how fondly he spoke of his friends and newfound family members. He made sure to hide the letters in a secure place in his room, so that Alfred or any of his snooping siblings would find it if they went looking through his room.
  • But as time passed, the letters became less and less. And by the time they were fourteen, Damian was lucky if he even got a letter once a month. He began to fear that something had happened to his brother to make him stop writing altogether. Like something happened with his adopted family or worse: he forgot his twin.
  • Still, it had been years since the two had been separated, and while Damian had been worried about what happened to his brother, bringing it up now would cause more curiosity and suspicion. Even living in Wayne Manor and working to make himself more trustworthy, he knew that someone of them still didn’t trust him fully. Not yet.
  • So for now, he waited. Wondering what could’ve happened to his brother that made him stop writing so suddenly.


“ This..couldn’t be right .” Tim thought as he stared at the Batcomputer in pure confusion and disbelief. “It has to be glitch.”

No matter how many times he went through the computer, trying to retype or recalibrate the information given to try and create a new result, it was always the same.

Right there. On the screen, was a teen who looked almost-no exactly like Damian . The only difference was the piercing blue eyes in comparison to Damian’s bright green.

The name of the supposed clone was named Daniel Fenton. But his name goes by Danny. He was adopted into the Fenton Family a few years back with no prior notice of where he could’ve possibly came from. Any other background research for any possible foster homes or orphanages came up blank with both the name and image came up with zero results. That could only mean one thing.

But what would a clone from the League of Assassins be doing all of the way in the midwest? It just didn’t add up.

And besides, if Tim found out about him, it wouldn’t be long before the others found out. And who knows how Damian would react at the truth of a possible clone. Before he could think about his next plan of action, the sound of a door leading to the batcave opening and the sound of multiple yet silent footsteps rang in Tim’s ears. Panic filled him as he worked quick to try and hide his findings from whoever entered the cave. Knowing that if one bat knew, it wouldn’t be long before the entire family knew. “Hey Tim! What are you working on? You haven’t been on it all night, have you?” The familiar voice of his older brother and mother hen, Dick.

A familiar tsk was also heard, causing Tim’s panic to spike as he worked to try to quickly hide the files on the large screen before him.

“Of course not, Richard. Drake becomes addicted to his technology whenever he is on a case, even more so than he usually-”

Silence followed the no doubt berating statement, but the suddenness of it told Tim that Damian was currently looking at the clone on the screen.

“Tim. Who is that?” Dick asked tentatively, and Tim finally turned to see the reactions.

Dick was staring at the photo on the computer with obvious shock, curiosity, and caution. Caution that was directed towards Damian as the older male glanced towards him to see his reaction would be.

But instead of the sudden angry tirade that would come from Damian, Tim saw Damian staring at the screen….fondly? That couldn’t be right.

But no, it was. While there was surprise and shock at the sight of the photo, Damian’s demeanor instantly relaxed as his eyes flashed with recognition and them relief.

“So he’s alive.” Damian breathed out in relief, shocking the Tim and Dick with the sentence. He knew this kid? Was he not a clone and perhaps another assassin that escaped the league?

“Do you know him, Damian? Is he a clone or something we need to watch out for?” Dick asked, taking a small step closer to him to stop him from any possible outburst that has yet to come.

“There’s no need. He was apart of the league, but he isn’t a clone,” Damian said, the corners of his lips turning upwards in what many viewed as his smile. “He’s my twin brother.”

That admission had Tim and Dick stare Damian with wide eyes. Even as he sat at the control station, Tim still felt as if his knees were going to give out.

A twin. Damian had a twin brother that they didn’t even know about. That Damian didn’t even mention .

“ What the fuck ?”

(That is all, and I would also like to announce that I’ve started writing commissions. So feel free to look at it here .)

Danny Phantom is to clones as Bruce is to kids with black hair and blue eyes.

Which should explain the various clones of Justice League members that they see upon Phantom’s visit.

When asked, the ghost simply responds “They’re my kids.”

Dc x DP Prompt #36

Stuck as a child in his ghost form, Danny is caught in a lie that his older human form is his father when a league member caught him unaware. Thankfully they believed the lie.

The League, however, are curious when they see the King Phantom’s father instead being summoned by a cult instead of Phantom himself. Just how powerful could this man be?

Dc x Dp Prompt #32

I think no one has even tried to think of what kind of trouble Adult!Danny could cause towards Bruce in turn of Selena. They could’ve been a fling or not, but I love the thought of him just pestering Bruce and Bat just for fun .

