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History [ ]

Many ghosts introduced in the first season appear to be the disembodied spirits of dead humans or other Earth creatures.  Maddie once defined them as an "odd manifestation of ectoplasmic energy and post-human consciousness." [1] This was supported by several ghosts' backstories, such as Desiree  and Sidney Poindexter , which detail their lives as humans before becoming ghosts.

However, ghosts introduced in the second season onward became less human and more otherworldly in backstory and appearance. Creator Butch Hartman eventually stated that ghosts were in fact otherworldly monsters and creatures that came from the Ghost Zone , with no connection to human spirits. [2] [3]  The explanation for ghosts with human backstories or appearance is that they want to be human, so they create these backstories for themselves. [4] It's possible that ghosts were originally considered spirits of the dead but there was later an attempt to retcon ghosts to be monsters from another dimension.

A possible explanation for this discrepancy is that ghosts could be divided up into two or more subspecies. With the ones in the first season being genuine spirits of deceased people i.e., Sydney , Desiree , Ember etc. While the ones that were introduced later on are more like forces of nature and, or abstract concepts taken physical form and were likely never human to begin with i.e., Clockwork , Undergrowth , Nocturn etc. Half-ghosts such as Danny and Vlad could possibly be seen as a third subspecies.

Appearance [ ]

Ghosts' bodies typically take on an anthropomorphic figure. Ghosts typically have pale blue or green skin and emit a distinct white aura around their bodies.

Some ghosts appear very similar to humans in appearance and behavior ( Ember McLain , Youngblood , Walker ). Some only vaguely resemble humans ( Undergrowth , Vortex , Nocturn ).

Most are not humanoid at all, taking the form of shapeless blobs ( Skulker , Bertrand ), anthropomorphic animals ( Wulf , the Vulture Ghosts ), or monsters (the Ectopuses ).

Personality [ ]

Ghosts' names have many different origins. Some ghosts retain their names from when they were alive ( Sidney Poindexter ), some have common human names or nicknames ( Walker , Johnny , Kitty ), and some choose their own names ( Youngblood ). Some are named after their powers or characteristics ( Ember , Fright Knight , Undergrowth ), and some are merely named after literal descriptions of who they are or what they do ( Box Ghost , Lunch Lady Ghost ).

Many ghosts have strong obsessions likely passed down from their previous lives, which often lead them to their chaotic and destructive behaviors. For example, the Lunch Lady Ghost is excessively conservative about the cafeteria menu, Spectra is obsessed with her appearance, Walker is extremely strict with his rules, and Klemper has a compulsion to make friends. Ghosts' powers are usually related to these obsessions.

It should also be noted that most ghosts are not inherently evil, at least not in the traditional sense of the word. While many ghosts do tend to run amok in the human world, it is often due to their obsessions spiraling beyond their control that cause trouble rather than out of any genuine malice on the ghosts' part.

Characteristics [ ]

All ghosts possess supernatural powers such as the ability to walk through walls , disappear , and fly . Ghost bodies are unaffected by gravity, so many ghosts have some degree of superhuman strength . [5] Many ghosts possess other powers such as possession and ghost rays .

Ghosts are capable of having children together, as made evident by Box Lunch , daughter of the Box Ghost and the Lunch Lady. [6]  It is unknown if ghosts are immortal like their counterparts in real-world folklore; Walker once said that he is an "executioner," [7] which has led to much debate among fans.

However, despite their powers all full ghosts are vulnerable to ghost weaknesses such as Anti-Ghost weapons, Ecto-ranium , and Blood Blossoms . Another weakness is while in their natural state, they cannot interact with real world objects as shown in the episode "Prisoners of Love", Walker could not interact with Danny due to the fact that in the Ghost Zone, humans are considered "ghosts", as they are shown capable of passively phasing through everything despite not knowing they could do so.