Whether as Fenton or Phantom, Danny would always tease him. Floating around invisibly and making comments only Bruce could hear. Or being in his human form and willingly getting in trouble just for Bruce to save him to call him his hero and let a photo be on the first page with Danny being claimed as a paramour for the Dark Knight. His kids loved that.

Speaking of, the kids love Danny. They love hearing the stories he tells about his friends and the Infinite Realms. Even Ellie visits from time to time. And the both of them love Alfred to death.

So everytime one of his kids went missing, Bruce has to think of whether if it was Danny, Selena, or Talia that took them on a surprise trip without his knowledge.

Sigh ……Bruce needs a drink.

I want an actor au where Danny Phantom and a majority of Batman/DC stuff are filmed in studios not too far from each other. Because of this, both crews see each other quite frequently.

The crew members all get along and often hang out whenever they don’t have anything to be filmed.

The sighting of both celebrities lead to the speculation of a possible crossover episode between the two. Thus, the dc x dp prompts on tumblr.

danny phantom eldritch

danny phantom eldritch

Y'all who love depicting Ghost King Danny as an eldritch being in DPxDC crossovers, i have a plothole to offer to you, and then my favorite pastime - the solution making the plothole look like an intentional part of the interior design

The plothole: why are y'all making ‘eldritch being’ part of a Ghost King’s attributes when Pariah Dark never showed anything like it at any point of time????

The solution: lmao y'all i present to you the Thor Ragnarok headcanon, in which the Crown and Ring and Ghost King status don’t actually make anyone eldritch, they just make it easier to focus what’s already there

So basically

Danny: but i don’t have the crown and ring anymore how can i beat them i’d have to like. go full eldritch horror for that

Clockwork: and you can, now that you have done it enough times with assistance. the king accessories only draw out what is already there, make it easier to acess, but the core of it is you. you can do this danny :)


CW: *cocks gun* always have been …what do you think happens when a 100% complete undamaged child soul goes out and then supernova in an explosion of ectoplasm? You’re the equivalent of a black hole Danny, of course you’re a primordial being


Y'all who love depicting Ghost King Danny as an eldritch being in DPxDC crossovers, i have a plothole to offer to you,...
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danny phantom eldritch

404 Thoughts Not Found — Day 13: monster eldritch Danny Constantine was not...

See, that’s what the app is perfect for..


404 Thoughts Not Found


Day 13: monster

eldritch Danny

Constantine was not happy. He hated falling back on last resorts, but here they were. Earlier that day they had spotted an alien fleet approaching and all efforts to communicate had ended in violence. It was Manhunter who had finally recognized them. They were a race known as the Zacrin whose goal was to eliminate ‘unworthy’ species. So far, nothing they had done was working.

And so here they are now. About to summon the King of the Infinite Realms.  All accounts of the new King claimed they were peaceful and nothing like the conqueror Pariah Dark. But Constantine despised getting involved with anything to do with the Realms.

Nevertheless, he approached the summoning circle and began chanting. A breeze started up fluttering Batman’s cape. Constantine was halfway through the summoning when the candles around the circle flared, their fire turning green and reaching almost to the conference room’s high ceiling. The wind picked up pushing the heroes back. Constantine held his ground and a swirling green pool started to form at the center of the circle. 

Something began to emerge. Something like feathers and flames began to materialize and then a writhing mass with several mouths full of glinting teeth.

He reached the end of the spell and the creature fully materialized. They towered over everyone, flames dancing above what might be their head. What might have been a face held two black pools that seemed to suck all the light out of the room. Its skin glistened with galaxies, an ever shifting void full of colors that burned their eyes. Below the beings waist there were what seemed like writhing snakes each with a mouth full of sharp fangs. And then unfurling behind the being were two pairs of wings covered in eyes that all gleamed with different colors, none of them found on earth. 

As the wings flared out behind the King some of the Leaguers collapsed their hands covering their faces. Constantine gritted his teeth and closed his eyes, sure that if he were not used to the occult he would have collapsed as well. The Bat was still standing, but well… he was Batman.

“Why have you called me? ” came the creature’s voice seemingly from all around them and Constantine’s head felt like it was about to crack open, someone behind him let out a muffled shriek and Batman grunted.

“Your majesty,” constantine began, “King of the Infinite Realms, Ancient of Space, Balance of Life and Death, Gateway between the Realms, Protector of–”

“ Enough !” a wave of power shot out causing Constantine’s knees to almost buckle.

“Why is it you have called me?”

“We have a deal to offer.”

“Yes,” he said through gritted teeth. “And we would be bleedin’ grateful if you could put a dampener on your form, my companions,” he said gesturing over his shoulder, “are not faring well.” 

There was silence except for the static hissing and crackle of electricity that seemed to emanate from the being. 

“That is a reasonable request.” the creature said and though nothing about his appearance changed there was a drawing in that seemed to happen that made them much more bearable to look at.

“Thank you.”

“Now, what is it that you want from me?”

“There are a bunch of ships that are planning on destroying earth and we’d be really grateful if you could help us deal with it. And we’d of course offer something in return. I’d be willing to give you my soul.”

The sound of crackling ice and static hissed through the room, and when the creature next spoke they sounded amused.

“You’re soul, John Constantine? What use would I have of something with so many holes? As it is, your constant selling of it causes enough paperwork.”

John gulped.

“However, I would be willing to help in exchange for a favor. There may be a time in the future when I may call you,” the being looked over all of them, “and when I call you will come. Does this sound agreeable?”

“It does.” John answered and he could feel Batman glaring at him. But screw that sorry sod, John was not about to tempt fate by asking the King of the Infinite Realms to wait while Batman looked at this from every possible angle and figured out a million contingencies.

“Very well then” The creature said before vanishing. 

The League watched through the monitors as the being appeared in front of the lead ship. They had grown massive, three times the size of the ship, and the League watched in horror as clawed hands emerged from each of the eyes on the beings wings. They latched onto the ship and dragged it toward where the being’s chest might be where a swirling black void lined in teeth opened up. The ship was shoved into the void that then closed behind it. A staticky screeching could be heard even through the thick walls of the Watchtower and the Leaguers watched as the rest of the ships turned and fled.

The creature turned towards them, their face staring directly through each of the screens even though the cameras were all at different angles. 

“Remember our deal. ” came the King’s words, the King’s command, echoing in all their heads, before the King vanished.

“Well, I’m leaving, gotta go find a bar.” 

“Constantine! Wait just a moment.” Batman started towards him but it was too late John had reached the Zeta Tubes and was gone.

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whumptober2023 day 9- mistaken identity fandom- Danny phantom x Batman TW- nothing summary- The Amity Parkers have the opportunity (they didn’t want) to explore Gotham. It’s just too bad that Danny looks a lot like adoption bait.

First of all, I’d like to state that I know this is whumptober. But the story disagreed. So now we have whump cracktober.

They were not supposed to be here. They didn’t want to be here. They hadn’t even tried to be here. Yet luck had never been on the Amity Parker’s side before, and they should have realized this would be no different.

It was their senior year and things around Amity had calmed down. Or at least everyone was used to Amity’s special brand of crazy.

He had told his parents about Phantom and they had helped hunt down the GIW. Most of Amity was discovered to be liminal and most of the young people had developed some basic abilities. 

And then Mrs. Abernagaby decided that their science final would be a group project. This wasn’t anything new. Every year Casper participated in the Helping Intelligent Minds Be Outstanding competition–better known as the HIMBO competition.

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To lose control

ai-less whumptober 2023 day 6- mind control fandom- Danny Phantom x DC TW- loss of control summary- Danny’s been working part time for the JLD when they come across and artifact he’d hoped to never see again.

Danny had been a consultant for the Justice League and part time member to the JLD for over a year now.

They both thought he was just a human with a connection to the occult. He planned to keep it that way. He didn’t really want to get back into hero-ing. He had had enough of that and was quite happy that most of his rogues were now his friends. And any ghost that wasn’t friendly was often taken care of by his parents who had greatly changed their views after he had told them his secret.

With his luck, he should have known that all his work at keeping Phantom a secret from the heroes would eventually go down the drain.

Side effects

ailesswhumptober2023 day 8- siezures fandom- Danny phantom TW- seizures, long term effects of electrocution summary- Ghost powers aren’t the only thing Danny walked out of the portal with.

After the accident, Danny had thought the ghost powers were the only side effect. And they were pretty cool!

And then he had his first seizure.

They looked into it after that. And it turned out electrocution had many side effects. 

It explained the headaches he’d attributed to the lack of sleep. It also explained why his muscles always seemed to ache and the tingling and numbness in his hand and arm.

ectoberhaunt2023 day 4- zombie TW-body horror, medical stuff, Danny dies but not exactly how he does in the show summary- Danny’s parents are there for the accident, and they’ll do anything to make sure their son survives.

What were they going to do? What could they do? This wasn’t supposed to happen. They weren’t supposed to… They never meant to…

What were they going to do? Something must be done. Their baby couldn’t be… Their son was…  They wouldn’t stand for this. Something had to be done. 