All ghost are a physical manifestation of human emotions. Desiree fed on happiness from granting wishes. Ember McLain fed on the attention from her fans. Penelope Spectra fed on teen insecurities. [8]

Ghosts can't exist forever or they can but they'll lose whatever humanity gave them an identity. That's why some ghosts are more human and others are less human. [9]

Half-ghosts [ ]

A half-ghost is a human whose DNA is infused with ectoplasm. These humans possess many of the powers and abilities that ghosts do. Danny Phantom , the protagonist, is well known to be a half-ghost.

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Sidney Poindexter

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Sidney Poindexter is a recurring ghost on Danny Phantom .

He is first seen in "Splitting Images," in which he is the main villain and later on, an anti-hero in the series. Poindexter appears in every season. He uses his powers to bully the bullies and protect the nerds and special kids.

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Appearance [ ]

Poindexter is one of the few ghosts shown to have a previous human life before his current residence in the Ghost Zone. Once a nerdy teenager from the 1950s, he was known as the most bullied student of Casper High and, as such, holds a soft spot and great concern for those who suffer as much as he did. He was bullied so much that picking on him became a graduation requirement before he died.

Because Poindexter was stuffed into his locker so many times, his ghost now haunts Locker 724, with the mirror inside being a gateway to the Ghost Zone.

In the Ghost Zone, Poindexter resides within a black-and-white version of Casper High from the late '50s. His former classmates are also there, thus making his eternal torment continue.

Personality [ ]

Poindexter hates seeing his fellow nerds bullied and tries to stand up for them. He uses his ghost powers to do this.

Poindexter is calmer than most other ghosts and acts as the voice of reason in episodes like "Reign Storm" to Skulker. He enjoys sodas and egg creams and likes to participate in social events.

Despite being labeled as one of Danny's foes, Poindexter is very easily persuaded into helping Danny.

Heroic Acts [ ]

  • He protects nerds from bullies.
  • Because of Poindexter, Danny realize that he was turning into one of his tormentors.
  • He tried reasoning with Skulker that they should deal with Pariah Dark with Danny's aid. Later on they all agreed to help him by dealing with the Ghost King's army.
  • He and the other ghosts, mainly Danny's enemies, hold an "annual truce" according to which they do not fight on Christmas, where half-ghosts like Phantom qualifies and after the former told them that the Ghost Writer broke the truce, they helped him to attack the latter. Afterwards, they all helped repair and returned the gifts, Christmas trees, and other holiday items back to the rightful homes of Amity Park's residents, restoring Christmas once and for all.
  • He and the other ghosts teamed up with Danny again to stop the Disasteroid from destroying Earth and the Ghost Zone.
  • Throughout the series, after the events of "Splitting Images", he hasn't done anything bad.
  • The word "Poindexter" means a boringly studious and socially inept person, i.e. a geek.
  • Poindexter is the first (and so far, only) character to use the term "halfa."
  • His appearance is similar to Mandark from Dexter's Laboratory.
  • Interestingly, his spectacled appearance and nasal voice resemble his voice actor Peter MacNicol's previous lawyer character Austin Haggard in a Tales from the Crypt episode, "Let the Punishment Fit the Crime." Poindexter switching bodies with Danny could be a reference to the the twist end of that episode, where Haggard switches his place and nerdy appearance with the main character of the episode.
  • In "Reign Storm," Poindexter partners with Princess Dorathea and even rides on her back while she is in dragon form. This may be a reference to Poindexter's voice actor Peter MacNicol's previous role in the film Dragonslayer , in which MacNicol plays a young wizard attempting to slay a dragon.
  • Although he only appeared in 4 episodes in the Danny Phantom series, it's possible Sidney has been living in the Ghost Zone, peacefully and likely moved on from his vengeful vigilantism upon bullying and will only show up if a common threat/enemy presents itself.
  • It is unknown how Sidney Poindexter died. It could be possible that his tormentors bullied him so much that he either committed suicide or was killed by one of their sadistic pranks. Of course neither of them is highly unlikely since they respect him now after seeing Sidney's 'impressive fighting' against Danny thus becoming good friends.
  • For some reason, he seems to enjoy the company with some of Danny's enemies.

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