Want to talk?

ectoberhaunt 2023 day 6- tabletop TW- hyperventilating summary- Sam and Tucker have been friends for years. They’ve always been considered the weird ones, so it’s no surprise when the try to talk to the dead.

Sam and Tucker had been friends ever since Sam had moved to Amity when they were both in first grade.

It had been a friendship forged of being labeled the outcasts, but had led to the two of them being really close.

It was an interesting friendship since there were very few things they had in common. (mainly playing Doomed)

They often ended up in strange situations. (mainly due to Sam encouraging Tucker to break into different facilities to do some ‘constructive vandalism’ as Sam called it. We’re helping keep bad business from destroying the environment, Tucker. )

But it wasn’t all illegal. They also did normal teenage things. Like trying to commune with the dead.

Okay. Maybe that was just a normal teen thing for Amity Parkers. 

Regardless, that’s what they found themselves doing on this dark and stormy night.

To stay awake

ai-less whumptober 2023 day 2- exhaustion fandom-batman TW: non fatal injury summary- Tim is not exhausted

Tim was not exhausted. Nope. Not one bit. Was he on his fifteenth cup of coffee, sure. Had Alfred switched it to decaf five cups ago, sure. But that didn’t mean he was exhausted. No sirree. He could stay awake for another ten hours. No, thirteen hours! Which was why it was perfectly fine that he was on this mission. Nothing could possibly go wrong. 

And as soon as the goons stopped resisting arrest. He would go home  to Wayne Manor and maybe, just maybe rest for a bit. 

“Red Robin!”

Tim turns, but it’s too late. He feels a bullet hit his shoulder and then he’s falling over.

Okay, maybe he is a bit tired. Usually he could keep fighting with a measly bullet wound. He was starting to feel a bit faint and blackness was eating away at his vision. Which, rude. Why would it want to eat his vision? He needed that. How could he read case notes and watch Death Note without it?

Glitch in Time

Finally read a Glitch in Time and it was amazing!!!


There be dragons

ectoberhuant 2023 day 9- dragons TW- nothing summary- Danny comes across a new island while exploring the zone.

Danny had been exploring the Zone when he heard a roar. Curious he followed the sound and came across an island full of diverse vegetation and what looked like a volcano at the center. 

It didn’t feel like a lair so that meant it was safe to explore. Danny was just about to step onto the island when a giant creature zoomed up out of the trees. 

Danny flew back, startled, and watched as the creature, the dragon, circled back toward the center of the island.

I’ll be there

whumptober2023 day 7- alleyway/radio silence fandom- batman TW- character is drugged summary- Tim missed a check in and Jason’s the closest to his location.

Jason was running over the rooftops following Tim’s last known location. Tim had missed the last check in and then Barbara checked and found that his tracker and comm were both down. Jason had been the closest so Batman had sent him. 

He heard shouting as he got nearer. 

Finally, he was standing on the building looking down into an alley.

There were four goons surrounding Tim, who had been tied up and who looked like he’d been drugged.

“Found him.” Jason said quietly into his comm before paying attention to what the goons were saying.

Unknown Caller

whumptober2023 day 6- recording/made to watch fandom-spidermen TW- slight torture-nothing graphic summary- someone wants Stark weapons, and they’ve got the leverage to get them

Tony stared at the screen. 

Spiderman was tied to a chair, a power suppressant collar around his neck. His mask was off and he had a black eye and a busted lip. He was slouched over in a chair. Tony could see chains connecting his restraints to the chair and to the floor.

“Now, listen very carefully, Mr. Stark, or your little Spider is going to have to suffer some unnecessary harm.”

Tony gritted his teeth, but kept watching. 

danny phantom eldritch

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danny phantom eldritch

danny phantom eldritch

Who should I draw next for my Eldritch AU?

Pariah Dark

Fright Knight

Ghost Writer

#danny phantom; #danny phantom au; #danny phantom poll; #eldritch au; #pandora; #pariah dark; #vortex; #fright knight; #observants; #spectra; #ghost writer; #the souls pulse; #the soul's pulse; #thesoulspulse; #thesoul'spulse; #desiree;

danny phantom eldritch

The results are in and it looks like the Fright Knight won by a landslide! As for the rest here is the order we're going...

danny phantom eldritch


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    Pregnancy and menopause can be causes of a phantom period, according to What to Expect and Menopause A to Z, respectively. A phantom period is when a woman experiences the symptoms of a period with no actual bleeding.

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    Y'all who love depicting Ghost King Danny as an eldritch being in DPxDC crossovers, i have a plothole to offer to you, and then my favorite

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